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Amazon Plan Of Action After Being Banned

Amazon Plan Of Action – Reinstatement Of Your Account

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Amazon is undoubtedly a global brand that hosts one of the largest e-marketplaces in the world. More people buying items online begin their searches on Amazon. Hence, becoming a retailer or seller on Amazon is a tremendous opportunity with amazing gains.

However, you must adhere to the company’s strict code of conduct while maintaining high-performance metrics to sell products on Amazon. Failing to adhere to the terms of service risks facing penalties and account suspension.

The suspension of a seller account is the worst nightmare for any Amazon Seller. The good news is that the suspension is not permanent.

If you want Amazon to reinstate the seller account, you must show a plan of action demonstrating your willingness to cooperate in the future. This article explores the important steps you need to take when writing an Amazon plan of action for resolving account suspension issues.

What is Amazon’s Plan of Action?

What is Amazon's Plan of Action?

This tool-like facility in quality management is used to appeal to reinstate your banned Amazon sellers account. Your appeal for an account reinstatement comprises the plan of action. Your reactivation depends on the success or failure of the appeal.

Amazon strives to maintain a certain high standard for the marketplace. There is a series of guidelines, agreements, and restrictions that every seller must agree to before selling on the Amazon platform.

The company does not accept any violation of these rules and will enforce penalties such as blocking the seller’s account if necessary.

Many sellers on Amazon face suspension after several complaints from consumers. The e-commerce giant focuses on providing a positive customer experience and will suspend a seller if there is any doubt around the ability to provide that experience.

Once Amazon blocks your account, a plan of action is the only way to unblock it. It entails taking responsibility for the mistake and showing your commitment to providing first-class customer service.

Today, Amazon asks for a plan of action before potentially suspending a seller. You use the plan of action to decide whether to reactivate the account or withdraw other sanctions.

It includes what causes led to the problem, measures you have taken to rectify the problem, and internal processes you’ve changed to prevent such problems from happening in the future.

Reasons to Have Amazon Plan of Action

Reasons to Have Amazon Plan of Action

Every Amazon Seller must comply with specific requirements such as a slow rate of order defects. If you deviate from the specifications, Amazon can enforce measures to the extent of blocking your account and affecting your access to the internal communication channel.

After suspending your account, Amazon will email you the reasons for suspension and allow you to prove that you can fix the problem.

They expect the plan of action to answer several questions. Depending on the cause of your account suspension, it will take you several weeks to get your account back.

Most people panic when they get the email notifying them of the County’s pension. Things can get complicated if selling products on Amazon hospital with primary business income. However, an immediate appeal doesn’t mean you get back to selling faster.

Also, drafting a long reply to Amazon stating your innocence will not help. Amazon doesn’t care about your justification or excuse. Therefore, take time to cool down, admit your fault, then work on the plan of action.

When writing the Amazon plan of action, make sure you have met all the requirements. Focus on customizing relevant internal processes to solve the problem instead of justifying yourself or naming a guilty party.

Use the plan of action to explain the root cause that led to the issue and your actions to resolve the issue. You should also answer the steps you have taken to prevent future issues.

How to Write an Amazon Plan of Action

Writing an Amazon plan of action requires a high level of reflection and initiative. It has proved quite the hurdle for Amazon sellers because Amazon does not provide guidelines on the action plan’s precise content and preferred design.

This means the specific design of the Amazon plan of action is up to you. It also means a seller has to write the action plan with no standard solution for a specific sample.

While there is no specific template for how you should structure the action plan, the company expects a clear and concise formulation that’s entirely objective.

Excessive introductions to the seller’s company, the affected product, or emotional expressions will not help you. The exact table plan of action content next to include specifics behind the root cause of your suspension, and we needed corrective actions.

Your professional livelihood on Amazon may depend on the quality of the action plan. Here are the steps you can follow when writing a plan of action on Amazon.

Include a short introductory paragraph

Include a short introductory paragraph

The introductory paragraph should show your overall diagnosis of what went wrong and how to solve each problem. Confirm that you located the origin of past errors or failings and proactively put together the right kinds of solutions.

Don’t lash out at Amazon for suspending your account after a few customer complaints. Also, avoid criticizing the aggressive policy enforcement; it won’t pay off. Use paragraph form when writing a brief introduction to the plan of action,

Keep you up in short and to the point

Your plan of action should be factual and direct. Get direct and concise early in your action plan and stay that way. You should avoid the long generic content as Amazon won’t take you seriously.

Focus on explaining the facts and events that led to the issue instead of providing excessive information about your product or business. For example, don’t waste time offering background comments about your entire Amazon history.

In your action plan, explain the cause of the error and the solution to the problem at hand.

For example, don’t wait time offering commentary about Amazon processes. Instead, show Amazon how seriously you take your account deactivation.

Explain all issues

Communicate to the Seller Performance teams that you understand the root cause of what went wrong and the efficient steps you’ve taken to correct it.

For example, it could be a combination of several issues that led to the problem. Make sure you respond to every root cause in your plan of action.

Convince them you identify the cause of the problem or policy violation and the gaps that led to those deficiencies. This is also the best time to give solutions you have rolled out to prevent future problems.

Amazon will not give you your account back if you don’t sufficiently explain all issues.

Use numbers or bullet points when explaining the issues instead of paragraphs. If you send wordy sentences and paragraphs, they’ll stop reading. When providing the important sections, use numbered points, and don’t repeat yourself.

Include supporting evidence for all items

Include supporting evidence for all items

Amazon requests proof of some sort, such as email correspondence or products. Always submit the supporting evidence in full. Ensure you submit supporting evidence for the products under review.

You can find a list of products at the bottom of your original notification. You can use a systematic approach when including supporting evidence for all items. Highlight each problem that leads to your account suspension. 

Check the time frame requested for the documents as some may require invoices from the last 365 days.

Highlight areas in your supporting documents

In your action plan, Amazon recommends highlighting important information such as contact details of suppliers, ASINs, or classes in the terms and conditions. Visually highlighting the area within your document can make your response more relevant. 

Address every problem that led to your account suspension by highlighting areas in the supporting document.

Your action plan should show what you’ve implemented to fix the problem. Some areas you can highlight include the supplier details or clauses within your terms and conditions.

Don’t blame the buyer or the company.

Don’t even try bashing the slowness of their teams or telling them how disappointed you are about your account closure. It just gives the investigator an excuse to skip reading the rest of your plan of action.

The company wants solutions such as specific changes to your business process. Don’t spend a lot of time playing the blame game because Amazon time is precious. Since they have many actions plans to review, they may skip your action plan if you dwell on the blame game.

If Amazon thinks you are throwing some buyers under the bus in a plan of action, they will toss it aside and move to the next appeal.


Amazon has prime requirements when you sell through the Amazon Marketplace. They want to ensure a good customer experience to keep promises you made to your buyers. Therefore, Amazon enforces measures if a seller deviates from the specification.

The plan of action is a tool you can use to reactivate your suspended account or withdraw other sanctions. Amazon will provide reasons for account inspection and offer you an opportunity to fix the problem.

You should provide a detailed action plan with all relevant information to help recover your account.


Tim Carlson

I'm Tim or as others call me a bit of an Internet geek, serial entrepreneur, and have gone deep down the rabbit hole of all things Amazon FBA. I have joined the Infinite FBA team to help other Amazon sellers achieve their own goals.

Picture of Tim Carlson
Tim Carlson

I'm Tim or as others call me a bit of an Internet geek, serial entrepreneur, and have gone deep down the rabbit hole of all things Amazon FBA. I have joined the Infinite FBA team to help other Amazon sellers achieve their own goals.

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