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Feedback Genius Promo Code and Coupon

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What is Feedback Genius?

Feedback Genius is a type of customer feedback management software for Amazon sellers that optimizes communication between sellers and shoppers. It helps store information to get genuine product reviews from shoppers to make sure that future customers can see that they’re legitimate and highly-reviewed. This helps your product to stand out from competitors on Amazon.

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Top Features

Communication Templates: 

Feedback Genius built by SellerLabs provides email templates or helps you craft your own. The software includes tools to add specific tags or filters, so you can talk to all your customers in the right tone. You just need to input email addresses, and the software does the rest.

Customer Service Help:

The software can send you automatic messages if you get bad feedback to quickly contact the buyer, improving your customer service. Their emails are Amazon-approved, showing that the tool is a well-regarded way to communicate with people.

Unlimited Help for Sellers:

Feedback Genius gives sellers an unlimited email and marketplace allowance per month so you can track all your products. There are no extra fees, and you can monitor customers’ feedback on as many products are you want.

Strategy Advice:

A great feature is the ability to analyze email communication between seller and customer and optimize your communication. You can use up to eight different order events to maximize your effectiveness and the amount of feedback you receive.

We’ve Got A Discount!

Now that you know more about the product I’m sure you’re hoping for some coupons codes or Feedback Genius promo codes — well, we have you covered. Just read on for a great Feedback Genius coupon code that will help you save money on this great Amazon software.

How Do I Use Feedback Genius?

If you’re an Amazon Seller you’re probably wondering how to use Feedback Genius to improve your product’s success. We have some great Feedback Genius promo codes to make this cheaper for you — who doesn’t love a deal.

Will It Help My Business?

Yes! This software is an Amazon feature, so one of the thing you’ll need to be is an Amazon seller. Getting a positive product review is a great tool to attract more customers to your store, so Feedback Genius is definitely a useful piece of software to have.

You can find detailed information and seller feedback on Amazon’s seller labs if you run into problems downloading the software, but there are six quick steps you need to take. Be sure to look out for Feedback Genius promo codes like the ones listen below and check that there are no extra steps you need to talk to claim discounts.

Simple Steps to Set Up

  1. Connect your marketplace through MWS
  2. Grant special permission for labs. You can do this through seller central.
  3. Change your user permissions to allow access.
  4. Make Feedback Genius one of your approved senders.
  5. Design your first automated message that can be sent to a customer’s email address.
  6. Set up review tracking and notifications

It really is that easy to set up Feedback Genius. Even better, we have a great Feedback Genius coupon code to help you save money on this great product.

Where Can I Find a Great Feedback Genius Deal?

feedback genius promo code and coupon

We all love to save money, so getting a good discount code and Feedback Genius coupons is a great bonus. We have an amazing Feedback Genius promo just for you. Although this coupon code is only valid for a short time, check back in with use for more Feedback Genius coupons as you continue your Amazon sellers journey.

What is your Feedback Genius Promo?

All you need to do is use the limited time Feedback Genius promo code INFINITEFBA to receive two great ways to save money. This Feedback Genius coupon code gives you access to an exciting email autoresponder feature. The deal is only available to Feedback Genius users, so it’s another great reason to use the tool.

  1. Use the discount code to get one 15 day free trial, so you can out-compete other Amazon sellers and encourage customers to leave a great product review without paying a cent for the software.
  2. After that this promo code gives you 10% off your first month s bill! These Feedback Genius coupon codes give you access to an incredible tool at a significant discount and help you to improve your Amazon shop.

It’s really easy to claim, just click on the Feedback Genius coupon code link. Coupon deals are a great way to get a discount on this product and improve your Amazon triumph for less money.

Why Will This Help Me Sell My Products?

One of the worst things about the internet is that it’s filled with scams. Having reviews from customers will show people on Amazon that your deals and discount codes are a legitimate way to save money. This Feedback Genius coupon code allows you to get great feedback from customers, including 5 stars reviews, for less money.

What Does This Do?

This article from Forbes shows how important getting positive reviews are for your business. 1 popular search term or great deals may attract people to your products, but if no-one seems to have actually bought your goods they might see this as a warning sign or error message and decide to shop somewhere else. It’s clear that people are very influenced by what other consumers think of your business. Feedback Genius gives you the tools like negative feedback notifications to ensure you get this feedback by encouraging customers to click the product review link.

What’s The Catch?

The main downside to a product like this is the cost, as will be discussed below. This is why this Feedback Genius promo code is so great — you get all the advantages like reviews and a data report but for less money. It’s a good idea to look on forums for Amazon seller feedback from people with a business similar to your if you want an in-depth look at its personal impact on you.

How Much Does Feedback Genius Normally Cost?

To know how great this Feedback Genius coupon code is, you need to know how much you’d normally be paying. Like many membership schemes, Feedback Genius is cheaper if you sign up for a year instead of paying by the month. The price also increases based on the number of sales your business makes.

