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Sellozo Review – Grow Your Amazon Sales

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Sellozo review, an advertising and analytics tool for Amazon sellers, has recently grown in popularity. It is a platform that offers any Amazon seller the ability to simplify their Amazon advertising and campaign management so their business can thrive.

Users of Sellozo have experienced many benefits from the platform, including an increase in sales and an ability to save time with ad automation.

But is this the Amazon seller tool for you?

Read our Sellozo review below if you’re interested in automating your Amazon business or selling campaigns.

Sellozo Review Features

Sellozo features several useful tools that can help any Amazon seller get the best out of their business.

Amazon Advertising Manager

Sellozo offers software that simplifies and helps manage Amazon advertising, including but not limited to:

  • Ad automation
  • PPC automation
  • Ad optimization

The Amazon Advertising Manager can help you create unique and effective copy by taking out negative keywords and adding in helpful or popular ones. You don’t need to do extensive keyword research; it does the heavy lifting for you.

It also can help manage other time-consuming tasks required in generating creative and unique ads.

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Analytics Dashboard

sellozo review

Sellozo has an entire suite of analytical tools, from basic spreadsheets to beautiful and informative graphs. This analytical software helps business owners figure out what products are the most profitable and which ones aren’t doing too well.

These tools can also help Amazon sellers learn more about their advertising budget and how it affects sales, as well as learn about what affects their final profits. All of these tools help the business owner get a better grasp on how their products work and what can be improved.

Technical Support

Sellozo has an amazing technical support team that helps new users understand the tools to get them up and running. The technical support team is available anytime you need assistance. The same support team can also help you brainstorm new ways to improve your sales, from pricing strategy to logistics strategy.

The technical support team will help you get what you need out of the program quickly and efficiently.

Sellozo Pricing

sellozo review

Sellozo offers three different pricing schedules under three different categories. Read more about the details of each schedule below and consider using all three of the plans for the best results!

Advertising Automation

For their ad automation package, the monthly price is based on how many SKUs your Amazon business has:

  • If you have between 0-10 SKUs, the price is $149 per month.
  • If you have between 11-1000 SKUs, the price is $299 per month.
  • If you have 1001 or more SKUs, the price is $399 per month.

All of these tiers include:

  • Fully automated keyword discovery
  • Negative keyword creation
  • Automated bid updates
  • Custom campaign strategies
  • Dayparting
  • Bulk changes
  • Advanced analytics
  • Downloadable data via CSV


Sellozo’s repricing packages include advanced software that tracks pricing changes from the competition and automated pricing changes for your business based on these changes. It also includes bulk configuration, as well as the ability to look at your competition’s pricing. You can track box ownership and even see the cost of goods tracking.

The basic plan for 1-10 SKUs is $99 per month, the mid-level plan for 11-1000 SKUs is $149 per month, and the highest tier plan for 1001 or more SKUs is $249 per month.

Expert Support

Sellozo also offers expert support for those using their software, based on the tiered plans:

  • Basic support is 100% free and includes email support and one-on-one setup and training for new users to get started with the tools.
  • The Plus plan is $249 per month and includes everything from the basic plan plus access to live chat and monthly consulting.
  • The Managed plan is $499 per month and includes everything from the Plus plan and a dedicated account manager, phone support, review of your ad strategy, campaign audit, keyword ranking, and pricing evaluations for your Amazon business.


The pricing for Sellozo can get pretty hefty, but there’s no doubt that you can find a Sellozo promo code or two on the internet.

Also, Sellozo offers a 14-day free trial of their software (not including the Support plan) so you can determine if Sellozo is the right product for you.


We could not recommend Sellozo more. If you’re already using an Amazon ad and sales automation program, that’s great! However, if it’s not Sellozo, you should consider making the switch or at least consider using the 14-day free trial of their product. Simply search for Sellozo reviews on the web and you’ll see that everyone who is using this product loves it.

Sellozo is an amazing product. It might appear to cost a lot of money, but what you spend on Sellozo, you’ll make up for in sales for your Amazon business. It saves time, trouble, and is more than worth the cost.

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