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Review of AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker Review – Is It Still Worth It In 2023

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What is AMZ Tracker?

AMZ Tracker provides Amazon merchants with sales strategy tips, competitor analysis, keyword research, and more to enable the management of conversions and product promotions. The original AMZ Tracker review was excellent because this was the first online platform available. Between 4-5 years ago, AMZTracker made a tremendous difference for merchants with a wide variety of new tools. Towards the end of 2016, Amazon changed the rules regarding incentivized reviews.

AMZ Tracker Review

During this period of time, AMZ Tracker was the most popular tool in comparison with Jungle Scout and other similar tools. There is no doubt AMZTracker has had criticism due to several issues including customer support. Despite this, the product has made a good comeback for a favorable AMZ Tracker review. The name is still well known throughout the industry and new tools and features have been introduced. These new incentives were created to help Amazon merchants achieve better results.

AMZ Tracker Review

AMZ Tracker Features

Some of the features are included in this review. These features are defined below.

Product Promotion: Once the merchant opens the AMZ Tracker menu, the first item listed is for product promotion. The section enables Amazon merchants to provide product discounts on their websites. The Amazon account is used for setting up discount codes. The codes are then distributed among Amazon customers to help the merchant increase sales. There is no obligation or incentive for consumers to leave a review. The product promotion feature is extremely useful.

Unfortunately, the feature has become more difficult to use as time has passed. By 2018, merchants had to speak with customer service to launch a product promotion in nearly every instance. The section for product promotion is intended to automatically pull the required data from the merchant’s Amazon listing. Unfortunately, the fields necessary for running a promotion are not populating correctly. When a merchant attempts to adjust any of the fields, a warning pops up.

If the merchant is trying to adjust the original price, the warning states prices are unable to be changed manually. The promotion is paused until the merchant request has been reviewed by customer service. At this point, the only way the price can be adjusted is by contacting customer service. This is generally required for every promotion. When the AMZTracker was initially designed, one of the best features was product promotion. The feature is now incredibly difficult to use.

When the product promotion tool is used for the European market, AMZ Tracker can still increase sales. There are numerous issues with the tool for both the United Kingdom and the United States marketplaces. One of the most common merchant issues is despite the number of consumers looking at products on Amazon, many never complete their purchases. Setting up an account with Vipon through AMZ Tracker is much easier. This does result in numerous shoppers using a fake robot or multiple accounts.

When a merchant used AMZTracker to send 10 vouchers in 2015, nearly all of the consumers not only purchased the item, but they also left a review. As time passed, the circumstances changed. Merchants sending the same number of vouchers today are lucky to receive a couple of purchases. The issue is not about how many vouchers expire because they are not used by consumers. An issue is a large number of vouchers must now be sent to increase sales.

The number of vouchers a merchant can send is limited by the AMZ Tracker pricing plan. To send enough vouchers to increase sales, the merchant must pay for one of the most expensive plans. For European or German sellers, the review for product promotion is good. Unfortunately, the same review for both the United Kingdom and the United States markets is poor. There are alternates offering less expensive plans enabling the merchant to send more vouchers.

Email Reports

AMZ Tracker provides merchants with an email reports tool. Email updates can be received either weekly or daily showing product rankings for specific keywords. The issue with using any tool for setting up keyword ranking is the length of time necessary for logging in and looking through every product to determine the rankings. Email reports allow the merchant to choose the keywords and products the report shows. All of the rankings are directly emailed to the merchant’s inbox.

The email additionally includes a CSV file. This enables the merchant to import the provided data to either software or a spreadsheet. Although it will take time to set up email reports for merchants selling a lot of products, the feature is incredibly useful. All the merchant needs to do is view the reports received in their inboxes. The email feature receives a good review for all marketplaces.

Find New Keywords

When consumers using Amazon enter a keyword search, words as completed automatically by the Amazon search bar as the consumer types. The suggested keywords are based on the most frequently performed searches. AMZ Tracker provides merchants with the find new keywords feature. The tool offers a list of the keywords and phrases suggested automatically by Amazon. If the merchant types in laptop computers, a list is provided based on Amazon results.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Merchants can use this feature to find new long-tail keywords. The keywords can be added directly to any products the merchant is tracking. This makes adding new keywords for tracking extremely easy. The feature does not display search volume. The merchant will be unable to determine if the new keywords are profitable or popular.

