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Keyword Tool io Review

Keyword Tool io Review – Any Good For Amazon?

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Every online business wants to rank well on Google search engine result pages; it is no secret. However, most people forget to do adequate keyword research before venturing into the so-called Search Engine Optimization methods. Experts in the industry cannot stress more how crucial sufficient keyword research is, you know. Even though we talk about NLP, content automation, and Artificial Intelligence, finding the keywords you want to focus on is essential.

While some users ignore keyword research, some are intimidated by the sheer volume of keyword research tools out there. In other words, they are always looking for an intuitive keyword research tool — something elementary than Google Keyword Planner and significant competitors. Recently, however, we came across a keyword tool that we found interesting: Keywordtool.io. Keywordtool.io is a fully-fledged keyword research tool that you can use for SEO and PPC campaigns alike.

We liked how the keyword tool presents itself, and we wanted to come up with a review. In this article, you can find an in-depth review of Keywordtool.io. We have looked at the keyword search tool from the perspective of an SEO beginner. You should keep it in mind while deciding whether Keywordtool.io is the proper choice for you. We will start with an introduction to Keywordtool.io and then explore other sections, like how the tool performs on par with competitors like Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner.

Introduction to Keywordtool.io: A Better Keyword Tool?

Keywordtool.io is one of the free keyword research tools that provide you information from platforms like Google, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, Apple App Store, Instagram hashtags, etc. You can also track the statistics regarding a particular keyword on platforms like Bing.

Keyword tool.io Review for Amazon

Keywordtool.io is similar to the other keyword research tools you can find in the market in many respects. For instance, like Google Keyword Planner, the tool will show you the most searched keywords and related statistics, thus giving you keyword ideas. Similarly, just like Ahrefs, you can get to know more about the search results statistics. However, compared to all these tools, the Keywordtool.io keyword tool is more accessible and less intimidating.

Suppose you have just got started with SEO and PPC campaigns. You do not need a keyword tool that overwhelms you with data. It would be too much at times. But, at the same time, a keyword tool like Keywordtool.io will analyze every bit of information and represent everything in an easy-to-digest manner. This keyword tool’s simplicity is one of the reasons we did this Keywordtool.io review in the first place.

You can observe this simplicity as soon as you open the Keywordtool.io platform. You do not even have to pay anything. It is impressive that you can start using the free version of Keywordtool.io without even making an account on the platform. Compared to its competitors like Keyword Planner, this solution offers 99.9% reliability as well.

Now that you have a clear idea about Keywordtool.io, shall we explore how it works?

How Does This Keyword Research Tool Actually Work?

Did you know that Google tends to hide a lot of keyword research information and search volume from its analytics tool? Well, the company does this to increase the charges for its ad campaigns. However, the keyword tool from Keywordtool.io claims to keep this issue at bay and provide accurate keyword research data without hassle. While it may seem complex, the tool works using simple techniques.

This free keyword tool uses Google Autocomplete to provide you with keyword research, search volume, keyword ideas, and other information. When you enter a keyword on the search tool, it will perform Google searches to understand which long-tail keywords are recommended by Google. Keywordtool.io also uses the Google Suggest feature to go deep into the search engine results page.

Finding Keywords for Amazon using Keywordtool.io

The combined system used by the keyword tool is so advanced that you can find information from 192 Google domains out there. You can find keyword information from 83 different languages as well. Because the system relies on Google Autocomplete and Google Suggest, the keyword data you receive from the tool is quite authentic. You do not have to worry about hidden results, either.

Keywordtool.io uses several technologies to get a holistic idea about keyword performance and search statistics. It is also worth noting that the Keywordtool.io keyword tool is made for content creators and SEO professionals — not advertisers. Therefore, the information you receive via this platform is more optimized for SEO campaigns and related aspects.

In short, Keywordtool.io works quite impressively, and it offers state-of-the-art accuracy when compared to other keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner. It is also one reason why we think you should use Keywordtool.io at least once.

Is It Really Free to Use?

Keywordtool.io is a freemium keyword research tool for SEO. It means the service has a free plan and a paid plan. Unfortunately, the free version of the keyword tool comes with limited resources when compared to the pro version.

