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Shopkeeper Review Amazon

Shopkeeper Review – The Amazon Dashboard

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The growth and spread of eCommerce opportunities on Amazon continue to create a need for tools capable of handling everything related to the online store.

For Amazon sellers on multiple Amazon marketplaces, the need for a tool to report on the profitability of your products and monitor inventory is more than a necessity.

Shopkeeper stands out as one of the few business intelligence tools capable of managing and transforming your business on Amazon.

This software tool makes the experience of selling on Amazon a lot easier by helping you review essential information about the marketplace to better understand your business profits and costs.

This article delves into a detailed Shopkeeper review for all Amazon sellers, especially for beginners needing an easy-to-use and reliable business management tool.

Shopkeeper Overview

Shopkeeper Overview

The stress of simplifying your product qualities, sales data comparisons, and profit monitoring are all challenging if you lack the right business tools by your side.

Shopkeeper is a dashboard tool mainly created to assist Amazon sellers on everything pertaining to sales and profits. It serves on multiple Amazon marketplaces in tracking sales and monitoring profits.

The tool displays your sales volume, business expenses, and profits earned in the specified time. Amazon eCommerce sellers can use it to review essential data like daily sales, profit margins, and the overall cost of goods.

Shopkeeper’s dashboard is also fully packed with excellent features that make managing your Amazon store much easier and more efficient.

While you can still track your business profit metrics using accounting tools like excel spreadsheets, you’ll face an uphill task if you have more customers to serve. Shopkeeper is created to bridge this gap by providing an all-in-one business solution no matter your business size.

The tool provides solutions to common problems like knowing which variations are performing better, the sales tax to be paid, and the costs of all returned products.

It also solves one of the biggest problems Amazon sellers face—analyzing whether the products in the market are profitable on a specific scale.

Shopkeeper Pros

  • Easy to read statistics
  • Multiple pricing plans
  • Calculates your business expenses
  • Effective inventory tracking
  • Automated profit margin tracking

Shopkeeper Cons

  • Limited file uploading features
  • Data inaccuracy due to manual adding of some costs

Shopkeeper provides compiled data of all the necessary information frequently gathered into Amazon Seller Central account spreadsheets. The App displays this summarized data to you in real-time to ensure you access that data easier and make informed decisions.

It has an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the data charts for simple understanding. You can be sure you’ll get all the insights you need to conduct a detailed analysis of the market demands.

Unlike most business management tools that only focus on one Amazon Marketplace, Shopkeeper serves you across all the Amazon Marketplaces. The tool integrates with all the 11 Amazon sites and pulls together data from these marketplaces to eliminate the need for different marketplace accounts.

Once you sign up for a Shopkeeper free trial, you’ll be required to create an Amazon Seller Central account. You can then connect all your Amazon marketplace accounts if you have more than one to allow data collection into one central account. This will afford you an incredible overview of all the crucial data across the different marketplaces.

Shopkeeper also automatically pulls in your sales taxes, PPC costs, inventory, and all the 72 types of FBA fees available on Amazon.

The App will obtain, calculate and allocate all the fees to relieve you the hassle of dealing with too many spreadsheets. In short, Shopkeeper looks after everything when running a business on Amazon.

There are three main modules available on Shopkeeper dashboard. These include the business dashboard, profit tracking, and inventory forecast.

The dashboard also displays easy-to-read tables and a simple user interface to assess data as per your interest. You can customize the dashboard and choose essential metrics for your business depending on the module in use.

Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard

The tool has a detailed and intuitive business dashboard that provides you with a summary of all the data related to your business. You’ll find different data and metrics divided into various categories on this dashboard for a better overview.

They include profit margin, best sellers, inventory value, and the growth curve.

Business dashboard feature propels your shopkeeper experience. It offers you all you need at a glance and the chance to look into each metric in further detail.

You can even have a comprehensive and precise breakdown of your profit margins for each product to ensure everything is where it ought to be.

The business dashboard is a great feature to use on Shopkeeper if you struggle to understand some of your eCommerce figures. The dashboard lets you see and compare your growth over time.

It also allows you to know your best-selling products, your inventory value, and the profit margins of your business. This is quite useful, especially if you’re planning to introduce more products in the market or drop those with fewer sales.

Using this information wisely may also pave the way for optimizing your affiliate site for the best sales and positive ratings on Amazon marketplaces. What’s more, the business dashboard stores all this critical information in one place.

Essentially, it eliminates perusing multiple documents and business assessment reports to understand product performance or new market trends.

Profit Tracking

Profit Tracking

Profit is an important metric that tells whether your business is performing well or not. After all, the success of any business depends on how much profit it generates.

But sometimes, you may struggle to comprehend how your sales drive profit and the overall sales performance over time.

Moreover, too much sales data is confusing, especially if you lack the knowledge to evaluate and make informed deductions. Shopkeeper saves you from all this by providing the profit tracking feature.

The feature takes care of the calculations, considering all 72 Amazon fees and other costs related to your business.

