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Seller Labs Ignite Review of Amazon PPC Advertising

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Seller Labs Ignite Features

Seller Labs Ignite offers merchants a variety of specific tools. Each tool provides a different function. One feature was created so the merchant can take advantage of the benefits of Amazon advertising. Another feature enables merchants to significantly increase conversions by discovering the best and most unique keywords for their business.

Seller Labs Ignite Review

Depending on the tools chosen by the merchant Seller Labs Ignite makes it possible to improve seller feedback, gain insights and analytics into the performance of the business and monitor current trends. Many of the top functions offered are described individually below.

Campaign Copy: Copying a profitable Amazon campaign enables the merchant to increase the profitability of advertising for any product. This is important because numerous Amazon sellers have become frustrated when they were unable to copy the profitable campaign of their choice with other software.

Sellers have spent hour after hour attempting to copy a campaign. Some were successful, where others were not. Seller Labs Ignite offers the ability to copy other Amazon ppc campaigns including search terms, bids and keywords.

Suggestion Automation by Type: This type of automation provides merchants with a way to save a lot of time. Both large and small merchants can use the feature to optimize suggestion approvals. Suggestions are simply the ability of the merchant for automating their optimization workflow. Seller Labs Ignite offers different types of suggestions by analyzing the performance of historical campaigns.

The artificial intelligence algorithm was created by coding the best practices of the industry. An importance and confidence slider is included with every suggestion depending on the target ACoS set by the merchant. The suggestions page enables the merchant to filter what is viewed.

Amazon Products Reviews: The tool enables merchants to receive additional reviews from satisfied customers. Numerous consumers will trust a product more when there are a lot of positive reviews. The feature can help increase sales for the merchant. The tool also increases the availability of the merchant for customers.

Email Open Rates: Email open rates can be influenced by determining the best situations and times for sending emails. The merchant can also create blacklists for specific customers.

Amazon Inventory and Financials: The Seller Labs Ignite review for the Inventory and Financial feature is also excellent. The tool offers merchants a variety of ways to maximize profits. The feature enables Amazon merchants to research their activity on Amazon. The tool then provides the merchant with a full report. The report shows the merchant how beneficial their activities have been.

The feature provides insight into the profit margins of the merchant. The seller can see how much profit has been made during all of their business activities. For any Amazon merchant uncertain as to what are the best possible business decisions, the inventory and financial feature is exceptional. The numbers revealed by the tool are fairly accurate.

Auto-to-Manual Keyword Suggestions: Merchants can decrease how many hours they need to work and spend less money on advertising by using the Seller Labs Ignite data analysis feature. Auto-targeted campaigns are analyzed by the suggestion engine to determine the performance of the campaign. New keywords are created, then added automatically to manually targeted campaigns.

Keyword Optimization Suggestions: The feature enables merchants to act immediately. Historical data is used to offer optimization suggestions for advertising campaigns. Any campaign can be easily automated using the left navigation available on the automation page. The basic options enable the merchant to select minimum importance and confidence sliders simply by clicking a button.

The merchant can use the advanced options to select the days of the week the automation will be running. Auto approval allows the merchant to approve the exact types of suggestions that will be automated. Once the merchant has chosen the settings desired, automation is triggered to enable Seller Labs Ignite to perform all of the work. The feature will save the merchant numerous hours every month.

Bulk Actions: When an Amazon merchant has to choose all campaign words separately, the process becomes both time consuming and extremely tedious. Seller Labs Ignite offers merchants a much better and simpler way with the bulk actions feature. The merchant can determine the search terms for filtering the keywords. The basis of the campaign is the parameters provided by the merchant.

Only seconds are necessary for the merchant to choose the parameters. The drill-down filters provided by the software will dramatically increase the workflow speed of the merchant.

More Than 60 Days of Campaign Data: The more data available to the merchant, the higher the profitability. The result is a better campaign. Seller Labs Ignite increases the 60 days of data Amazon allows for merchant campaigns. Once the merchant has connected to the advertising API available through Amazon, a database is built using advertising information.

The database provides information to the artificial intelligence used by the software. The advertising is relied on by Seller Labs Ignite for creating suggestions to improve optimization.

Ad Scheduling: Merchants can improve the return on advertising spend and advertising cost of sale through this tool. Ads are strategically placed according to buyer behavior and time. The feature enables the merchant to determine when the ads are displayed. The advertising is more profitable because the ad budget is spent to maximize profitability by reaching buyers at the best possible times.

