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Best Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool

Best Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool

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The world of digital marketing is a fierce one. The web is brimming with e-commerce, especially on Amazon, and competitors are in abundance. The competition is why tools such as the reverse Amazon ASIN lookup tool can be crucial in boosting your Amazon product ranking.

Any digital marketer knows that increasing your website traffic volume all boils down to SEO and keyword strategy. By working with an Amazon Reverse ASIN tool, you can understand the listing optimization for your Amazon product and get a more comprehensive insight into your target audience.

If you’re wanting to use an Amazon search tool to aid in boosting your search volume, PPC campaigns, and overall sales, then you have come to the right place. We’re going to be looking at the best Amazon keyword research tool for reverse ASIN lookup.

What an Amazon Reverse ASIN Search Tool?

It may be of some use to you to know that ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. The competitor keyword search lookup tool extracts relevant keywords associated with your product listing using this unique ten-digit identifier.

The keyword relevance is how Amazon recognizes the millions of products in the marketplace’s database. The tool helps Amazon sellers see what keywords your competitors are using. By drawing on those keywords, you can rank higher in search results and each product listing and attract buyers.

ASIN vs UPC code – Whats the differnce?

The Benefits of Performing Reverse ASIN

Competitor analysis is a dominant strategy in product knowledge and e-commerce. By performing this kind of Amazon search, you can get a more in-depth insight into keywords that your competitors are using and their Amazon SEO strategy. Keywords search ranking can tell Amazon sellers a lot about competing products and sellers. A reverse ASIN lookup tool can help you understand your keyword indexing better, too.

The Amazon ASIN lookup tool is a plus if you are a seller. The tool is time-saving and efficient, compared to manually visiting and researching your competitor’s product pages and scouring through bullet points. If there is a high search volume for your product’s competition, it only makes sense to save your research time and invest it in other aspects of your marketing strategy.

Top Amazon ASIN Lookup Tools

1. Cerebro by Helium 10

amazon asin lookup

Helium 10 members can try Cerebro for free, or paid plans are available. If you are on a paid plan, you can explore more search terms by performing more searches per day. You can also use their Cerebro IQ Score feature.

If you’re wondering, ‘what is Cerebro IQ Score?’ then let us explain. It is a Helium 10 algorithm-based score that measures the opportunity a particular product presents. With a higher number, you get a better score. The score relates to a search volume: competing products ratio when analyzing keywords.

Helium 10 software has a great set of tools for Amazon US sellers, especially those that are Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) merchandizers.


  • Cerebro Product Rank (CPR) displays accurate search volume data, helping sellers get their listing to page 1 of relevant search terms
  • CPR daily total giveaways
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Shows the products that you are in competition with
  • Provides advanced search options for keywords and phrases
  • Find your position in the Amazon marketplace ranking

How Can I Reverse My ASIN with Cerebro Work?

Data from your product keyword searches will display on your dashboard. You can save this information and use it to increase your sales and marketing strategies. Once you find the keywords your competition is using, it will help make your plan more robust.

You can also conduct reverse ASIN lookup searches on the same product from multiple Amazon sellers. This way, you can see common keywords for a product description, helping you identify the top keywords and phrases.

The Cerebro Amazon search tool reveals organic and sponsored search results, which helps you evaluate Amazon keyword search volume. This ASIN search tool aims to assist with your product sales by displaying essential Amazon Choice Badge products and their keywords. Full Helium 10 Review here.


You can choose to pay for your plan, either monthly or annually. Below, you can see pricing for payments made monthly.

Latest Helium 10 Pricing

There is no annual option for the Elite package. There are also payment options for coupon codes and two months free when you subscribe to a yearly payment scheme using our coupon code for Helium 10.

2. Competitor Intelligence by Viral Launch

This tool thoroughly analyzes and tracks the keywords that other competitors are using for ranking highly. Competitor Intelligence also tells members what keywords they should be ranking for but are missing from their product page.

Competitor Intelligence focuses on the metrics of competing products and sellers. You can receive alerts about search rankings, pricing, reviews, sponsored ad placement, and amount of sales, amongst other things. So, essentially you can get full surveillance on how competitors are performing.

It’s great for monitoring and listing optimization, where you can find opportunities to gain control over market share where others are failing to do so. This software can help drive your PPC campaigns, plus your product research. That way, you get a better insight into the keywords driving profit and what you should be focusing on for a search term.


amazon asin lookup
  • Index Checker to see where your product listing is showing up in search results, and get to page 1
  • Keyword search volumes
  • Keyword rank tracker that monitors the positioning of certain words in search engine results
  • Automated keyword discovery
  • KW notifications along with notifications when your competitors change aspects of their Amazon PPC and marketing strategy
  • In-depth product analysis

How Does the Viral Launch Amazon Search Tool Work?

Computer Intelligence is data-focused. The software looks through billions of data points on Amazon to find all of the best keywords on your competitor’s listing. After searching, Computer Intelligence will show you where each competing seller is ranking in both the sponsored and organic search results.

This tool is useful for sellers in the United States as it flags up top ranking keyword phrases that a rival product has ranked highly for in the past. This way, you can get a broader perspective on the marketing strategy of each competing Amazon seller.

