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6 Best Amazon FBA Courses in 2023

Stay tuned for a detailed review and breakdown of the top rated Amazon FBA courses in 2023.

Amazon FBA is difficult. It’s frustrating, we get it, you probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t agree.

We have been here and its not your fault. The internet is filled with free out dated training courses, recycled from gurus who don’t even make a living from selling on Amazon.

But with proper training course from real sellers with years of selling experience, FBA really does starts to make sense.

Here are the best Amazon FBA courses our readers recommend….

  1. Freedom Ticket – Helium 10 and Kevin King
  2. Amazing Selling Machine
  3. Jungle Scout Training
  4. Private Label Masters – Tim Sanders
  5. Seller Systems – Brandon Young
  6. Freedom Accelerator – Myles Dunphy

Not all training courses provide the same benefits. Some can be major time-wasters, even for beginners. There are hundreds of Amazon FBA course options, from expert sellers Sophie Howard and Jim Cockrum to self-made millionaire Ryan Grant. However, just because someone is a successful seller doesn’t mean they know how to lead others to the same success.

If you need to know the basics of becoming an FBA seller, this guide can help you choose a course that will provide the best investment return. Get access to high-quality training as you get started with one of the following high-demand and proven Amazon course options.

6 Best Amazon FBA Courses – Updated For 2023

The best Amazon FBA courses rely on tried and true strategies from real sellers (not just some guru trying to make a few bucks), which is why we’ve included many on this list.

1. Helium 10 – Freedom Ticket

amazon fba course

Kevin King is known for his Amazon selling mastery. This course is his brainchild. What kind of Amazon FBA training do you get with one of the 5 best Amazon FBA courses? With Freedom Ticket, the focus is on launching a Private Label product.

This education is all about e-commerce and how to sell on amazon for beginners, emphasizing the following topics:

  • What a productive timeline looks like
  • Getting a leg up on the competition
  • Learning the tips and tricks that industry pros use

Selling on this marketplace is a studied trade, and this course grants access to time-tested, proven Private Label strategies.

The most valuable tool by far that this course offers is its one-on-one feature. When you buy this course, you get advice from top industry experts about selling on Amazon. By the end of this training program, you should feel much more ready to launch a Private Label product.

The Stats

This proven Amazon course uses real data and walkthroughs to cement your learning. You can follow along with each module with more than just your notes too. Students of this FBA course get review slides and written notes that accompany each section with full access.

Did you know that Freedom Ticket can be accessed for FREE? Well, it can work with a Helium 10 Starter, Platinum, Diamond, or Elite account.


  • Extensive study and practice tools for full comprehension and knowledge absorption
  • If you are looking to sell on Amazon this really is all you need to get started
  • Great value with free access with the sale of a Helium 10 membership
  • Amazon PPC training
  • One-on-one advising with industry experts
  • Applicable for International sellers
  • Helium 10 offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free Amazon FBA training with all paid plans (Freedom ticket)
  • New starter plan for just $37/mo
  • Constant updates


  • Its hard to find any cons for Freedom ticket as they keep updating and adding any content the members feel is missing.

The Verdict

If selling on Amazon seems overwhelming and you’re unsure where to start, this course is the perfect choice for Amazon FBA beginners. It constantly updates to include new information about the platform for Amazon sellers. Upgrade to membership with Helium 10 for an all-in-one training course, communication software, and seller solution platform.

It’s the best value out there for gaining training and industry insights about keyword research, optimized listings, and more.

If you are hoping to launch your FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) business shortly or have already begun selling on Amazon, buying the membership to get free access to the Freedom ticket course is a must.

Read the complete Freedom Ticket review.

2. Amazing Selling Machine

amazon fba course

Amazing Selling Machine offers courses that quickly help the student sell on Amazon before they’ve even finished the modules. They are on the more expensive end of the spectrum for Amazon courses, but they back it up with quality features like access to software tools, live coaching, and more.


  • 5 Steps to grow your business
  • 9 Modules
  • 120 Video lessons
  • 4 New software tools
  • 30-day guarantee

Like a few other Amazon FBA business courses on this list, users of the Amazing selling machine have access to coaching calls with their instructors. Kind of like and Amazon boot camp for sellers, these calls occur weekly in conjunction with each module selected from the menu rather than on a per month basis. Even if you don’t attend the live coaching call, you will find a recording afterward.

Attending live is the best way to interact with the Amazon FBA course. This is because you can speak directly with marketplace superheroes handpicked by course creators Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.

The Amazon course breaks down into a few key modules like:

  • Product opportunity listing
  • Suppliers
  • Profit numbers
  • Ordering inventory
  • Branding
  • Brand assets
  • Product pages
  • Product launches
  • Marketing and traffic
  • Growth and scalability

Each step has a focus on the action. You will essentially complete each of these steps to build your Amazon business as you move through the courses. If you want actionable advice to get you ready to sell on Amazon, this curriculum is ideal.


