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Best Amazon Review Checker 2024

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If your new Amazon business is not generating as much profit as you hoped, you’re going to need help. Sure, you can get help and insights from Amazon tutorials and Seller Central, but you’ll also need to spend time generating positive reviews.

Reviews are social proof for online customers; a profile with 99% reviews tells shoppers that your product is trustworthy. This means that obtaining positive product reviews is what you need to do if you want to attract good customers and sell more products at a higher cost.

There are a few ways to get a great Amazon review for your product. Most people opt for the above-board method: provide good customer service for customers and wait for someone to leave a good review. The other method involves deceiving customers about inaccurate reviews or bribery.

spot fake reviews amazon checker

Some sellers use positive fake reviews to convince buyers to purchase products that would otherwise generate negative reviews. This means that you could be buying a product from an Amazon seller who uses fake Amazon reviews without even knowing it. One of those fake reviews could leave you with a terrible product and wasted money.

Did you know that there is a way to spot fake reviews on Amazon? If you get the right fake review checker software, you can ensure that the products you buy have an accurate 5-star rating and aren’t inflated by reviews from the seller. Say goodbye to sub-par products from sketchy sellers by using an Amazon review checker that works.

How to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon

As a buyer, you might not always look for a fake review as you shop for your product on Amazon. With help from a few key review analysis tools and a little time, you may be able to spot some of these fake customer ratings and reviews bought by a seller to promote bad products. Here are a few ways one can spot a seller with fake reviews on Amazon:

  1. Compare reviews with competition
  2. Analyze the review content
  3. Use a review checker tool

Compare Reviews with Competition

If you’re interested in an Amazon product and are unsure whether the positive reviews on Amazon are too good to be true, comparing is your first line of defense against fake reviews. A 5-star rating is challenging to obtain organically, so that could be your first signal that the Amazon reviews might be unnaturally inflated.

Look to other marketplaces to see how the reviews for this product match up. If this product has stunningly negative reviews at another business, these sellers could be purchasing a fake Amazon review. They do this to inflate their product’s popularity or flush out negative reviews with positive reviews on Amazon.

Compare Amazon Reviews with Competition

Analyze the Review Content

A fake reviewer may accidentally tip their cards. When you leave a passionate review about a product you love, it may not sound like one of the fake reviews used to boost a product’s performance on Amazon. If you as a buyer read through the product reviews with a skeptical eye, you may see one of the following indicators that this Amazon review may be a fake review.

  • Many 5 star reviews in a row with short descriptions
  • Vague product comments that don’t give you enough information
  • No profile picture or other activity is shown when you click on the reviewer profile
  • Similar 5-star reviews on other products from this seller on Amazon
  • Language patterns across reviews on one product or one seller
  • Many reviews left on one day on Amazon
  • Using incorrect product names/inaccurate information in reviews on Amazon

Positive Reviews

Finding only 5 star positive review on a product listing during your online shopping should be a red flag. Maybe you checked with an Amazon review checker tool or were just looking to see it the were legitimate reviews on the listing.

Either way if Amazon review checkers show the review history being only positive Amazon customer reviews. It’s time to dig a little deeper. Some things are just too good to be true.

Negative Reviews

The same should be said about too many Negative reviews. How do we really know when you analyze product reviews that these are genuine reviews and not just product competitors leaving fake reviews to have a negative effect on the listings rankings. Negative feedback can be part of a negative SEO campaign or online review strategy to damage the listing reviews overall score.

Too many fake reviews should also be a sign to look a little deeper.

Use a Fake Review Checker Tool

The best way to make a verified purchase that isn’t ruined by fake customer reviews about a sub-par product is to use Amazon review checker tools to eliminate Amazon fake reviews. There are several Amazon review checker software choices, but only a few that outperform the rest. In this article, we’ll break down the best third-party business tools to help people spot a fake review and buy the best products on Amazon for their needs.

How Do I Know if an Amazon Review is Real?

How Do I Know if an Amazon Review is Real

If you see what appears to be fake negative reviews under a product, you as a buyer may turn around and leave. Anyone who is a seller on Amazon knows this, which is why they want to pay for fake Amazon reviews to sell their product to more customers. You can sometimes outsmart a fake seller with skepticism, but why waste your time reading reviews for hours? The most efficient way to determine if a seller has paid for fake reviews or if the reviews are legit is to use an Amazon review checker tool.

