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AMZ Watcher Review – Affiliate Links Checker

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Running an affiliate website can be very profitable. However, keeping tabs on all the links you make available to your readers (and potential buyers) can be a grueling process. You may promote dozens or even hundreds of products, depending on the size of your website. Tracking your affiliate links can become a confusing, jumbled mess.

Simplify the process with AMZ Watcher, one of the best Amazon affiliate tools in the industry. Read our AMZ Watcher review to understand what this tool is and its features, pros, cons, and pricing.

What Is AMZ Watcher?

Before we get into our in-depth AMZ Watcher review, we’ll offer a brief introduction to this tool. Its creators designed it to give Amazon affiliates a way to:

  • Discover other affiliate programs for almost any link
  • Signal out missing Amazon affiliate tags
  • Identify broken and missing affiliate links to Amazon
  • Receive notifications for unavailable products
  • Export and track their information

AMZ Watcher’s Features

Now that you have a basic overview of what this tool is, we’ll use the next part of our review to explore AMZ Watcher’s specific features:

Alert Notifications

To kick off this review, we’d like to mention the tool’s convenient email notification system. It’ll send you emails whenever any of your products become unavailable or out of stock. You’ll get these notifications daily, so you’ll never be out of the loop.

Monitoring of Amazon Affiliate Links

AMZ Watcher audits product availability and any affiliate link on your site. As a result, you’ll receive the status of broken Amazon links and unavailable products. And, you’ll be able to present functional, relevant links to your buyers.

Location of Missing Affiliate Tags

This review wouldn’t be comprehensive without mentioning the tool’s ability to locate missing affiliate tags.

It checks which links on your site have designated affiliate tags and which ones don’t. From there, you can add a link or affiliate tag and achieve higher revenue.

Excellent User Interface & Dashboard

AMZ Watcher has an intuitive interface and dashboard. Here, you can monitor and analyze deals by raising your net revenues to realistic yet impressive scales.

Your entire Amazon affiliate portfolio is always available at the click of a button, so you’ll always have a good idea of your performance. If you aren’t reaching the metrics you’re hoping for, you can use the information available to make corrections.

Easy-to-Understand Reporting

As part of its services, AMZ Watcher gives every affiliate website owner a HealthScore. This tracking method categorizes every link on your site by labeling it as one of four options:

  • A 404 not-found link
  • A link to an unavailable product
  • A link to a product that’s out of stock
  • A good link

With these categorizations, you’ll get a good idea of how your entire Amazon affiliate site performs. All of this information is available to you at the click of a button, so you won’t have to do a deep-dive search for it.

CSV Data Exportation

One of the features we can’t avoid mentioning in this AMZ Watcher review is how the tool offers users the ability to export their information via a CSV file easily.

Your business may require access to your data across multiple platforms. Have easy, instant access to it by exporting it as a CSV file whenever you need it.

Does AMZ Watcher Only Monitor Relate to Amazon?

In this review, we strive to help you understand how to make the most of AMZ Watcher.

Based on its name, you may think that this quality software only relates to Amazon. However, this is far from the truth.

AMZ Watcher locates the products you link out to and ensures customers can land on the proper Amazon pages. However, this tool’s work doesn’t end here. It also checks other stores that have affiliate programs. Some of these stores include Wayfair, Target, Walmart, CJ, Skimlinks, and ShareASale.

AMZ Watcher understands that while Amazon is a successful platform for affiliate site owners, it’s also pretty saturated. Amazon runs a massive operation, so it doesn’t care as much about its affiliate partners as it used to.

So, this tool helps you test new affiliate programs and widen your profit sources. After long-term use, you won’t rely so heavily on Amazon — instead, you’ll broaden your marketing efforts across the Internet.

AMZ Watcher Pricing

amz watcher review

Unfortunately, AMZ Watcher isn’t available for free. However, there are four different plans to choose from, and each is available at a reasonable cost. You can pay from month to month or save some money by signing up for your plan a year in advance.

Read a review of each of the different plans so you can decide which one is right for you:


The Starter plan is often enough for most website owners who are just getting their affiliate marketing programs up and running. Once you sign up and log in on this plan, the tool will perform 5,000 page checks per month across three websites.

Some of the basic online management services you’ll get include:

  • Uncapped daily page checks
  • Daily checking and reporting
  • The discovery of incorrect and missing affiliate tags
  • Checks on international Amazon stores
  • The discovery of any broken link or low-quality product

This plan costs around $20 per month, which is more than reasonable to make up for lost revenue and get your online affiliate business back on track.


The Standard plan is a step up from the Starter plan. It offers users many of the same perks with a few excellent additions.

For one, you’ll upgrade to 10,000 page checks per month across five websites. And, the software begins to find alternatives to online Amazon products on the Standard plan.

The Standard plan costs users around $35 per month when they pay monthly.


Portfolio is the most popular AMZ Watcher plan. From the customer reviews we’ve read, it offers the best value for your money. For about $50.00 per month, you’ll receive 20,000 page checks across ten sites.

