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The Best Walmart Ad Agencies To Boost Sales

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In the past several years, Walmart has built an eCommerce marketplace that competes with all the big players and presents enormous opportunities to online sellers. New sellers can take advantage of the 120 million visitors that Walmart.com sees every month to find new sales opportunities.

If you’re starting up on the Walmart marketplace or having a hard time finding sales, it can be beneficial to work with a Walmart ad agency to get visibility for your products.

An ad agency can offer sellers:

  • Custom ad strategies tailored to your business
  • Help setting up and managing your Walmart ad campaigns
  • Reporting on how your ad campaigns are working and if they are profitable

It is an extra expense (on top of your ad budget) to hire an agency, but doing so is an investment. You get a partner that will work with you to understand your brand, its unique selling proposition, and how to best position your products on Walmart for the quickest sales. Learn more about the best Walmart ad agencies available and why it is worth investing in.

How Does Walmart Advertising Work?

Although Walmart has offered display advertising for some time, it wasn’t until early 2020 that it launched its self-service ad platform for Walmart marketplace sellers.

Since then, Walmart has expanded its options for sellers to include a number of ad types:

  • Sponsored products: PPC advertising that allows you to increase the visibility of your products in the Walmart search results. Your products will appear higher than organic rankings and gain more visibility from searchers entering relevant keywords in the search field.
  • Banner advertising: Ads that showcase your brand and the products you offer in your store. This ad type isn’t available in the self-serve advertising section, so your brand will need to partner with Walmart for this ad type.
  • Product display ads: Also called catapult ads, they advertise featured products on the top of search-result item lists. But unlike sponsored ads, they use categories to surface product ads and appear whenever a user is in your chosen category.
  • Site search featured ads: Ads that allow brands to promote their products on product pages. People who click on your ads are taken to a brand page where they can view all your products and search/filter to what they want.

These ad types can all help you gain exposure within the Walmart marketplace. They place your brand above others, increase sales for optimized listings, and help gather data so you can grow your business.

What Is Walmart PPC Advertising?

One of the best parts about getting started with advertising on Walmart is that you can use a PPC model. That means you won’t get charged unless a shopper clicks on your product ad. This pricing model saves sellers money, especially when an ad doesn’t perform and receives zero clicks.  

The PPC model also provides a great way to measure the ROI of your campaigns. You already know how much you pay for clicks and can then measure your conversion rate by the cost per click. Once you gather data, you can optimize your product ads to increase conversions and profit.

Why Do I Need a Walmart Ad Agency?

Walmart offers a self-service advertising platform, so it’s possible for you to sign up and get started on your own. You may see some success doing this—but working with an experienced Walmart ad agency can speed up the process and help you see a bigger return.

Here are a few more key benefits of working with an advertising agency.

  • Saves time: Even though signing up for the Walmart ad network is simple, it takes time to manage ad campaigns. It’s also an ongoing process. Working with an ad agency cuts the work you have to do manually and gives you more time to focus on other tasks.
  • Data-driven campaign decisions: You have a lot of data about your customers as a business owner, but you may not have everything you need to launch a successful ad campaign. An experienced ad agency has data from multiple clients in the marketplace. You can use their expertise to launch data-driven campaigns that are more likely to see success right away.
  • Excellent data analytics: As mentioned, running marketing campaigns on Walmart will produce a lot of data. You’ll see which keywords get clicks, how many sales your ads produce, and much more. When you work with an agency, they will have the tools to produce great reports that parse this data into exactly what you need to know about your Walmart campaigns.
  • Campaign management and optimization: In most cases, you’ll have more than one active campaign when advertising on Walmart. You want to run tests on several keyword groups, price points, and products. You can rely on your ad partner to help create, manage, and optimize your Walmart ads for more successful campaigns.
  • Regular monitoring: Even if you have a successful campaign that produces profit, it may become less effective and could start losing money over time. A Walmart agency regularly monitors your active campaigns to look for problems or areas of improvement.
  • Insights into marketing and ad trends: New products and tactics emerge as consumer trends shift. If you aren’t aware of those changes, it can hurt your current marketing campaigns. An ad agency will be aware of new trends and update you on how you can adapt your ad campaigns.
  • Help with different marketplaces: Most companies don’t specialize in only one network—which means you can get help on other marketplaces like Amazon too. Doing this will help you grow your brand’s reach even more without additional help.

The Top Walmart Ad Agencies

Now that you understand more about Walmart advertising and why it makes sense to invest in an agency, here are some options for the best Walmart advertising agency to partner with.

