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Amazon FBA Box Size Limits

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon FBA Box Size Limits

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These days, you can find just about any product on Amazon, which also means you can sell any item on the platform., As an Amazon Seller, it’s important to consider the size of your products, because Amazon charges extra fees for oversized products. But how do you know if Amazon considers your package to be oversized?

Most e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, have product specifications that you need to adhere to as a seller. The e-commerce giant has set up a product size tiers page where you can get more information about the size and weight of the products you can sell on the platform. But, this pages may not talk about special oversize products or single unit weight that you have to maintain.

In the following guide, we have covered everything you guys should know about oversized products as an Amazon Seller.

What are Amazon FBA Box Size Limits?

Amazon has specific size and weight limits for items that are sent to its fulfillment centers through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. The general size and weight limits for standard-size items (non-oversize) are as follows:

Weight Limit:
Individual units: Up to 50 lbspounds (22.68 kg) per unit.

Size Limits:

  • The unit must be smaller than 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45.72 x 35.56 x 20.32 cm).
  • The packaging for the unit, when fully packaged, must be smaller than 25 inches on any side.

For oversize items, there are different size and weight limits. Oversized items are those that exceed the standard-size limits but are within the oversized limits. The specific oversize limits can vary, and there are different fees associated with oversize items. Here’s the information for how to determine if your Amazon considers your products to be oversized:

Oversize Product Size TierUnit WeightLongest SideMedian SideShortest SideLength + Girth
Small oversize70 lbs or less60 inches30 inchesn/a130 inches
Medium oversize150 lbs or less108 inchesn/an/a130 inches
Large oversize150 lbs or less108 inchesn/an/a165 inches
Special oversizeOver 150 lbsOver 108 inchesn/an/aOver 165 inches

Amazon considers items that exceed these specifications to be oversized and levies extra charges to ship them, in addition to applicable storage fees and special handling fees

What are the Costs Associated with Selling Oversized Products on Amazon?

The additional costs you would be paying when you sell oversized products on Amazon include:

  1. Packing fees: Packing fees start at $1 for standard products, going up to $8.40 for oversized products (Sometimes even up to $10.53 for special large products).
  2. Handling fees: There may be additional weight handling charges up to $0.92 per pound, depending on the shipping weight. Outbound shipping fees: Extra shipping charges may apply. You can find out the cost by dividing the weight of the package by 166, adding the packing weight charges, and rounding off the total to the nearest pound.
  3. Storage fees: You may need to pay storage charges. For oversized items, Amazon typically charges a monthly storage fee of $0.48 per cubic foot between January and September. The price bumps up to $1.20 per cubic foot for the holiday season, October through December. for every cubic foot. So, the more oversized the item, the higher the storage fees.

In addition to all these, consider that you might have to pay shipping charges.

How Can You Tell if a Package is Oversized?

THow can you know if a package is oversized if you don’t have it in front of you? Well, all you need to do is upload a comma-separated value (CSV) batch file containing details like the UPC, EAN, or ASIN codes to Amazon. To do this, feed data related to the product or item, such as weight, cost, and product code, into the respective fields, and you should be able to calculate the shipping weight of the package.

After doing this, you will get a report to know about the lowest shipping charges and weight. The information that you get here should help you to decide how to ship your package. You already know the packing fees. So, use this information to determine other charges in the case of oversize Amazon products.

How to Know Amazon’s Product Size Tier?

If you want to know the product size tier of a package you are about to ship, you must first understand the weight and the FBA oversize dimensions. Also, if you are selling special oversized items, you must know their weights, whereas, for other products, you need to look at their single unit and dimensional weights.

You can use the following formula to estimate the dimensional weight. These numbers can help you identify Amazon oversize products in bulk.

Dimensional Weight = Length * Breadth * Height / DIM Factor (139).

You should know the product size tier to keep things without hassle. Special handling from Amazon may depend on these numbers.

What are Amazon FBA Box Sizes

Amazon FBA boxes usually come in standard sizes. The boxes shouldn’t exceed 25 inches on either side for standard-size items, while oversized items can exceed this limit. Also, no shipping charges will be levied if the parcel is larger than an oversized package,. Of course, the calculations are based on weight and dimensions.

