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Best Amazon Feedback Software

Best Amazon Feedback Software Tools

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As you know, seller competition on the Amazon platform is growing every second, and being the users’ pick is a challenging ordeal. It is where reviews come in. But here is the interesting part. Even though most people rely on reviews to make the final purchase decision, only a fraction of customers leaves positive feedback and reviews.

On the other hand, the number multiplies when it comes to negative ones. Therefore, if you are not careful, your product may receive more negative reviews and fewer positive reviews — even when you have many satisfied customers. Therefore, it becomes crucial to monitor and manage customer feedback on Amazon. Even though Amazon Seller Central has some options, they are barely enough. So, you will need a third-party Amazon feedback software (also known as product review software and Amazon review software) to keep everything in sync.

A fully-fledged Amazon feedback tool allows you to manage all aspects of customer feedback, including but not limited to reviews. In other words, it is a buyer seller messaging suite. In this article, we have listed three of the best Amazon feedback software solutions you can try today.

#1 FeedbackWhiz

FeedbackWhiz is the most recommended email follow up or autoresponder to use with Amazon, we get asked a lot to write up about this tool. FeedbackWhiz is very easy to use, quick templates can be made and the analytics make it even better the longer you use it.

FeedbackWhiz Amazon Feedback Software Tool


  • Order Management
  • Profits and Accounting
  • Feedback Management
  • Email Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • Monitoring and Notifications

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#2 Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius, brought to you by the well known SellerLabs, a go to for many Amazon sellers. Take control of your Amazon reviews. Automate the process with the Feedback Genius tool, build your brand and customer relations.

Use the proven and tested email templates provided to reach out to your customers and gather that ever so valuable customer feedback. Using real-time feedback is the best way to improve your product or customer service.

You can also create your own follow up sequence of emails with Feedback Genius to ensure your own brads message comes across and makes it that bit more personal.

Feedback Genius by SellerLabs


  • Automate your email follow up sequence
  • Communicate with buyers in real time
  • Grow your brand
  • Avoid negative feedback
  • Get more positive feedback and product reviews
  • Improve your seller metrics

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#3 Helium 10 – follow up

Helium 10 is the go to All in One Amazon sellers tool of choice. It’s no wonder it makes the list for choosing the best Amazon review follow up tools. Not only does Helium 10s suite of tools cover the full A to Z of selling on Amazon the have a tool called follow-up. Which automates the whole Amazon email process for you. Set it up and whats the feedback roll in.

Customize your messaging to reflect your brand and business. Send more feedback request emails to your product buyers. Quickly address any order information concerns or questions to improve you reputation as a seller.

Helium 10 Follow-Up


  • Improve your feedback and reviews
  • Grow your brand awareness for your Amazon business
  • Send more emails to your buyers
  • Take advantage of the request a review button
  • Improve seller rating

#4 Feedback Express

Feedback Express, aka Feedbackexpress, currently a part of eDesk Feedback, is one of the most popular Amazon feedback software in the market. It claims to be a complete solution to receive feedback and product review listings while staying 100% compliant with Amazon’s rules and regulations.

It means a seller can stay confident while using the tool to keep their products in check. It is also worth noting that Feedback Express allows you to manage product reviews on platforms like eBay, Google My Business, and TrustPilot.

eDesk says that Feedbackexpress will help sellers get up to 52% more Amazon reviews. It also offers a fully automated process that does not compromise effectiveness. The solution also provides a few features to keep the number of negative reviews at a minimum.

At the same time, you can increase engagement with your buyers. Therefore, this feedback request software will help you streamline the feedback and ensure maximum sales from potential customers in the long run.

The primary plan of Feedbackexpress is available for $109 per month, and it supports up to 25,000 feedback requests. You can get advanced plans to increase the monthly limit to up to 100,000 requests.

On the bright side, the software offers a 14-day free trial without credit card details. So, you can see how well it works before you start paying. Now, we will look at the significant features in the package.

