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Amazon Seller Report 2024: Key Stats & Trends Revealed

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The Amazon marketplace is an amazing opportunity for individual and corporate sellers to reach new customers. With 300 million active customers worldwide, you can grow a global brand using Amazon’s resources without building an entire distribution network.

In 2020, Amazon’s net sales reached $386 billion, a 38% increase from the previous year. And things aren’t slowing down for the 2.5 million active sellers on the platform. However, it isn’t enough to just have an Amazon store. If you don’t understand the current landscape of the Amazon marketplace and its selling trends, you won’t be able to compete.

graphic about amazon selling trends and stats in 2023

Luckily, Jungle Scout created an Amazon selling trends report that covers all the details about what’s happening on Amazon, including selling trends that will help Amazon sellers make better business decisions. We’re diving into the trends report and pulling out the essential parts, so you can learn how much commerce happens on the Amazon platform, product categories worth considering, changes in consumer behavior, and strategies Amazon sellers are using to get a leg up.

Amazon Seller Report Overview

The Amazon State of the Seller Report is an annual report from Jungle Scout that covers important insights about the Amazon marketplace for the year. Jungle Scout collects a lot of data about Amazon products and sellers through its tools and surveys, which provides unique insights unavailable to the general public.

Here are some key features of the report:

  • Emerging product categories
  • Evolving seller strategies
  • Consumer behavior shifts
  • Amazon best selling stats
  • Pricing trends
  • Sales data

On top of the information from 2024, the report also explains how trends change over time using stat visualization like the Amazon best-selling over-time stats graph.

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Amazon Selling Stats

Analyzing Amazon selling stats can help you effectively price your products and sell more stock of the items people want. The Jungle Scout Report shows the top-selling categories on Amazon and their yearly sales trends to help sellers identify categories with high potential for sales growth.

Here are the biggest insights to consider when looking at the Amazon sales trend data.

Top Selling Categories

The Jungle Scout product category report provides many details about the best-selling products on Amazon. You’ll see which categories make up most of Amazon’s sales and how these categories fluctuated in sales since 2022.

According to the report, here are the top five Amazon categories in 2024:

  • Home and kitchen
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  • Toys and games
  • Health, household, and baby care

The report also shows how the sales data has shifted in specific categories. For instance, in 2024 there was a downtrend in non-essential items, like toys, games, and arts and crafts. On the other hand, there were increases in home, kitchen, personal care, clothing, and other essential items during the year.

Product Data

You can dive into the product data from the Amazon trends report to start narrowing down how other businesses supply and stock their products for the best results. Since you know what’s popular from the category data, you can then dig deeper into those sections to find the most popular products and learn more about their logistics.

Outside of the trends report, you can check out the reviews for each product in the high-potential category you’re interested in, see what people don’t like, and create something that capitalizes and addresses those problems for increased sales.Amazon reviews are a vital part of a successful product. 

Pricing Data

Correct pricing on Amazon is critical, and pricing data can help sellers understand how to price their items for the most sales. If an item is underpriced, consumers may question the quality. On the other hand, prices that are too high will turn consumers off and drive them to more affordable options.

The pricing data from the report shows that specific price ranges increase sales in the Amazon marketplace. The two primary price ranges are: 

  • $16–20 
  • $31–50 

If you want to sell volume, products in this range will get you the best results.

You may struggle more if you sell higher-priced products. Items that sell for over $100 only make up 2% of sales on Amazon.

This information can help you think about the best and most competitive pricing for your products.

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Amazon Selling Trends

The Jungle Scout report also covers additional product, customer, and seller data helpful for analyzing emerging trends. You can learn which products are gaining traction, consumer behavior changes, and seller strategy shifts.

Emerging Categories

As the economy and consumer trends change, there are similar changes in the popularity of Amazon product categories. Some previously popular categories see a downtrend and lose a lot of sales volume, while new trendy products will improve sales in other categories.

For 2024, one thing you can see in the trends report is more sales for essential products. There’s been growth in the following categories throughout the year: 

  • home
  • clothes
  • electronics
  • baby
  • pets
  • appliances

Although some new up-trends exist in various non-essential categories—such as collectibles, sports, outdoors, and video games—other larger categories, like toys and crafting, have decreased in the past year. 

