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The Best Amazon Seller Tools in 2020

In 2020, more and more people want to start ecommerce businesses. We understand the appeal: it’s a lucrative side hustle that you can run from your own home. Some entrepreneurs even manage to turn their ecommerce business into a full-time job.

If you want to be part of this ecommerce movement, Amazon FBA is a great place to start. This platform has helped many entrepreneurs launch their first Amazon store.

That being said, selling products through on your Amazon FBA store takes a lot of work on your end. You have to do product research to ensure profits. You have to market, manage orders, collect reviews, and much, much more.

Luckily, there are Amazon seller tools that will make your life much easier. They take away a lot of the heavy-lifting and streamline every part of the process. This saves you time and makes you more money.

Finding the right FBA tools can be tricky. You want to make sure the ones you use as to sell on Amazon are safe, accurate, and simple. Plus, they should do exactly what you need them to do.

Here’s a breakdown of the top Amazon seller tools in 2020. We go over each tool in detail, discussing its features, pros, cons, and how it can benefit your online store. 


Our list of the best Amazon seller tools for 2020 include some of the top beginner-friendly product research and selling tools when starting out as well as those tailored to more advanced amazon business sellers.

Jungle Scout Seller Tool

We’ll start our list out strong with Jungle Scout.
Jungle Scout is an all-in-one platform and seller tool. This is great because, once you download Jungle Scout, you’ll have most of the features you need to manage and grow your Amazon business. You won’t have to worry about downloading several different tools.
Jungle Scout is available as a web app and Chrome extension, making it easy for you to browse products and oversee your account. You’ll be able to start using it right away thanks to its intuitive interface. And, if you ever run into trouble, Jungle Scout has clear video tutorials, thorough step-by-step guides, and a helpful customer service team.
Some of Jungle Scout’s most notable features include:

  • Product Database that helps you accurately research potential products to sell
  • Opportunity Finder that locates profitable opportunities
  • Product Tracker that monitors a product’s performance over time
  • Keyword Scout that finds high-converting keywords to boost your Amazon SEO efforts
  • Supplier Database that finds and verifies high-quality suppliers
  • Inventory Manager that tracks your stock and tells you when/how much to order
  • Sales Analytics that track your profits

Newbies and existing sellers alike use Jungle Scout to grow into one of the best Amazon businesses. Considering how useful and versatile Jungle Scout is, we highly recommend the platform!

Next on our list is Helium 10.

This tool is similar to Jungle Scout in that it is an all-in-one platform. Helium 10 has over 20 features that help you manage every aspect of your Amazon business.

Most of the features are pretty standard. For instance, as you might expect, Helium 10 streamlines your product research. It matches you with products it suspects will perform well and calculates their profitability. It finds keywords that drive conversions, even pairing you with high-performing misspelled words. It also manages refunds, prevents hijackers, lets you create landing pages, etc.

Helium 10 even has an Amazon PPC Manager for your PPC campaigns. They even offer a free Amazon PPC Audit which gives you actionable steps to help increase your profit margins.

What we particularly like about this tool is its free subscription. Sure, it is somewhat limited compared to the paid subscriptions. But, the free subscription is great for those who are brand new to Amazon FBA. You can use the helpful features to get your business off the ground.

Helium 10’s paid versions are relatively expensive compared to similar Amazon seller tools. Many seller tools claim to help scale your Amazon business to the next level, Helium 10 is an all in one tool that can do just that. It has been a tried and tested key for many successful sellers.

Viral Launch is a comprehensive tool that Amazon businesses of all sizes can benefit from. No matter which monthly plan you select, you will get access to 24/7 expert support, robust data and automation, and seamless integration for your Amazon store.

Our favorite Viral Launch feature is the conversion rate optimization service. The CRO service lets you test various product photos and written copy against one another and determine which changes will drive up your conversion rates. Viral Launch’s expert copywriters use research data to create the ideal listings for your products. They even offer product photography, which isn’t something you’ll find in a lot of similar services.

One thing we love about Viral Launch is the signup discount. If you sign up for a year in advance, you will only pay for 10 months of service!
Viral Launch offers a diverse range of tools and services that your up-and-coming business will greatly benefit from!