Feedback Express Now Edesk

Features: All-in-One Suite

  • Feedback Express works with multiple Amazon marketplaces. The tool also translates all the emails to the buyer’s preferred language. The feedback software makes it possible with the help of Amazon Seller Central integration.
  • Compared to DIY review requests, the email templates from Feedback Express look more professional. On top of their simplified design, the emails are sent via Amazon systems. Therefore, you can make sure that your requests reach all customers.
  •  The Request emails from Feedback Express contain separate sections for product and seller feedback. The overall intuitive design makes sure that you can increase the number of feedback and product reviews dramatically. It also allows you to add snippets to the email message.
  • Feedback Express provides you a fully-fledged feedback report analytics. If you think you are getting more negative reviews, you can always take proactive/preventive measures. Last but not least, the platform offers live tech support.
  • As mentioned earlier, the feedback software is 100% compliant with Amazon’s regulations. So, you do not have to worry about getting blocked/blocked by the Amazon system. In addition, you get optimizations for different marketplaces as well.


  • Feedbackexpress comes with an intuitive User Interface that anyone can manage with ease
  • Sellers who are new to Amazon can exponentially increase their sales using this tool
  • Feedback Express integrates very well with the Seller Central account
  •  It supports fully-fledged analytics reports and real-time dashboard viewing modes
  •  It offers optimized settings for different Amazon marketplaces and languages
  • Incredible customer support via phone, live chat, and email


  •  The pricing structure could be optimized with a pay-per-use plan
  •  The software does not notify you about negative reviews
  • It could add more options for handling negative feedback on products
  • You may need advanced analytics when you scale your Amazon. For instance, it has no a b testing

#5 AMZFinder

AMZFinder is another great option when you need one of the best feedback and review software for Amazon sellers. Unlike the previous tool, AMZFinder is dedicated to Amazon. You can use the software to track the reviews and feedback on multiple Amazon marketplaces, but that is it.

This tool will help you achieve a lot of other goals in addition to growing positive reviews and boosting overall sales and profits. Regardless of your experience with Amazon, you can benefit from the AMZFinder suite.

AMZFinder is powered by one of the simplest user interfaces out there. In addition to its deeper integration with Amazon Seller Central, AMZFinder curates all information and intuitively presents everything. For instance, you can find a dedicated page for marketplace management.

Here, you can find the status of each marketplace and the maximum email limit you have set. There are also some options to add and delete marketplaces as you like.

You have more options when it comes to the pricing structure of the service. You can find different plans for customer email plans and review management plans. For instance, you can get the basic customer email plan for $19 per month, allowing up to 2,000 emails per month.

On the other hand, review management plans start at $29.99, allowing you to track up to 50 ASINs. All these plans offer some impressive features.

AMZ Finder feedback tool

Features: Impressive Email Templates

  • AMZFinder is dedicated to managing reviews and feedback on Amazon. Therefore, you can have a more optimized User Interface with dedicated sections. For instance, you have separate pages where you can manage marketplaces and reviews.
  • You can choose between two types of plans: review management and customer email. Depending on what you need for the campaign, you can pick one of them. It means there is no need to spend too much if you do not need email options.
  • Compared to other Amazon feedback software, AMZFinder is less expensive. You can also pick one of the plans based on the reviews you want to manage or the emails you send. At the same time, all plans come with support for multiple Amazon marketplaces.
  •  The ASIN tracking options on AMZFinder are just impressive. In addition to standard information, you can receive daily email alerts and negative feedback tracking. You can also explore all the reviews for the product to get a holistic idea.
  • The Amazon feedback software comes with a professional invoice generator as well. You can use the additional module to generate compliant invoices and send them to customers. As you can guess, it supports customization to a great extent.


  • AMZFinder offers a more optimized Amazon feedback management experience
  • All review management plans come with support for 10 Amazon marketplace domains
  •  The package includes a professional invoice generator with Amazon account integration
  •  It comes with a simplified dashboard with plenty of filtering/sorting options
  • Additional plans come with options like daily email alerts and negative feedback tracking
  •  You have an option to pay according to the resources you use


  •  AMZFinder does not have a free version or a free trial option
  •  You may have to spend more time on the set-up process
  • Not suitable for managing a higher number of emails per month
  •  Offers limited email templates and customization options

#6 FeedbackFive

Our following recommendation is FeedbackFive, another Amazon feedback tool that has helped small and big Amazon sellers for years. The product comes from eComEngine and it takes buyer seller messaging to another level.

