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The Selling Family Review

The Selling Family Review: Is It Scam Or Not

Table of Contents

Sellers who decide to foray into an online business, especially the Amazon FBA business, are willingly or unwillingly greeted with the presence of The Selling Family on the internet. Spending your money on their lucrative courses might seem like the right thing to do but checking their background and authenticity is equally imperative. This write-up sheds light on The Selling Family and its various courses in-depth. We believe you should check this out before you spend money on making money online.

Are you ready to uncover the truth? We have done the same in the Selling Family review below. In the following review, we have covered almost everything — from the Amazon boot camp course to the Amazon seller account setup.

The History behind the Selling Family

The inception of The Selling Family took place soon after Jessica lost her job during the early years of her life. She was adamant about changing her career path and thus initiated her adventure of online business. With many online platforms at her disposal, Amazon stood out the most, showing enormous potential. She paused her journey with eBay and dedicated all her time to studying and running the Amazon FBA business.

Soon she developed various strategies and programs that helped her become one of the most successful Amazon sellers. Following her footsteps, Jessica’s better half Cliff quit his 9-5 to help with the business. After years of knowledge, the couple started blogging to help other Amazon beginners. Jessica now follows her talent of teaching while Cliff manages their existing business. Their son Aiden is the latest addition to their duo, making their name ‘The Selling Family’ quite apt.

 Description of their business

The Selling Family teaches newbie enthusiasts different ways to earn money online. Their knowledge of 10 years has helped them build an empire with multiple income sources. They carry out their business of teaching and informing via two channels 1) Blogs and 2) Courses. The Selling Family website takes you through all the essential bits while explaining THEIR role in making you a successful entrepreneur.

The main attraction of their website- their blogs cover various topics right from Amazon FBA to purchasing a domain. Even the courses cover different topics with unique approaches. Other than the website, they have a Youtube channel that showcases a few random FBA videos now and then.

To make their brand seem legitimate and accessible, the team has posted several posts on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. It is safe to say that they have been pretty inactive on their social media platforms since 2019. Nonetheless, the team manages to sell courses and post blogs regularly. We do not know the status of the private Facebook group the team used to have.

Overview of their courses

Their courses are the main money-minting channel for them. We are thus going to review and give our unbiased view via studying their courses in detail. The Selling Family has structured, created, and curated various courses that help different entrepreneurs like Amazon sellers and affiliate marketers alike. The most crucial, comprehensive, and popular course is their Amazon Boot Camp v4.0. Since the couple boasts of having expertise in the FBA via Retail Arbitrage, their courses teach you the same. These courses are quite popular among those who want to make money online and build a career.

1. Amazon Boot Camp

As the title suggests, this is their most value-based course that teaches A to Z of Amazon selling. Since the program gets the most traction, the team updates the program every few months. The Amazon Boot Camp course is currently at its fourth volume to keep the content accurate and fresh. 

What you will learn/acquire:

  • Module 1-2 teaches about establishing yourself as an Amazon seller. The module sheds light on various basics and set-ups that are crucial before starting the business. 
  • Module 3-4 focuses on the supplies and tools necessary for smoothly running the Amazon business. The model deeply talks about which apps, tools, and stationery products to acquire and which to overlook.
  • Module 4-6 is where the heart of the course lies. You will learn about ways to start product selection while keeping your profits to the maximum.
  • Module 7-8 talks about scouting profitable items in local stores and how to deal with the buying. The unit also gives valuable nuggets to start automating your inventory.
  • Module 9-13 covers everything to know about setting up a listing, prices, packaging, and quintessential warehousing information.
  • Module 14 is the final chapter that sheds light on the day-to-day running of your new Amazon business. The chapter ties all small details like customer inquiries, Amazon support, and much more.

Payment Plans:

You can buy the course with three flexible payment plans. 

  1. Easy Payment Plan- $195

            Students have to pay for three months.

     2. One Time Payment Plan- $495

          Students can pay the entire fee at one time.

     3. Extra Support Payment Plan- $695

         Students get to access Facebook’s members-only group and three live Q&As with Jessica.


  • Users get lifetime access to their Amazon Bootcamp course.
  • Students have lifetime access to the private Facebook group.
  • The program lets you have various Printable files for more productivity.
  • Introduction of video modules for better grasping.
  • Sixty days money-back guarantee, which is exclusively unique to this course.
  • Provides a good idea about online arbitrage sourcing


  • The course does not give personal support unless you end up enrolling in their support package.
  • We are yet to see any millionaires that benefited from the program through online business.
  • All the content is directed towards people living in the USA. However, as the course talks about retail arbitrage, it won’t be entirely applicable for people living in other parts of the world.
  • The additional add-on courses can quickly empty your wallet before you know it.

