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Jungle Scout Vs AMZ Scout Review

Jungle Scout Vs AMZ Scout – Which Tool is Best for FBA

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A marketplace like Amazon is filled with tons of product competition. It’s up to sellers to do their product research to stay ahead of the game. For this reason, product research extensions and product trackers are crucial for sellers to stay ahead of the curve.

There are many different browser extensions on the market that have their unique features and way of working. Two of these options are Jungle Scout Vs AMZ scout.

These are both product research tool options that survey products on the Amazon market, collect metrics, and give you an overall look at the Amazon marketplace.

Below, we’ll get into their specific features of AMZ scout vs Jungle and discuss which scout will work best for you.

What is Amazon Jungle Scout?

You might be wondering, does Amazon own jungle Scout? 

While it is for Amazon FBA products, Jungle Scout is an independent product tracker specified for the Amazon market. It’s a product research tool available to Amazon fulfilled (FBA) sellers. It is available in two ways: a web app and Chrome extension. 

When using the Jungle web app, sellers will need to sign up using an Amazon account. However, when using the Chrome extension, sign up isn’t required. 

You might know of other seller tools like Viral Launch. However, many sellers think Jungle Scout is better because of its features.

Jungle Scout Vs AMZ Scout


Product history

Jungle Scout provides sellers with a vast product history compared to what’s shown with AMZ Scout. With Jungle Scout, Amazon sellers can view a product’s price history, as well as distinguish between the product’s price on Amazon and competing marketplaces.

Sales Data

Jungle Scout accurately maintains the data of sales from products sold all over the Amazon marketplace. This data includes:

  • Amazon Seller Rankings
  • Product pricing
  • Units of products sold
  • Available stock inventory
  • Product history
  • Opportunity score
  • And more!

Sales data lets you know how a product has sold over time as well as it’s performance on the market. Products ranked high on the Amazon product list are rated using the PPC (pay per click) publishing method. This is known to be a more successful way to track competition when using a product tracker.

Listing Quality Score (LQS)

The Jungle Scout Listing Quality Score gives FBA sellers the ability to track product ratings from a 1 to 5 point system. This feature allows sellers to make comparisons with their products when listing them and make improvements where needed. This feature is less specific than AMZ scout.

Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension is the same interface as the jungle scout web app. The only difference is that its operating speed is slightly faster than the Chrome extension of AMZ scout. The interface has received recent updates that make it faster.


Jungle Scout is available to Amazon FBA sellers through three different plan options that are payable as monthly subscriptions or on an annual basis. The plans are:

  • Basic Plan: For $19 per month as an annual payment or $39 per month as a monthly payment
  • Suite Plan: $49 per month as an annual payment or $69 per month as a monthly payment
  • Professional Plan: $84 per month as an annual payment or $129 per month as a monthly payment
Jungle Scout Pricing Vs AMZ Scout

Jungle Scout doesn’t offer a free trial. To replace a free trial, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for anyone who isn’t satisfied with the services.

Worldwide Marketplace Support

Jungle Scout web app and Chrome extension are available in:

  • The United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Canada
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • Spain

Supplier Database

Jungle Scout premiered a supplier database for the customers and Amazon sellers who need to find legitimate and qualified suppliers with a successful history with other well-known brands.

The database provides access to these verified suppliers easily so that sellers can efficiently market their products.

Keyword Scout

The Keyword Scout tool allows users to find those high-quality keywords that generate the most searches, pay-per-click bids, and other related keyword searches.

The keyword scout is a great way to get your product found on Amazon. It also is a feature that becomes more accurate with your use over time.


Launch is a Jungle Scout tool for Amazon sellers to utilize when doing any product promotions or send automated outreach emails to prior customers.

Launch allows you to check in on your customers and see if they have any product issues, feedback, reviews, etc. It’s a great way to troubleshoot issues that may have come up to drive future sales for your business.

Inventory Manager

An inventory manager is a tool that allows sellers to manage and keep track of their inventory. The data-driven approach allows sellers to predict the amount of stock they’ll need, and when they need to re-up. This helps avoid stock-outs or backorder fees in the future. The more you can automate inventory planning, the smoother your business will run.

Read our Jungle Scout full review here. Or jump straight to our discounts page here.

What is AMZ Scout?

AMZ Scout is a similar product tracker to Jungle Scout.

Overall, AMZ Scout is accurate in displaying and maintaining current product data. It has been criticized as being slightly less accurate than Jungle Scout. In the U.S., however, it is more accurate than in other countries.

AMZ Scout Vs Jungle Scout

Features of AMZscout’s product database are nearly identical to Jungle Scout, and it is available as a web app as well as a Chrome extension. AMZ scout does have more satisfied users at a cheaper monthly subscription than other scouts like Viral Launch.

When it comes to selling FBA products, a product tracker extension needs to cover the basics: searches, tracking, FBA fee calculations, estimated sales, and comparisons with other markets. Although Amz scout covers these metrics, it all happens in a web app, not a Chrome Amazon extension.

Let’s get into the features of this extension below.


Product History

When looking at AMZscout compared to Jungle, the product history available on AMZ isn’t as broad. It is possible to search product database history filtering by day, weeks, months, or years. It’s also possible to specifically track holiday or seasonal sales trends.

Amzscout Pro Extension

The AmzScout pro extension is similar to the Jungle Scout chrome extension.

Jungle scout claim an accuracy score of 84.1% vs AmzScout 44.3%. This is based on Jungles Scouts own data. Based on our own data we have found AmzScouts chrome extension using the pro version (paid) to be not far off especially when looking at sales estimates.

Listing Quality Score (LQS)

The Listing Quality Score feature runs much more efficiently with Amz Scout vs Jungle scout. It lists the product rating on a point system of 1 to 100, rather than 1-5.

The LCS covers the:

  • Name length
  • Product descriptions and images
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • FBA status
  • And more

Overall, it gives more product research compared to Jungle Scout.


Like Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout offers 3 different subscriptions:

  • Basic Package: $19.99 per month or $119.99 per year
  • Start Package: $29.99 per month or $179.99 per year
  • Business Package: $39.99 per month or $239.99 per year

AMZ Scout does offer a 7-day free trial, so you can decide if it provides you with the services you need.

Further reading: Check out the AmzScout pro extension to see what this tool can do for you.

Software Updates

AMZ Scout undergoes regular software updates that cover routine maintenance for interface speed and bug extermination. Because the web app runs faster than the Chrome extension, the software updates are an important feature to ensure an Amazon seller is satisfied with its performance. If you don’t update the Chrome extension regularly, you’ll wish you went with Jungle Scout.

Supported Marketplaces

AMZ Scout is a product database available in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • India
  • Japan

You’ll notice that there is a difference in countries available when it comes to AMZscout vs Jungle scout.

Check out our full AMZ Scout Pro review here for a more in depth breakdown of the tool.

FBA Fee Calculator

The FBA Fee calculator calculates the estimated level of sales and income across products on the Amazon market. It shows the information on rights reserved by Amazon commissions and product specifications like size and weight.

This AMZ Scout tool helps you understand boosts to your revenue and decide what markets across countries work best for your product.

Conclusion of AmzScout vs Jungle Scout in 2022

If you’re interested in selling an Amazon product in 2022, AmzScout and Jungle Scout are both popular product research tools that work. Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout offer sellers the ability to list their products and streamline their business with helpful tools for inventory, keywords, and other extensions of the product market that are important for competing in such a large marketplace.

There are many similarities between product research capabilities of Jungle scout and AMZ. Both are great options for Amazon sellers – it all comes down to what features you need and what you’re like to pay for a product scout.

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