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RepricerExpress Review

RepricerExpress Review – Amazon FBA Sellers

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As an Amazon seller, you know how important it is to set a competitive price for your products. Too high, and no one buys. Too low, and you’re missing out on extra cash. The changing daily market complicates things further, making it hard to determine what prices will attract the most customers. Whether you’re a full-time salesperson or your Amazon store is more of a side hustle, getting the most money for your goods while still getting sales is essential.

If you’re not sure how to accurately and competitively price your goods, consider investing in a third-party software – this will pay for itself after showing you exactly how to price your products and lead you to sell more. Tools like RepricerExpress will help make your job easier and more profitable. 

Today, in this RepricerExpress Review we will find out how much value it could add to your Amazon business. We’ll go into detail on the tool itself, its features, who it benefits most, and ultimately if RepricerExpress is worth it or not! 

What is RepricerExpress?

RepricerExpress Review

RepricerExpress is an Amazon and eBay repricing tool that allows you to analyze price listing data on these platforms. You simply search for the goods that you’re looking to price in its database and RepricerExpress will show you how your competitors are costing the same or similar items. The information includes current pricing data and as far back as the past seven days. 

RepricerExpress aims to get you and your products to the Buy Box before your competitors. It can also help you appear under More Buying Choices and on the Offer listings page by setting your items at the most competitive prices. It constantly monitors the cost of similar items and can automatically adjust yours to help you bag more sales.

The tool presents data analysis a variety of formats, depending on which suits your needs best – as pie charts, graphs, percentages, and more. With RepricerExpress, you’ll gain access to all the information you need about the products you’re looking to sell so you can make an informed choice about your pricing – or let the tool do it for you!

Should I Use RepricerExpress?

As a current or aspiring Amazon Marketplace vendor, you should definitely consider using a price analysis tool like RepricerExpress. For established sellers, you can use the automatic price adjustment setting to ensure better sales than your competitors. For newbies, you can use the tool to determine which goods you want to sell and work out what will gain you the best profit. 

For sellers who like control of their pricing strategies, RepricerExpress allows you to customize the rules. You can set the tool to make small adjustments, such as beating your competition by one percent, and advanced settings, like beat other sellers by 1p/1c but exclude sellers that have high dispatch times. 

If you like to filter your competition into various categories, RepricerExpress has options for you as well. You can base this on item condition, hone in on who you want to compete against, include or exclude certain sellers, and more. 

Essentially, it’s easy to customize RepricerExpress to your liking – so whether you prefer to have full control or be hands-off, this tool allows for that.

How Does RepricerExpress Work?

To use RepricerExpress, you have to download the SaaS cloud web app. The software works by taking data directly from either the Amazon Marketplace or the eBay Sellers’ Market. After the information from your accounts is imported, you can run a variety of reports. 

Not only can you see the pricing data across all your listings, but you can also see them across all the marketplaces that you’re selling on. You can see which of your items are Amazon Buy Box top twenty winners and why they’re so successful. You can then optimize the prices of your items by comparing them to thousands of other similar products in the software programs database. 

As an Amazon seller, the more countries whose marketplaces you sell in, and the more countries you ship to, the more money you can make. RepricerExpress analyzes data from 13 countries to help you make the best price decisions possible. Once you download the application, you’ll gain access to a plethora of data points and information to make your Amazon Marketplace goods stand out from the competition. You’ll be able to compare data from over 4,200 other sellers in over 11+ markets around the world. 

If you have questions about the data that RepricerExpress shows you, you can contact their customer services or the support team. Their help desk has an FAQ section that allows you to get common questions answered without taking unnecessary time out of your day to call customer services. 

These additional resources are available to users who have a verified account with RepricerExpress:

  • Help Videos
  • Newsletter
  • Amazon Marketplace Blog Posts
  • RepricerExpress Blog Posts
  • Sourcing Blog Posts
  • Amazon FBA Blog Posts
  • Amazon Account Suspension Blog Posts
  • Tax and Shipping Tips 
  • YouTube Videos

How Do Users Interact with the RepricerExpress Platform?

Users link their Amazon Marketplace (or eBay Seller) account to their RepricerExpress account. You’ll get a link after you sign up so that you can attach your AMS account directly. You need your seller ID and passcode to overlay your data. When you’re in your Amazon Marketplace Account, you’ll want to click on the option that allows you to use the platform. You’ll put in RepricerExpress and the account number you get after signing up. Finally, all you need to do is accept the Amazon license agreement, and your two accounts are linked. 

Paid accounts can utilize the platform with multiple seller accounts. After linking accounts, you can decide what base currency that you want to use – either Pounds, U.S. Dollars, or Euros.

