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Intentwise Review

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It’s no secret that Amazon is a powerhouse in the world of eCommerce. Users flock to the site to buy everything from groceries to clothing. Now, the site has over 300 million active customers and over 1.9 selling partners.

This remarkable market share makes for a pretty competitive online space. Selling products on Amazon can be lucrative, but it can also be incredibly challenging. One major facet of being successful on the site is effective Amazon advertising.

Using a great Amazon ad service can help you make a larger profit and beat out the competition. It can also save you a ton of time and make the most of your marketing dollars. Intentwise is one of those services with a proven track record that can help you grow your business into the future.

What is Intentwise’s Amazon Advertising Service?

Intentwise is an innovative platform that allows users to make the most of their Amazon ad campaigns. It can help you reach your target audience and build brand awareness with new and data-driven strategies. The tool allows you to use your specific objectives to build campaigns and keep them on budget. And as an added bonus, you can manage your Instacart, Target, and Walmart campaigns right on the same platform.

How Does the Intentwise Ad Optimizer Work?

The Intentwise Ad Optimizer is a powerful tool to manage your Amazon campaigns. Users receive automated suggestions based on historical data to craft more effective strategies. The tool also uses artificial intelligence to optimize and scale campaigns for the most promising outcomes. With keyword and product targeting recommendations, you can make your listings more visible and appeal to a broader audience. 

You can also use the optimizer for bid management. This helps you control your budget and save time managing campaign spending. You can set your own guidelines for bidding or put it in the hands of the integrated AI tool and allow it to bid for you.

The ad optimizer also gives you insight into some valuable information. You can easily see how your competition is performing as well as ways to increase your own sales. Plus, your own performance is carefully tracked so you can identify what strategies are working and which are falling flat.

Intentwise Analytics Provides Valuable Amazon Data

Intentwise also offers a powerful tool for Amazon data analytics. The collection of your data is automated and organized by the platform. One of the best features of this is the ability to build custom dashboards featuring the data most relevant to your sales goals. You can also use the platform’s helpful templates to build easy-to-interpret reports. The tool even allows you to easily export your data to a variety of destinations for efficient sharing and storage.

Why is the Intentwise Amazon DSP Tool Helpful?

The Intentwise Amazon DSP tool is a Demand Side Platform that gives you tons of valuable data about your audience. You’ll have access to detailed reporting that you can easily analyze and you can segment your data to better understand your audience and craft more optimized campaigns. You’ll also be able to work with an expert team to plan advertising strategies based on your customer and audience data. You can use these plans to set budgets and max bids for your campaigns. Combined with the other Intentwise tools, this DSP allows you to fully maximize your Amazon campaigns.

What are Intentwise’s Key Features and Benefits?

Intentwise offers a whole host of benefits including top-notch customer service. These features provide valuable perks to your business including: 

  • Access for unlimited users
  • Free 14-day, no-obligation trial
  • Tiered pricing with volume and term discounts
  • Expert-led account audit
  • Personalized onboarding service
  • Live 24/7 expert chat support

There are also some useful resources to help you be a more successful seller and boost your profits like:

  • Helpful blog posts tailored to Amazon sellers
  • Expert-led webinars featuring relevant industry topics
  • Hands-on Structured Query Language (SQL) training

What can I expect when working with Intentwise?

Working with Intentwise can give you real and measurable results. Clients have seen outstanding improvements in their advertising and increases in sales. Many report an increase in revenue and client base growth. They’ve also reported that they’ve saved time, reduced ACOS, and lowered campaign expenditures. Other valuable boosts include the number of repeat customers as well as new-to-brand customers.

Getting started with Intentwise

Intentwise can be a real game-changer when it comes to planning and optimizing your Amazon ad campaigns. This intuitive tool can save you valuable time and help you make the most of your marketing budget. Plus, you’ll have access to incredibly useful data to maximize your Amazon presence and appeal to targeted audiences.

If you’re ready to get started using Intentwise, you can schedule a demo to learn more. You’ll get a better understanding of the tool and how pricing works for your specific needs. After that, the platform also provides users with a 14-day risk-free trial. This allows you to see how well it works for yourself and get a good idea of how Intentwise can boost your sales long-term.

Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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