In short, the profit tracking tool allows you to see how the sales and profits have been performing over time. You can easily draw inferences from this data and decide which products are worth your investment.

Shopkeeper’s profit tracking feature also summarizes the sales made on all your Amazon Marketplaces with an option to break down the data by region.

You can leverage the tool to see the expenses of the products sold, draw profit comparisons, and know when a product has been sold. This makes it quite easier to optimize your sales on Amazon marketplaces.

Inventory Forecast

Inventory Forecast

To succeed on any eCommerce site, you need to conduct timely analysis and projections of how your products will perform in the market. This allows you to plan on the inventory needed and prevent a stock pile-up of items that aren’t fast-moving.

One of the great benefits of Shopkeeper is an inventory forecast feature that predicts which items in your store will sell at what time.

The inventory forecast feature shows you how many units you have of each product sold on Amazon. Based on the previous sales data, it also shows you how long the stocks will last.

Similarly, Shopkeeper’s inventory forecast feature displays how many unit items you need to re-order with precise time projections to ensure you don’t run out of stock. Plus, it shows the total value of your items and the profit you could earn by selling them.

It’s worth noting that the inventory forecast feature performs all these functions considering the seasonality of products. For Amazon sellers, leveraging Shopkeeper’s inventory forecast feature is key in helping you streamline business operations and avoid playing catch-up.

It puts you ahead of the market trends in terms of knowing what customers want and at what time. The forecast will also benefit your business indirectly by helping you get 5-star ratings from your Amazon customers.

Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Shopkeeper helps you expand your knowledge of Amazon marketplaces and online store business by giving you free access to learning resources.

The tool has podcasts and software references to take you into a learning journey of deep marketplace issues and customer relationships.

The resources provide honest reviews of Shopkeeper’s alternatives and where they need to improve. As such, Shopkeeper ranks as one of the best learning resources if you want to know more about Amazon and its tools.

It’s also useful if you want to invest in Amazon FBA as it offers key insights that would otherwise take you long to learn.

Shopkeeper Review Features

Shopkeeper Review Features

After mastering Shopkeeper’s key features, it’s also important to know how the tool helps you get the most out of your Amazon marketplaces.

Key features and settings make Shopkeeper one of the best business management tools for every seller on Amazon. Here is a detailed look into some of these features;

Ease of Use

Shopkeeper has a clear online layout, favorable for experienced and junior Amazon sellers. Its simple interface is great and comprises a dashboard that displays your profits and sales in a digestible format.

You won’t find any difficulties interpreting the data on the dashboard. All information is available in clear tables and well-detailed according to your interests.


There’s no hidden information on the Shopkeeper App. If you want to review information in detail, you’ll easily find it on the main dashboard.

The App’s simple interface allows quick navigation to access more tools and figures needed for specific working information. Similarly, Shopkeeper comprises several dashboard customizations to help you display information relevant to your business.

Sales Plotting

One of the key features of Shopkeeper is the ability to plot the sales and profit figures against past business performance. The sales plotting report is crucial if you want to make data-backed decisions about your business operations.

It can help you change your inventory, create new pricing strategies, and plan new product launches.

Live Profit Margins

Shopkeeper provides highly digestible live profit and sales information. You can leave the Shopkeeper app running 24/7 and proceed to other important business functions knowing it will alert you if something critical arises.

This way, you won’t miss anything, and you’ll be better placed to see on your dashboard if any of your Amazon products have an issue.

Shopkeepers’ live profit margins are constantly updated based on fluctuating data. The tool also allows you to assess the data by product, marketplace, and country.

Great Customer Support

Shopkeeper has an excellent customer support team for all its users on Amazon marketplaces. The tool offers you numerous access options to a friendly customer support team that’ll help you deal with any issue on your site.

You can choose to use a free support email address or the live chat button within the dashboard itself. No matter the medium, the support team is always ready to take you step-by-step through any issues you have and ensure you get the most out of this amazing tool.

Shopkeeper Plans and Pricing

Shopkeeper Plans and Pricing

Shopkeeper provides customers with four excellent package plans. The plans have different offerings and command varying subscription prices.

Amazon sellers are free to choose a plan according to their business requirements.

  • The Novice Plan: This is a great plan for junior Amazon sellers with orders not exceeding 250 per month. The pricing for this plan is $20 per month.
  • The Intermediate Plan: The intermediate plan suits sellers with a bit of experience. Any Amazon seller making 250 to 100 orders per month can purchase this plan for $45 per month.
  • The Master Plan: This plan costs $90 per month. It’s perfect for sellers making 1000 – 5000 orders per month.
  • Ballin’ outta Control: This is for sellers with developed Amazon businesses. It costs $250 per month.


You can easily transform your eCommerce business by leveraging the Shopkeeper business intelligence tool. From this shopkeeper review, you can see that the tool helps Amazon sellers by providing vital business statistics and a range of pricing plans.

You’ll surely find Shopkeeper handy tool if you’re an Amazon seller keen on remaining on top of all the marketplace trends.


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