RepricerExpress will import all your Amazon products to the database, then you can analyze the data and make decisions from there!

What Information Can I Find on the RepricerExpress Website?

RepricerExpress’s website has a variety of resources available. You’ll find all the details you need to know about its application and how it can help you step up your game as an Amazon Marketplace vendor. The website focuses on the features of the tool as well as the free resources that the RepricerExpress team has made available.

In the ‘Features’ tab, you can learn exactly how the tool works and how to use it. You’ll find everything the software offers, from bulk editing of rules, templates offered, custom pricing options, and more.

RepricerExpress’s site is fully comprehensive, so you’ll find everything you need to know to utilize the application fully. You’ll find an entire section of the blog dedicated to helping users install, navigate, and utilize the Repricer application. Plus, you can contact the help center at any point during their scheduled business hours to ask any questions that you have about getting the best use from the tool.

The RepricerExpress team has also put out several tutorial videos. The videos provide a step-by-step guide through the process of not only signing up for a RepricerExpress account but also utilizing the features to optimize your Amazon Marketplace items. 

Who is RepricerExpress For?

RepricerExpress is for people who sell, or want to begin selling, goods through eBay or Amazon Marketplace. It’s that simple!

If you want to focus on maximizing Buy Box shares, the application will help you do that by always beating your competitors in terms of price. Also, if you want to analyze and reprice every single item you have on your various marketplaces, RepricerExpress allows for doing this quickly and easily.

Amazon and eBay vendors from around the world use the tool – RepricerExpress works in the online marketplaces of 13 unique countries. If you sell goods on Amazon in countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, and India, you can utilize the application to automatically adjust your product prices. This worldwide network is also great if you want to expand into selling in different territories.

RepricerExpress is also ideal for sellers who utilize both Amazon and eBay to market their products. You can compare the price of items that you’re selling on either website to the other and see which listing will earn you the most money. 

How Much Does RepricerExpress Cost?

Every account comes with a free fourteen-day trial. No matter how large or small your business is, you get to test out RepricerExpress for two weeks without paying any fees. After that, you have four price options to choose from. The plan choice will depend on the size of your business and your budget. 

  • Express: $79/mo when billed annually or $99/mo when billed monthly. Offers data on 5,000 listings. 
  • Plus: $249/mo when billed annually or $299/mo when billed monthly. Offers data on 50,000 listings. 
  • Ultimate: $399/mo when billed annually or $499/mo when billed monthly. 250,00 listings are available. 
  • Extreme: $1,119/mo when billed annually or $1,499 when billed monthly. Offers 1 million listings. 

RepricerExpress allows users to sign up without a contract, meaning that they can quit at any time without paying additional quitting fees. After purchasing one of the plan options, users can download the software and begin using it on their Amazon Marketplace page. Credit cards are not required to sign up for RepricerExpress. 

Is RepricerExpress Worth It?

RepricerExpress offers a plethora of features for users no matter their income level. Amazon Marketplace vendors who care about tracking price histories, competitors’ price listings, and Buy Box percentages should definitely consider using the tool. If you want your items repriced automatically to keep up with current market trends, and pricing data from 13 different countries around the world, then you’ll benefit from signing up for the application. 


  • You can try out the software for 14 days without paying any fees. 
  • Hands-off automatic repricing of your items according to to-the-minute price analyses.
  • Compare the real-time pricing of your competition’s products to optimize your price. 
  • With certain payment plans, you will receive a dedicated account manager to handle the data analysis of the items you’re selling. 
  • Additional price plans allow you to optimize SEO and bulk shipment pricings directly from your Amazon Seller Website. 


  • Has a limit to the number of items you can draw data from depending on your plan.  
  • You have to determine which items to put up on Amazon Marketplace yourself. 


If you’re interested in automatic price optimization of your items in many markets, consider RepricerExpress – you’ll soon notice more sales and better profits. For a multifunctional online sales manager, RepricerExpress is one of many options. For more information on optimizing pricing on online marketplaces, check out our other reviews at Infinite FBA!

Tim Carlson

I'm Tim or as others call me a bit of an Internet geek, serial entrepreneur, and have gone deep down the rabbit hole of all things Amazon FBA. I have joined the Infinite FBA team to help other Amazon sellers achieve their own goals.

Picture of Tim Carlson
Tim Carlson

I'm Tim or as others call me a bit of an Internet geek, serial entrepreneur, and have gone deep down the rabbit hole of all things Amazon FBA. I have joined the Infinite FBA team to help other Amazon sellers achieve their own goals.

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