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What does Amazons choice badge mean

What Does Amazon’s Choice Mean? Learn In Under 5 Minutes

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Launched in 2014, Amazon Echo is a voice modulated device that helps customers order products from amazon — a way to simplify shopping. These products have to fall under the category of Prime Products. When customers ordered through Echo, they could only procure products from their previously ordered list.

The redundant process proved to be a significant drawback. Customers didn’t want to keep ordering the same product over and over again. Customers can always ask for unique choices. Due to this limitation, Echo began receiving negative feedback. Based on this feedback, Amazon launched an Echo Update. Through the update, they introduced something called Amazon’s Choice.

What is Amazon’s Choice product?

Amazon’s Choice Products are a list of high-quality products chosen by Amazon. When you use Echo to order a product, you will be given a list of Amazon’s Choice Products. If you are shopping through their website, you will see a product with a black badge. The badge says Amazon’s Choice.

Buyers wanted an easier way to choose the best product. That is when Amazon decided to release – Amazon’s Choice. Amazon selected the products under this category based on positive reviews and recommendations. However, it is not like just our recommendation panel on some websites.

There is a specific algorithm that determines which product will receive Amazon’s Choice Badge. The products are not chosen individually. A person can’t go through 10 million products and choose the best ones. The selection of Amazon’s Choice products is AI-based and effective.

What is the Amazon’s Choice Badge?

The Amazon Choice badge is a label given to the top product in the category based on the keyword used. It was primarily introduced for Echo. The company wanted to enhance the voice shopping experience. That is why in 2015, they launched Amazon’s Choice badge.

Amazon's Choice Badge Shown

When you order a product through Echo, your previously ordered list will be the first preference. Echo recommends products that you have purchased in the past. If you don’t want the products from that list, it will mention the products listed under Amazon’s Choice.

On the website and mobile app, you will see products with a black badge. The badge says Amazon’s Choice. There is no concrete evidence on how these products are selected. Customers like the option because it makes it easy for them to choose products. The wide array of products in each category can be confusing. Buyers want to know which product is the best.

Eligibility: More than ‘Just Our Recommendation’

Amazon expects products to meet specific criteria. Products with the Amazon Choice badge need good reviews, competitive prices, and a low return rate. These products should also be available to ship immediately. You should also have voice searchable products.

If a product fulfills all these conditions, it is added to the list of Amazon’s Choice products. Even if a product meets all the demands, there is no guarantee Amazon will give it the black badge. If you are an Amazon seller, then your product needs to meet the following expectations.

Stock requirements

As a seller, you must always have products in stock. If the product is out of stock, you will not be eligible for Amazon’s Choice. When customers see a product, they want to buy it immediately. They do not want to wait for it to come back in stock. The Out Of Stock label is a put-off. Your potential customer will then move on to the following product. So, make sure the items you are selling are available.

Return rate

Amazon sellers must be aware of the Return Rate. Since customers cannot physically inspect the item, they cannot determine the quality of the product. When the product is delivered, it might be damaged. Some items are not how they look in pictures. These issues may increase the rate of return. When the rate of return is high, your product will not be eligible for the black badge. Therefore, your products must have a low return rate.


Amazon is quite particular about customer reviews. If your item has received bad reviews, you will not be given the Amazon’s Choice badge. Of course, not all reviews can be good. Products will always have some bad reviews. Make sure that the negative reviews are kept to a minimum. It is always better to respond to the customer. Resolving their issue is also a great way to improve your customer reviews.

If your product meets all the above conditions, it will be eligible for the Choice badge. Of course, there is no guarantee. Amazon has its process of selecting these products. The company has never been transparent about its method of selection. All you can do is fulfill the eligibility criteria and hope that your product is selected. These products also keep changing. So, you never know when your item might get the black badge! 

What is the average sales boost of being Amazon’s Choice?

On receiving the Amazon’s Choice black badge, sellers noticed that their sales increased 3X. Customers often prefer products under this category. Buyers trust Amazon’s choice. When Amazon’s Choice was launched, critics expected retaliation from the public. They thought buyers might see this as a biased opinion by Amazon.

Instead, people welcomed the category with open arms. 85% of the buyers chose products listed under Amazon’s Choice. When products were removed from the Amazon’s Choice list, their sales dropped by 30%. That is when sellers realized the significant impact of the black badge. Companies strive to get their products under the Amazon’s Choice designation via competitive pricing, specific brands, voice search compatibility, etc.

Here are a few things you can do to get Amazon’s Choice label.

How to become an Amazon’s Choice?

Amazon really doesn’t provide brands and retailers with some kind of an ultimate guide for how to get the Amazon’s Choice badge. But here are a few things that we believe can help you achieve that goal. You need to make sure that your products fulfill the following conditions.

Prime eligible products

The most important thing is Prime Eligibility. Amazon Echo allows you to order different products that are available through Prime. Amazon Prime provides customers with several perks. If they purchase Amazon Prime, they will get their products delivered for free. It also improves the speed of delivery. Buyers also enjoy other added benefits. Your product should be listed under the Prime products. It will improve your chances of getting the Amazon’s Choice tag.

In stock — Can They Ship Immediately?

Your products should always be in stock. If you have good products ready for shipping, you have a better chance. Amazon’s main motto is customer satisfaction. That is why it is essential to deliver products at the earliest. When your product is not available, Amazon will not provide you with the Amazon’s Choice badge. If you are striving to get your product under this tag, make sure your products are well stocked.

Monitoring return rates — Are They Well Priced Products?

Customers purchase products based on the photos provided by sellers. They also go through the product page to check the descriptions. If the product does not match the image and description, the customer returns the product. 50% of the products that are purchased online are returned. There can be many reasons for this.

Some products are damaged, then they do not have the mentioned features and so on. Make sure that you are transparent with your customers. It would be best if you kept the return rate of your product to a minimum. Of course, there will be some customers that might return your product. Lesser the returns, the better the chances of getting the Amazon’s Choice badge.

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Great customer ratings and reviews

When a customer selects a product, ratings are the first thing they check. People trust customer reviews. It gives them a clear picture of the product. Make sure that your customer ratings and reviews are genuine. If you do not have good ratings, Amazon will not add your product to Amazon’s Choice. You could give your customers some incentives so that they add ratings and reviews. Most customers need to be persuaded. When you increase your ratings, your product will be eligible for the program. There must also be multiple reviews for the product.

Amazon choice badge for product listing

Maximize sales

Amazon shows search results based on the keywords. When customers are looking for a specific product, they type a keyword into the search bar. Customers may also ask for specific brands. The products that have similar keywords are then shown to the customer. You need to make sure that your product pages have identical keywords. Amazon’s PPC ads are also a great way to improve your product listing on the search results page.


Amazon’s Choice products keep changing. When it comes to choosing a product for this category, Amazon has not provided a definite answer. Amazon makes the label automatically awarded to the best product. Even after persistent persuasion, the Amazon spokesperson has not clarified how a product is selected. The method used to choose an Amazon’s Choice product is quite vague.

Customers are not satisfied with the products recommended by Amazon. They have received defective products that have broken down after a single-use. As soon as Amazon gets negative input about an Amazon’s Choice product, they remove the black badge. Even though some products get slashed from the category, others remain. There is no guarantee that the products under this category will be up to the mark.

So, make sure your product is up to the mark. Fulfill all the conditions given by Amazon, and your product will get the Amazon’s Choice tag. Amazon does not provide the same to third-party sellers. So, you should stick to Prime eligible products and FBA.

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