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Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools

The Best Amazon Keyword Tool for FBA Sellers

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Picture this: you’ve got a fantastic product, top-notch visuals, and an optimized listing. But there’s a missing piece that can take you from good to extraordinary – the right keywords.

Welcome to our guide to the best Amazon keyword tools, where we’re here to spill the secrets and help you unlock the full potential of your Amazon FBA business.

In today’s digital age, understanding how customers search for products is like having a superpower. It’s the key to getting your products in front of the right eye and intention, driving more organic traffic, and boosting your sales.

We will look at some of the best Amazon keyword tool choices you can utilize to gain additional information about products and SEO rankings on the Amazon marketplace.

Each of these tools can assist you by providing you with internal product details and ranking information that would otherwise not be available to you. This information can play a pivotal role in your success and there are many reasons to consider downloading these plugins and tools for your personal use.

The Top 10 Best Amazon Keyword Tools 2024

1. Helium 10

The Helium 10 Magnet is a great tool for Amazon FBA sellers looking to take keyword research to the next level. The simplified design and unique interface make this a top choice for sellers that want an effective keyword research tool. It is also extremely simple for users to find high-volume keywords that are relevant to your listing.

The keywords gathered from Helium 10 Magnet tool can boost your organic traffic and maximize your sales. As a seller you know how search term rankings can affect product sales and potential revenue, so stop guessing and start using the Helium 10 keyword data. This could very easily be considered the best Amazon keyword tool that comes as just one tool from the full Helium 10 suite.

When talking about Amazon keywords, Cerebro by Helium 10 is a staple. This tool was designed to help Amazon sellers increase their sales and improve their product visibility on the platform. Cerebro simplifies the process by generating relevant keywords and analyzing competitor strategies so sellers can optimize their product listings, outperform competitors, and boost their chances of success. It uses Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) to research products and discover associated keywords. Its innovative features include Word Frequency and Frequently Bought Together. Additionally, Cerebro’s IQ scores keywords based on search volume and competition, helping sellers identify profitable products. 

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2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout might be the best Amazon keyword tool
that currently exists for Amazon FBA sellers. This in-depth utility is capable of providing you with impressive levels of keyword research. It is a powerful tool that enables Amazon sellers to discover high-converting keywords for their product listings and gain valuable insights into their competitors’ keyword strategies. By reverse-searching multiple ASINs, sellers can identify the keywords used by competing products and the keywords their products rank for. The tool provides exact and broad keyword search volumes, historical search volume data for up to two years, and monthly and quarterly trend data, allowing sellers to understand product seasonality and popularity over time. 


With the ability to analyze keyword strategies among ASIN groups and gather competitive intelligence, sellers can optimize their listings, adjust PPC campaigns, and save on advertising costs. Keyword Scout also offers 24/7 support from Amazon experts, recommended keywords, and easy export of search results for further analysis. With these features, sellers can refine their SEO strategies, boost product visibility, and improve sales and revenue on the Amazon marketplace.


This Jungle Scout tool is particularly useful for product sellers, but it can also help people that want to learn more about the general market characteristics on the Amazon platform.

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AMZScout offers a comprehensive set of Amazon keyword tools to help sellers optimize their product listings, run efficient PPC ad campaigns, and outperform competitors. With the Reverse ASIN Lookup, sellers can spy on competitors, discover new keyword ideas, and assess their rankings for important keywords. The Amazon Keyword Search allows users to find high-demand keywords related to specific products or niches, aiding in creating attractive listings and generating product ideas. The Keyword Tracker Chrome Extension enables sellers to track their product rankings for search terms, adjust PPC campaigns based on organic rankings, and stay ahead of competitors. With over 3 billion search terms and keyword suggestions for 500 million Amazon products, AMZScout’s keyword generators provide accurate and relevant data, helping sellers drive traffic, save on PPC costs, and boost their Amazon business.

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4. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a popular market intelligence tool that can provide great information relating to Amazon’s analytics. Viral Launch can help sellers to find profitable products so that they can enhance their ability to sell products.

In addition to traditional market intelligence attributes, users can also expect to learn about product trends, monthly sales, revenue statistics, and pricing history. Installing this plugin, will immediately gain access to a new layer of information when you visit Amazon. 

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5. Seller Labs Keyword Research Tool (former Scope)

Formerly known as Scope, Seller Labs PRO offers a comprehensive Amazon keyword tool to help sellers dominate search results and improve their organic and paid traffic. With real data and AI-powered recommendations, sellers can master the Amazon SEO algorithm, track competitors, optimize product performance, and achieve better profit margins. The tool also provides insights into potential sales, historical product changes, and international marketplaces. With a 30-day free trial, sellers can use the all-in-one solution for your Amazon FBA business success, including reporting, advertising, customer communications, and keyword rankings.

Seller Labs is considered one of the under-the-radar utilities that can provide sellers with improved data for the Amazon market. 

6. Amazon Autofill

By using the Amazon Autofill feature, you can learn a lot about keywords and how they are recommended to users inon the marketplace. There are a lot of reasons to try out the Amazon Autofill feature, especially if you are interested in learning more about how keywords can chain together. This can provide sellers with imperative market intelligence, which comes right from the source.

