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ASIN Number: Everything You Need to Know

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Today, Amazon has surpassed Google when it comes to search results. When you look for a product on Google, you will find the first few results will be by Amazon. It has become the world’s leading e-commerce store. Initially, Amazon only sold books. As the e-commerce store gained popularity, it began adding multiple products to the site.

But managing so many products wasn’t easy. That is when Amazon came up with a system. They introduced identification numbers. ASIN is just one of the many numbers. UPC, ISBN, GTN-14, and EAN are other numbers used to categorize products on Amazon.

What is an ASIN number?

Amazon has 353 million products in its catalog. With the help of an identification number, Amazon can keep track of all the products. The ASIN is alphanumeric. If you plan to run a business through Amazon, you need to have an Amazon ASIN.

You cannot sell items without specific identification codes. Anyone who wants to sell on Amazon needs to have an ASIN number. All products except for books require an ASIN number. If you are selling books, then you will need an ISBN. ASIN is a 10-digit number.

Amazon’s Identification number is not internationally standardized. National Amazon sites require specific ASINs.

What ASIN Stands For?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. If you want to sell a product on Amazon, you need to have an ASIN number. Every product that is sold on the e-commerce website has an ASIN. It helps customers find the right product.

For example, you are looking for a particular watch. There might be multiple product pages for the watch. That means many people are selling the same watch.

Importance of ASIN’s to Amazon and sellers          

Amazon ASIN is essential for both sellers and customers. It is also the most effective way to monitor inventory. With the help of the unique identification number, customers can find their product with ease. Amazon has millions of products in its catalog. Buyers often find it challenging to find the exact product.

They might spend hours looking for the product. But because there are so many products, the particular item does not turn up in search results. Endlessly searching for a product can become frustrating. By putting the ASIN number in the search bar, customers can easily find the desired product.

Sellers also benefit from the Amazon Standard Identification Number. They can see how many other competitors are selling the same product. Amazon does not allow sellers to create a new ASIN number. Most of the items sold by people already exist on Amazon’s product catalog.

If Amazon allows you to create a new ASIN code, that means your product is unique. When you have your very own ASIN, there is very little competition. Being able to create your identification number is rare. But every once in a while, a product is not listed on Amazon. In that case, you will be allowed to create a new Amazon ASIN number.

ASIN is vital for Amazon’s smooth functioning. Managing millions of products can be overwhelming. That is why an identification number is so crucial. It helps Amazon index catalog pages. ASIN is also essential to track inventory, oversee orders, and avoid counterfeit sales.

How can I find my ASIN ?

Where to Find the ASIN Number on Amazon

When individuals want to sell a product on Amazon, they need to look up their ASIN number. One item can have multiple sellers. But the ASIN number for that product will be the same. Even though numerous people are selling an item, the Amazon ASIN number for that item will be consistent.

What Is The ASIN Creation Policy?

If you create an ASIN for an existing product, Amazon will suspend your account. The suspension can be temporary or permanent. Sometimes sellers accidentally make a new ASIN for an existing item. In that case, Amazon ends up merging the product pages.

Merging of product pages can be bad for a seller. It becomes harder for a consumer to find a particular product. It is better to search for the existing ASIN and use it to list your item. A seller can manage everything from Amazon Seller Central.

You can find your ASIN using three different ways.

#1 Use the URL of the Amazon Product Listing

When you type in the URL in the search bar, you will find the ASIN. You can copy the number from the URL.

ASIN Number in URL

#2 The Product Listing Page

The second way is to go to the product page of a particular item. When you scroll to the bottom, you will find the ASIN of the product.

#3 Third-Party Tools

Multiple third-party tools help you find the ASIN number. When you have to figure out the ASIN of various products, these tools come in handy. Algopix, ASIN tool, DataFeedWatch, and Synccentric are some of the software you can use.

Could I choose my own ASIN number?

You can only choose your ASIN number if the product you are planning to sell is not listed on amazon. Since Amazon is an e-commerce giant, most of the items are already available on the site. But once in a while, there is a product that is not listed on the site. If you don’t find your item on the listing, then you can choose your very own ASIN.

Step by step guide for creating a new ASIN number

Creating a new ASIN number is quite simple. Let’s look at the step-by-step process for generating a new ASIN.

#1 Create a Seller’s Account

First and foremost, you will need to create a seller’s account. You can set it up using any amazon account.