Who can benefit the most:

The entire course is carefully created as a business blueprint for someone who wishes to dive into the world of online selling as their full-time income. Only people willing to give their undivided attention and time should work on this program to get the best results. New sellers that specifically wish to work with Amazon FBA can benefit the most compared to other sellers.

Product Leads

2. Daily Online Leads

Daily Online Leads is a thoughtful and unique monthly membership program for people looking to find products for selling. The program enables the subscribers to get enlisted on a list that never exceeds 20 people per month. The list will automatically give access to hundreds of products that you can sell on your listing. The main idea behind the service is offering good quality products that have considerably lower competition. Their virtual assistant adds 15 products daily to a shared spreadsheet as a part of the program.

What you will learn/acquire:

  • You will have exclusive access to the most desirable list of products.
  • The virtual assistant will send 15 item leads daily for your benefit.
  • The Daily Online Leads program also lets you see the current pricing based on an informative Keepa chart.
  • The products/leads will not be on any IP alert list.
  • Users can maximize profits by listing these unique products that guarantee sales.

Payment plan:



  • The entire process of acquiring the list is pretty straightforward.
  • Users are bound to receive great leads that have proven to earn profits.
  • Enrolling in this program will lighten your work of finding new leads.
  • You do not have to keep an additional personal assistant that needs extensive training.
  • The Selling Family utilizes their years of algorithmic expertise to get valuable products.


  • You cannot get into the program very quickly because of the long waitlist.
  • The list is only shared with 20 people per month; thus, the chances of accessing the list at the time of your need might be slim.
  • The products may or may not work depending on your Amazon business model and the online business strategy.

Who can benefit the most:

Experienced Amazon sellers with knowledge of Online Arbitrage tend to benefit the most from this program. Even new sellers with excellent product determining skills can learn from the course. The program can also help sellers who have been struggling with sales because of their poor judgment.

3. BoloMart

BoloMart is a formal group created by The Selling Family where members share trending and profitable products. Members can share information about a clearance sale happening in the town or a trending product online. The rest of the people have full liberty to access the products without any questions. The group requires each seller to share at least one product per month. 

What you will learn/acquire:

  • Members can find the hottest deals without searching a lot.
  • The membership gives access to a group that is specifically created to locate and share leads.
  • You get to communicate with like-minded sellers that can act as a support system.
  • Members will get an informative spreadsheet with all the hot and profitable deals.
  • You understand the business better by brainstorming and listening to a vast community of Amazon sellers.

Payment Plan: 

  1. Members are requested to pay $100 per month to be a part of the BOLO group. 

      2. You can have a yearly subscription to the group by clearing a one-time payment of $700.     


  • The group can be an excellent way to inculcate friendly relationships among other sellers.
  • The frustrating task of finding new leads and deals gets drastically reduced with people updating the group on the latest finds.
  • You get to devote more time to your selling business rather than scouring deals.
  • You get a front pass to interact with the community.
  • The Seller Family gives a polite reminder to post a BOLO before removing you from the group. 


  • Since it is a recurring membership, the members are automatically charged without further notices.
  • The Seller Family can remove you from the group if you fail to share at least one BOLO a month.
  • The cost seems a little high compared to the services that they offer. It could be a problem for those who have a small budget to make money online.

Who can benefit the most:

Bolomart is perfect for sellers who are always looking for new, profitable, and exciting products. Lonely sellers looking for a community to express their views can benefit the most from the program.

Niche Sourcing Training

4. Q4 Profits


Q4 Profits is a structured guide covering selling during the most profitable season, i.e., that fourth quarter. The family reveals that selling during the fourth quarter is another ball game than other months. They claim that the Selling Family makes half of their profit during this quarter of the year. The Q4 Profits program covers the months of October to December, especially targeting three major holidays of Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas.

What you will learn/acquire:

  • The guide teaches you clever insights and new strategies that you can implement during the season to earn exceptional profit.
  • The Q4 Profits guide teaches you to find products that sellers can sell for 3x profits.
  • Extra strategies that help you sell your inventories like hotcakes.
  • A dedicated list of items that the Selling Family usually looks at during the holidays.