Taking a step away from all-in-one apps for Amazon sellers, let’s look at FeedbackWhiz. FeedbackWhiz is a platform that primarily focuses on reviews.
The tool keeps you up-to-date on every review a customer leaves on your products. Realtime notifications allow you to respond quickly. This is crucial as responding to every review helps build relationships with customers and maintain your reputation.

Even if your product is the best in the marketplace, a customer leaving a negative review is inevitable. This can be frustrating as it may cause other customers to not want to buy your product. FeedbackWhiz helps with this as it helps you appeal negative reviews and get them removed.

The tool also has a simple email builder. You can use this feature to improve seller feedback by getting more reviews from customers, which is crucial for building your reputation. Note that you can use the email builder for other purposes as well (alert customers when they receive a package, etc.).

Many sellers rely on FeedbackWhiz to manage their reviews. This tool is most beneficial if you receive lots of reviews every day or if you need to score more reviews.

5. Cash Cow Pro

As an Amazon entrepreneur, profitability should be your number one concern. Cash Cow Pro is one of the best software tools for keeping tabs on this metric.

Cash Cow Pro lets you track products you’re already selling. This helps you modify your listings accordingly. In some cases, it might even reveal which products you should stop selling. The tool also tracks potential products, showing you which ones it projects will do well on the marketplace.

Cash Cow Pro shows you basic metrics including net profit and return on investment. These give you a good understanding of how well the product is doing.

However, these numbers don’t always show the whole story. The Amazon sales rank tool provides other metrics including keyword tracking, page view data, conversions, and sales. Comparing these metrics gives a fuller picture and allows you to improve your listings.

Cash Cow Pro is definitely one of the most powerful tools for determining profitability. Give it a try today!

6. Unicorn Smasher

Brought to you by AMZ Tracker, Unicorn Smasher is another best Amazon seller tool.

The Google Chrome extension is pretty standard in that it streamlines product research. You simply search for products to see information like name, price, category, number of competitors, ranking, estimated revenue, etc. The dashboard is user-friendly, making it easy to find profitable products. Plus, for convenience’s sake, you can export the data to CSV files.

Unicorn Smasher has free and paid subscription options. Note that when you go through its website, the tool automatically redirects you to the paid version on the Google Chrome store. If you want the free version, go directly to the Google Chrome store and search “Unicorn Smasher.”

Even though it has limited features, the free version is a good starting point. It helps you get used to Unicorn Smasher and gives you a good introduction to the Amazon FBA world.

The paid version is even better because of its more accurate data, opportunity scores for every item, etc. Unlike with other paid Amazon seller tools, you only have to pay a low one-time fee for a lifetime license.

In short, Unicorn Smasher is a versatile tool. It’s even more useful if you already use AMZ Tracker as it provides additional insights.

7. Zon.Tools

Zon.Tools is one of many platforms that helps sellers manage Amazon PPC campaigns.

The platform takes the guesswork out of running an Amazon advertising PPC campaign. It automatically generates smart campaigns and ad groups that it feels will be most effective. Throughout the day, the tool constantly mines new data to keep your campaigns up-to-date. It analyzes relevant keywords, customer details, and other relevant information.

The tool will make automatically changes so that you don’t have to make any edits yourself. This ensures that you make the most out of your campaigns. If you prefer, you can analyze the tool’s reports to make the changes yourself. Keep in mind that you can set limits on factors (how much you want to pay per click, etc.) to stay within your budget.

Zon.Tools is effective across marketplaces worldwide. And, it is capable of managing thousands of campaigns and large data sets. So, with Zon.Tools, you can rest knowing that it takes care of your amazon advertising PPC campaigns. 

8. Seller Board

Seller Board is primarily a platform for tracking your analytics.

It features a live dashboard that updates constantly. The dashboard syncs directly with your Amazon account, meaning the data is always accurate. You can view number of orders, fees, reimbursements, refunds, fixed costs, and other crucial information. 

To make this data even more comprehensible, the tool provides handy charts, similar to those you’ll find with FBA Toolkit. These charts organize your KPIs however you want them to, giving you a clear picture of your business’s health.

The tool also has lots of other features include profit/loss statements, cash flow tracking, trends analysis, etc. All of these functions serve to help you make decisions that will maximize profits.

