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Amazon Product Inserts

Guide To Amazon Product Inserts

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Selling on Amazon is getting increasingly competitive and difficult. You need to stay updated on the best practices, and the best way is through reviews. Reviews guide the shopper to help build trust, which leads to more sales.

A majority of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, which is why having reviews on Amazon is the faster way to grow your business.

Amazon product inserts are effective ways to gain reviews, build loyal audiences, and launch products on Amazon.

Over the years, product inserts have become popular in the e-commerce world as an effective strategy to create brand loyalty and increase customer engagement.

However, should a retailer on Amazon use the product inserts? This article is a guide to Amazon product inserts. We answer all questions about product inserts and explain why you should use them.

What are Product Inserts?

What are Product Inserts?

Products inserts or packaging inserts are an amazon compliant method of marketing and branding. They are small, the size of a business card used to advertise products or services.

An insert card is a piece of paper or card containing marketing material about your products or service. You often use this promotional material by placing the card or postcard inside the boxes during packaging.

The e-commerce giant encourages businesses to satisfy their customers with novel approaches to meet their expectations and needs. You can achieve this goal by using product inserts as a cost-effective way to reach every customer.

They come as printed cards included inside your product packaging to communicate the positive points of your services to the buyer. Every package you send to a customer can increase your sales and create a close relationship with the customer.

As an Amazon retailer or private label seller, you don’t have access to private client data such as their email. This makes it difficult to contact your client via email or interact with them. Therefore, you can use insert cards as an effective marketing tool.

Insert cards have shown effectiveness even be on Amazon. They help establish a connection between buyers and retailers. Through product inserts, you can contact your potential clients and use the opportunity to increase your sales and raise your popularity on Amazon.

Benefits of Using Product Inserts

There are many reasons to use Amazon product insert. Here are some reasons your business should use inserts for the products you sell on Amazon.

It helps with future product launches

It helps with future product launches

The product packaging can help you build a recognizable brand and draw the attention of new customers. Including a product insert in each packaging is a strategic way to create a customer-focused interaction.

The prompts a customer to leave an honest review of which country park future product launches.

Use it to request product reviews

Every online seller needs reviews to make sales since customers rely on other shoppers’ experiences to make informed buying decisions.

This is especially true on Amazon, where shoppers use peer reviews as a trusted way to purchase products from the platform. Amazon product insert can play an important role in getting customer reviews.

A simple printed statement like” we would like to hear from you” can increase your chances of getting a review from the buyer. Most people will leave a product review when asked.

Hence, use the product inserts to ask for a review while ensuring you don’t violate Amazon’s terms of service. However, Amazon’s terms of service have a strict policy on how to ask for reviews.

The only way is to craft a perfect message by using neutral language that doesn’t incentivize your customers.

Adds specific product value and enhance the experience of receiving your product

The benefits of Amazon’s product insert card go beyond requesting feedback. You can use them to increase the importance and value of your product.

For example, you can add some helpful advice for an exciting way to use the product’s abilities. These inserts can increase loyalty by making the customer feel special.

Motivates repeat purchases

Motivates repeat purchases

Consumers gravitate towards businesses that value their life and appreciate the business. Most people care about who they are buying from and not just what they are buying. A customer who enjoys shopping with you will feel appreciated and shop with you the next time.

Product inserts increase the chance of a second purchase by making the customer feel appreciated. They also help build a relationship with customers that interests them to shop with you again.

Improves customer service

Providing an exceptional buying experience is the best way to impress customers on Amazon. Packaging inserts can make customers feel valued and appreciated and make perfect customer service go a long way.

Use the Amazon product insert to educate your customers about your product by providing easy-to-read instructions. You can also use them to offer words of encouragement or handy tips and tricks. It can help build your brand and protect it from receiving negative reviews.

For example, use the product insert to inform the buyer that they can contact you right away for any complaints.

Promote other products from your Amazon store

Product inserts are the perfect opportunity to incentivize buyers to make a repeat purchase. Using special offers for complementary products is a successful strategy.

Use the product inserts as an educational tool to teach customers how to use the product and promote your other products.

How to Use Product Inserts Properly

The packaging inserts are versatile marketing materials that can help you achieve different marketing objectives depending on your focus.

Since Amazon has stringent terms of service, you must be careful not to break them. For instance, having branded packaging is one requirement to get your brand registry on Amazon. Here is how you can use the product inserts properly.

Advertise goods, not websites

Amazon has the habit of banning retailers from redirecting buyers away from their web pages. This means any links or URLs to your retailer’s website are strictly prohibited. You can only advertise goods using the product insert card.

Understand what is and isn’t acceptable within Amazon’s policies when using packaging websites. For example, treat product inserts as a neutral reminder to leave an honest review without making demands.

Use all kinds of reviews

Product inserts are an excellent way to remind customers to submit feedback reviews for your product on Amazon. It’s okay to ask your customers for a review, don’t ask for a positive review, and don’t offer incentives in return.

Also, don’t offer a discount or incentive for a review or discourage negative reviews as it goes against Amazon’s policy. Most retailers use the product inserts to request positive or negative feedback.

Encourage customers to leave their honest reviews of your product and thank them for taking the time to leave a review.

Use the right packaging insert template

When choosing a packaging insert template, think out of the box to make your cads look unique and noticeable. Keep it short and to the point using clear language.

If you’re comfortable using professional design programs yourself, you can create your own Amazon product packaging.

However, if you lack design skills, consider using a professional to create proper product packaging and inserts at a fee.

Using an eye-catching and exciting card design is important for ensuring customers don’t throw it in a trash bin. It is recommended to use colorful designs on high-quality materials for your product inserts.

Provide stellar customer service to encourage positive reviews

Packaging Inserts

One incentive to encourage customers to leave a review without getting in trouble with Amazon is a great customer experience.

A positive shopping experience encourages the customer to leave an honest review of the product. Make them feel appreciated to increase the chances of getting a review.

Ensure you comply with Amazon’s terms of service when using product inserts. For example, only professional sailors can add product insects into their packages.

You will need to build brand history by providing an image of your product packaging to Amazon.

Protect your product

Packaging is the first impression a customer receives of your product. Use quality packaging With the right size and material to keep your product safe and sound. You could also consider using recyclable materials to appeal to the eco-friendly business model. 

Provide free samples

Adding little surprises such as free samples to your Amazon product packaging can increase customer engagement. Use the inserts as an opportunity to foster new relationships and inspire customer loyalty.

You can achieve this by rewarding customers with free samples to try before they buy a product. They will feel appreciated undervalued.


Product inserts are a cost-efficient marketing tactic that can help increase sales and customer engagement. They can create an enjoyable experience for the customer.

This article has provided an insight into Amazon’s product insert cards, including the basic principle. The tips on using product insert can help improve your retailer method and gain positive reviews.

For example, experiment with various insert configurations and compositions. Including product inserts to upsell and reward new customers is one of the easiest ways to create a connection with them and meet your goals.


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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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