Payment plan: 

You can access this Ebook guide for $97.


  • You have lifetime access to the guide’s content.
  • The guide will help you earn extreme profits during the busiest season of the year.
  • The Selling Family focuses on more than toys, so sellers have a wide variety of products to choose from.
  • Users can learn about tactics and experiences recorded over the past few years in just 130 pages.


  • The guide is in a book format which can be challenging for people who do not enjoy reading.
  • Considering the volume of the book, it is on the pricier side. Could be a problem for those who have a short budget for making money online.

Who can benefit the most:

Amazon sellers who wish to earn immense profits from their listings are the primary target audience of this program. Even new sellers who want to learn and know about the fourth quarter can benefit from the program.

5. Disney store profits


The guide dives down to share essential tips and tricks to sell Disney Store products and merchandise properly. The program is excellent to help you distinguish products that one should add to their inventory. The company ensures that its 70 pages have ample knowledge to cover the entire Disney merchandise topic.

What you will learn/acquire:

  • Students will learn how to source products from the Disney Store without much effort.
  • The course gives you a specific list of items that have the highest ROI on Amazon.
  • The program also brushes over building relationships with employees to gain access to the products and sales before anyone else.
  • They also give special Q4 tips for selling these Disney products during the extra celebratory holiday seasons.

Payment plan: 

The Selling Family offers the entire detailed course for a one-time payment of $48.


  • Students get to have lifetime access to the contents.
  • The course can help even the most seasoned FBA seller to sell the most challenging franchise profitably.
  • Since Disney and holidays always go hand in hand, you can use the connection to sell Disney products at a higher profit margin.


  • The program does not come with additional support from the Selling Family.
  • The course would not work for sellers who aren’t residing in the USA.
  • Lessons without videos can be difficult to follow to a certain extent.

Who can benefit the most:

The course is specially designed for sellers that wish to dip their toes in the vast Disney merchandising. Since the program is mainly directed towards just one franchise, every seller who wishes to earn via Disney can highly benefit. The program is also beneficial for people who want to expand their basic knowledge of Disney listings apart from the toys.

6. Merchant fulfilling course


The merchant fulfilling course is a massive shift as the Selling Family is well-versed and well known for its FBA fulfillment courses. This course, however, is structured to help sellers who wish to make money online by fulfilling the products by themselves instead of relying on Amazon FBA business.

What you will learn/acquire:

  • The course starts by teaching you to calculate MF profitability before you buy the products for selling.
  • The course also teaches you the importance of custom shipping templates and other essential information bits related to the topic.
  • Prime is almost a significant factor that adds a solid level of credibility, and thus the Selling Family helps you set up Amazon Prime options for better sales.
  • This program also mentions all the necessary tools and supplies needed to start your merchant fulfilling adventure.
  • The course also shows ways in which sellers can use their phones to list the products. They encourage you to study the shipping rates and to deal with refund requests.

Payment plan:

Students are requested to pay a one-time fee of $47 to get on board.


  • The course offers support in the Q&A section for a month.
  • Members can hold on to the content for a lifetime.
  • The program even has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the content.
  • Upon understanding the course, you get the opportunity to earn better by avoiding the extra costs of Amazon FBA business.
  • Provides a clear idea about setting up Amazona account for fulfilling


  • Merchant fulfilling is not their most popular course, so the results depend upon your dedication and application to the subject.
  • Since merchant fulfilling is a genuinely vast topic, we hoped to see more detailed information and content than the program already offers.
  • You may need other courses to start your own Amazon FBA business.

Who can benefit the most:

This course is excellent for sellers who wish to dabble their luck with the merchant fulfillment system. As the program gives a perfect introduction to the topic, it can be used by reasonably new sellers who decide which route to take before they start listing and selling.

Courses For Online course creators

7. Affiliate hosting course


This program is specifically targeted towards other online course creators. The Selling Family will help you create an excellent foolproof affiliate program that gets your potential partners and affiliate team excited to sell your new course. You will learn how to become an exceptional host to increase your course’s popularity.

What you will learn/acquire:

  • The course will take you through 11 modules explaining the topic in a highly detailed step-by-step method.
  • The course will permit you to go through some outreach spreadsheets for future use.
  • Students will get access to bite-sized video + text lessons that are easy to follow.
  • You will be familiarized with various informative affiliate application terms and forms. 
  • Enrollees will also get several email swipe files along with other little add-ons.