How Do I Filter Fake Reviews on Amazon?

Review analysis software (Amazon review checkers) gives the customer a leg up on Amazon sellers by filtering product reviews to distinguish fake reviews from legitimate feedback. The algorithm can also simply help you as a customer sort reviews based on features to provide the best options you’ll like.

What percentage of Amazon reviews are fake?

Despite Amazon’s reviews being genuine, dozens of fake ones have been reported. Recent data shows that 42% of all the review sites are fake. You can check for yourself using the Amazon review checkers below.

How can I spot fake reviews on Amazon?

How can I spot fake reviews on Amazon

If you buy a product online, you may be able to avoid looking for an unreliable review. You can identify a few fake review tools a seller is using to promote the product or sell fake products to you. Here is a list of some possible methods of finding sellers who have fake ratings on Amazon:

Best Amazon Review Checker Software

Best Amazon Review Checker

When an Amazon seller uses fake positive reviews to flush out real negative reviews, it can lead to you making a purchase that you regret. Imagine if every time you want to purchase something as a buyer, you get a look into which reviews are verified as real people and fake reviews. Use these proven review analysis programs to look deeper and see past the fake reviews left by sellers.

1. ReviewMeta

amazon review checker

Separate a fake review from a real one with this intuitive Amazon review checker. ReviewMeta is designed to help customers see through inflated ratings and fake reviews to make better, more informed purchases on Amazon. Each negative review and positive Amazon review is put through twelve data analysis tests to help provide the accuracy that Amazon customers need.

How it Works

  1. Gather data from Amazon reviews for the product you need (including the content of the product reviews and product reviewer statistics)
  2. Conduct 12-test data analysis on the Amazon review data using statistical modeling
  3. Deliver the report on reviews to the customer in an easily understood manner


  • ReviewMeta adjusted rating: a re-calculated rating based on the most well-supported customer reviews that are most likely real Amazon reviews
  • Top ten lists of most and least trusted Amazon reviews
  • In-depth reviews breakdown of how the ReviewMeta product reviews analysis process works
  • Browser plugin


  • Statistical modeling means random inaccuracies are taken into account during the product ratings and reviews analysis process
  • Individual reviewer research provides more data to analyze for better accuracy on reviews
  • Transparent reviews reports break down the science of the review checker tool for customers


  • No feature breakdown like in some other product reviews and seller analysis tools for Amazon

The Verdict

While you could try your hand at spotting fake reviews for free, the best way to ensure that you separate real people from a fake buyer review is with a product fake reviews checker software like ReviewMeta. It is an investment that ends up saving you money over time with each good Amazon purchase you make.

This may be a good choice for buyers that order everything they need from Amazon or small businesses that count on ratings and reviews to make economic purchases for their startup. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a look into the process to find out how the reviews software works. This business breaks everything down in their user-friendly reviews reports to not have to feel lost once they hand you the Amazon products review data.

2. Fakespot

amazon review checker

Fakespot is a free software tool that simplifies the product research experience for buyers. If you do business online frequently, fake reviews can start to cause one negative experience after another. Instead of falling prey to another fake review, let Fakespot provide a look into which Amazon sellers may have inflated ratings on their product.

How it Works

Using Fakespot as a web tool is simple and fast. Buyers provide the page URL, and the algorithm tabulates the analyzed results. When using the Chrome extension of Fakespot, customers get a more personalized experience.


  • Overall product review summaries are broken into categories like quality, competitiveness, price, shipping, and packaging
  • Guard by Fakespot: Analyzes sellers and their product reviews based on the reputability
  • Chrome extension, website, and app for Android and iPhone



  • Because this tool is free, sellers can use results to leave less obviously fake 5-star product reviews
  • No product review monitoring

The Verdict

If you are a frequent Amazon buyer, you can use Fakespot and its verified algorithm to test the positive and negative reviews of the products you want or need before purchasing them. The Chrome extension is great for customers who don’t want to waste time reading thousands of product reviews on their frequent sites. If customizability and easy access are a priority, the Chrome extension lets you leave the software and operate as you browse many reviews and product descriptions.

3. Review Index

The Review Index

Review Index is an easy to use Amazon review checker. Simply enter the Amazon URL for the product page. And let the software do the heavy lifting. It also comes with browser extensions to make it easy for Chrome users.

