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Amazon Seller Support Phone Number

Amazon Seller Support Phone Number

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Amazon boasts of an award-winning customer service team that forms parts of its goal of being the earth’s most customer-centric company.

The company’s customer service team developed innovative world-class self-service technologies that make it a bit easier to support its numerous customers.

However, it can be quite difficult to get through to sellers when buyers need to complain about products or services. And that can be very frustrating.

This article will share some Amazon seller support phone numbers and show you other ways to contact the company when the need arises.

What is the Amazon Support Phone Number?

The best toll-free number for Amazon support is 1-888-280-4331. This phone number is always available every day and hour of the week. Calling this number gets you connected to an actual human – a customer service representative and not a machine.

Amazon has more than 75 service locations across the world and provides support to customers through phone, chat, and email. These services are available 24/7 but the phone lines vary depending on your location.

The problem with calling this Amazon seller support phone number is that it comes with a waiting period. In some cases, you will be put on hold for an extended period. And even then, you need to be ready with your mobile phone that is connected to your Amazon account.

That’s because when your call eventually gets through, a text message containing a verification code will be sent to the registered phone number to confirm that you are the owner of the account before you start to lay your complaints.

If your issue can be resolved without talking to a real person, you should contact Amazon through a different means (we’ll get to that in a bit). But if you must speak to a customer service rep, the toll-free number above is not the only option.

Here are some other Amazon support phone numbers you can use depending on your issue:

  • (866) 216-1075: best for when you have problems with payment issues
  • (206) 266-4064: best for if you have a complaint regarding legal issues
  • (877) 375-9365: for customers in the United States (Amazon Alexa)
  • 206) 922-0197: for customers outside the United States (Amazon Alexa)
  • (833) 674-7268: for Amazon Business American Express Card

How Can You Contact a Seller On Amazon

contact amazon support

With about two million sellers on Amazon, it is impossible to have only one Amazon seller support phone number.

However, you can contact a particular seller in case you want to change your order, complain about a product, or provide feedback. You can reach a seller on Amazon using one of the following methods:

From Your Order Page

If you have already placed an order:

  • Login to your Amazon account
  • Navigate to the “Your Order” page
  • Click on the order for which you want to contact the seller
  • Select “get help with order” or “problem with order
  • Follow the prompts and provide all the details about your issue

Use the “Sold by…” Link

You will find the seller’s information under the product description. Here’s what to do:

  • Click the “sold by…” link on the product description
  • Choose an appropriate subject category for your issue and provide the details

Your inquiries or messages are sent to Amazon if you use this method. In turn, the company will forward your issue to the seller but won’t give them any of your personal information.

It might take up to 3 business days for Amazon sellers to respond to issues using this method.

Write a Review

You can give feedback for a product you’ve received (or an order that didn’t come through as expected) you can write a review and rate the product.

Is Amazon Support Any Good?

support agent

Amazon has a mission to be the world’s “most customer-centric company.” In all fairness, the e-commerce platform has achieved that goal to a large extent. There is no doubt that Amazon is committed to operational excellence.

Millions of customers have had a good shopping experience on the platform and many sellers prefer selling on Amazon.

However, other shoppers, as well as sellers, have experienced some disappointments with the customer service.

Most of the complaints are centered on:

  • Waiting on hold for long periods when customers call the Amazon support numbers
  • Difficulty getting through to the customer support
  • Defective or poor product quality
  • Incorrect billing or overcharging on orders
  • Wrong delivery of items
  • Difficulty with returns and refunds
  • Product mishandling during transit or delivery
  • Impolite delivery staff
  • Sudden change of delivery dates

With over 200 million customers (Prime members only!) and nearly 2 million active sellers on Amazon (with about 2,000 new sellers joining the platform every day), the company definitely has its work cut out for it.

In other words, contacting the company’s customer support won’t be a walk in the park. Thankfully, the next section will show you ways to get in touch with the company, whether through an Amazon seller support phone number or other means.

Other Ways to Contact Amazon Customer Support

support for customers

While the surest way to get your issues across to Amazon is by calling its customer support, it might not be feasible in some cases.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the hassles of calling Amazon on phone for every problem you encounter. This is especially true if your issue can be resolved without actually having a phone conversation with a company representative.

Consider these other easier methods:

Help Center Page

Amazon has a robust help page for customers and another one for sellers.

Before you put a call through to the company, you might save yourself a lot of time and effort by browsing the appropriate help page. You will find answers to many of the common questions on the help pages of the company’s website.


Customers can also reach Amazon through the company’s email addresses. You may want to consider this communication channel because it is a better way to track the entire correspondence.

Amazon has a few different email addresses for several purposes. Some of the best ones to use for quicker response are:

Keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours for Amazon to respond to your email. Patience is very important here because sending a series of emails won’t make the company respond any quicker.

Online Chat

Chatting window

One of the easiest and quickest ways to reach an Amazon customer representative is using the online chat service.

While it may not feel as if you’re talking with an actual human (because you are not hearing a human voice in real-time) chatting with an Amazon customer rep is the next best thing to a phone call.

Here is how to go about chatting with an Amazon customer representative:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the main page until you find the “Let Us Help You” section
  3. Click the “Help” option (the last option)
  4. A new page opens. Scroll to the “Browse Help Topics” section and click the “Need More Help?” option (the last option)
  5. Click “Contact Us” from the list of options
  6. Click the “Start chatting now” button on the next page to chat with an Amazon customer service representative

Social Media

contact via social media

Lastly, you can explore the various social media platforms where Amazon has handles.

You can reach the company’s customer service representatives on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. The pages are:

While social media is not the fastest or most efficient way to reach Amazon, it gives you a channel to air your issues.

Plus, since many other social media users can potentially see your hashtag, comment, or tweet, the company will want to protect its image and do something positive to resolve your issue.

Before You Contact Amazon

Make sure you have all your account details ready before you contact Amazon customer support by phone.

The information you will need includes your full name (as it appears on Amazon), your credit card details, address, last purchase information, and any other relevant information about the issues you have.

Ensure that you have your registered mobile phone with you and you can receive the verification text that will be sent to the phone number. You will need to confirm that you are who you say you are before you get on with any complaints or issues.


You may not be able to phone a third-party seller on Amazon directly. But you can reach the seller through the order page.

However, your best bet would be to contact Amazon customer support using the various phone numbers listed in this article or through chat and email services.

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