9. Seller Legend

Seller Legend

Seller Legend is yet another popular, effective analytics tool.

It is similar to Seller Board in that it has an attractive, user-friendly dashboard. 32 available widgets make it possible for you to custom the data to your business’s needs. And, the dashboard generates charts to help you visualize the numbers.

Note that this tool does not provide keyword rankings or review tracking. This is due to restrictions the creators face. So, if you need these features, you may have to get additional software.

One cool thing about this platform is how it bills its customers. Your subscription plan is based on your number of Amazon marketplace sales and SKU volume. If you have fewer orders per month, the service will adjust you to a lower tier. If you have more orders per month, the service will bump you to a higher tier. This will save you money and keep you from worrying about whether you have the right subscription plan.

10. Splitly

Splitly AB Testing Amazon

As its name suggests, Splitly is a split-testing tool for your Amazon products.

Split testing, also known as A/B testing, involves running experiments to compare two variables. With the data you collect, you can determine which variable produces the best results.

Splitly works by testing different selling prices for your item. It also tests different item titles, descriptions, images, and other factors that affect how well your listing performs. 

Splitly runs several versions of your listings and determines which ones result in the most profit. The tool uses advanced artificial intelligence to keep your listing up-to-date with optimized titles, descriptions, etc.

One feature in particular, Profit Peak, automatically updates your products’ prices. This ensures they perform the best they can against competitors. The good news is that you can set a minimum and maximum for your products’ prices to keep them in a range you’re comfortable with. 

When it comes to running the best Amazon FBA business possible, split testing is crucial. It helps you optimize your listing and, therefore, your profits. Splitly’s algorithms take a little time to produce results. But, once it’s up and running, the tool takes the work out of A/B testing by completely automating the process. Consider giving Splitly a try!


11. Fetcher

Fetcher Amazon

Fetcher is another option for managing your Amazon FBA finances.

Fetcher is standard in that it tracks your sales and profits, refunds, expenses, and other analytics. While it gives an overview of your store as a whole, it also breaks down the stats for each individual product. This is particularly useful for seeing how each item is performing.

The profit and loss breakdown is crucial for understanding the health of your business. The data helps you make informed decisions about where you can improve (cutting unnecessary expenses, adjusting prices, etc.).

Our favorite part about Fetcher is that it visualizes sellers’ data. Attractive graphs and tables make it easy to digest the numbers and make adjustments accordingly.

12. Forecastly


If you need an inventory management tool, Forecastly is a reliable option.

Forecastly eliminates the need for tracking your inventory on a complex Excel spreadsheet. It uses accurate artificial intelligence to predict how many units each product will sell.

It uses these predictions to determine when you should reorder and how much. It will automatically restock your items for you, meaning you don’t have to worry about placing orders manually.

With Forecastly, you will always have the optimal amount of products on-hand. You will prevent being understocked and losing out on sales. You will also prevent overstock which can cause its own set of problems.

For streamlined and automated inventory management, definitely consider Forecastly.

13. A2X

A2X Best Accounting for Sellers

A2X automates your finances, leaving you more time to focus on your business.
The tool essentially acts as a middleman between your Amazon account and your business’s bank account. It sorts and summarizes your Amazon transactions. Then, it compiles this information into convenient summaries.
It sends the summaries to a platform like QuickBooks or Xero. The tool verifies that your Amazon transactions match your bank deposits, ensuring there are no discrepancies.
A2X saves you the hassle of doing this work manually. And, by catching discrepancies, it can save you big bucks.

14. Xero

Xero Amazon Sellers

All different kinds of businesses use Xero to manage their finances. The accounting software is particularly useful for running Amazon FBA stores.

Xero comes with a lot of handy features for retail accounting. For instance, the tool lets you create and send invoices. Unfortunately, it only has one invoice template. You can create custom ones, but this process can be a little tedious.

While we would like to see more templates, invoicing is otherwise a breeze. The tool saves you time by offering recurring invoices, bulk invoices, automatic reminders, etc. These features make it easy to stay on top of billing for customers and suppliers.

Aside from invoicing, Xero has everything you need in reliable accounting software. The tool provides bank account reconciliation, purchase order management, expense tracking, and much more.

