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Top Products To Sell On Amazon FBA

Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA

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Online selling is the way of the world today, with millions of people shopping online. Amazon offers sellers an opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience as one of the popular online marketplaces available.

Through Amazon fba, Navigate to format and carry your product. It’s the business model that serves you the hassle of having to pick, pack, and ship orders as your products are stored in an Amazon warehouse and shipped as needed.

One of the hardest parts of selling on Amazon is to figure out what to sell on the platform. Amazon has nearly 400 million digital products, meaning you will struggle to sort through this vast market and find the best niche.

Failing to understand what makes up a winning product can make things difficult.

However, you must identify a product to sell based on which one sells fast and has better margins. If you’re trying to figure out what to sell on Amazon fba, you’re at the right place. This article discusses the best product you can sell on Amazon fba.

Exercise and Fitness Equipment

Exercise and Fitness Equipment

More people realize the importance of health and fitness. This has created a demand for exercise and fitness equipment across the country.

The fitness equipment is an obvious category with more people working out to fit. Exercise and fitness equipment is one of the most popular niches on Amazon.

You can sell treadmills some home workout equipment. Other items include resistance bands, yoga mats, and pilates balls, all popular high-profit margin products. 

While the health and fitness business has been growing for some years, there’s always an opportunity for another brand to come on board.

Figuring out what people want to buy will have a big impact on how much success you’ll get selling fitness equipment. Hence, do market research through social media platforms and create your brand around your target audience.

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Self-care and Beauty Products

Self-care and Beauty Products

Beauty and personal care products are popular on Amazon fba with a wide customer base. We expect the global beauty and personal care product market to grow in the coming years because of the high demand for cosmetic and beauty products.

The percentage of consumers buying cosmetic products has been rising.

What makes this category profitable is the diverse and inclusive nature of the target audience. The Gen-Z demographic fueled the shift in the skincare-centric approach to beauty. 

Create a beauty bundle listing of popular complementary beauty products to complete a skincare regimen. Cosmetics make the minority of beauty and self-care spending forward my skincare and fragrance.

Amazon is a popular site with many people looking for beauty products. Some products you can sell include branded cosmetics for beauty products and cosmetic tools and accessories. For example, you can sell a peel-off face mask. 

Make sure you deal with good-quality beauty items in the original packaging. The products will sell well if you correctly describe and label them to build trust with your customers.

Online sales of beauty and self-care products are declining each year while consumer habits and trends are also shifting.

Knowing more about the shifting trends will help you succeed in this industry. You should also market your products to reach people at all levels of the consideration process.

Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry

Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry

Fashion is one of the top worldwide obsessions with people buying clothing that communicate their personality.

The industry is diverse and trendy, with finding the right clothing supplier the key to getting rich. Since nothing is necessary for everyone, people of different ages and Industries need various clothing.

Amazon hosts big brands but also carries low-cost clothing items. While you’re likely to face some competition, you can find a specific niche and target them. 

When you’re entering the apparel category on Amazon, focus on the trend of young and individualized. Sustainable fashion is also becoming mainstream as people embrace environmentalism.

Popular items you can sell include dresses, athletic accessories, underwear, casual tops and bottoms, and shoes.

Jewelry is also in demand as a unisex item. Millions of people buy jewelry daily, so it has a built-in market and requires little warehouse space. You should monitor seasonal specifics and trends to be competitive in the market. 

Focus on maintaining a branded field and building trust with your subscribers. Give your customers what they need in high-quality clothing for going, fashionable Styles, and excellent services.

This industry thrives on aesthetics, so you should use social networks to gain customers. Currently, the clothing industry has shifted from large-scale and batch-oriented to market-oriented fragmentation.

Home and Kitchen Equipment

Home and Kitchen Equipment

Home and kitchen are some of the top-selling categories on Amazon. The kitchen and cookware industry has seen an uptick in the last 50 years, increasing annual growth revenue.

Home furniture is the most expensive product to sell online. Ensure you know the item’s price range before deciding if it’s a wonderful investment.

Competition is still high in this category, giving sellers an advantage who can successfully target niche audiences. Don’t be intimidated by the big players because the supply stores are after the same demographic of old customers with disposable income.

For example, you can focus on energy-efficient kitchen equipment. Energy-efficient appliances are becoming popular due to their ability to reduce utility bills.

Dropshipping kitchen supplies is another easy and low-cost business idea. You can purchase utensils, tableware bowls, and other supplies at reduced cost and sell them to your niche.

When selling kitchen equipment, he can use social media platforms for marketing your business. Most of your target audience are working individuals moving out of their parent’s houses. You’re likely to find them on social media platforms like Facebook.

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

The pet niche is flourishing with a clear market and interest in pet supplies. The market for pets is expansive as they are found in 62% of households in the United States. 

Pet products and supplies in the US are highly profitable.  They come in all forms targeting cat and dog owners. You can offer a combination of products and services with one-stop shopping.

