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AMZ Tracker Coupon: Get the Best Deals on this Amazon Tool

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As one of the best tools for keyword tracking and FBA strategies, AMZ Tracker is a game-changer for Amazon sellers.

Is AMZ the toolkit for you? Here, we’ll go over the details of AMZ Tracker and let you know the best promotions for this software. We’ll also give you the best coupons for AMZ Tracker below!

What is AMZ Tracker?

Most Amazon seller tools either hone in on one specific thing, such as keyword tracking or product pricing. Other seller tools try to be a comprehensive solution that offers everything.

AMZ Tracker Review

The AMZ Tracker tool falls in the middle, offering many solutions but still leaving room for other products to cover the gaps. It’s considered one of the top ways to get important data about your customers and competitors.


AMZ Tracker offers several plans, including:

  • Basic Plan: $50/month
  • Professional Plan: $100/month
  • God Mode Plan: $200/month
  • Legend Plan: $400/month


Each plan has different features and different permissions for the software. Some of the great features include:

  • Product Promotion Tool: Lets you offer discounts to your customers for your Amazon product.
  • Rank Tracking Tool: Track your Best Seller Ranking and various keywords.
  • Email Reports: Give you a daily or weekly email update of product rankings for your selected keywords.
  • Competitor Sales Tracking: Provides a daily and monthly estimate of sales figures for any competitor product.
  • Find New Keywords: Provides you a page of words and phrases from the auto-suggestion list on Amazon.
  • Deepwords: Provides estimated search volume for given keywords.
  • Negative Review Alerts: Alerts you anytime you receive a review below 5 stars.
  • And more

This tool also offers a simple Google Chrome extension (called Unicorn Smasher) for market research.

AMZ Tracker — Who It’s For

Any seller who owns an Amazon store can benefit from using AMZ Tracker. If you check out their website, they market themselves as “the only software for Amazon that grows rankings and helps you keep them.”

AMZ Tracker is beneficial for those who want a powerful tool to promote their Amazon products and make better sales. Even if you don’t think you need help with your Amazon store, you can still benefit from its detailed analysis of your business.

Every Amazon seller should get this software because it’s a great tool for tracking keywords and finding negative reviews. Each negative review can affect your sales, so it’s ideal to start tracking them with this tool so you can respond ASAP.

AMZ Tracker is also beneficial because it analyzes your competitors and helps you create a unique sales strategy for your Amazon business. With the click of a button, you can find flaws in your competitors’ page listings and track their sales.

It can be expensive to use several programs to generate keywords and create reports. AMZ Tracker helps by giving you several tools in one.

Why Apply AMZ Tracker Discount Coupons?

AMZ Tracker is not an inexpensive piece of software. AMZ Tracker’s creators are aware of the value of their product. It’s considered a top platform for Amazon sellers to promote their products, track rankings, and generally run their business. That’s why it comes at a high price. However, many coupons are available to make it easier for customers to access its features.

Easily save money purchasing AMZ Tracker by using our coupons today! Our coupons have been tested and approved for use with AMZ Tracker software.

Review the information below to learn more about each deal with our coupons.

Why Does AMZ Offer Coupon Codes?

Many people think that offering a valuable good such as AMZTracker and then giving away coupon codes is counterproductive. However, AMZ lets users take and input coupon codes for a few reasons.

Encourage and Boost Sales

An important reason why AMZ offers discount codes for their products is to encourage and boost sales. Everyone loves a good discount with coupons, especially for such a valuable product. By offering a special code and coupons for this tool, they give you a limited-time offer you can’t refuse.

Attract New Customers With Can’t-Miss Deal

Another important reason why AMZ offers limited-time promo codes is that they want to attract new customers who want a good deal. Everyone loves a good deal on a great product!

Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

Offering coupons for their products also lets customers take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising and get a better deal. If you need a rank tracker for your Amazon store and you purchase a Professional Plan using their promo codes, you’ll likely let your family and friends know about the deal.

Plus, a coupon code or promotional deal can be just the thing someone needs to convince themselves to buy AMZ Tracker.

Easy Registration With Coupon Code or Deal

Finally, an AMZ tracker discount or promotional deal can make registration easy for new users. Let’s say you buy the Legend Plan for AMZ Tracker, but you can’t pay the fee to continue your registration. If you use a coupon code, you may waive the product fee entirely, which is a great deal!

In this way, sellers can spend less money on AMZTracker and more money marketing their online store.

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Frequently Asked Questions about AMZ Tracker Coupon Codes

You may have questions about AMZTracker’s coupon codes and promotions. We’re here to help! You can review a list of some of the top questions people have about the great deals and discounts for AMZTracker products below.

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How much money can I save with an AMZ Tracker coupon code or deal?

You can save, on average, about 15% with our coupons for the AMZ Tracker tool.

How often do you release new AMZTracker coupon codes online?

We release a new AMZ Tracker coupon code or deal every few days to every few weeks. The time can vary. You can save more money if you use an AMZ Tracker coupon or promotions released near a major holiday, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

You can get great savings on products if you combine these coupons with the already amazing sales AMZ Tracker has on these holidays.

What is the best AMZ Tracker coupon you offer?

You can get great deals with our AMZ Tracker coupon codes. However, our favorite coupon code/deal we offer is the “Get the AMZ Tracker Professional Plan for less than $100” coupon. With this coupon, you get a great deal on a helpful piece of software.

Our other favorite is the “Get the Legend Plan for less than $400 per month” discount code. With either plan, you’ll receive great deals on excellent software.

Does AMZ Tracker offer a free trial?

AMZ Tracker offers a convenient 7-day free trial per person so Amazon fba sellers can test out the software before buying a subscription. This lets you promote your products and make better sales for your store before you commit to a plan.

We recommend the 7-day free trial by signing up with your email (click “7-day Free Trial” link) and then using a promo discount code to get the greatest deal on AMZ products.

Can I use multiple AMZ Tracker coupons or promo offers at once, or is it one per order?

No, you can only use a single promo code per order. We recommend checking back with us every few weeks to see the new discounts we offer – they might be better than the previous ones we posted.

How can I find the best coupon code or deal for AMZ Tracker?

We offer several discount deals for AMZ Tracker discount codes for everyone. We recommend doing your research for coupons (through our website and others), finding the best deals, and applying those coupons wherever possible. Even if you don’t get the greatest AMZ Tracker coupons from us, we still want you to save as much money as possible.

Check out each link for a coupon code on this page and click to get great deals today!

Need help? Reach out to us with more questions.

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