Xero is very efficient, keeping you on top of your finances and maximizing your profits. The dashboard is clean and easy-to-use; it’s even customizable so that it displays the information most relevant to you.

The software as a whole has a slight learning curve, but once you master it, you’ll be in total control of your accounting. Plus, Xero has lots of resources to help overcome this initial learning curve.

15. Pickfu

Product research gives sellers a good idea of the best practices for selling on Amazon. But, if you want to see if your exact product will find success, user-testing is your best bet.

With Pickfu, you get feedback directly from your ideal audience. You can target pollers based on their demographics, whether or not they are a Prime member, etc. This ensures you get feedback that is relevant to your product.

Polls help you determine which pictures, titles, descriptions, etc. are most effective. Pickfu delivers the results in as little as 15 minutes, meaning you can quickly start making changes that will boost your profits.

16. Sentry Kit

Once you must your products on the market, you have to track their performance. We’ve found that Sentry Kit is one of the best platforms for this job.

Sentry Kit updates every 30 minutes, meaning it always has access to the most relevant data. It sends email and desktop notifications to alert you of important statistics. It lets you know when to adjust your listing and keywords, check your reviews, check for hijackers, and more.

Sentry Kit also has other selling tools that help you manage your Amazon store. It tracks your sales, inventory, when your customers are using your promo codes, etc.

17. Keepa

Keepa is yet another tool for tracking prices on Amazon. Recently, Keepa started charging a low monthly fee for access to all of its features. Even though the tool used to be completely free, we find the cost to be well worth it.

Keepa has a product finder to help you find the perfect items to sell. It provides detailed price history charts to help you predict how well the product will perform.  The tool also watches prices and sends you alert when a product is within your ideal price range.

Unlike other similar Amazon SEO tools, Keepa has browser extensions available outside of Google Chrome (Firefox, Edge, and Opera). This allows you to use the browser you are most comfortable with.

18. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is a go-to for many new sellers.

This is largely because it is a free product tracker. Like with Keepa and FBA Tool Kit, you can view each product’s price history charts to see how it has performed in the past. The tool also sends price drop alerts via email and even Twitter. This lets you buy products at an ideal time and make the most amount of money possible.

Note that you can even use CamelCamelCamel without creating an account. Although, know that having an account offers certain benefits (ability to import Wishlists, track multiple price types, etc).

19. Many Chat

If you market your Amazon products through Facebook, Many Chat can help boost your sales.

Many Chat lets you create chatbots for Facebook Messenger. The tool’s builder is very easy to use and provides practical templates. You can also create custom chatbots with simple drag and drop features.

By automating your Facebook Messenger responses, Many Chat helps maintain relationships with customers. Its chatbots can promote your products, walk customers through the buying process, and even answer questions. The tool treats your customers right by providing quick, helpful responses.

Many Chat is also great in that it integrates with the platforms you already use. By connecting to platforms like Shopify, Zapier, and MailChimp, the tool helps you stay connected with customers. For instance, when you connect Many Chat to Shopify, the tool can prompt customers with abandoned shopping carts through Facebook Messenger.

The free version of the tool comes with many helpful features if you’re new to Facebook Messenger. The paid versions are even more practical and provide additional growth tools.

Managing Facebook Messenger can be overwhelming. You might have hundreds of messages, and you don’t want to leave your customers hanging. Many Chat helps solves this problem by creating helpful, friendly chatbots!

20. Yasiv

Update: Yasiv has since closed down, as the Amazon API no longer provides the information required to run this service. Lets hope they manage to get this reactivated. 

Yasiv is a great tool for sellers who want to build and establish their brand.

This is because Yasiv finds products that an audience might like. Start by picking one of your products. It could be one that is already doing well. Or, make it one that you want to build your brand around.

Enter that product’s ASIN number into Yasiv. Yasiv will scan Amazon’s “Customers also shopped for” listings and compile the information into a diagram.

The result is a bunch of products your target might be interested in to expand your product range and grow your Amazon business. This will give you ideas of what else you should sell. Keep in mind that you will likely need another product research tool to accurately project how well the product will sell.

