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Speedy Barcodes Review

Speedy Barcodes Review For Amazon Sellers

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Over the past few years, shopping has evolved to an extent we don’t need to check price tags on items. The same is experienced among manufacturers and resellers who have always had difficulty monitoring their product’s chain movement.

Currently, a lot appears to have changed, including the time-consuming process of conducting price checks and inventory controls.

The introduction of digital barcodes in the modern e-commerce business has transformed how we shop. Barcodes, which are strips consisting of bars and spaces, are a machine-readable representation of numerals and characters.

As explained in this Speedy Barcode Review, these stripes are shown on product packaging and contain crucial information about the particular product.

Speedy Barcodes Overview

Speedy Barcodes Overview

Barcodes are arguably one of the distinct and ubiquitous features you’ll find on any product packaging. Whether in the local supermarkets or online stores, it’s now a common requirement for all products to have a lookup product code bearing the price and all the crucial information about the product.

If you’re an online seller, you don’t want to put your product listing or seller account in danger over a barcode. Top global online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are getting pretty strict on requiring that all sellers have products with barcodes.

Once you open a seller account on their platforms, you need GTIN barcodes on your products. While you have unlimited barcode providers to choose from, Speedy Barcodes is one of the few reseller companies you can trust for affordable barcodes.

Speedy Barcodes come with specific requirements, such as a mandatory account for each customer. The rule applies, regardless of where you want to sell your products.

A Speedy barcode account is easy to create and serves as a central place for storing all of your speedy barcode orders.

The account is also an efficient backup if you misplace the downloaded file. You’ll only log into your account and re-download the order as earlier. However, orders placed more than 90 days ago will first require a fresh order regeneration with no extra charges.

While you can apply for a GTIN exemption to avoid using Speedy Barcodes, you need them for efficient business operations. For example, they are effectively used to identify and track inventory throughout fulfillment.

This means you can easily know when the particular product is sold and the ones remaining.

Speedy Barcodes is considered one of the most reliable barcode issuers for eCommerce sites. Their barcode numbers were first issued by GS1, meaning Speedy Barcodes retains the proof as the legal licensee of the company prefix. By purchasing Speedy barcodes, you’ll get;

  • Excel and PDF spreadsheet of your barcodes
  • Digital barcode artwork for your Speedy barcodes in EPS, JPG, and PDF formats
  • A Certificate of Authenticity to prove the transfer of ownership to you

However, Speedy Barcodes sells UPC numbers by bundles. As such, you won’t get a specific number like 100 barcodes. Registering for this number automatically authorizes you to receive a scannable barcode on Amazon and other top eCommerce sites.

One of the greatest challenges when using Speedy Barcodes is that they may not work on sites requiring a GS1 certificate. The barcodes are GS1 registered, but they are not linked to their brand.

Speedy Barcodes only resells barcodes, meaning an authenticity search by Amazon and other sites will mismatch the code owner and the seller.

That’s why most Speedy barcodes don’t work as anticipated work Amazon. The site usually verifies the authenticity of the product UPCs by running them against the GS1 database.

Any mismatch between the information on the UPC and one provided by the GS1 database renders the barcodes invalid.

Due to this uncertainty, Speedy Barcodes company often recommends buying a small batch of numbers to ascertain whether your products successfully list on Amazon before investing in bulk quantities.

Speedy Barcodes Pros

  • Fully automated website
  • No additional or hidden costs
  • Product information is not needed when applying for barcodes
  • Great customer care team
  • No registration needed

Speedy Barcodes Cons

  • Only sell UPC by bundle
  • May not work on sites requiring GS1 certificate

How Barcodes Work

How Barcodes Work

Barcodes are one of the latest trends in modern business due to their immense benefits to the retailer. Before, they were considered optional unless you’re selling in a big retail store.

However, the growing need for better inventory control and proper product listings on modern retail stores has ensured that barcodes remain mandatory.

If you’re a retailer selling on your website, you may still need barcodes for better inventory management. You also need to implement barcoding technology in your business if;

  • You operate a product-based business
  • You need precise inventory counts
  • You run multiple retail stores
  • You’re focused on business growth

If you operate on top sites like Amazon and eBay, you need a UPC barcode or EAN barcodes. These two barcodes work differently, depending on the country you’re selling your products.

Speedy Barcodes provide all these types of barcodes once you log on to their website. However, this is subject to your eCommerce site’s barcode requirements.