Competitor Intelligence tool also detects the best keywords missing from your competitor’s Amazon product. This way, you get a one-up on the market by using relevant keywords that others haven’t.

Read more: complete Viral Launch review here.


There are four pricing options for Viral Launch’s Competitor Intelligence software. See below for monthly pricing.

amazon asin lookup

If you wish to pay annually, the pricing is as follows:

amazon asin lookup

Unlike Cerebro, there does not seem to be a free Amazon tool option for Competitor Intelligence software. They do, however, offer a 14-day free trial for access to free tools using the Infinite FBA Viral Launch discount.

3. Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout

amazon asin lookup

Keyword Scout is a new web application addition by Jungle Scout. As one of the top Amazon tools, it helps sellers boost their sales on Amazon through keyword research and optimization. Jungle Scout understands the importance of the connection between customers and your product through all the keywords.

This Jungle Scout application helps users develop their marketing and advertising strategies through the reverse ASIN search tool’s data. You can expect a smart search with Keyword Scout as it will show you a listing relevant to your product listing and niche.


  • Find keyword volumes for high-converting keywords
  • Receive suggested bids for Headline Search Advertising (HSA) and Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Estimate the number of promotional giveaways needed to help rank your product page
  • Discover how relevant a search result is with the ‘Relevancy score’ tool
  • Focused scope of initial search terms that you use in your ASIN search and narrowed down to represent your niche accurately
  • Historical search volume

How Do I Use Keyword Scout?

Once you are on your ASIN search page, you select Keywords, then Keyword Scout. You will be able to choose your marketplace from a drop-down bar. You can enter an ASIN or words and phrases to search.

With Keyword Scout, there are a variety of filters for your search. For example, you can search maximum and minimum values, the length of the trend, and the number of days for the search volume. There are advanced and basic filters with Keyword Scout. The advanced filter is for use when conducting a multi-ASIN search and sponsored and organic product and keyword ranking.


You can try Jungle Scout for free with a 14-day trial. See below for monthly and annual payment options.

Billed Monthly

Billed Annually

Jungle Scout also offers discounts and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Keyword Inspector

For those part of Amazon Seller Central, this software can enhance your reverse ASIN search. This Amazon tool has over 600 million keywords in its database. It won’t just show you unique keyword searches for the United States, but for various countries worldwide, for example, India, France, Italy, Japan, the UK, and Germany.

This software shows you genuine Amazon search volumes, as well as optimized keyword/keyphrase combinations that will help rank your listings. Keyword Inspector narrows down your searches to show you what keywords buyers are using when searching for products.


  • Keyword Inspector Product Research Tool (KIPRT) shows data of around 150 million top Amazon products; for US sellers
  • Keyword Trends feature
  • Amazon Search Terms Optimizer feature
  • Ability to see Amazon Choice keywords for top competitors
  • Indexation Checker

Using Keyword Inspector to Reverse Your ASIN

Once you’re on the Keyword Inspector software, you can conduct your keyword research by clicking ‘Start Reverse ASIN Search.’

When you search particular ASIN’s or keywords, Keyword Inspector will show you how extensive the search term is. You will also see your ASIN results’ keyword position, Google Monthly Search Volume, and common misspellings.

Keyword Inspector is easy-to-use to perform reverse ASIN lookup searches. You can also use a Child ASIN tool for product variations.


There are multiple Amazon seller tool package options, which all have something different to offer.

  • Unlimited Reverse ASIN Searches: $29.95/month, $299.95/year
  • Keyword Inspector’s Product Research Tool: Fledging Seller $49.95/month, Savvy Seller $99.95/month, Unequivocal Seller $249.95
  • Amazon Keyword Trends Tool for the USA: $59.95/month
  • Amazon Seller Coupon and Scarcity Tool: Deluxe Plan $50/month, $479/year, Ultimate Plan $100/month, $949/year

It is worth noting that they provide ‘limited time’ offers, meaning discounts are available, and price information may differ online. Check them out here.

So…. which is the Best Reverse ASIN Tool in 2024?

  1. Helium 10 – Try Cerebro today [ CLICK HERE ]
  2. Viral Launch – 40% Discount for Market Intelligence [ CLICK HERE ]
  3. Jungle Scout – 80% Discount on Extension [ CLICK HERE ]


While these tools are similar, each one does have something unique to offer to the reverse ASIN market. Both Cerebro and Competitor Intelligence seem to have a more reputable and prestigious edge over Keyword Scout and Keyword Inspector.

Make sure that before you choose, the software has the best package to suit your business needs. Knowing that your money and data is going to a safe place is essential.

Using these sophisticated tools means you can be one step closer to beating your competitors in the Amazon marketplace.

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Tim Carlson

I'm Tim or as others call me a bit of an Internet geek, serial entrepreneur, and have gone deep down the rabbit hole of all things Amazon FBA. I have joined the Infinite FBA team to help other Amazon sellers achieve their own goals.

Picture of Tim Carlson
Tim Carlson

I'm Tim or as others call me a bit of an Internet geek, serial entrepreneur, and have gone deep down the rabbit hole of all things Amazon FBA. I have joined the Infinite FBA team to help other Amazon sellers achieve their own goals.

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