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The Best Amazon Seller Tools in 2020

People have started to build their own business on Amazon and have been pretty successful in earning quite a decent amount of revenue. The success in Amazon FBA business is directly linked to how effectively you use the Amazon seller tools.
With eCommerce being a trending market, there are various online Amazon seller tools available to help new or established Amazon sellers.

To be successful selling on Amazon, you need to know how to use various tools to your advantage. There are various tools for product research, keyword research, sourcing, advertising, and customer service. Let’s have a look at some of the best amazon seller tools.

Amazon Seller Tools

Jungle Scout Seller Tool

Jungle Scout has a complete set of tools for Amazon FBA businesses. You can perform product research, niche selection, keyword research and much more with this tool. It is a web-based tool that also provides a chrome extension that can be fired up when you are on an Amazon product page.

It also provides a tool called Opportunity Score that provides a prediction on how well you can do in the market. This score can be really beneficial for those launching a new product on Amazon. The Product Tracker is a popular tool from Jungle Scout as you can easily compare various details of a product for a certain number of days.

Helium 10 is an amazon seller tool that helps in conducting product research, evaluating the competition, and checking keywords rankings. The ‘10’ in Helium 10 is about 10 different tools available for Amazon sellers.

Cerebro is the keyword research tool in Helium 10. You can provide the ASIN of Amazon products and you can easily evaluate the keywords used by your competitors. Cerebro IQ score, which depicts the opportunity for a particular keyword, is given to the keywords based on their search volume.

Viral Launch also provides a series of tools for Amazon sellers. It covers various sections such as product research, a keyword research tool to advertising and PPC. It competes with Helium10, Jungle Scout, and many other tools.

The product research tool is very simple to use and highly customizable. The competitor ranking does exactly what it’s supposed to – it keeps track of the competitor listing and notifies you if there’s a decrease in their ranks. Viral Launch offers a launch tool that is offered as a one-time thing for a couple hundred dollars that will help you launch on product on Amazon.

Once you launch on Amazon, there are chances that some customers may not be satisfied with your product. They may leave bad reviews on Amazon which question your integrity as a seller. Since there might be a huge number of reviews coming in, you cannot go through all of them.

FeedbackWhiz helps you manage your Amazon reviews. It looks for certain keywords in the reviews that justify the rating that the customers have given. It fetches reviews for your products every four hours so that you can monitor them and respond as you please.

Cash Cow Pro

Since managing various products on Amazon is a tedious task, an Amazon seller tool is required that can aid you in this. Cash Cow Pro is a business analytics tool for Amazon that will help you recognize the profitability of your product.

In the Amazon marketplace, there is high competition and you always need to ensure that your niche ideas give you a good amount of revenue. You need to constantly monitor your Amazon business to be successful. You need to analyze the profitability of the product as well as look for room for improvement. Using the return on investment and rate of profit (in percentage as well as dollars), Cash Cow Pro helps you determine profitability.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is an Amazon product research tool developed by AMZ Tracker. It provides a simple chrome extension that displays various information about the product. All this data can be stored on your dashboard or exported to a .csv file.

You can easily install the browser extension from Chrome Webstore tools and fire it up when you are visiting an Amazon product page. Unicorn Smasher provides a lifetime license at just $49. This tool is perfect if you already have an idea in mind and require some business analytics on it.

Zon.Tools is the right tool for Amazon PPC automation. It automates all sponsored Amazon products to follow the best practices and adjust to any PPC strategy.

For becoming a successful Amazon seller, you need to achieve an optimal conversion rate and PPC strategies can help you products maintain the optimal conversion rate. Automating a marketing strategy for PPC saves your time and energy. You can focus on more crucial tasks and let the tool take care of your sponsored products.

Seller Board

Seller Board is an accurate profit analytics for Amazon sellers. It helps you focus on profitable products and provides live data to help you make informed decisions. People also use this seller tool for inventory planning.

The seller board tools provides excellent profit tracking so that you can easily track your listed products. It also helps you manage your expenses by providing an expense tab. Seller Board also provides an autoresponder service that helps you reach out to the customers automatically during particular events. It generates emails or messages at an event trigger and is perfect for various marketing strategies.

Seller Legend

Seller Legend

Seller Legend is popularly known as an Amazon analytics tool with narrow, yet deep, analytics. The main highlight of this tool is a highly intelligent and innovative dashboard that is interactive and gets the job done.