21. HelloProfit

HelloProfit Review

HelloProfit is an analytics and PPC software for Amazon businesses of all sizes. It grants you access to live sales updates so you can stay on top of any fluctuations in your profits and other stats.

HelloProfit’s users boast an average profit margin of 34.66%, which is very impressive compared to some of the other tools on the market.

We love how simple HelloProfit makes it to view your data. It’s all presented graphically, so there’s no need to waste time trying to comprehend confusing sets of numbers.

HelloProfit is especially useful for large-scale Amazon sellers. You can view all of your sales data from multiple merchant accounts from one dashboard.

22. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker Review

Looking to grow your rankings on Amazon? AMZ Tracker is designed to do just that. This software takes an offensive strategy and strategically utilizes Amazon’s A9 algorithm to get your products on the first page of search results.

AMZ Tracker pinpoints exactly what’s bringing your conversion rate down, whether it be product title length, use of low-resolution images, or something else.

AMZ Tracker implements a unique feature called Super URLs. This feature lets you increase your rankings by bringing in traffic from places outside of Amazon.

While the offensive strategy is important for your success, AMZ Tracker also implements a defensive one. It can alert you whenever you receive a negative review or when a competitor attempts to hijack your listing.

23. Seller Labs

Seller Labs is a catch-all tool for Amazon. The Pro version is an advanced marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence.

With the Pro version, you will receive access to the Keyword, Communication, and Advertising Centers, all of which are powered by subsidiaries of Seller Labs.

The Performance and Notification Center is operated by Seller Labs itself. Here, you can receive notifications regarding the Amazon Buy Box and your product reviews. The Performance and Notification Center also lets you track profit margins, revenue, refunds, units sold, and more.

24. Rev Seller

RevSeller Review

Rev Seller is a Chrome extension that you can use to calculate potential profits for specific items on Amazon.

On any Rev Seller product detail page, you can view an item’s ROI and profit margin. Customize these pages to fit with your preferences and view the number of FBA and MFN sellers for any particular item.

This software is great for the Amazon seller who’s always on the go, as there is no device limit. You can access this software from multiple computers as long as you are logging in from the same Amazon account.

This tool keeps things simple with its pricing. You can try it free for 30 days without providing a credit card. After that, the software costs $99.99 every year.

25. Feedback Genius

feedback genius review

If you are looking to improve your brand’s image, Feedback Genius is definitely worth investing in. This software offers detailed analytics, automated sending schedules, and messaging templates. It’s perfect for strengthening your relationships with customers and receiving feedback you can use to improve your Amazon product.

With Feedback Genius, you can expand your reach globally. Communicate with unlimited emails and in any supported marketplaces for no extra fees.

Improve your message delivery with pre-made email templates or create your own. Feedback Genius also lets you incorporate advanced filters and tags so you can stay on top of which customers you are sending messages to.

You can pay for Feedback Genius on a per month basis. Or, you can opt for an annual plan and save up to $1,200 annually depending on the size of your business.

26. MerchantWords

MerchantWords Review

MerchantWords humbly began as the first Amazon keyword research tool in 2012. Since then, it has grown to offer a wide range of keyword data tools and services.

The Keyword Advisor and Listing Advisor are MerchantWords’ data services. Their team will perform all of the necessary research and writing for your Amazon product listings. It’s a full-service optimization process that will drive up your Amazon sales significantly. The keyword advisory services will be completed within three days, and you can expect the listing advisory services to be completed within ten days.

If you’re looking for more of a self-serve approach, MerchantWords offers an impressive array of keyword and data tools. Some of our favorites include the Digital Shelf Dashboard, ASIN Plus (for long-tail keywords), and Keyword Multiplier.

27. AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl Review

AmazeOwl is a wide-reaching product research tool. It lets you search for more than 600 million products in 11 different Amazon marketplaces including Germany, Japan, and Spain.

AmazeOwl’s product database is updated daily, so you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to accurate information.

Every product is ranked using AmazeOwl’s simplistic 5-star system. Each ranking reflects factors like a product’s demand, profit potential, and ease of entry.

AmazeOwl also offers you insight into how many product reviews you need to remain competitive, the best images to use, and the ideal pricing strategy to implement.

