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What Is Amazon Brand Registry

What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

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With over 2.4 million active sellers from across the globe doing business on Amazon, it is not out of place to have cases of intellectual property infringement.

Product listing issues, policy violations, and issues are also to be expected. That’s where the Amazon Brand Registry program comes into play.

It is in your best interest to qualify your Amazon store for the Brand Registry program if you are looking to get the best protection while selling on the world’s biggest e-commerce company.

This post will show you how to quality and sign up for the program.

Amazon Brand Registry: Why Should You Care?

What is Amazon Brand Registry and why is it important to you as a store owner?

The Brand Registry program is Amazon’s way of giving store owners improved protection. It also offers a series of advanced tools that can improve businesses and provide better customer experiences.

Safeguarding your brand from fraud, product counterfeiting issues, and violations should be your top priority as a store owner on Amazon.

Since Amazon launched its Brand Registry, enrolled brands have reported a 99% decrease in violations and infringements.

Here’s quick statistics to help you understand the impressive work Amazon is doing with the Brand Registry program.

The verification process has successfully halted more than 6 million violators and bad actor accounts before they could ever publish any listing on the platform.

But that’s not all. Thanks to the proactive nature of the company’s effective verification process, it has been able to prevent over 10 billion suspected bad listings before they ever got published on Amazon.

All of these and more are the reasons you should consider qualifying and sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry.

Who is Eligible for the Amazon Brand Registry Program?

Having an e-commerce business on Amazon doesn’t automatically mean you can benefit from the Brand Registry program.

In addition to owning a Seller Central or Vendor Central account on Amazon, you must meet certain eligibility requirements including:

  • Trademark registration: You must have a pending or active registered trademark in the country where you want to sign up for the program. Also, the trademark has to be issued by an authorized government trademark agency in selected countries, including the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and several others.
  • Proof of brand name: You must prove that you own the rights to the registered trademark. In other words, your trademark information must match your brand name exactly as it appears on the trademark record.

Unfortunately, you won’t qualify for the Amazon Brand Registry program if you currently don’t meet the eligibility requirements.

But all hope is not lost.

You can start the application process for a brand trademark in your country. However, the process may involve some application costs and can take up to several months.

Truth is, the longer you put off the trademark application process, the longer you miss out on Amazon’s premium protection program and risk facing unpleasant consequences of doing business without adequate protection.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand registry benefits

Indeed, the eligibility requirement for Amazon’s Brand Registry might seem like an uphill climb. This is especially true if you don’t already have the prerequisites.

However, the advantages of getting your Amazon store qualified for the Brand Registry program are well worth the hassle.

Some of the most important benefits include:

Get Better Protection for Your Product Listings

The top-most advantage of the Brand Registry is complete protection over your product listings on Amazon.

What this simply means is that you are in charge of the information that shows up on Amazon about your product listings. You can manage the information to make sure it is accurate. Plus, you get to decide how to promote your products.

Also, your brand gets to enjoy protection from suspected inaccurate content or infringements. The proactive process automatically removes any suspicious activity related to your brand.

In other words, your advertising data is protected. And Amazon will stop suspicious activities that attempt to use your brand to drive traffic to other people’s products.

All you have to do is provide Amazon with detailed information about your brand so it can protect you better.

Build Your Brand with A+ Content

The A+ Content allows you to create and display more attractive product listings. In addition to rich text, the feature lets you use high-quality images to showcase your product features and brand story to drive conversion.

Of course, eye-catching content can translate to increases sales, too!

That’s because many people tend to make buying decisions when they can see a better listing copy combined with visuals. And that’s exactly what you get with the A+ Content.

Leverage Amazon Brand Analytics

You have access to Amazon’s advanced Brand Analytics tool when you enroll in the Brand Registry program.

This tool can help you understand your target market, how they think, and what drives them to make buying decisions.

Brand Analytics provides you with your target customer behavior data reports as well as search terms.

This allows you to quickly identify the search terms customers type in more frequently and the best-performing products for your target audience.

This information eliminates any type of guesswork. Plus, it allows you to make more informed, strategic, and smarter business decisions.

Increase Your Sales

Having a significant increase in sales is a natural outcome that follows the removal of suspected fraudulent listings. This is especially the case if the bad actor accounts target products related to your brand.

With the counterfeits out of the way, your products have better chances of showing up on search results when shoppers type your search terms on the platform.

That means more people are likely to see and buy your products instead of fake listings.

Get Priority Support from Amazon

violation report form

You get to enjoy quick and efficient support from Amazon if you are enrolled in the Brand Registry program. 

Amazon will prioritize your reports of suspicious or fraudulent activity regarding your brand or products.

The company’s special team of investigators works round the clock to address any complaints from brands in the Brand Registry program. Potential infringements are typically responded to within a few hours.

Give Customers a Better Shopping Experience

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry is that it allows you to give your customers outstanding shopping experiences every time.

Enrolling in the program gives you access to tools that can improve your Amazon store, engage with customers more effectively, and stick out from the crowd.

You can use tools like the Sponsored Brand ads to get more shoppers to see your brand and drive more traffic to your store.

With the Sponsored Brand ads, your brand logo and custom headline will show up in very strategic areas on Amazon’s search result page. This means more people are likely to see what you have to offer.

As a Brand Registry beneficiary, you can also create a tailor-made Amazon storefront using the store builder feature to suit your business. While the store builder is pretty easy to use, it also comes with a range of templates to make things even a lot easier.

With these tools at your fingertips, shoppers will definitely have the best shopping experience while at your Amazon store.

How to Sign Up for Brand Registry

Sign up for brand registry

Before you apply for Amazon’s Brand Registry, make sure you already meet the requirements for the program.

You will be asked for your registered trademark and you can’t proceed with the application if you don’t provide that information.

When you are all set, follow the two steps below.

Step 1: Sign in to the Amazon Brand Registry

Access the Brand Registry by signing into your existing Seller Central or Vendor Central account with your credentials.

You can create an Amazon account if you don’t already have one.

Keep in mind that only the trademark owner can submit a Brand Registry application.

If you are an authorized agent, wait until the trademark owner enrolls the brand first before you add your account as an individual user.

Step 2: Enroll Your Brand

Next, you need to officially enroll your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry. Provide the following information to enroll your brand:

  • Brand name that matches your active registered trademark.
  • Trademark registration number. This is issued by the Intellectual Property office.
  • The product categories for which you want to list your brand.

Once Amazon verifies the information to be true and accurate, you will gain complete access to the features and benefits of the Brand Registry program.


If you’ve always wondered: what is Amazon Brand Registry? Now you know.

We highly recommend signing up for the program if you own a brand. In addition to better brand protection, the Brand Registry grants you access to several tools that can drive more sales, engage customers, and boost brand awareness.

This is Amazon’s way of letting brands leverage the opportunity to enforce their intellectual property rights, control their product listings, and access a wider range of high-converting marketing tools.

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