Amazon autofill keywords

7. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

The Amazon Keyword Tool by Ahrefs allows users to find popular search terms on Amazon and optimize product listings accordingly. With access to a vast database of nearly 100 million keywords for the US Amazon alone, the tool generates hundreds or thousands of keyword ideas based on a broad product description. Unlike other tools, Ahrefs’ data comes from analyzing the browsing habits of real Amazon users, ensuring more accurate and reliable search volume estimations. The tool also provides unique keyword metrics, including clicks, clicks per search, clicked/not clicked percentage, and return rate. Users can perform Amazon keyword research for 170 countries, see local search volumes and metrics, and even explore the keywords competing listings rank on Google to increase their chances of getting organic traffic.

Additionally, users can save and export their best keywords into lists for easy management and sharing with colleagues.

It is a free tool. However, if you want to see more metrics than volume, you should get an Ahrefs plan.

This tool provides accurate search volumes and works in over 100 different countries. This keyword explorer also works on other platforms likesuch as Google, YouTube, and Bing.

8. Sonar – Keyword Research Tool

Sonar is a free Amazon keyword research tool designed for sellers, vendors, and agencies to enhance product listing visibility and improve Amazon SEO. It offers a vast database of over 180 million keywords generated by real Amazon shoppers in multiple languages and includes features like reverse ASIN lookup to track competitors’ keywords. The tool calculates the search volume of keywords on Amazon using a prediction algorithm, providing real-life search volume for each search query in the Sonar database. Sonar offers insights into the Amazon A9 algorithm, factors affecting product ranking, and Amazon listing optimization strategies. Additionally, it helps with keyword optimization for Amazon PPC campaigns and provides tools for efficient keyword targeting and match types. 

Overall, Sonar offers comprehensive features compared to other Amazon keyword tools, making it valuable for keyword research and product visibility on the platform.

After finding the keywords that optimize your listing’s visibility, you can publish it and start tracking!

9. SellerApp

SellerApp has an outstanding Chrome extension that is specifically designed to supercharge your product sales. The Keyword Tracker is one of the most popular features of this particular plugin, especially since it provides you with specific analytics related to web search traffic.

Product trends and historical attributes can also be found within this plugin. One of the additional features that we want to talk about is the Profit Calculator, which allows you to calculate your margins and profit potential under certain circumstances.


10. Keyword Tool for Amazon

Keyword Tool for Amazon is a great tool that uses Amazon autocomplete to generate relevant keywords for Amazon listing keyword optimization and other purposes. Whether you are an Amazon affiliate or seller, Keyword Tool can help increase your product visibility and make it easier for buyers to find your products. The tool is free, but the paid version, Keyword Tool Pro, offers even more keywords and additional features to streamline the keyword research process. Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, and using relevant keywords is crucial for improving product visibility and driving more sales. Keyword Tool generates long-tail keywords based on Amazon search suggestions and presents them in an easy-to-use format. By optimizing your Amazon store with these keywords, you can attract more organic visits and increase your chances of making sales.

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Keyword Tool IO review here. 



In a nutshell, nailing the art of keyword research is an absolute must for Amazon FBA sellers. A great tool -and the ability to use it, can take your sales from mediocre to mind-blowing. So, let’s talk about the real game-changers – Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and AMZScout – these tools will be trusty sidekicks to understand what makes your customers tick, finding those keywords that attract the right crowd and optimizing your product listings for all to see.

Remember, the Amazon FBA jungle is wild and getting wilder. To stay ahead, you’ve got to keep your finger on the pulse and make smart moves. 

FAQ for Amazon Keyword Tools

Start by brainstorming words and phrases that potential customers might use to search for your product. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and think about what terms they would use to find a product like yours. Additionally, utilize keyword research tools to discover relevant and high-traffic keywords that boost your product’s visibility and sales. You can also check out your competitors’ listings to see what keywords they are using. 

Keyword research is the backbone of success on Amazon. Understanding how customers search for products helps sellers optimize their listings with the most relevant and high-traffic words, driving organic traffic and boosting sales potential.

Keyword stuffing on Amazon occurs when a seller excessively packs their title, bullet points, product description, or Seller Central back-end with as many keywords as possible. This practice aims to manipulate search algorithms and boost a product’s visibility. However, keyword stuffing goes against Amazon’s guidelines and can lead to penalties, including suppressed or removed listings. Focus on using relevant and targeted keywords that accurately represent your product.

Absolutely! These tools are designed to cater to sellers of all experience levels. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting, they offer user-friendly interfaces and valuable insights to help you succeed on Amazon.

Keyword trends and customer behavior can change rapidly, so it’s a good practice to conduct regular keyword research, especially when launching new products or staying ahead of seasonal shifts in search volume.

Yes. Many of these keyword tools offer insights into international Amazon marketplaces. They can provide valuable data on region-specific search terms and language variations.

Amazon does not have a keyword planner similar to what Google offers.

Absolutely! Many sellers use a combination of keyword tools to gain an understanding of customer behavior and keyword opportunities. Integrating multiple tools can provide a holistic approach to keyword research and further enhance your chances of success on Amazon.

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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