UPC Barcodes

These are the most common barcodes you’ll find on Speedy Barcodes. UPCs (Universal Product Codes) are primarily used when selling in North American countries, UK, and Australia. Depending on your product specifications, you can choose the UPC-A or UPC-E variation.

UPC-A contains 12 digits and is the most commonly used UPC version on Amazon and other top sites. The UPC-E barcodes are intended for smaller products and contain only 6 numbers. UPC barcodes are great if your products undergo mass circulation. They also make product tracking much easier.

EAN Barcodes

EAN (European Article Numbers) is used on Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America products. The longer EAN version is a 13-code number, while the shorter version has 8 numbers.

How to get Speedy Barcodes for Your Products

How to get Speedy Barcodes for Your Products

You must first identify how many products you have before sourcing for barcodes from Speedy Barcodes. Online stores like Amazon require different barcodes for every product they sell.

Similarly, each barcode must be different and unique without any sign of duplication.

Since barcodes carry important information about a particular product, you’ll need to constantly change them whenever you update product features. A change in product color, size, or quantity means the product needs a new barcode number.

Speedy Barcodes website doesn’t need any registration. Their site is fully automated, requiring you to only select the number of barcodes you need and then proceed to the checkout process.

Once your order has been posted successfully, you’ll be automatically redirected to your Speedy account center to download the barcodes.

The Speedy Barcodes account has an efficient backup that allows you to log back in if you lose all your downloaded files. Keep in mind barcodes don’t have any information about your product.

You need to provide the barcode number and product information to the specific online store to immediately update their database.

Your eCommerce site of choice will also store barcode information and the product price in their point of sale database. This explains why most online stores have strict requirements on where sellers should purchase their barcodes. The store also has the right to decline invalid barcodes.

For instance, Amazon’s terms and conditions on barcodes state that they’ll remove invalid product UPC barcodes for their listings. This may result in your selling privileges being temporarily or permanently nullified.

Barcode Safety and Security

Barcode Safety and Security

With barcodes increasingly going digital, there is a huge likelihood of exploitation and number replication. If you want to sell on sites such as Amazon, you have an option of buying secure and safer barcodes from GS1 or renowned resellers like Speedy Barcodes.

Though not the original vendor, Speedy barcodes are recommended to be more secure because GS1 originally issued all their numbers.

The vendor also safeguards the safety of the barcodes by maintaining an up-to-date database of all divided barcode prefixes to ensure that no barcode numbers are duplicated.

Being a third-party barcode provide, there’s no full guarantee Amazon will accept your Seedy barcodes. That’s’ why the company requires you to first purchase a smaller number of speedy barcodes to check whether they legally register a product on Amazon.

If the barcodes don’t match the information in the GS1 database, Amazon will consider it unsafe and invalid.

Due to the recent announcement of strict policies regarding obtaining barcodes, most eCommerce sites will only require you to buy barcodes from trusted sellers. This is just one of the preventive measures to curb the rising tendency of duplicating barcode numbers.

Speedy Barcodes Pricing

Speedy Barcodes Pricing

Speedy Barcodes are among the cheapest in the market. The price for 1,000 UPCs is normally $230. However, there are numerous promotions and discounts.

It’s also worth noting that Speedy barcodes come with the inclusion of digital barcode images for all of your barcode numbers in different formats at no extra cost. There are also no renewal or membership fees for Speedy barcodes.

Speedy Barcodes Refunds

Speedy Barcodes Refunds

Given their nature, dealing with barcodes requires a pretty cautious approach. That’s why Speedy Barcodes doesn’t allow refunds or returns. The numbers are instantly and permanently assigned to you if you purchase a barcode.

As such, the company has no other way of canceling the order and returning the numbers to their database.

Similarly, Speedy Barcodes provides a disclaimer to all its customers to check their retailer’s barcode requirements before buying any barcodes. In simple terms, Speedy barcodes are not liable in any way for a retailer that does not accept your GTIN(s).

The company will not provide any refunds or replace your barcode numbers.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Speedy Barcodes have an experienced customer service team ready to speak with you about any issue. They have a toll-free number available for voice mails and active calls. You can also send an email to Sales@SpeedyBarcodes.com, and the team will get back to you.

For order queries, you can check on the Speedy Barcodes website. The site is fully automated to process orders within minutes.


Barcodes are a great way to promote efficiency and enhance inventory tracking in your business. Speedy Barcodes has made it possible that you to access barcodes easily, no matter your location.

As explained in this Speedy Barcode review, you’ll realize that they’re among the few barcode resellers recognized by major retailers, including Amazon and eBay. The barcodes are legal and suit both small and large businesses.


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