Amazon FBA Box sizes

In such cases, fulfillment centers may sometimes refuse to ship the items.

Another thing to consider is the weight of the boxes. The weight should not, at any time, be more than 50 lbs for standard items. If the item exceeds 50 lbs or is oversized, that item should have labels such as ‘Team Lift.’ Also, if the weight is over 100 lbs, that package should be labeled as ‘Mechanical Lift.’

Amazon Oversize Fees for Dangerous vs. Non-dangerous Goods?

Both non-dangerous and dangerous goods are categorized under small oversize, medium oversize, large oversize, and special oversize. However, fulfillment costs may vary depending on the risk factor of the package contents.

Amazon’s Non-Dangerous Oversized Product Fees

Non-Dangerous Oversize Product TierShipping WeightMax DimensionFulfillment Fee per Unit
Small oversize70 lbs or less60” x 30”$9.73 + $0.42/lb above first lb
Medium oversize150 lbs or less108” (longest side)$19.05 + $0.42/lb above first lb
Large oversize150 lbs or less108” (longest side)$89.98 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lbs
Special oversizeOver 150 lbs>108” (longest side)$158.49 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lbs

Amazon’s Dangerous Oversized Product Fees

When it comes to dangerous goods, the Amazon fulfillment fees are as follows. They are also based on weight and dimensions.

Dangerous Oversize Product TierShipping WeightMax DimensionFulfillment Fee per Unit
Small oversize70 lbs or less60” x 30”$10.48 + $0.42/lb above first lb
Medium oversize150 lbs or less108” (longest side)
$19.92 + $0.42/lb above first lb
Large oversize150 lbs or less108” (longest side)$101.91 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb
Special oversizeOver 150 lbs>108” (longest side)
$179.28 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb

What are the Amazon FBA Fees for Standard Products?

For standard products, there are two categories: apparel and other products. As far as goods that are not dangerous are concerned, the FBA rates are as follows

Fees for Standard Size Products (Non-Apparel)

Standard Product Size Tier and WeightFulfillment Fee Per Unit
Small standard4 oz or less$3.22
Small standard4+ to 8 oz$3.40
Small standard8+ to 12 oz$3.58
Small standard12+ to 16 oz$3.77
Large standard4 oz or less$3.86
Large standard4+ to 8 oz$4.08
Large standard8+ to 12 oz$4.24
Large standard12+ to 16 oz$4.75
Large standard1+ to 1.5 lbs$5.40
Large standard1.5+ to 2 lbs$5.69
Large standard2+ to 2.5 lbs$6.10
Large standard2.5+ to 3 lbs$6.39
Large standard3+ lb to 20 lbs$7.17 + $0.16/half-lbs abovefirst 3 lbs

Fees for Standard Size Apparel Products

Apparel Product Size Tier and Shipping WeightFulfillment Fee per Unit
Small standard4 oz or less$3.43
Small standard4+ to 8 oz$3.58
Small standard8+ to 12 oz$3.87
Small standard12+ to 16 oz$4.15
Large standard4 oz or less$4.43
Large standard4+ to 8 oz$4.63
Large standard8+ to 12 oz$4.84
Large standard12+ to 16 oz$5.32
Large standard1+ to 1.5 lb$6.10
Large standard1.5+ to 2 lb$6.37
Large standard2+ to 2.5 lb$6.83
Large standard2.5+ to 3 lb$7.05
Large standard3+ lb to 20 lb$7.17 + $0.16/half-lbabove first 3 lb


You will incur additional charges for selling oversized products on Amazon and other online platforms. It’s worth calculating and understanding the weight and dimensions before putting an item up for sale so you can adjust your budget for these additional fees. Also, the sizes vary depending on several factors, such as location and the type of item.

Pay attention to all these factors when you sell products on the e-commerce platform and don’t forget to use the standard formula to determine the dimensional weight of the packages so that you know how heavy they are and if you can ship them.

A proper analysis of weight and dimensions will be of great help in your FBA selling journey.

Amazon FBA Box Size Limits FAQS

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