#2 Use Add A Product Tool

Once your seller’s account is all set, you need to go to the ‘Add A Product Tool.’ Then click ‘Create a New Product.’

#3 Fill Out Product Details

The next step is to fill out all the product details. You will need to add the item’s name, color, size, shape, image, and type of material used. You will also need to fill out the UPC or EAN number. Sellers can find the number on the barcode or label of the product. If you don’t see it there, then contact your manufacturer. You can use Amazon inventory templates here.

#4 Publish the Product Page

Once the product page is published, Amazon will assign you an ASIN number. If other sellers decide to sell the same product like yours, they will use the same ASIN.

Amazon does not allow people to create multiple ASIN numbers. Only if your sales are up to the mark will Amazon let you generate new ASIN numbers. If you want to create new ASIN numbers, you need to make sure your sales are high. Amazon sellers who do well in the store also get the Amazon buy box.

Difference between ASIN/ISBN/UPC/EAN/GTIN-14

Amazon uses various product identification numbers. ASIN, ISBN, EAN, EPC, and GTIN-14 are unique codes given by Amazon. Let us understand the difference between all these numbers.


We have already established what ASIN stands for. It is Amazon’s Standard Identification Number. Every product on Amazon has an ASIN. There are multiple individuals on Amazon that sell the same product. It is a crucial element while determining the product detail info.

Even though there are various product pages of the same product, the ASIN remains the same. Each seller has to add the ASIN to their product page. It helps customers find the product with ease. ASIN also helps Amazon keep track of all the items on the product catalog.


ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. The identification number contains 10-13 digits. The standard book number is used to keep a record of books. The ISBN also identifies other publications and editorial content. Every product sold on Amazon requires an ASIN.

That is not the case with books. If you want to sell books on Amazon, you will have to use the ISBN. You can find the ISBN on the product page. You can also track it through the URL of the product. ISBN is necessary for original books and the revised editions of the same book.


UPC is a 12-digit bar code. It helps classify multiple products in a retail store. UPC stands for Universal Product Code. Amazon assigns UPC to each product. Using the UPC number, scanners can read the sequence of the number. Their unique product code recognizes specific items. How does ASIN compare to UPC. ASIN


EAN is the European Article Number. It is also known as IAN or International Article Number. The EAN has been replaced by the Global Trade International Number or GTIN. It is an international number used to identify commercial items.


The GTIN is used to categorize a product in the international market. The full form of GTIN is Global Trade Item Number. ASIN, ISBN, UPC, and EAN are all GTIN numbers. The Amazon ASIN is used to categorize products on Amazon.

At the same time, the GTIN is essential to identify products internationally. The GTIN number is vital to classify products in the commercial market. The Global Trade Item Number consists of 8-13 digits. Both are used to represent product detail.

Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool

Synccentric, DataFeedWatch, Algopix, and ASIN tools are Amazon ASIN lookup tools. You can search for multiple ASIN numbers through these tools. They have an excellent user interface and are easy to use. You can find a free tool with limited functions.

When do you need one?

When you want to sell multiple items on Amazon, you will need a lookup tool. The ASIN analysis tool allows you to search for a large number of Amazon ASIN numbers as long as you enter the correct ASIN. You don’t have to spend time looking for one ASIN at a time. This Amazon standard identification number is more useful than you think.

Amazon’s product variation policy?

Amazon’s product Variation policy allows customers to compare different products. Items are categorized as Parent Products and Children Products. For example, a parent product is a Bag. The different colored bags will be known as children’s products. You cannot buy parent products. They act as a holding ground. Children’s products are the ones that you can be purchased.

How to use product variation policy the right way?

Variation is also known as parent-child relationships. You can only add one variation per listing. If you add multiple variations, your seller’s account will be disabled.

Reverse ASIN lookup

You can do a reverse ASIN check for your own product. You can also do this for your competitor’s products. The reverse lookup helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses. You can use tools like AMZScout, ViralLaunch, and JungleScout to do a reverse ASIN analysis. These tools may have bulk search and Amazon catalog analysis options.

Why should you do it? (Competition research)

Reverse ASIN analysis helps you understand how well your competitor is doing. You can check their organic ranking, advertising ranking, PPC ads, and so on. Once again, you should have the correct ASIN information.


Selling on Amazon may seem a bit complex. It is quite simple with the correct Amazon ASIN. From the ability to track inventory to work as an overseeing solution, ASINs are essential for Amazon as well. Just follow Amazon’s Seller Protocols, and you will be good to go!

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