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It’s no secret that selling on Amazon can be a lucrative business. However, the key to success is breaking through the competition and gaining market share. One key factor in your results is the product you choose to sell. Another huge path to success is making sure customers can find these products.

There are over 6 million sellers competing on the marketplace. When your listings are thoughtfully crafted, they have the best chance of being discovered and standing out from the crowd. The good news is, there are some intuitive tools at your fingertips to boost your Amazon listing optimization. These allow you to analyze the competition, create stellar listings, and monitor them for long-term sales success.

Start with Smart Listings

First, you want to start with a firm foundation of a well-written and accurate listing. Your goal is to not only be discovered but to also convince customers to hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button. This listing should be informative, descriptive, and allow buyers to gain all of the information that they need about your products. Not only does this enhance the customer experience, but it can cut down on returns from uninformed purchases.

Keywords are the backbone of most of your Amazon listing. First, put yourself in the shoes of your target customer. What words would you search for when looking for your product? A keyword research tool can also help you pinpoint ideal words and phrases. This will help you fill the gaps in your list as well as help you discover keywords that have less competition. 

There are some key components essential to a great listing:

  • Product Images: According to research, people take in 80% of the things that they see visually and only about 20% of written verbiage. Plus, 75% of customers use product photos to decide whether or not to buy a product (via LinkedIn). This means that your listing photos are pivotal to your success. You can add nine total photos to your product page. Make sure these are clear, high-quality, and accurately depict your product. Keep in mind that online customers can’t physically hold a product. So use multiple images from various angles so they can get a real feel for the item.
  • Product Title: Amazon allows product titles to be 250 characters long. However, when buyers are browsing through listings, readability is key. Keep the information clear and concise to help customers gather information quickly. Aim to place your primary keyword early in the title, then add important features of your product. Include applicable facts like product size, color, brand, and optimal uses.
  • Bullet Points: These are likely the first thing customers will read after clicking on your listing. You’re allowed five bullet points per listing, meaning you have five additional chances to share information about your product. Use these to highlight the features and benefits of your product as well as any other important characteristics. This is another opportunity to sprinkle in keywords but make sure to do it naturally to keep the customer engaged.
  • Description: This is where shoppers dive a little deeper into your product info. This also gives you an opportunity to explain more about your product, its uses, and why it’s the best choice for their needs. Keep the copy clear and readable and make sure to answer any questions a customer could want to know. Since this is further down the listing, the customer has likely gathered a decent amount of information on your product. Think of this as your last chance to move them through the buying process and commit to a purchase.
  • Product Reviews and Ratings: Customers love learning about the experiences of others before buying. Solidify your listing with stellar reviews. This begins with a positive interaction with your listing, to begin with. When your products are accurately portrayed, customers are more likely to be satisfied with their purchases and in turn, leave you a glowing review. Make sure you have a plan in place to solicit reviews from buyers. Then, closely monitor them for any negative, inaccurate ones that you can request to have removed.
  • Backend Keywords: This is another prime opportunity to bolster your listing’s discovery. These aren’t visible to customers but can impact the way Amazon’s algorithm analyzes your listing. This is a chance to add any keywords that are relevant to your product but not already included in your listing. Using related keywords and synonyms that buyers might search for can help enhance your listing’s searchability.

Analyze Your Amazon Listing Optimization

Starting off with well-formulated Amazon listings is a good start. However, power listing optimization tools can take them to the next level. This allows you to use data-driven strategies to craft listings that rank higher and contain the most relevant information.

The Best Amazon Listing Analyzers

These are the top two listing analyzers that can benefit your listings. Each uses high-end tools to analyze trends and monitor your listing performance. Plus, they also conduct competitor research, giving your listings a boost.

  • Helium 10 Listing Optimizer – This is a powerful tool that helps you rank higher in search results. Top sellers rely on Helium 10 to sustain and enhance their product listings and gain valuable insight. The best part is, Helium 10’s software is designed for everyone from the expert seller to those just dipping their toes in e-commerce. With various pricing tiers, every Amazon seller can benefit from this tool. The features include: 
  • Market and niche analysis
  • Comprehensive listing analysis and recommendations
  • Competitor research and reporting
  • On-going keyword research
  • Easy to interpret listing performance data

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  • Jungle Scout Amazon Listing Analyzer – Jungle Scout offers a listing builder that can also help you create optimized product listings. This tool is ideal for newer sellers as it has a modest price point and includes a simplified interface. It also offers these key features:
  • Simple rating model to project ranking and sales
  • Keyword research tool and storage bank
  • Integrated optimization tool

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Best Practices for Analyzing Listings

No matter what Amazon listing analyzer you use, there are some best practices when it comes to maximizing its effectiveness. 

  • Monitor frequently and in-depth – Make sure you are making it a habit of checking on your listing data frequently. This allows you to take advantage of trends and pivot your strategy when needed. Delays in taking advantage of your data can leave you with decreased traffic and lagging sales.
  • Use it to dive deep into keywords – Use your data and keyword tools wisely. Your keyword analysis can give you insight into keywords that you might not have thought of. Check it regularly to update your listings and backward keywords accordingly.
  • Research products in your market – These tools can provide you with some really valuable data when it comes to your listings as well as other product listings. Use them when you’re considering expanding your inventory to get a good idea of how successful a potential product may be.
  • Check out the competition – Don’t be afraid to analyze your competitors’ listings to see what’s working. This is also a good way to identify and avoid tactics that others are using that may be falling flat. 
  • Track sales and reviews – Sales data and customer feedback are invaluable data. Use your tools to track these and find opportunity gaps to improve upon.

How Amazon Tools Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you are striving for success on Amazon, your product listings are key. They are your opportunity to rank in search results and gain valuable customers. Whether you use Helium 10 or Jungle Scout, you’re arming yourself with an arsenal of powerful tools.

It’s essential to take advantage of the other opportunities these provide. From product research to sales analysis, these platforms can be your pathway to success. Optimize your Amazon ad campaigns, manage your inventory, and track your sales, all in one place. Use the valuable data collected to expand your product offerings, grow your customer base, and bolster your long-term success as an Amazon seller.

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