Negative Review Alerts

The negative review alerts feature is very useful. To remain successful Amazon merchants need to maintain a minimum of a four-star rating. When a merchant receives a review of fewer than five stars, they receive an alert. The merchant can quickly read the review, determine which buyer left the review and respond quickly. The merchant has the option of contacting the consumer to handle any issues with either the order or the product.

When a merchant is able to respond quickly to a poor review, they are often able to improve their star rating. When a dissatisfied customer is offered a good resolution to their complaint, the negative review may be removed. In some cases, a positive review may be left instead.

Rank Tracking

The first software created for Amazon merchants enabling both Amazon and bestseller rankings to be tracked was AMZ Tracker. The rankings are based on different keywords. When a merchant launches a new product, keyword research is critical. The merchant must be certain competition is low and enough searches are being placed for their keywords. This will enable the merchant to reach and remain on the first page to effectively increase sales.

As the merchant employs different strategies, runs Amazon ads, runs promotions and changes listing descriptions, sales are affected. Making changes directly impacts the merchant’s keyword rankings for what customers are looking for. AMZTracker enables changes for BSR to be tracked in addition to keywords being used for product targeting.

Competitor Sales Tracking

The feature provides Amazon merchants with extremely accurate estimates of both monthly and sales figures for different products. The tool works by determining daily inventory levels for each day. The tool shows the number sold and how much inventory remains for each product. The feature will help a merchant become more competitive by showing how many products are being sold by competitors as opposed to using a broad estimate.

When AMZ Tracker is used for adding a product, there is no sales tracking available. After a few days, the merchant can view the sales data. By tracking the data for a month, the merchant will generate a chart showing both the sales and inventory for each day. Competitor sales tracking receives a positive review.

Reviewer Hunter

At this time, this feature was still being beta tested. The tool was created to enable merchants to search through previous Amazon orders to find customer emails. For AMZ Tracker to see the merchant’s order history, the merchant must be connected to their Amazon account. The tool may improve customer communications and help construct a much better mailing list.

AMZ Tracker Pricing

AMZ Tracker offers Amazon merchants a free seven-day trial. During this time, the merchant can learn how the software works and if the benefits are worthwhile for the specific needs of the merchant. There are four different packages being offered by AMZ Tracker. These are:

Basic Plan: The basic plan is for beginners. The $33.30 per month includes a maximum of 110 keywords.

Professional Plan: The annual rate is $66.67 per month. The monthly package is $100. This includes a maximum of 500 keywords.

God Mode: The monthly package is $200. The monthly rate decreases to $133.30 with the yearly package. This includes a maximum of 1500 keywords.

Legend: The monthly package is $400. The monthly rate decreases to $266.70 with the yearly package. This includes a maximum of 3000 keywords.

AMZ Tracker Pricing

AMZ Tracker Alternatives

Jungle Scout:

This is a research tool for Amazon enabling the merchant to find the best possible products, spy on competitors, research keywords and estimate sales using a simple dashboard. The merchant can immediately see the most profitable products for growing their business. Jungle Scout was created in 2014. This is important because this divided the dark ages from the modern Amazon renaissance.

AMZ Shark:

The most popular alternative is AMZ Shark. AMZ Shark offers a wide selection of enhanced features. The cost of using the product for one month is just $10. The merchant can use their data constructively to make the best decisions regarding product range and improvisation. AMZ Shark supports all of the international marketplaces.

The merchant can gain the best Amazon market by making comparisons with its competitors. AMZ Shark enables the merchant to monitor the exact price history and sales rankings for any Amazon product. The best potential product outcomes can be identified to enable the merchant to improvise a profit margin. AMZ Shark additionally allows the merchant to monitor numerous rankings for Amazon products.

Alternative Tools:

Is AMZ Tracker Still Worth It In 2023?

AMZ Tracker is a good tool. A lot of Amazon merchants will benefit from an excellent variety of features. AMZ Tracker offered many of these features before anyone else in the market. The main issues with AMZ Tracker are the tool is still a little rough around the edges and the monthly or yearly fee is expensive. For Amazon merchants interested in receiving the specific tools offered by AMZTracker, the product offers numerous benefits for the merchant.

AMZ Tracker will help Amazon merchants improve rankings through the use of solutions based on both searches and algorithms. This will enable the merchant to improve profit margins. AMZ Tracker is compatible with all of the subsites and Amazon affiliates. The software is web-based. The question of is AMZ Tracker still worthwhile for 2023 depends on what the merchant is looking for. The biggest issue is a lot of merchants would rather use something else due to the high price tag for AMZ Tracker.

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