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Amazon Prime Day Fall Event: A Pro FBA Seller’s Guide to October’s Big Bash

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Hey fellow Amazon FBA sellers! We’ve danced to the tune of summer’s Prime Day for years, but there’s a new rhythm in town—Amazon Prime Day Fall Event, or as we insiders call it, Prime Day in October. If you’re gearing up to cash in on this bonanza, here’s our deep dive into everything you need to know, based on our years on the front lines.

First off, let’s chat about what this Fall Event really is. Amazon decided one Prime Day wasn’t enough (who could blame them?) and added a dazzling October event to the mix. Their Prime Big Deal Days were unveiled with fanfare in 2022, and since then, it’s become the autumn hotspot for deal-seekers and FBA sellers alike. Think of it as the halftime show before the Black Friday Super Bowl.

This event isn’t just an additional date on the calendar; it’s Amazon’s grand declaration that the shopping season is underway. With Prime members sprawled across 19 countries, this day offers unprecedented access to global consumers.

So, why’s this October fest a big deal for us? 

Well, a peek at the past reveals a lot. Prime Day, since its 2015 birth, has been a sales behemoth. Remember in 2020 when third-party sellers, like us, collectively pocketed over $3.5 billion during Prime Day

With this October addition, we wouldn’t be shocked to see that number soar even higher. If you had a stall in the Amazon marketplace last year, you’d have noticed that sales felt a lot like summer’s Prime Day—a good 40% bump. Not to mention, the audience? Massive! With members in 19 countries, we’re talking about an international shopping fest. And hey, it’s not just about those immediate cha-chings at the register; it’s the chance to introduce our brands to millions.

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Now, onto the brass tacks: prepping for this grand event

Inventory is king

Ah, the bedrock of any successful FBA business! Recollections from last year are your compass. Those items that flew off the virtual shelves? Double down on them. But, a word of caution from one seller to another — it’s tempting to overstock, but tread carefully. While it’s wise to stock up on proven winners, being left with a warehouse of slow-moving items can be a costly misstep. Balance is key. Use data-driven decisions and consider the ebb and flow of market demands.

Your listings? 

Think of them as your shop window. The clearer and more attractive they are, the more footfall you’ll get. Here are some tips that will take your listings to a whole new level:

  • Craft your product titles with precision, making every word count. 
  • High-resolution images? Non-negotiable. They let your product do the talking. 
  • Given the significance of the Prime Day Fall Event, weave in those “Prime Day Deal” keywords strategically. It’s like setting out a welcome mat for the swarm of Prime Day shoppers.

Promos and Deals

In the vast world of Amazon, standing out can feel like a Herculean task. Enter: Lightning and Spotlight Deals. They’re like those big, flashy neon signs on the highway, impossible to miss. 

From our playbook, these deals act as magnets, pulling in intrigued buyers. Yes, they come with a price tag, but view it as an investment. The visibility and traction they generate often lead to a domino effect of sales, reviews, and brand loyalty. In the grand scheme, it’s a price well worth paying.


Every seller has grappled with this. How low can you go without underselling yourself? How high before you deter a potential buyer? It’s the ballet of numbers, where every step and twirl matters. In our years on this platform, staying abreast of competitors is paramount. But remember, while competitive pricing might reel customers in, value keeps them coming back.

For those hectic sale days when prices fluctuate rapidly, automated repricing tools have been our silent warriors. They juggle the numbers, ensuring you stay in the game, even while you sleep. If you haven’t explored them yet, the Prime Day Fall Event might be the nudge you need.

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Mark your calendars, sellers! 

If our predictions (and a bit of insider gossip) are right, Prime Big Deal Days 2023 is likely touching down on October 10 and 11. And remember the early bird gets the worm—start your pre-event promos a couple of weeks in advance.

Once the dust settles and you’re done counting your earnings, it’s reflection time. Dive deep into your sales data, gather customer feedback, and get your inventory game on point. We’ve got the holiday season just around the corner, so there’s no slowing down.

To wrap up, the Amazon Prime Day Fall Event is more than just a second Prime Day—it’s a beast of its own. It’s not just about raking in sales but setting a benchmark for the months to come. So, gear up, strategize, and dive into what promises to be a fantastic sales fiesta.

Stay sharp, and let’s make this Prime Day Fall Event the best one yet!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Amazon Prime Day Fall Event?

The Amazon Prime Day Fall Event, also known as the “Prime Big Deal Days,” is an exclusive shopping event in October for Amazon Prime members. It offers numerous discounts across a wide range of categories and is seen as a precursor to the holiday shopping season. For FBA sellers, it’s an opportunity to boost sales and visibility.

How does the October Prime Day differ from the traditional Amazon Prime Day?

While the traditional Amazon Prime Day typically takes place in July and is well-established, the October Prime Day was introduced more recently. Both events offer vast sales and deals, but the October version is seen as a kickoff to the holiday shopping season, making it a crucial time for sellers to prep for increased demand.

How can I make my products more visible during the Prime Day Fall Event?

Boosting product visibility during this event involves optimizing your listings with clear images and descriptions, sprinkling in “Prime Day Deal” keywords, and considering Lightning and Spotlight Deals for increased traction. Competitive pricing and running promotions can also make your products stand out.

What should I consider when setting prices for the Prime Day Fall Event?

Pricing during Prime Day should strike a balance between competitiveness and profitability. It’s essential to stay informed about competitor pricing but ensure you’re not underselling. Automated repricing tools can be invaluable during such high-demand periods, dynamically adjusting prices to keep your products attractive and competitive.

Is it worth investing in Lightning and Spotlight Deals during the event?

For many FBA sellers, Lightning and Spotlight Deals have proven to be effective in driving traffic and sales. While they come with a cost, the increased visibility and potential sales surge can outweigh the initial investment, especially during high-traffic events like Prime Day.

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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