  • Access to the active forum featuring other members of the ASM Amazon seller community
  • Weekly FBA coaching calls for live advising about how to sell on Amazon
  • Still rated as one of the Top Amazon FBA courses, despite its high price in comparison to other Amazon FBA courses.
  • Active and extensive topics covered by modules for the courses


  • More expensive than many Amazon courses

The Verdict

This course starts early. It gives you as an Amazon seller the information needed to build your FBA Amazon business from the ground up. Along with the weekly coaching feature, this makes it a great Amazon FBA course for beginners to the process.

Amazing Selling Machine ASM has a very active community of successful student sellers whose results speak for themselves. This isn’t just a course for a quick side hustle or a get rich quick program. This is a course that provides the navigation necessary to build a 7-figure Amazon business.

Further reading: Amazing Selling Machine review.

3. Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout has been around for as long as I can remember. There is no surprise the Jungle Scout course comes highly rated from Amazon sellers.

The Stats

  • 130 Videos
  • Live Q&A

The Amazon Course is designed by Greg Mercer (Founder of Jungle Scout) and an 8 figure seller with the award or best seller. Broken down into easy to follow lessons, ideal for any beginner.

Further reading: Jungle Scout Academy review

4. Private Label Masters – Tim Sanders

amazon fba course

Tim Sanders is one of those marketplace superheroes who has mastered the art of selling on Amazon. His Amazon selling course is an opportunity to look into the mind of someone who has achieved a high level of success in e commerce.

The Stats

  • 132 Lessons
  • 20 Hours
  • 8 Modules

The Amazon course is broken up into several modules that make learning at your own pace simple. The modules are:

  • Introduction
  • Product Research Tips
  • Product Sourcing
  • Shipping
  • Branding and Listing Optimization
  • Product Launch
  • Sponsored Products
  • Maintain, then Scale Your Business

As you can tell from reading down the list, the modules in Tim Sanders’ Amazon FBA training course are designed not just to educate; they guide you as a prospective Amazon seller toward activating, launching, and running your FBA business.

In addition to the FBA course content, you get access to his VIP Facebook group when you buy Tim’s course. This means more in-depth insights and articles than the public ones he puts out for free.


  • Access to Tim’s VIP Facebook group and all its extra training content
  • Actionable advice in easy to consume modules
  • Good community of Amazon FBA sellers in the facebook group
  • All-in-one training with everything you need to know about the Amazon marketplace


  • Not offered by a larger marketing company, meaning no membership options
  • No retail arbitrage section

The Verdict

Private Label Masters is a course that helps you develop the perfect fulfillment by Amazon’s business model. Contrary to many courses created as a side hustle for already bustling marketing companies, Tim Sanders’ online selling course is based on his proven success. As his FBA course title suggests, he is a Private Label Master, and he wants to teach others to be one as well.

If you want to learn from someone who has mastered the process of selling on Amazon, Tim Sanders might be one of the best Amazon FBA courses for you.

5. Seller Systems – Brandon Young

amazon fba course

Brandon Young at Seller Systems launches approximately 10 products each month. If this describes a future you would like for your online business, then this might be the Amazon boot camp you need to get started.

Young began with retail arbitrage in 2015. Retail arbitrage is where many sellers begin their FBA journey. Brandon realized, rightfully, that Private Label provided more opportunity for growth. He made the change, and rather than watch people waste their time with the wrong business choices, Young provides this proven Amazon course 2.0 to put Amazon sellers on the right track.


  • 6 Weeks
  • > 100 Lessons
  • 1-on-1 Video chat

This successful Amazon FBA course is deeply focused on a few key tenets you’ll need to become an amazing selling machine. These key skills are:

  • Product analysis
  • Product selection
  • Listing creation
  • SEO
  • Product launch
  • Growth

You aren’t just learning about the process on your end; you become familiar with the type of mechanisms and algorithms that Amazon uses for online business. It’s an Amazon FBA boot camp that lets you into the mindset of e commerce competitors, platforms, and consumers.


  • Access to the Seller Systems Facebook group and resources
  • Live question and answer chats weekly with course creators


  • Free access to training means less opportunity to get a leg up on the competition

The Verdict

This is a great choice for anyone new to online selling with an FBA business. Those with more experience and more of a growth mindset should challenge themselves more with a top-to-bottom Amazon FBA business course. If you are trying to get familiar with key FBA concepts or move from arbitrage to private label, this Amazon FBA course can be a great way to start.

The live Q & A feature of this Amazon course is unique in the market of even the best Amazon FBA courses. If you benefit from one-on-one sessions, take advantage of this Amazon course’s feature.

6. Freedom Accelerator – Myles Dunphy

Update: We believe this course has since closed its doors as Myles has sold his Amazon FBA business.