This tool also provides extensive customizability with 32 widgets that users can choose from. You can also use it for product management as well as inventory management.

Since customers are vital to an Amazon business, there is a customer tab in this tool that helps you manage customer interactions. It provides a 21-day free trial with any plan that you go for. You can get a hands-on experience of the tool to see if it’s compatible for your seller conditions.


Splitly AB Testing Amazon

Splitly is an Amazon split testing tool that allows sellers to test their selling prices, use Artificial Intelligence-driven split testing algorithms and also tracking keywords.

With the help of AI, this seller tool can modify your listing based on various data that it has collected over time. It can automatically do this without your intervention to find out the perfect listing for your products.

Splitly also provides a keyword rank tracking tools, that can update you daily with the right keywords for your products and your competitors.


Fetcher Amazon

Fetcher deals with accountancy for Amazon. It is a mundane task to handle the Amazon business without any help. Using Fetcher, the bookkeeping part is taken care of.

Fetcher was created by previous Amazon sellers to help new sellers to know the ins and outs of Amazon. Fetcher is popularly known for its accountancy tool to help discover the most profitable product for you.

Bookkeeping management can be done manually using spreadsheets from Amazon, but this is a rather mundane task, and Fetcher tools can help you retrieve all the data and even visualize it for you so that you know everything about your business.



Forecastly is an inventory management tool for Amazon that eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets. As the name suggests, it forecasts how well your product will perform in the market.

Forecastly was acquired by JungleScout in 2018 and has become a powerful inventory management tool. Handling the inventory is a mundane task for sellers and restocking is a nightmare. It provides a good amount of automation so that the sellers hardly have to worry about their inventory.

This seller tool offers a 14-day trial and their plans are cheaper than other tools.


A2X Best Accounting for Sellers

A2X is an automated accounting software for Amazon sellers. It collects all the Amazon settlements and extracts relevant data to create various summaries for the transactions and costs.

It takes care of all the accounting needs of an Amazon seller and helps them focus on their business. The main advantage of this seller tool is automation. If you prefer having more third-party accounting tools then A2X lets you integrate them with ease. Instead of using one accounting tool you can use multiple tools to cater to all your needs.


Xero Amazon Sellers

Xero is a small, cloud-based accounting software for businesses. It helps you manage payments, invoices, purchases, inventory, and much more. Since accounting is a mundane task for every business, you can use this tool for all your accounting needs.

It’s easy to use and helps imports from .csv files. You can quickly set up your account and begin various tasks. Xero offers a 30-day free trial and have 3 pricing plans.


Since an Amazon business is like any other business, you need to do a good amount of market research before you launch your product. Generally, sellers ask for feedback from friends and family.

You can create a poll easily on Pickfu and get answers from market experts. Each poll can contain images and various demographics and you can get a minimum of 50 responses based on your subscription(basic or upgraded). If you have an upgraded account you can target your audience better and reach up to 500 responses.

Sentry Kit

Once you have launched on Amazon, you need to constantly check how the product is doing in the market, the sales it has brought, the customer reviews, and so on. Since these are tedious tasks, SentryKit helps you keep track of your product from time to time.

It provides you various alerts to keep you informed about the Amazon market. The data you see on this tool is generally no more than 30 minutes old i.e the data is constantly refreshed and renewed.


Finding the right product to sell on Amazon is a difficult task for any new Amazon seller. They can use Keepa for their product research and keywords ranking.

There are three free features offered by Keepa – deals, data, and tracking. It provides information about various deals on the product listing on Amazon and the data is easily extracted from the website.


To launch your product on Amazon, you need to decide on a perfect selling price. It must not be so high that people don’t purchase and not even so low that you end up with a loss.

You can use their browser extension to view the competitor’s pricing strategy to come up with your own. Using various alerts you can monitor the prices of the products on Amazon.

Many Chat

Since marketing is a crucial part of any business, you need to devise a sound marketing strategy to make your Amazon business successful. Many Chat is a chatbot-builder that can help you manage your simple customer relations.

Every business has a dedicated support team and some queries can easily be solved with the help of a chatbot. It will help you market your brand to the world and boost your conversion rates.


Yasiv is a popular product visualization tool that directly extracts data from Amazon customer views to provide a mind-map like a diagram.

You can input a particular ASIN and figure out related products. This helps sellers to decide various products to sell on Amazon.