Examine emerging and non-emerging categories to know where to put your efforts to capitalize on growing trends.

Consumer Behavior Changes

Shoppers already moved much of their shopping to the internet, but when COVID-19 hit in 2020, that trend accelerated even more. Although some people have returned to buying products in person, many people prefer the ease of buying online. This has opened new opportunities for businesses, new and old, to gain more customers.

Use the consumer demographic data in the Amazon trends report to discover who is buying in popular categories, including their ages, where they work, and their income level.. If you can capitalize on a growing trend before other sellers and market it to the right people, you can establish your Amazon store and grow your company’s profits.

Changing Amazon Seller Strategies

Several shifts in selling strategies have occurred in 2024 for Amazon sellers. As business costs continue to rise with the supply-chain rate increases, businesses are trying to minimize their costs and find opportunities in new markets through the following strategies.

  • Private label products
  • International expansion

The private-label route is a popular method for building a brand on Amazon on a smaller budget. Established brands with quality products will white-label their products and sell to companies that want to use their own branding on them. The private-label selling strategy has gotten so popular that 54% of companies on Amazon use private label products.

This is good for companies that want to get set up quickly. Small business owners can look at an Amazon best-selling over-time trends graph to see which products are suitable for private labels. Once you determine a winner, you can create a brand logo and work with a manufacturer to produce your private-label product.

This method is also a great way to test markets. If you’re a manufacturer with a proven product, you can sell to other brands to increase sales without thinking as much about the consumer side of the business.

For international expansion, business owners can use Amazon’s international marketplaces to get started. You can expand your brand’s reach to 19 countries by setting your brand up on these platforms. Just keep in mind that the Amazon best-selling trends you see at home may not apply internationally. But if you find during your research that your product sells well elsewhere, it’s a big opportunity to grow your global sales.

Analysis of Amazon Selling Stats & Trends

Now that you know more about what’s in the Amazon selling report, it’s time to use that data to help you develop a selling strategy for 2024. So, what does this data tell us about how to succeed on Amazon?

Focus on the Right Items

Although you can likely find some customers for a niche product that doesn’t have many buyers on Amazon, it’s hard to grow a large business doing this. If you want to build a large brand, you need to stick with the best-selling products—which means understanding which product categories sell best and capitalizing on the trends in those sections.

By analyzing the top categories and what other sellers do to supply, stock, advertise, and sell their products, you can also learn how to list and market yours. 

Use the Right Advertising

Advertising Amazon products has changed over the past few years. Facebook still makes up a large portion of advertising, but that number has dropped over the past year. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all saw decreases.

Sellers did start investing more marketing dollars in newer advertising platforms. TikTok and YouTube ads saw the biggest increases, with LinkedIn, Snapchat, and YouTube channels also increasing.

Besides social media, eCommerce platforms were the top area for ad spending—although that number has decreased by 6% since last year. Amazon ads use remained consistent. With this form of advertising right on the platform, you can directly target Amazon customers with the relevant keywords and product categories.

Optimize Product Listings 

Understanding Amazon trends is a great way to optimize your product listings. As time goes on, the way consumers search for products will change based on their problems and new products on the market.

Understanding these search trends will help you optimize the content on your listing. You can switch to keywords people are using more to gain more exposure. An understanding of product trends will also help you find companion products for your best sellers. You’ll know which products to create and offer alongside your best sellers to increase your average order value.

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Wrapping Up Amazon’s 2024 Seller Trends

graphic about amazon's seller trends in 2023

Jungle Scout’s 2024 seller report is an excellent resource for sellers to gain insight into what’s happening in the Amazon marketplace. It offers many valuable insights, such as:

  • Product categories that are trending
  • Advertising shifts
  • Seller behavior
  • Amazon business models
  • Product sourcing data
  • Seller challenges
  • Amazon profitability

Each of these data points is information you can use to optimize your Amazon business. You can make better product choices, advertise in the right places, and expand your selling operation.

But it’s important to remember that Amazon’s marketplace is constantly shifting. Consumer trends change, and some products fall off the map. You must constantly stay updated on what’s happening each year to make informed decisions to help your business thrive.

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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