Find Out How Much Feedback Genius Will Cost Your Business

feedback genius promo code and coupon

If your business is making up to $50K

  • If you’re paying by the month: $59/ month
  • If you’re paying per year: $39/ month

If your business is making $50K-$250K

  • If you’re paying by the month: $99/ month
  • If you’re paying per year: $79/ month

If your business is making $250-$1M

  • If you’re paying by the month: $149/ month
  • If you’re paying per year: $119/ month

If your business is making $1M-$3M

  • If you’re paying by the month: $299/ month
  • If you’re paying per year: $239/ month

If your business is making $3M-$5M

  • If you’re paying by the month: $499/ month
  • If you’re paying per year: $399/ month

If your business is making $5M-$10M

  • If you’re paying by the month: $799/ month
  • If you’re paying per year: $639/ month

If your business is making $10M+

  • If you’re paying by the month: $999/ month
  • If you’re paying per year: $799/ month

As you can see, Feedback Genius can get pretty expensive if you have a big business. This is why the Genius Feedback promo code and coupons are so helpful to you, you get an awesome deal using our promo code INFINITEFBA.

What Are My Other Options

Smart consumers always check their other options before they subscribe to a product, so to make your life easier for you, we’ve reviewed three main competitors of Feedback Genius. Although they all have pros and cons, Feedback Genius is our favorite — plus our great promo coupon code mean that any person interested in saving money would naturally choose that option. Nevertheless, we want to empower you to make your own decisions:


  1. Helium 10 with 50% Off
  2. Merchant Words with a discount of 40% Off
  3. Viral Launch offering a 40% off discount code
  4. Jungle Scout discount code of 30% Off

Feedback Five

feedback genius promo code and coupon

Top Features: There’s a free plan for very small sellers that allows 50 emails a month and one campaign, but is restricted to a single user. However, if you’re selling more than this very small amount you’ll need to pay. Unfortunately, we don’t have coupon codes for this, so if you want a promo discount it’s not your best option.

Downside: Some customers have complained that Feedback Five’s free trial charged them — but don’t worry, our Feedback Genius coupon codes are 100% reliable.

Verdict: Although Feedback Five might be a good option if you’re running a tiny business with not many profits, ultimately, it’s not as high-quality as Feedback Genius. We prefer reliable promo codes and high-quality data.

Feedback Whiz

feedback genius promo code and coupon

Top Features: Feedback Whiz has some good statistics — you can see the most popular products for each buyer, the product you sell this the highest amount of feedback, and the people who buy the most products. Although you can do this yourself, it’s quicker if you have a big, busy website.

Downside: People have noted that Feedback Whiz is often more expensive than other options if you’re using is regularly. Plus, it’s harder to find coupon codes, unlike our great Feedback Genius promo codes.

Verdict: If you’re using it to contact people a lot you might find that Feedback Whiz can get pretty expensive. If money is a problem for you, it makes sense to use sites with useful discount coupons instead.


feedback genius promo code and coupon

Top Features: Kibly is very easy to set up — the website claims that it only takes three minutes. This makes it a bit easier to use than some of the alternatives that have complex steps and rely on Amazon’s good knowledge.

Downside: Kibly doesn’t have the same level of data analysis and A/B testing as other software — so if you need to know more about your business it might not be the best option for you.

Verdict: Kibly has the advantage that it’s easy to use, and a lot of its features are automatic, meaning that you don’t have to worry about checking it as regularly as some similar pieces of technology. However, this does mean that it doesn’t have the same level of personalization as other options.

As you can see, although other review sites can be useful, Feedback Genius has a great combination of ease of use and the availability of coupons and promo codes that make it more popular on seller labs and to consumers than its competitors. Not only do the coupons make it a less expensive option, but it’s also very high quality.


As you can see, your Amazon shop will be significantly more successful with Feedback Genius. The ability to get high-quality personal reviews from your buyers makes you seem more reliable and professional. As well as this, having access to complex data about your customers, purchasing patterns, and the amount of reviews you’re receiving is an excellent way to improve your business plan and make sure you’re targeting the right people and areas.

The personalized emails that the software provides are also an incredible way to improve your customer service and communication. Overall, it’s very clear to see how excellent these tools are and the benefits they can have on your business — and the great coupon we have just makes it even better.

Lets not forget the other software tolls built by SellerLabs, including keyword finder Scope and PPC tool Ignite. Making this suite an all in one for Amazon sellers.

Remember Our Bonus Feedback Genius Promo Codes

Just remember to use the coupon code INFINITEFBA for the great discounts and deals we’ve told you about — a free fifteen-day trial and then 10% off your first month. There’s nothing like some feedback genius coupons helping you to access a great offer to brighten your day.

Now that you’re armed with your code and coupons the only thing that’s left to do is enjoy the great benefits and bonuses of a great piece of software. So why not start a free trial today.

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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