1. Search Nurture

Search Nurture is one of the top PPC agencies offering services for several marketplaces—Walmart being one of them. Search Nurture stands apart from other agencies because of the customized approach used with clients.

To start, Search Nurture will set up a call to learn more about your Walmart business. During that time, you’ll get several tailored recommendations that will help you improve your Walmart store and ad campaigns. This process allows Search Nurture to then create a customized campaign tailored to what you need—not just a template reused for every client.

On top of a unique setup experience, Search Nurture offers many features to Walmart advertising clients:

  • Customized client dashboards that allow Search Nurture to effectively manage client campaigns and provide transparency 
  • Constant campaign monitoring to optimize ROI for your products
  • Great customer service so you get answers to any questions or concerns you have
  • Weekly and quarterly review meetings about campaign performance to make sure everyone is updated on the progress of your campaigns and business goals

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2. WebFX

WebFX is a results-focused agency—which means their goal is to focus on the best ways to increase revenue for their customers. 

Walmart advertising is one of the top services offered by WebFX. Not only will you get help optimizing your Walmart ads, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of copywriting, competitor analysis, shipping guidelines, and other services. 

WebFX also offers different tiers of services that include:

  • Category and subcategory suggestions
  • Walmart pricing structure training
  • Help with reviews 
  • Application help for new sellers on the marketplace
  • Continuous data to optimize clients’ campaigns

3. Tinuiti

Tinuiti not only serves Walmart sellers—but also Amazon, Target, and Instacart too.

Tinuiti stands out as a great Walmart ad agency because of its proprietary technology. They own a set of tools called Mobius that allow them to connect to several advertising platforms and optimize ad campaigns across each of them from a central location.

Tinuiti offers many other benefits for signing up, including: 

  • campaign setup
  • ad optimization
  • bidding optimization
  • custom performance reports 

4. Urtasker

Urtasker is a full-service ad agency helping sellers on Walmart get exposure for their products. They assist with product ads, sponsored products, banner ads, and other forms of Walmart advertising.

There are many benefits from working with Urtasker, including:

  • Optimized conversion rates
  • Reduced ad spend where possible
  • Finding new audiences for your products
  • Increased brand awareness

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Walmart Advertising FAQs

What Should I Look for in a Walmart Ad Agency?

Finding a Walmart agency that caters to your company’s unique needs is essential. Each ad agency offers a different level of service, so there are many features to consider when looking at your options.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when searching for the right Walmart ad agency:

  • Do I want to work with a professional agency or a smaller boutique service?
  • How much does it cost to hire an agency for the work?
  • Can I find positive reviews about this agency?

These questions will help you assess if the agency you’re thinking about using is right for you. Learn from other people’s experiences and read the reviews when possible. 

How Much Does a Walmart Ad Agency Cost?

Working with an ad agency may seem expensive. The top agencies are good at what they do, so they charge for the results they provide.

You’ll normally have three sets of costs when signing up for an ad agency:

  • Initial setup fee to create and optimize your campaign
  • Ongoing fee for monitoring and optimizing your campaign each month
  • Minimum ad spend on your advertising account

The amount you pay will depend on the level of service you need, the size of your marketing budget, the number of products, the size of the agency, and other factors. Many Walmart ad agencies offer different price tiers of service so you can choose what you need based on your products and your budget.

What Should I Ask Prospective Agencies?

It’s important to understand what to expect when you sign up for an ad agency’s services. Before you sign a contract, gain a better understanding of what to expect by asking the right questions. 

  • Will you create a custom campaign for my brand or use generic campaign templates?
  • Do you have case studies that demonstrate results?
  • How often do I receive results on work done, or do you offer a dashboard to view the current progress?
  • Do you offer any additional services with a contract?
  • What turnaround time do you have when I have questions (less than 24 hours)?
  • Do you have a minimum contract length?

Compare the answers from different agencies to see which one provides the support and services you need most.

What Other Services Can a Walmart Ad Agency Provide?

To run a successful ad campaign on an online marketplace like Walmart, sellers need detailed product information, keyword-rich content, and great product page images.

Many Walmart ad agencies can help with these things by offering additional services, such as:

  • Listing optimization
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Shipping guidelines
  • Competitor research
  • Data analytics and monitoring
  • Strategy sessions
  • Great customer service

Ask an ad agency what additional services they offer to see if you can utilize them to help grow your Walmart storefront outside of advertising.

If you’re looking for the best Walmart advertising company, Search Nurture offers the services you need. When you work with us, you get a partner that will come up with a marketing plan tailored to your business goals. Speak with our marketing professionals to learn how we can help your company grow in the Walmart marketplace.

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