There are also options to build your Amazon seller business while staying competent with the ever-changing rules and regulations from Amazon. Unlike the tools we have mentioned above, this feedback software supports up to 17 Amazon marketplaces.

Automation is one of the key features in the FeedbackFive package. You have options to streamline the long process of reputation management and email templates. For example, you can set up triggers and actions based on how your logistics patterns operate.

You can also deal with negative seller feedback and negative product feedback, the second of which is not available in many tools. The dashboard also lets you look at the impact of your review requests, among other things.

FeedbackFive offers impressive numbers in terms of scalability. For instance, you can use the Amazon feedback tool to send up to 1,000,000 review requests when you have the Enterprise plan, which costs $899.99. However, if you have just started and want to send less than 1500 requests, you will be good with $29.99 per month. It is excellent to have this level of control when it comes to pricing.


Features: Customer Relations at Best

  • FeedbackFive can step up the Amazon reputation management options based on your requirements. As we said, the top plans allow you to send up to 1,000,000 review requests and track up to 10,000 products. These numbers come in handy when you are a giant Amazon seller.
  • Even though it packs so many features, Feedback Five offers a free version. For example, you can track up to 10 ASINs and send up to 100 review requests while spending nothing. However, there would be some restrictions with these plans.
  • You can set up customized email alerts based on what you want to know. For instance, you can easily track negative seller feedback, positive seller feedback, negative reviews, and positive product reviews. You can receive individual email alerts or go for a daily digest method.
  • The analytics options on Feedback Five are just unique compared to other tools. You can plot a wide variety of graphs and charts based on different metrics. For instance, you can see how the number of reviews has changed with respect to the number of review requests.
  •  FeedbackFive offers an impressive level of automation for the service. However, unlike other tools, it gives you several customization options as well. For instance, you can set up automation as per the fulfillment channel, ASIN, and different rules concerning the orders.


  • Suitable for tracking a high number of products and reviews
  • Advanced automation and customization (for email templates) options
  • It comes with a variety of email alert options, including negative product review alerts
  • Advanced analytics options allow you to track your campaigns’ impact
  • Integrates well with Amazon Seller Central, relaying necessary information
  • Customizable pricing plans based on usage and required features


  •  The review software package does not come with advanced features like an invoice generator
  •  Offers limited features on the free plan even though you can track multiple ASINs
  •  The dashboards could be too complex for beginners due to information overload
  •  It could use a simpler way to manage email campaigns as the current one is time-consuming

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Amazon Feedback Software FAQ

Why are reviews so important?

Most people depend on product ratings and seller reviews while buying a product from Amazon. Therefore, even if you sell a high-quality product, you cannot get more sales without positive reviews. But, as we said, most people are hesitant to leave positive feedback and reviews.

Equally importantly, Amazon will consider the product/seller reviews while considering sellers for the Buy Box. If a seller has better customer reviews than you have, they are likely to win the competition. In short, product reviews and seller reviews are crucial to surviving the seller competition on Amazon.

How do I automate an Amazon review?

Unfortunately, Amazon Seller Central does not offer an option to automate reviews. You can send product review requests for individual sales, but it is cumbersome. Therefore, we recommend using a third-party Amazon feedback software to automate the review process. These tools will integrate with Amazon Seller Central and send a review request to your customers based on the settings.

Depending on the review software tools you have chosen, you may also receive other options for customization and control, including A B Testing and profit margins analysis. On any day, compared to the process where you request a review per order, you can save a lot of time.

Top 6 Amazon Feedback Tools in 2024

  1. FeedbackWhiz
  2. Feedback Genius
  3. Helium 10 – Follow-Up
  4. Feedback Express
  5. AMZ Finder
  6. FeedbackFive


We believe our guide helped you choose the best Amazon feedback software for your business. Even though these tools may seem expensive, their impact on your product sales can be quite exponential. First, however, you need the right review software tools with the right set of features to make it possible.

Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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