Priority support kicks in at this tier. You won’t have to Google your questions or concerns frantically. As a Portfolio plan user, you’ll get access to priority live chat and email support right on your browser. Comment on anything you’d like and the AMZ Watcher team will efficiently offer its help.


The Tycoon plan is the best option for high-scale SEO operations. Is your company responsible for dozens of websites? What about hundreds or thousands? No worries! Under the Tycoon option, AMZ Watcher will conduct 50,000 page checks per month across an unlimited number of websites. The sky’s truly the limit with the Tycoon option.

However, you shouldn’t automatically sign up for this option if you don’t need it. It’s a bit on the pricy side — you’ll pay around $125 per month to be a Tycoon member. If you anticipate many of the page checks going to waste, consider taking a step down toward the Portfolio option.

If your operation does require the Tycoon option, make sure to get two months free by signing up for the entire year in advance. That’s 20% in savings!


AMZ Watcher doesn’t offer much information about the Enterprise option on its website. However, we know that it’s meant for large teams that manage many product links or have other specific management needs that one of the above plans can’t meet.

You’ll need to reach out to the company’s staff to discuss the precise details of your business’s Enterprise plan. However, past reports and reviews indicate that most customers won’t require such an extensive plan.

AMZ Watcher Pros & Cons

To offer a fair, all-inclusive review, we’ve assembled a list of the pros and cons of this quality Amazon affiliate tool:


  • Available around the world in several international Amazon stores (including the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Canada)
  • Operates on its own (no plugin required)
  • Allows for easy data exportation via a CSV file
  • In-depth reports are available at the touch of a button
  • Tracks affiliate programs across multiple platforms (not just Amazon)
  • Fair pricing for each of the four different plans
  • Sends daily email notifications to alert you of broken links and unavailable products
  • Great for everyone, including small site owners and full-time SEO experts and marketing affiliates


  • No free version
  • Still not available in certain countries like China, Japan, and Italy

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading our AMZ Watcher review, you may still have some unanswered questions. Check out some of the common questions, asked and answered, about AMZ Watcher:

How often can I check for broken Amazon links?

You can pick how often AMZ Watcher scans for broken Amazon links. It comes with the option of every 1, 3, or 5 days. This software also offers increments for every 1, 2, or 4 weeks.

Is there a daily page check limit?

No. The tool determines your limit by the plan you’re on. If you’re on the Tycoon subscription, it’s possible to perform all 50,000 checks in a single day. After that, you won’t have any more left for the 30-day cycle.

Does AMZ Watcher require a plugin?

No, you don’t need a plugin to use AMZ Watcher. It’s quality software that doesn’t require any complicated installation on your part. It works well across multiple browsers, including Google Chrome and Safari.

Does AMZ Watcher save my digital information?

This quality tool stores your historical data so that you can access it for up to one year at a time. Use this data to link out to updated Amazon products or update missing affiliate links.

What payment methods does AMZ Watcher accept?

You may pay using Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Maestro cards. It also accepts Bitcoin, PayPal payments, and cash via a bank transfer.

Does this tool come with hidden fees or setup charges?

Nope! AMZ Watcher’s pricing plans are very transparent. What you sign up for is exactly what you’ll pay for. You’ll never get locked into a long-term commitment. Plus, you can always visit your dashboard to change or cancel your subscription if necessary.

What happens if I stop paying for AMZ Watcher?

Once you cancel your membership, the software will stop checking your website for broken and unavailable Amazon products. You’ll also lose access to your stored data, so make sure to save and export it beforehand.

Is there a free trial?

If you pay for a monthly subscription, you have seven days to ask for a refund. However, the company can deny your request if it notices high account activity during this period.

You may only ask for a refund when you pay the full monthly price. Refunds aren’t eligible for those who use coupons or pay a year in advance.

Why is AMZ Watcher important?

AMZ Watcher helps you recover lost profits caused by defective Amazon links and outperform your competitors.

To round out this AMZ Watcher review, we’d like to offer you a real-life example.

Pretend you run one website that contains ten commercial posts and two unique Amazon links in each post. Your website portfolio makes around $3,000 per 30 days. If 10% of your links are broken Amazon products, you’ll miss out on $300 per 30 days.

A lot of affiliate program owners comment that broken Amazon products hurt their overall earnings. AMZ Watcher can catch these broken Amazon products and encourage you to create new ones. As a result, this software will drive up your bottom line.

Conclusion — Addressing Broken Amazon Affiliate Links with AMZ Watcher

So, is AMZ Watcher the Amazon link checker we have all been waiting for. Short answer is yes! Do they offer the value you’re looking for? Are there any free or paid apps that outperform it?

From our experience and reading customer reviews, we can confidently say that AMZ Watcher is one of the best tools of its kind. It doesn’t come with an overwhelming number of features and functions. Its goal is simple — to help website owners optimize their affiliate marketing strategies.

When you sign up for this tool, you have the option to save my name, email, and website in this browser. Then, you’ll have instant access to all your information at the touch of a button.

Once you sign up, you can log in and start seeing increased revenue for your company within a couple of days. Be sure to get started today!

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