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does amazon deliver on sunday

Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday?

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Some people prefer weekend deliveries because that’s when they or someone will likely be available to take the delivery at home.

For such people, it is common to ask: does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

The short answer to that question is yes!

The world’s leading online marketplace delivers on Sunday. Plus, the service does not attract any additional charges in some cases.

However, deliveries on Sundays are subject to certain conditions. This quick post will help you understand how this service works.

Amazon Sunday Delivery: How it Works

sunday delivery

Amazon delivers items to its numerous customers all days of the week. After all, it is the largest e-retailer and should be capable of providing such services.

Weekend deliveries, including Saturday and Sunday, are not limited to only Amazon Prime members. Every customer can take advantage of the service, provided it is available in their location.

In fact, you may even enjoy Sunday delivery if you want the company to deliver your package to an Amazon locker.

Amazon partners with and uses several delivery carriers, including independent couriers, UPS, and the United States Postal Service (USPS) to meet the delivery demands of its shoppers.

Typically, these carrier services receive packages from Amazon and bring them right to your doorstep. And they do this, too, on Sundays.

How does Amazon delivery work

However, not all of the carriers offer Sunday delivery services.

For example, UPS does not deliver packages on Sunday, although it offers Saturday deliveries and may soon include Sundays.

On the other hand, the USPS delivers packages every day of the week, including Sundays. However, the carrier only offers Sunday delivery services for Amazon. Occasionally, and in exceptional cases, you will see the USPS make Sunday deliveries when there is a priority mail.

In other words, you may have your Amazon package delivered by a postal worker on a Sunday, even though regular mail typically isn’t available for that day.

What Areas Are Not Covered by Amazon Weekend Deliveries?

While you can receive packages from Amazon on Sunday in most areas in the United States, some of the company’s logistic partners don’t support this delivery service.

This is particularly the case with customers living in more rural areas. And it doesn’t help that Amazon won’t make the list of unsupported areas public.

The company only says the service is available in locations where their carrier network and delivery partners (UPS and USPS) support Sunday delivery service.

For anyone living outside an urban area, the logical question to ask would be: does Amazon deliver on Sunday in my location?

There are two ways to find out whether or not you can take delivery of packages you order from Amazon on Sunday.

First, look at the Review items and shipping option when you go to checkout your order. You will see “Sunday” as an option if the service is supported in your area.

The second way to know for sure that you are living in an area that’s covered by Amazon’s weekend delivery service is to call USPS or UPS and ask. Provide your address to the representative and they will let you know if Sunday delivery is available in your location.

Using Amazon Prime for Sunday Delivery

delivery on sunday

Amazon Prime customers enjoy free two-day shipping in addition to other benefits. However, “two-day” refers to two business day transit times.

What this means is that you have to place your orders early enough to have them delivered on Sunday for free.

If you place an order on Thursday or latest on Friday, you will enjoy the free Prime two-day shipment benefit and your package will be delivered on Sunday, provided your area is eligible for the service.

You may have to pay for Sunday delivery if you order late, regardless of your Prime membership.

Depending on the Amazon seller and the type of time, Non-Prime customers may have to pay an additional fee for weekend or Sunday deliveries.

How to Choose Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery?

If you are an Amazon Prime customer, keep an eye on the delivery options for the products you order. The Sunday delivery option will show up for items that are eligible for the service in your area.

How to Choose Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery

Choose your preferred delivery date during checkout and specify whether you want One-day or two-day shipping options. Keep in mind that you may have to pay extra for same-day or next-day delivery for some items.

You will have to choose a different delivery date if Sunday delivery is not supported for your area.

It is also possible for customers with Amazon Locker self-service to have items delivered there on Sunday. Check the order details to be sure of this service.

At What Time Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

Sunday delivery options

The exact delivery time can vary depending on a few different factors.

For example, you may receive your package early in the day if you live in or near a major metropolitan city. Someone who lives in a more rural area may get their package delivered much later in the day, even if the Sunday delivery service is available in the area.

The number of deliveries there are for the day and unforeseen circumstances on the way can also affect delivery time.

In general, you can expect Amazon Sunday delivery to arrive between 9 am and 8 pm. The best way to be sure of the exact delivery time is to track the package from your order details. This is particularly important if you have other plans for Sunday.


So, does Amazon deliver on Sunday? Yes, it does.

As long as there is a Sunday delivery service available in your location, the company will deliver items or packages every day of the week through one of its carrier partners.

Simply take a look at the product page or checkout to know if your location is covered in Amazon’s Sunday delivery.

If you live in an area where Sunday delivery is available, the service will apply to you, regardless of whether you are an Amazon Prime member and not.

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