What you offer in your pet supply business determines your success. Make sure you understand your customer’s needs based on your marketing niche and provide items that match their needs.

For example, pet owners in upscale shopping centers are more interested in holistic top-of-the-line foods, upscale accessories, and grooming aids. Their needs differ from budget-conscious shoppers who prefer high-quality food at discounts.

People will never stop spoiling their pets. Pet spending has been rising in recent years, with pet owners spending more on food. In the last few years, interest in pet stores searches in the US has increased, meaning more people interested in the supplies.

You can sell various products like food bowls, dog crates, leashes, and pet beds. Just make sure you align your product with your target customers’ needs, and your business will be more profitable.



Books are popular choices for sellers with a considerable profit margin. In the United States, over 850 million books are purchased every year, according to data from Nielsen.

Amazon is a famous place and one of the biggest markets to sell books. You can sell your book for the Kindle, have your seller account, or list the book on Amazon and then send copies to the company.

Selling books on Amazon is a low-risk and low-budget investment that does not cost a lot of money. Decide whether you want to sell used new books from your shelf or anywhere else like yard sales and clear-outs.

You can sell both new books and used copies. Selling new books is challenging because you need to buy from wholesalers, distributors, and publishers. Reselling books on Amazon is quick and easy.

It is an easier way to get into the book-selling market as you can buy vintage books from local fairs and sell them without spending much on investment.

Sourcing your inventory is crucial if you want to sell books on Amazon fba. It is easier to handle returns as Amazon handles customer service because they store, package, and ship books on your behalf.

Books will never go out of style since everyone loves to read. They are always many books with new releases that people want to read, meaning the profit margin for selling books is remarkably high.

You can publish your books and sell them on Amazon if you’re a writer. Your investment can flourish in the long term because self-published books are more popular.

The top-selling book categories are children’s books, Comics, fictional books, biographies and memoirs, suspense and thriller books, and diet all recipe books.

Electronic Items and Accessories

Electronic Items and Accessories

The electronics and computer category has the highest product profit margin on Amazon. In 2017, the highest selling products were all electronics, including the fire TV stick and voiced remote control. People love to buy the latest gadgets as soon as they are on the market.

Established brands dominate this category, so you must find your niche to succeed.

The best-selling electronic products on Amazon best sellers list are FireTV stick, Amazon Echo dot, and smart plugs.

You can also sell Bluetooth speakers as they are the top selections for high-profit margin goods to sell in 2022. The wireless speaker business is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

You can sell millions of products within the electronics category on Amazon fba. If you want to break into the electronics category on Amazon, focus on top-selling items such as headphones, Bluetooth devices, USB devices, smart devices, memory card TV, and video devices.

You can also profit by selling computers, cameras, office electronics, wearable technologies, and musical instruments. You’ll be competing against more established brands

Baby and Toddler Products and Toys

Baby and Toddler Products and Toys

The baby products and toys cater to an extensive range of market consumers. As long as humans are procreating, there will always be a demand for baby and toddler products.

In the baby and toddler category, there are many products you can sell and maintain a loyal base.

Selling toys is also a lucrative endeavor. Demand for toys has been consistent whenever they are children. You can sell everything from popular toys to board games targeting newborns and children who enjoy playing with toys.

There is a lot of competition in this category, but you can maintain a loyal client base through high-quality standards and excellent service. Consider offering diverse products as one way of differentiating from the competition.

Now and then, Disney has debuted new movies for children of all ages. With each movie comes a series of toys, games, and gadgets. Apart from the movie-themed toys and games, you can also sell education and generic games.

For example, STEAM toys have been popular toys on the market, including science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Amazon also publishes a list of holiday toys every year to determine shoppers’ buying behavior.

As a seller, analyze the toys and games that appeal to children and their families.

Sports and Outdoor Items

Sports and Outdoor Items

The sports and outdoor category on Amazon experienced tremendous growth in 2020. More consumers are comfortable exercising away from the gym and require outdoor gear.

The shifting landscape presents an immense opportunity to sell products and their sports and outdoor category. These products sell faster during the spring and summer months compared to winter.


Amazon’s catalog is expensive, so choosing what to sell can overwhelm most people. Understanding product trends is important when you scale a successful business on Amazon.

Find products with little competition by using popular keywords to take advantage of the Amazon search bar. Regardless of the product category you choose, ensure you understand the type of product you’re selling and the competitive landscape.

This article has highlighted some of the best products. If you want to succeed as an Amazon, put all your energy into it.


Tim Carlson

I'm Tim or as others call me a bit of an Internet geek, serial entrepreneur, and have gone deep down the rabbit hole of all things Amazon FBA. I have joined the Infinite FBA team to help other Amazon sellers achieve their own goals.

Picture of Tim Carlson
Tim Carlson

I'm Tim or as others call me a bit of an Internet geek, serial entrepreneur, and have gone deep down the rabbit hole of all things Amazon FBA. I have joined the Infinite FBA team to help other Amazon sellers achieve their own goals.

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