For instance, you can use the free version of this keyword tool to generate more than 750 long-tail keyword suggestions from multiple sources. You can grab data from platforms like Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, and Twitter. More importantly, you can select the desired language/region for the keyword data.

Suppose you search for the keyword ‘best electric cars’ and select the United States/English preferences. Keywordtool.io will generate keyword suggestions, unique keywords, questions, and prepositions for the same entry in just a few seconds.

Because it is a limited version, you can see the search volume, trend, CPC, and competition for some keywords only. You will have to subscribe to the Pro version of the keyword tool to get all the information.

Here is the best part: you can filter keyword suggestions and remove negative keywords from the list. Considering that SEO can benefit from questions, it is impressive that Keywordtool.io will show you a list of questions.

With a simple click, you can shift to information from search engines on platforms like YouTube or Instagram. So, regardless of where you want to launch your SEO/Marketing campaign, this simple keyword tool can help.

Long story short, the core features of Keywordtool.io are free. However, if you want full access to keyword research data, search volumes, accurate data, etc, you will have to subscribe to the paid version. However, considering how comprehensive the freely available data is, we are sure that the information from the Pro version will help you.

Free Keywordtool.io Vs. Keywordtool.io Pro

Now, we will compare the features on the Keywordtool.io free version with the features offered by the Keywordtool.io Pro version.

Features on Free Keywordtool.io

Shall we have a look at the major features? Of course, we are talking about the Keywordtool.io free plan you can access without even creating an account on the platform.

What It Does

  • You can find up to 750+ long-tail keywords suggestions
  • Shows questions and propositions from search engines
  • The keyword tool Generates keyword/hashtag ideas from multiple platforms
  • Offers standard filtering options for keyword suggestions
  • This free keyword tool supports information from 192 domains and 83 languages
  • Provides dedicated results to Instagram and Play Store

What It Doesn’t

  • Keywordtool.io does not show complete search volume data
  • The free version does not show Competition information
  • You can only see a limited number of keyword suggestions
  • The free keyword tool offers fewer filtering options for some platforms.

As you can see, the free version of Keywordtool.io caters to the basic details only. Therefore, you cannot rely on it for long-term purposes, especially if you have a massive campaign in mind. However, it is where the Pro version of the Keywordtool.io keyword research tool comes to the scene.

Features on Keywordtool.io Pro Version

Suppose you have decided to upgrade to the paid version of Keywordtool.io. In that case, you can access the following features with ease.

By the way, Keywordtool.io offers three premium plans: Pro Basic, Pro Plus, and Pro Business. As you might have guessed, the Pro Business plan provides all the features, and it costs $152 per month. On the other hand, the Pro Basic plan will offer you minimal features, and you have to pay only $69 per month.  

For the sake of clarity, we will analyze the features provided by the Pro Business plan only. Therefore, you can have the following resources with the Pro plan.

  1. You can get complete search volume data without any hiding. As mentioned, Keywordtool.io does not hide any keywords. You can use the Keywordtool.io Pro version to find keywords that Google often hides, including long-tail keywords.
  2. Cost-per-Click data allows you to understand the profitability of the keywords. It is crucial when you are setting up a massive PPC campaign. CPC data will tell you whether and how much you should invest in a keyword.
  3. Google Ads competition data to understand how competitive the keyword is also included. You can use this information to choose a keyword with less competition and similar value. Keywordtool.io will also recommend what the number means: Low, Medium, or High competition.
  4. The Keywordtool.io Pro version will generate 2x more keywords than Keywordtool.io free version. It means you can focus on multiple keywords and come up with a versatile campaign. It may not be the case when you stick to the free version.
  5. Keywordtool.io also offers competitor keyword analysis for better optimization of your campaign. If you are dealing with a keyword with high competition, it pays to analyze the keyword performance of competitors.
  6. Bulk search volume analysis with a capacity of up to 70,000 keywords per day. Once again, it helps if you have a massive campaign in your mind. By the way, you can get the less expensive plans if you are okay with fewer keywords per day.
  7. You can have up to 10 user accounts, which is excellent when running an SEO agency or a campaign. You can access information from these accounts and collaborate on the data when you feel like it. You may have fewer user accounts on the more affordable versions.
  8. You can have up to 50 API requests per day. It is useful when you want to integrate the information from Keywordtool.io to another solution. For instance, if you’re going to provide the services to other customers, you can do that via API.