AmazeOwl provides a free starter plan for people who are looking into starting an Amazon FBA business. It also offers higher-tiered plans for those looking to sell single or multiple products.

28. Zon Guru

ZonGuru Review

Zon Guru is the perfect research tool for anyone looking to expand their Amazon business. It is most useful for conducting product research and determining what you want to sell.

The Niche Finder and Niche Rater tools let you brainstorm profitable product ideas. To get further insight into a product’s details, you can use the Sales Spy tool to track monthly sales data.

When it comes to product research, Zon Guru has two unique elements. The Love-Hate feature highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a product and teaches you how to distinguish yours. For example, this feature will point out what a certain percentage of 1-star reviews had to say about the item you’re selling.

Once you have settled on a product idea, the Easy Source feature will pair you with the ideal supplier. Zon Guru collaborates with to find the perfect match.

When it comes to product research, you can’t go wrong with all of Zon Guru’s unique features!  Best of all you can try the out with a free trial. 

29. PPC Scope

PPC Scope Review

PPC Scope is a well-developed software that helps Amazon sellers optimize their PPC campaigns. The PPC Scope dashboard offers an easy-to-read overview of everything regarding your campaigns. From profit by each ad group to best- and worst-performing keywords, you can quickly analyze every detail in one accessible spot.

You can also eliminate keywords that are not resulting in any sales through the “negative exact match” setting. This feature pushes along your changes right to your Amazon store, so you won’t have to complete any additional steps.

Not sure of how to adjust your amazon advertising PPC campaigns? PPC Scope’s introductory course will teach you founder Brian Johnson’s strategies. This way, you won’t have to start from scratch.

PPC Scope offers a free 21-day trial so you can get a feel for Software for Amazon. This gives you a better chance to familiarize yourself with the Software for Amazon PPC optimization, unlike other similar ones that offer a 7- or 14-day trial.

30. Manage by Stats

Manage by stats Review Amazon

Manage by Stats is a comprehensive Amazon seller software suite. It allows you to view your true Amazon profits at any time you need to. Simply input your product costs and you can see your promotion performance, profits, sales, ROI, and more in real-time. Consider this as one of the best Inventory Management Tools for Selling on Amazon marketplace.

The SellerMail tool lets you automate follow-up messages with customers so you won’t leave any kind of feedback unanswered. Even with this kind of automation, you’ll still be able to customize your messages and ensure they represent your brand.

The SellerBlast tool is a particularly notable feature that’s unique to Manage by Stats. It takes all of your customers Amazon email addresses and lets you create targeted email campaigns. The SellerBlast tool abides by all of Amazon’s guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing your brand’s reputation.

Manage by Stats is also known for its superior customer service, so you can get access to quick help if you run into any issues!

31. PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage Amazon FBA

PPC Entourage is a PPC management tool that lets you plan your Amazon Sponsored Products strategy.

At first glance, this tool may seem overwhelming. There are a lot of metrics on its main dashboard to familiarize yourself with. They’re all well-organized and color-coded, so it’s easy to review them all.

PPC Entourage provides you with weekly and monthly reports so you can analyze your true profit and ad spend to targeted sales ratio. In these reports, you’ll also gain insight into the performances of your PPC and organic traffic.

The campaign optimization feature will automatically optimize for negative keywords, which will save you a lot of time and effort.

In addition to optimizing your existing ads, PPC Entourage allows for significant growth with the campaign expansion feature.

Overall, PPC Entourage is a great value and will help you grow your orders no matter which subscription plan you choose.

Use These Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Too many Amazon sellers go without these tools. They think they don’t need them or that they’re not worth the cost. Or, they might even not know about them. One sure thing is that seller tools offer you many advantages over the course of your Amazon FBA business life. 

Regardless, going without these tools makes your life harder. You’ll struggle to find good products to sell, manage your orders, and complete other vital tasks.

These software tools we’ve discussed will make it easier (and more profitable) to sell on Amazon. Trust us; once you use them, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! Which selling tools do you use to boost your Amazon business?

5 Best Amazon FBA Seller Tools

The 5 best Amazon tools most FBA sellers use are:

  • Jungle Scout
  • Helium 10
  • Viral Launch
  • FeedbackWhiz
  • MerchantWords