Payment plan:

You can buy this course with two flexible payment plans:

  1. Easy Payment Plan- $118

       You have the option to pay above mentioned amount for three months

  1. Complete Payment Plan- $295

       Students of the course are required to make a full payment at one time. This plan enables you to save $59 in total.


  • The Selling Family has made efforts to provide comment support to help students that need advice.
  • You can get lifetime access to this course.
  • With 11 modules, students get to learn various topics with in-depth subject notes.
  • The program is excellent for a beginner affiliate marketer.


  • Some beginners can have a hard time following specific modules.
  • The course does not teach how to earn money as an affiliate marketer. Students will be disappointed if they enroll to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

Who can benefit the most:

The course is excellent for affiliate marketers who already have their program but wish to learn the tips and tricks to attract other partners. 

8. Affiliate outreach bundle


Affiliate marketing students should consider this program as part two of their affiliate training. This course is specifically designed to attract new affiliates via emails. The program also walks you through several tips and tricks that help you become confident while approaching people.

What you will learn/acquire:

  • The course supplies you with 11 email templates that will make your job of approaching other affiliates a breeze. You can simply fill out the blanks and hit send without worrying much.
  • Jessica will explain 12 real-life outreach emails while dissecting the write-up. Students will learn a few common mistakes and the general dos and don’ts from the live examples.
  • Students will also receive an outreach spreadsheet to calculate and track their list, apart from the templates and live examples.
  • The program will show some informative tips for sending and following up without looking like a spammy marketer.

Payment plan:

Affiliate marketers can access the entire bundle and training videos by paying a one-time fee of $37.


  • Students can ask for a refund in under 30 days if the course doesn’t seem to match their expectations.
  • The course explains everything by avoiding any fluff.
  • You get lifetime ownership of the content that you can use for several years to come.
  •  Affiliate outreach is an excellent course to buy along with the Affiliate hosting course. Together both programs can make you a skilled affiliate marketer.


  • Students do not get one-on-one support from the Selling Family in case of doubts and further queries.
  • Some sections could be too advanced for some users.

Who can benefit the most:

The outreach bundle is meant to help affiliate marketers to grow their already existing affiliate program. The program can provide good insight into attracting partners, especially for budding marketers.

Other courses at a glance

1. Low content book creation course

The low content book creation course is for sellers who want to make products for their Amazon listings. The course will teach students to design and make Gratitude Journals, Organization Planners, Meal Planners, Guest Books, Yearly Planners, and much more.

2. Liquidation Gold Course:

Liquidation Gold is a course for Amazon sellers to earn better margins by scoring good products. The study is packed with strategies that individuals can use to make the most of their next liquidation store visit.

3. 1001+ OA Stores Folder

This program is an entirely resource-based package that gives access to the Selling Family’s Chrome browser bar folder with over 1001 stores for online sourcing. These courses also include ten arbitrage resources to find suitable products — something really useful for Amazon seller newbies.

Older courses

1. Amazon Business Planning & Strategy

A) Quickbooks Course teaches sellers to use Quickbooks to manage their Amazon business.

B) Catch Up Accounting Course sheds light on studying and managing the accounts that sellers often neglect. 

2. Ungating Course

This course will familiarize sellers with getting approved to sell products that are explicitly hiding in restricted categories. The Selling Family even has specific un-gating topics like Toy Category, Topicals Category, and Grocery Category with varying fees.

Final verdict: Is it worth purchasing the Selling Family courses?

In our honest opinion, The Selling Family is far from any typical scam. We understand that the courses and general hubbub might make one feel otherwise. But after reviewing their brand as a whole, it is safe to say that Amazon FBA sellers can trust their site to gain some pretty good knowledge and grasp various topics.

That being said, enrollees always have the risk factor of losing money, just like with any other online course on the market, but their money-back guarantee is a good trust builder. The only thing that bothered us was the immense add-on courses for small topics; buying even 2 or 3 classes can drastically add up to the final amount.

To conclude, if you are a new Amazon seller looking for such niched courses, we highly recommend checking them out. Their blogs provide a good information repository for new sellers who do not wish to spend bucks! And you can have a great start with your Amazon FBA business. Having said that, you should not consider these courses as one amazing selling machine. Instead,

We hope our detailed review helped in clearing out doubts related to The Selling Family and start an online business.

Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

Picture of Infinite FBA
Infinite FBA

The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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