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jungle scout vs amz tracker

Jungle Scout vs AMZ Tracker – Which Tool is Best for Amazon Sellers

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Amazon FBAs are a growing force in the world of e-commerce. You can quickly grow your business into a successful and lucrative venture if you have the right tools and know-how to overcome obstacles. 

While running one of these businesses on your own is absolutely possible, there are so many tools and programs available to make the job even easier for you!

Having a solid product research method will pave the way for a smooth and successful business early on; you’ll have a base market knowledge to draw from, and a clearer idea of which products will perform well. 

Today, we will be reviewing two of the more popular product research tools available to you: Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker. Here’s what you need to know about Jungle Scout vs AMZ Tracker and which tool is best for your business!

Jungle Scout

jungle scout vs amz tracker

If you already have some experience under your belt with your FBA, then Jungle Scout may be the best option for you!

This tool is designed to organize and track all financial aspects of your FBA. Doing this manually would eventually lead to error, especially as your business begins to grow. You can choose from an extension or a full application that downloads to your computer – both will automatically sync up to your Amazon account and consistently collect data and present you with the most important and updated information. 

Jungle Scout’s primary purpose is to provide sellers with a broad overview of each product that is in consideration. The application will offer a full rundown of the product’s market, competitor information, sales history, sales opportunities, and an easy-to-use search feature to narrow down the information that is displayed. 

These features are very user-friendly and take out a lot of the leg work when doing any product research manually. Using this type of application can help you to find the perfect niche market in which to sell. As an Amazon seller, this should always be your goal, and Jungle Scout can help you achieve it!

Jungle Scout Features

  • Comprehensive research filters that can be used on every product
  • Profit calculator for in-depth product research and planning
  • Niche Hunter feature to find prime markets, products, and areas of low competition
  • Product History feature to spell out all aspects of the product’s selling history, including that of competitors
  • Collects data on customer reviews and ratings of different products
  • 24/7 online help desk


  • Fairly priced for all of the features that are included
  • The program was built by FBA sellers meaning it is designed to help sellers specifically
  • Advanced research features and metrics data collection
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Collects accurate and up-to-date data


  • Advanced features and product research tools for Amazon that may be overwhelming to newcomers
  • The extension version doesn’t perform as well as the full version of the application

AMZ Tracker

jungle scout vs amz tracker

If you are newer to the FBA game, you may find that AMZ Tracker is better suited to your needs. 

This application can also be downloaded to the computer and will automatically collect information from your active Amazon account. 

The difference with this app compared to Jungle Scout is that it relies more heavily on trend research than specific product research. This information is very helpful early on but may not provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision on each new product you choose to sell.

With a heavy focus on SEO and keyword placement, AMZ Tracker is a great tool for finding those niche products and product categories that are performing well in the overall market. This tool also offers many features to collect and organize data about products, competition, keywords, negative and positive reviews, and sales tracking. 

This tool has been around since FBAs started to grow in popularity. With both offensive and defensive strategies, AMZ Tracker can give the seller the upper hand when launching new products.

This application has helped pave the way for other tools to be developed and is a great starting point for sellers looking to stand out among their competitors. 

AMZ Tracker Features

  • Includes a Keyword Ranker to track and define specific product categories and useful keywords
  • Offers a tool to alert sellers of negative reviews for a quick turn-around and promotes positive customer relations
  • Automated alert systems for new data collection and customer ratings
  • Competitor analysis and a full breakdown of the specific market you are selling in


  • Provides specific information on how to increase conversion rates
  • Unicorn Smasher, another product research tool, is included with a full subscription
  • Can quickly boost your ranking as a seller


  • A higher starting price than other tools on the market
  • Users may quickly out-grow their selected package
  • Lacking online technical support

Which is Better: Jungle Scout vs AMZ Tracker?

For a long-term and successful FBA, we believe that you should choose Jungle Scout. While both applications perform well and provide important, data-driven information, AMZ Tracker does not take the fast-growing nature of most FBAs into account. As many sellers know, when you find a niche product and begin selling, things tend to move very quickly.

To stay ahead of the game and continue to grow as a business, you are going to need a tool that is designed to grow with you. AMZ Tracker may limit you and stunt your growth, while Jungle Scout is a program with tools that will evolve to suit your needs as the business continues to grow.

Again, AMZ Tracker is great to start out with, but Jungle Scout is something that can help you from now and into the future as you continue building your FBA.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to take your FBA to the next level, we are happy to report that both of these tools are beneficial. However, we think AMZ Tracker is best for beginners and Jungle Scout is best for established sellers.

Decide between these tools based on your experience level and features you need!

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