Seller Labs Ignite PPC

Advertising Dashboard: The advertising dashboard enables the merchant to understand quicker so a conclusion can be reached faster. The feature helps the merchant understand the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The campaign dashboard allows the merchant to:

• View all campaign performance details through a single location
• View advertising cost of sale
• Enable external reporting with a CSV download
• View the click-through rate
• View ad revenue
• Make changes to the time scope
• View the cost per sale
• View clicks
• View data for over 60 days
• View the cost per click

Ignite Plus: Ignite Plus was created for larger merchants. In addition to all of the features offered through Ignite, the merchant also receives advanced dashboard insights, enhanced customer support and multi-user capability.

What is Seller Labs Ignite?

Seller Labs Ignite is an extremely helpful tool for all merchants considering or currently selling products on Amazon. Seller Labs provides software to help entrepreneurs become successful on Amazon by learning how to create powerful listings and understanding the effectiveness of advertising. Seller Labs Ignite is basically an assistant to help Amazon merchants build a strong brand.

By using the software, merchants can place their focus on all of the most important concepts of running a successful business on Amazon. The Seller Labs Ignite software is integrated with Amazon. The software offers merchants solutions for top products. The merchant is able to maintain an online presence while significantly decreasing the amount of time necessary for business maintenance.

One of the most important and unique aspects of Seller Labs Ignite is the software was designed so merchants can use the specific tools they require. There is no need to use all of the available tools, but browsing through the complete list will enable the merchant to find the most important ones for their business. Due to the exceptionally large variety of tools offered, the Seller Labs Ignite Review is excellent.

Seller Labs Ignite Pricing

The price is dependant on the features selected by the merchanted. The ability to choose is another reason the Seller Labs Ignite review is excellent. As opposed to paying for the software, the merchant pays for each feature selected.

Seller Labs Pro: The cost is $79 for 50 orders per month, $299 for 10,000 orders and $999 for 50,000 orders.

Seller Labs Ignite: The cost is $59 for a maximum of $1,000 in ads, $249 for $5,000 and $899 for $25,000.

Feedback Genius Seller Labs: The price is determined by the number of emails the merchant sends per month and the number of products being monitored. The price for the average volume is $99. The prices range from $29.99 to $299.

Scope Seller Labs: The price is dependent on the number of keywords chosen by the merchant. The annual cost is either $390, $690 or $990.

Seller Labs Pro: This is a tool created for simultaneously conducting market research, maximizing the efficiency of promotions, enhancing organic traffic and monitoring merchant performance. This is the reason the feature is classified as all in one. The price is dependent on how many orders the merchant is receiving per month.

The cost per month for 10,000 orders is $299, and 50,000 orders are priced at $999. Due to the high cost of Seller Labs Pro, this feature is only recommended for merchants receiving exceptionally large order totals per month. Small to medium-sized merchants are better off choosing the best features for their businesses from Seller Labs Ignite.

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Seller Labs Ignite Alternatives

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout was developed to help Amazon merchants become successful. Some of the top sellers on Amazon are using research software. The software enables merchants to find new product ideas within seconds. The merchant can use Niche Hunter to determine the most competitive products and profitable keywords quickly.

Merchants can effectively spy on their competition to see what they are doing by using the product tracker to determine their sales each day. The merchant establishes the terms used for filtering and sorting.


Sellozo offers Amazon merchants a comprehensive and a la carte set of intelligent tools. Tedious tasks are automated and a lot of data can be analyzed through intuitive tools and reporting. The software is based on the excellent support and real data required by Amazon merchants.

The key offering of Sellozo is financial reporting for insights and analytics. Amazon merchants receive a complete and enhanced view of data for products and sales in addition to both sponsored and organic sales.


SellerMobile offers Amazon merchants software-driven by results. Additional sales can be generated by streamlining and automating operations. The mobile and web-based tools offer innovative solutions for generating seller feedback, restock and inventory management, competitor analysis, repricing, PPC automation, ROI, profit, analyzing competitors and business intelligence.

SellerMobile can now also be used for negative feedback, hijacker and restocking notifications.


Perpetua enables merchant growth on Amazon, Sponsored brand and product ads are optimized through artificial intelligence to increase sales and profits. Merchants can increase both control and sales without the time necessary for manually managing campaigns.

The optimization tool provided for sponsored product ads enables the merchant to focus their time and attention on growing the business. Perpetua simply enables merchants to grow their brand on Amazon.

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