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Best PPC Software and Management for Amazon FBA

Best Amazon PPC Management Software

If you are building a 7 figure brand or starting out selling on Amazon, you will know that getting ranked on page 1 during a launch or making it stick is key to any successful product. Making your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign profitable and lowering your ACOS to increase profits is the ultimate goal to improving your Amazon FBA returns. Ads are everywhere we go online today and the Amazon marketplace is no different, you simply cannot avoid using PPC advertising on Amazon if you are serious about promoting and marketing your products.  your business online, you just cannot avoid using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

Amazon PPC campaigns management is a very technical and laborious task if you wish to do it manually. In 2022 there is no need to be bogged down in excel spreadsheets and Amazon PPC campaign exports. 

Don’t want to manage Amazon PPC by yourself? Contact Search Nurture for managed PPC services.

The Best Amazon PPC Software 2022

Finding the most effective Amazon PPC tool to manage and automate your advertising Campaigns and Bids is easy, we have reached out to the top sellers in the game and been busy with our own testing to come up with the best of the best.

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Top Amazon PPC Management Software

Intentwise Ad Optimizer

Intentwise offers a powerful platform for impressive PPC management that allows users to grow and accelerate their e-commerce efforts for retailers like Amazon, Instacart, Target, Walmart, and more. This advertising platform offers comprehensive optimization recommendations and automations that save you time and grow with you at scale. Automations include streamlined Amazon ad execution, reporting, and analytics. Intentwise also boasts perks like unlimited users, personalized onboarding, thorough support, and on-demand account audits. Learn more about Intentwise pricing here to get started today!

Retail-Aware Ad Optimizations

This fantastic feature provides you with competitor insights and flexible bid management based on AI. Get recommendations for keyword optimization, product targeting, account structure, and more.

Helium 10 Adtomic

Top Amazon PPC Management Software


Helium 10 PPC Software Automation

Helium 10 can now truly call itself an All in one Amazon seller tool. Helium 10 released a new Amazon PPC software called Helium 10 Adtomic. Now you can fully automate, optimize, and simplify those complex Amazon PPC Management campaigns. 

Automated PPC Rules

Automated rules within the Helium 10 Adtomic tool allow the hand-off approach letting the software take care of adjusting bids based on set criteria. The software offers suggestions throughout the dashboard to ensure you improve your ad campaigns performance on Amazon. 

Note: Helium 10 Adtomic is currently only available to Diamond and Elite members.

Ignite by Seller Labs

Maximize your Amazon PPC Campaigns

Scope Amazon PPC

The Seller Labs Ignite software package gives you an edge by measuring both organic and paid traffic. The relationship between ads and SEO are close. Having an overview of both using the Scope tool can reveal how each improves the other. Improving the keywords you use is the central objective behind presenting both. What works in SEO is likely to also work in paid search.

Maintains an Active Bidding Option

When you have Ignite, you don’t have to monitor the market for ideal bids. This automation package activates your ads when the right conditions are met using machine learning and AI-powered algorithms. You decide on what those conditions are. The interface will then stop or activate your ad campaignsmaterial.

Leverages a Tracking Feature for Campaign Performance

The behaviors of the consumer can only be understood when you follow them. You don’t have to stalk your leads, but you do need to know where they’ve gone and why. Their online activity can be tracked from your site. With a tracking feature, you can automate ads to anyone who visits your webpages.

Customizes a Profit Calculator for ROI

The Ignite profit calculator is designed to measure returns on your investments. This tool gives you more understanding of how influential your spending is. In the end, you want to ensure that you gain your principle back or break even.


Uses Auto-Mate 3.0 for Keyword Bidding

Zon.Tools FBA

The Auto-Mate 3.0 software is an algorithm that places your ads in the market for you. This system uses complex equations to decide on the timing of your consumer engagement. The core objective is to take advantage of high traffic as it comes. Your ads will only be sent to the leads you specify—for the industry you’re in.

Supports You with KeyWord Mine for Keyword Research

There is a wide spectrum of SEO tools to consider, but this one is optimized for Amazon FBA. Seeing keyword use from the perspective of Amazon maximizes your work. Your information will align with the full market advantages you have.

Simplifies Campaign Tracking and Monitoring

The performance of your Amazon PPC campaigns is presented through a special tracking feature. What you get is a presentation of the entire health of your campaigns. The things that you wouldn’t be able to see are, instead, presented right before you.

Makes a Full-Service PPC Package

Needless to say, Zon.Tools are invested in optimizing PPC campaigns, email marketing, automation, and Amazon FBA sellers.