As you can see, the additional features on the Keywordtool.io Pro version convert the platform into a fully-fledged keyword research suite for SEO professionals, content creators, and agencies.

Now, we will check how Keywordtool.io competes with the big names in the keyword research industry.

Keywordtool.io Vs. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO solutions in the market right now. Compared to Keywordtool.io, Ahrefs offers several extra features. As a result, it has grabbed the best-performer award in the industry. However, it needs to be noted that Ahrefs is made for fully-fledged campaign management while Keywordtool.io focuses on keyword research and analysis.

For instance, in addition to standard keyword research and analysis, you can get additional features like competitive analysis, link management, performance metrics, localization automation, keyword tracking, referral tracking, audit management, mobile keywords, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot find these features in even the Pro version of Keywordtool.io.

Noticeably, though, there are not many differences between the pricing plans of Keywordtool.io and Ahrefs. It means you do not have to spend a considerable amount of money on upgrading to Ahrefs. However, the main question is whether you want to. If you do not wish for the features mentioned above, we do not think the upgrade to Ahrefs would be worthy.

In the end, keyword research works best when you have fewer things to distract you. Ahrefs follows a per-feature pricing model, and the basic version is available for $99 per month.

Keywordtool.io Vs. Semrush

Semrush is also a popular choice when it comes to SEO and campaign management. You can find the same set of rich features on the platform. In addition to pure keyword research, you can access link management, content management, performance metrics, on-site time tracking, trend analysis, user-interaction tracking, localization automation, etc.

However, when we narrow things down to keyword research, Keywordtool.io and Semrush offer the same set of features. However, you may have a minor edge if you choose Semrush over Keywordtool.io. But then, again, it all depends on whether you can use trend analysis and keyword tracking for your campaign. It may not always be the case.

When it comes to the pricing aspect, Semrush is a little more expensive. It is a usage-based pricing model, and you can avail of the free trial. Like we saw in the case of Keywordtool.io, Semrush is also limited. As for the premium plans, you have to pay $119.95 per month. You can get the Enterprise version on request as well.

In short, you have to consider your budget while choosing between Keywordtool.io Pro and Semrush Pro. It also depends on whether you need the additional features packed in Semrush.

Keywordtool.io Vs. Google Keyword Planner

As we mentioned earlier, Keywordtool.io presents itself as a better alternative to Google Keyword Planner. There are a couple of reasons why. First, Keyword Planner is made for advertisers and does not show many types of data that SEO professionals and content creators would find helpful. Second, Google hides a lot of information unless you are ready to invest in AdWords.

Therefore, Keywordtool.io is the better option when compared to Google Keyword Planner. The best part is getting authentic information from Google search results without paying for Google Ads campaigns. Also, Keyword Planner has a rather complex user interface even today. As we have shown, it is not the case with the Keywordtool.io free and paid versions.

In the end, moving from Google Keyword Planner to Keywordtool.io is a necessary step for people who want better performance. However, you do not want to rely on limited information while preparing for an SEO/PPC system, correct?  In that respect, the keyword tool from Keywordtool.io offers more authentic search results analysis and data, which come in handy on any day.

Of course, Keyword Planner may be available for free, while you have to pay Keywordtool.io for the premium feature. But what is the point of saving money if you cannot use the data?


Conclusively, Keywordtool.io is one of the best keyword tools you can get today. It compares well to most of the competitors, including Semrush and Ahrefs. More importantly, it is a better alternative to Google Keyword planner on any day. If you are looking for Amazon specific keyword tools, then Helium 10 or Jungle Scout would be best.

It is also remarkable that you can access the core features without paying for the premium account. Therefore, you can use this freemium keyword tool for a simple campaign and decide whether you want to go forward with the plan. Then, you can step up the game for higher rankings.


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