This is a successful course because it’s made by an Amazon seller for other Amazon sellers. Myles Dunphy has, like well-known FBA experts Kevin David and Stephen Somers, mastered the Amazon FBA business. In this training course on Amazon selling, he offers e Commerce business advice to sellers.


  • 11 Modules
  • 20 Hours of Lessons
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Resources, templates, and checklists

The Freedom Accelerator Amazon FBA business course has the benefit of success like Dunphy at the helm. Myles is a successful Amazon seller himself who is open about sharing his wins and losses. He offers his individualized training and answers to anything sellers may have questions about like. He is not scared to share the realities and pros and cons of selling on the Amazon marketplace.

Unlike FBA courses run by other marketplace superheroes, every Amazon FBA seller in this class will get one on one time without the massive price tag. This affordable alternative to many large, per month payment Amazon FBA training courses offers many of the same data for a lower price, including:

  • Fundamentals and the ins and outs of a successful Amazon FBA business
  • Product research
  • Sourcing
  • Amazon PPC training
  • Shipping
  • Pre-Launch and Amazon product listings
  • Launching a product as an Amazon seller
  • Post-Launch and optimizing your product
  • Scaling and growth


  • A great value at a uniquely low price
  • One time access to Myles Dunphy’s industry contacts
  • Straightforward, actionable advice
  • Find and launch unique and successful Amazon product ideas


  • Shorter money-back guarantee window
  • Most of the Amazon FBA course material is available for free on his Amazon FBA YouTube channel

The Verdict

Amazon sellers get everything you need with thousands of dollars worth of practical advice, lessons, and even contacts that Myles Dunphy uses himself, for a great value. This is by far one of the 5 best Amazon FBA courses for its value.

If you are looking for an Amazon FBA course with the lowest cost for the largest return on investment, Freedom Accelerator is your best contender. The only problem is that Dunphy is too busy teaching his course to be active on the official Facebook page, so don’t expect anything if you leave a reply with questions about fulfillment by Amazon. However inside the course platform most questions have already been asked and answered below each video, which is very handy.

Further Amazon Courses and Training that may be of interest:


Which is the Best Amazon FBA Course in 2023?

The best Amazon FBA course is the Freedom ticket by Helium 10. This Amazon FBA course has been created by one of the top SAAS companies in the ecommerce business, so it’s no wonder it comes out as top pick for private label sellers.

How much does an Amazon FBA course cost?

An Amazon FBA course can cost anywhere from $39 per month to a one off fee of $5,000. As it is such a key to successful Amazon business, Amazon seller training is not something that you should cut corners on.

Does Amazon teach FBA?

Amazon does not have a private label Amazon FBA course available, they do however have training on how to get started selling on Amazon. If you are looking for more in depth training most Amazon FBA courses will cost you.

Do I need to take an Amazon FBA Course to sell on Amazon?

You will find everything you need for Amazon sales via Youtube videos, sites, or a Facebook group. Nevertheless, there are many things which are unclear, contradictory. Many people watch YouTube videos without an end result. Generally this can take longer before you are confident in starting an Amazon FBA business.

Can I Not Just Learn Amazon FAB From YouTube

You can find many free training videos on YouTube and online Amazon FBA courses covering all of the topics. They are not as easy to follow and ofter outdated. Which is why our readers recommend a paid course with step by step Amazon sellers training.

Is it worth investing in a course?

People who claim they can do everything online without any help from YouTube, a training program or a mentor are usually trying to sell you something or have never actually archived success. Coaches will offer many more tips and techniques for paid users. Most of the videos on Youtube are very basic and give you a high level overview of what the process looks like. If you do basic work you end up doing what everybody else does therefore you lose any competitive edge. Most programs have live coaching sessions with coaches and will provide detailed step by step guides on exactly what to do.

Criteria When Reviewing Each FBA course

So how did we create this list of the best Amazon FBA courses. Other than our whole team who sell on Amazon full-time. We reached out to our readers and

The courses are mostly online video format training. Some offer pdf and transcribed versions but over the shoulder live training is best for this type of business.

  • Does the Amazon FBA course offer timely up to date information and best practices.
  • Type of course – Full training A-Z. Specific topic e.g PPC only
  • Has the Course provider had success and results
  • Does the Amazon course instructor still sell on Amazon
  • Level of Entry
  • Cost
  • Platform used
  • Length of course

How does evaluating a program’s performance depend upon the courses it offers? Thank you! What are my criteria for rating a course? No FBA course is suitable for every person. All instructors differ drastically and each have distinctly different teaching styles which best matches certain personality characteristics than other teachers. I have a couple more things going on.

Which is the Best Amazon FBA Course for You?

Choosing a course isn’t just about which course has the most features for the lowest price; you should use this list of the best Amazon FBA courses to help you find the right match for what you need. Think about your business plan, current skill set, and more to help make your decision.

Take the time to review these successful Amazon courses, and avoid the pitfalls that cost both time and money!

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