Displays Sleek, Fresh and Interactive Dashboards

Amazon PPC Software

The Teikametrics software was dedicated to simplicity. This is a good option for those who’re just learning about automation and how it works. The ease of this platform may even boost the performance of a seasoned marketer.

Powers its System Through Algorithmic Bidding

Algorithmic bidding gives you an advantage due to the fast pace at which it works. No time is wasted once an opportunity presents itself. This algorithm knows how to find the lowest cost for the highest consumer retention.

Sends You Keyword Automation and Strategies

Perspective is helpful when building your strategy, and Teikametrics sends periodic strategies that suit your business and approach.

Tracks Organic Traffic and any Following Sales

Knowing the rate at which your organic traffic converts requires technology. The online consumer is fast, elusive and exists in all areas of this planet. You can improve the effectiveness of your marketing by knowing how it’s actually converting your leads.


Keeps its Quality Improvement Alongside Amazon

Sellics PPC Amazon

Sellics works diligently to follow the updates of amazon.com. This means that your integrations, as established by your software connections, are relevant to the most recent changes in your retail outlet. Whether it’s new themes or necessary details in the buying process, this development team adapts to major changes as they come. Updates give you a competitive edge when you can’t write code yourself.

Has a Package of Seven-Features

The criteria for your marketing campaigns are already laid out by this developer. Its seven work areas are listed as inventory, accounting, PPC, SEO, market research, reviews, and product research. These categories are all accounted for and are presented in simple terms. The pieces of lead nurturing exist in a complex structure. Sellics makes campaigning easier by listing each working stage.

Maintains Analytics

There are business processes that you can do manually and those that are automated for you. All of these actions result in some trackable forms of data. Though demographics coverage and gender, analytics measures the engagement that leads have with your marketing.

Has Ongoing-Security Updates

Sellics keeps its users safe by reserving an internal department—solely for the cause of safety. Its safety measures consist of encryptions, passwords and administrator controls.

PPC Entourage

Works with a Focus on Campaigning

PPC Entourage Amazon FBA

The PPC entourage software makes the work of creating, testing and running a live ad campaigns simple. The complexities of your retail projects get localized into a single account. You can stop, change and add more features to your automated ppc campaigns as you see fit.

Calculates Sales Cost

This calculator from ppc entourage measures future costs. Email marketing is only successful when the leads you acquire get converted. Monitoring cost is how marketers know if their work is effective.

Provides Keyword Tools for Optimization

Simplifying keyword research can scale your labor. The foundation of search engine optimization is built on keywords. Insights into your core phrases can improve your AdWords strategy.

Adapts to Multiple Brands

Using external features and software is possible with PPC Entourage. You can improve your current set of tools or transfer information from other platforms.

PPC Scope

Offers Cost Analysis as a Core Process

PPC Scope Amazon

The ideas you have can be analyzed through a financial lens with the help of PPC Scope. Your core strategy is to generate leads. These are the people who’re ideal for your email list. Aligning your cost to the number of people who were converted establishes your ROI.

Uses Keyword Analysis to Expose Weaknesses

The words that shoppers are using is the focus of PPC Scope’s keyword research feature. With the remaining package geared for cost reduction, this keyword planner exposes your weaknesses. You can then improve how much you spend.

Automates Cheaper Costs for PPC

The internal algorithm of PPC Scope collects data in order to present you with a cheaper option. Marketers often have to measure their strategies more than once. Reducing costs isn’t just about finances. The cheaper that things are, the more engaged the consumer often is.

Has Audience Tags and Listings

Some retailers have multiple products, isolated email lists and new ppc campaigns to test. This work is organized through audience tags and lists. You can decide on the criteria for each list you have. Leads can be automated into different groups based on your settings.

Amazon PPC management software automates the steps you need for converting buyers. Start with an email marketing strategy for your Amazon store. Ad campaigns establish higher levels of intimacy, which can be more valuable than sells. You must generate content and manage each lead as an individual. The reviews you get come from engaging with your leads and asking them for inspiring feedback.

Which Amazon PPC Software for Your Business

Control over your marketing is what an Amazon PPC management software gives you. What you’re about to discover are the variables involved in marketing. Knowing that we can convert more leads, never lose a client and up sale current buyers are good. These benefits, however, aren’t helpful if your software isn’t an ideal fit. There are unique market factors in your industry that reveal the resources you need.

Automation has to make sense regarding your business and the goals it has. What you have here isn’t just a review of the top PPC software. This is about customization. The specialty of each package achieve unique milestones. Be ready to set how often you want to speak, where your audience is and what their greatest values are. The better you know your needs, the more the below packages help you.