How it Works

It analyzes all the reviews of the product and gives it a score out of 10. Also you get a quick easy Pass or fail icon which is nice. It breaks down number of total reviews, old reviews, recent reviews and verified/unverified reviews.


  • You can look into individual review meta to determine any fake reviews


  • Nice summary and breakdown to quickly spot fake reviews using this Amazon review analyzer tool.
  • Chrome extension available in Google play store.
  • Shows verified purchases (good reviews).
  • One tap ratings for pass or fail.
  • Spam test result
  • Easy to spot bad reviews when scrolling through the list.
  • Shows overall review volume.


  • The review checker was a little slower than others. But gave good results
  • No product review monitoring to track reviews over time.

The Verdict

Overall a great Amazon review checker tool that any Amazon shopper or Seller should use to ensure that you are reading verified reviews from real customers not spam, bots or angry competitors.

3. Helium 10 Review Insights

Helium 10 Review Insights and Downloader

Helium 10s free chrome extension has an Amazon review insights tool. The review checker can download Amazon reviews for any product on Amazon. You can download the 1 star reviews to find out any flaws with the products or dig into the 5 star reviews to quickly see any false or fake reviews.

How it Works

It works by downloading the actual product reviews from Amazon. From here you can filter the parameters shown below and download the reviews.


Filters available for Helium 10 review checker and downloader:

  • Reviews only from Verified Purchase customers.
  • Reviews marked Helpful.
  • Reviews Only with Images.
  • Reviews Only with Videos.
  • Reviews that range between 1-5 stars
  • Reviews that contain a designated keyword(s).

We found the 5 star reviews to be the quickest way to spot any fake reviews as some of the reviews were unrelated to or obviously a complete different product being reviewed. This could be due to a hijacked listing or just false 5 star product reviews.


  • Its free
  • 1 click review download
  • Excellent filters to dig deeper into Amazon reviews
  • Product insights and detailed review analysis


  • 100 review downloaded limit. Note: this has been updated and I was able to download 5,000 from this product.

The Verdict

Overall Helium 10 is not only an All in One Amazon tool suite, they have some excellent free tools that can both be used by shoppers or sellers.

To get the most out of Helium 10, see our exclusive Helium 10 coupon codes for the best and most up-to-date discounts on paid features.

Check out the full Helium 10 X-ray chrome extension review to find out more.

4. Review Monitoring

Review Monitoring Amazon

Review monitoring is an Ecomm tool designed to help sellers analyse and better understand product reviews. Understand the big picture from over 15 big retail stores. Find quick wins to improve your products. Easily monitor your competitors and find out their strengths and weaknesses.

How it Works

Review monitoring automates customer feedback, reviews research and analytics to provide the answers an Amazon seller needs to enhance product performance over time but truly understanding the customer and target markets needs.


Word cloud can quickly show positive and negative words from words which have appeared in the past year. The Weaknesses feature can show the semantic relationship of a keyword, making it ideal for product improvements. E.g Loud could be shown as the top “Weakness”, in which it would be recommended to make the product quieter in version 2.0.


  • Word Cloud analytics for quick understanding
  • Review Monitoring’s word tree
  • Weakness feature
  • Questions
  • Analytics
  • Analyze potential fake reviews
  • Alert a negative review quickly


  • Not a free Amazon review checker
  • Not really a review management software
  • previous review history only goes back 1 year.

The Verdict

Overall Review Monitoring is a great Amazon review checker that can be used to analyze all the reviews across different ecomm platforms including Amazon. Quickly spot fake Amazon reviews and avoid negative feedback for your products.

Further reading:

The Bottom Line – Fake Amazon Reviews

Fake Amazon Reviews

Are Amazon reviews reliable?

Amazon has hundreds to thousands of ratings, unlike some of its competitors’ listings. Some of the comments are not trustworthy. Recent reports from a fake website and a fake website have boosted sales of dangerous goods and hurt legitimate sales, resulting in massive brand cuts.

Spot fake reviews with an Amazon review checker or Amazon review analyzer. More than one product review analysis tool for Amazon can help weed out sketchy sellers and make a verified purchase of a 5-star product. Use this guide to help you find the one that works for you.

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

Picture of Infinite FBA
Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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