The Competitive Market of Choices and Features

Whether you decide on the packages posted here or not, a knowledge of what PPC software entails is where we start. The core options are both email marketing and PPC bidding. The exact software you need is based on the nature of your offer. Start with a look at how your business operates. Then consider the following questions:

How Do You Choose the Best PPC Software?

Choosing the best starts with knowing what the best is. It’s important that you focus solely on Amazon partners. A typical email marketing package has effective tools, but they are general in approach. Services that, instead, are converted for Amazon sellers make the work ahead of you easier. Sending messages, based on the presentation of Amazon, is necessary. Choose software that’s made for this.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing and PPC?

Email marketing provides you with the most intimate space to engage your leads in. Pay-per-click advertisement is optimal because it guarantees that your market leads are reached. Marketers use email to nurture their leads. Sending them messages, within the privacy of their own accounts, allow you to nurse relationships into real purchases. Emails have to be signed up for, so your customer is also loyal.

What Differentiates the Market Options?

What differentiates this product list is advanced technology. What some systems achieve with cleverness, other SaaS agencies achieve with the help of artificial intelligence. Based on your business needs, you can automate bidding or manually activate your ads. If you need an Amazon FBA automation package, then you also need integration, which uses your Amazon account to streamline your marketing.

What’s the Best way to use PPC for FBA?

Your PPC campaign, just as an example, can be used to generate leads for an email list. Attractive freebies and future promises are what persuade consumers to share their email addresses with you. The money that’s then invested in advertising gives you unlimited potential. All of the common SaaS tools that you had to buy separately come in one package. Your marketing can be controlled in a single place.

Some of the Market Controversy

The market controversy behind these Amazon products deals with automation. This feature brings an argument about human labor to mind. You have to ask yourself whether you can market alone or with the help of a trained algorithm. Let’s put aside morals and beliefs for a moment. The relevance in automation comes from the fact that the consumer uses digital technology. The market is now flooded with processes that are automated.

Catching up to these trends requires that you ignore the skepticism.

A Short, Robust Review for FBA Sellers

The listed products have PPC management and email marketing as basic features. We encourage you to take things further by aligning each product directly to the identity, needs, and goals of your business. A reliable Amazon PPC software package has to organize your marketing—with easy access to it. Extracting and then storing data on your leads is what an Amazon PPC management software does on autopilot.

Pros and Cons of Amazon PPC Software

Partnerships can give you access to a wide range of skills as an online retailer. The major drawback of automation software is that you won’t develop it yourself. There are endless solutions to solve when you can write code, guide developments and align your work to the needs of a real consumer. Using your own team to develop these software processes calls for a deep understanding of computer technology and user experience.

Here’s a better look at the major benefits and drawbacks of automation:


Simple to Use: You don’t have to be a professional or even understand your Amazon PPC management. These software packages do everything for you. You only need basic reading and writing. - Adaptable: You can get comfortable with a service if it consistently gives you results. The growth of market technology is the change that software developers must know. You benefit as the software comes with upgrades that improve your initial product. - Necessary for Conversions: Whether you hire an entire team or rely directly on a software package, you need automation for the best conversions. The PPC, email and analytics services that are included lay the foundation for successful marketing.


- No In-House Development: You won’t be as creative as you competitively can if you rely on a prepackaged deal. The market options are the only options you’ll have. - Competition and Changing Markets: Your service provider might be leading the market right now. A new agency with a better solution can cause your SaaS to become obsolete tomorrow.

Are you losing money for your Amazon FBA business?

Making the right choice with Amazon PPC software starts with an examination of your business. It’s your consumer needs that decide what’s best for you. Email marketing results can be substantially boosted with a lead generator like PPC campaigns. Recall the differentiation that the market offers you. Software packages tend to specialize in one form of strategy more than another.

The best strategy is with a package that makes sense to your business. Appeal to your prospects and solve real-world problems. Email and PPC marketing will then lead your consumers to boost their positive reviews.


Here is a quick recap of the Top 5 Amazon PPC software available for Amazon FBA Sellers in 2022.

  1. Helium 10 ADS
  2. Ignite (Seller Labs)
  3. Zon.Tools
  4. Tekametrics
  5. Sellics


When it comes to deciding on which Amazon PPC management software to use, its essentially down to individual preference. The best thing about the majority of these Amazon ppc management tools is that they offer free trials, so you can test and see what works best for your Amazon Business. 

If we could choose only 1 Amazon PPC software as “The Best” it would be without down the new Helium 10 ADS platform. This is what we use day to day in our own Amazon FBA business setups as do many of the high-level sellers we spoke to when researching this post. 

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