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Jump Send Review

Jump Send Review – Does it work for Amazon Sellers

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Looking for a Jump send review then you are in the right place, find our breakdown of how it helps you as an Amazon FBA seller. Jump Send, does it work for Amazon sellers and what does it offer?

What is Jump Send?

Jump Send is a marketplace sales tool that contains two features that assist sellers and Amazon shoppers.

  • Amazon sellers are assisted (through Jump Send) in launching their products as well as distributing coupons/codes to help drive sales to their listings.
  • An auto-responder email tool has been included in Jump Send. It has been designed to merge with Amazons Seller Central to automatically send email notifications from sellers to those shoppers who have purchased a seller’s products.

These two features are valuable for those using and selling on Amazon which encompasses a large user base of 100,000 plus shoppers. Those seeking deals can utilize discounts provided by sellers, and sellers can automatically respond and communicate with shoppers once products have been purchased.

A further look at Jump Send would not be complete without looking into how the Jump Send Amazon software operates and the flexibility it offers to those selling through Amazon.

How Jump Send Works

Initiating discounts through Jump Send is a jump start to sales. Adding a small discount to products is one way to get shoppers focused on products and deals offered. Once those shoppers have purchased products, they can be contacted which will probably lead to positive reviews being left for the seller.

If a seller is launching a product, they can set the product’s price where they want, but a seller needs to be aware that a set price doesn’t guarantee that sales will be generated at that set price. If the product is brand new and is lacking reviews, it can be difficult to sell the product, particularly when there are others just like it set at the same price.

Another problem exists when Amazon shoppers pay a regular or standard price for an item which makes them unlikely to leave a product review, especially if they are satisfied. The opposite is true when a product is purchased that has small to no real issues with it. A reviewer will jump on the bandwagon to berate a product and leave a 1 or 2-star rating. This can place a seller’s product in the failure category.

Many of these reviews are undeserved and not related to the product at all. Negative reviews can be all-out game-changers for sellers and their products. A limited number of new customers will likely not read questionable reviews and will go on to look at the star ratings. They’ll determine what products to look into based on that rating rather than reading honest reviews.

Price reduction of a seller’s product could garner more sales but that would mean less profit with each unit, and more units would have to be sold to make money. This could cause a fast reduction of inventory and a loss in Amazon rankings.

So, the use of discount codes given out to selected shoppers will allow a seller to reduce their product prices across the board. All that has to be done is to discount the price and extend it to shoppers. Discounted sales will still be there to boost overall sales figures and rankings on Amazon.

Very often discount sales are what help launch a product and with Jump Send, discount codes can be put into the Amazon system and shoppers can look for products and ask for a code. Once the code is approved, a shopper can use it to buy a seller’s product at a discounted price. With Jump Send being an available market of thousands of Amazon shoppers, a seller doesn’t have to fork out money for ads with Amazon or social media platforms. With Jump Send, there are already innumerable shoppers waiting to buy products.

Jump Send Review

Jump Send Review

In looking at the Jump Send concept and what it represents, a Jump Send review can bring into perspective just how good the platform really is and whether it works as outlined.

The positives or advantages of Jump Send include the following:

  • There is a huge established base or marketplace of shoppers who want to purchase discounted Amazon products.
  • It’s not necessary to spend money on other ads or anything else to pinpoint shoppers who would be interested in a seller’s products. With Jump Send the platform and marketplace are already in place, so you don’t need to spend additional funds on facebook ads, Amazon ads or anything else to find shoppers that might be interested in a product.
  • Jump Send shoppers are already knowledgeable about Amazon coupon codes and know how to use them. The only problems that might occur would be with shoppers that aren’t aware of them or know how to use them correctly. If a Jump Spend shopper doesn’t know how to use the coupon codes, Jump Send can be contacted for assistance.
  • Jump Send is both an easy way to acquire shoppers who are interested in a seller’s product and boosters to a seller’s ranking. Jump Send is also one of the best and easiest ways to secure real shoppers who want to purchase a seller’s products.
  • Jump Send shoppers are core Amazon shoppers intent on finding deals without a lot of research. They’re not waiting around until later or hemming and hawing about putting an item in the cart. They want to pounce on deals ahead of other shoppers or catch coupon deals before they expire.
  • Jump Send is simply one of the best means for sellers to acquire consistent product sales. The platform allows for product giveaways to maintain sales rankings and consistency.
  • Consistent sales through Jump send will allow a seller to increase rankings for keywords. As Amazon ranks products by the number of sales, the more sales a seller makes, the higher the ranking will go. A seller will appear higher in rank when shoppers input a keyword to search for a seller’s product.
  • Again, another positive with Jump Send is the money saved through not having to use ads on Amazon or facebook.
  • Product purchases are assured if a discount code is offered and used by a shopper, plus a seller can issue new coupon codes if other codes have expired, so there is a constant stream of coupons used that keeps a seller’s products moving.
  • When a seller launches a product, Jump Send will give a seller the initial buildup necessary to get products off the ground and sold as well as the necessary rankings and product reviews that also help with improvement in sales.
  • The autoresponder feature with Jump Send is an additional help through communicating with shoppers/buyers, which includes the possibility of increasing the chances for good reviews.
  • Jump Send provides quality software as well as excellent customer service not only with Jump Send but all Jungle Scout related products.

The negatives or disadvantages of Jump Send include the following:

  • Jump Send doesn’t work with all products, such as ebooks (Kindle), Merc (Amazon) and other categories of products.
  • Only products listed in a seller’s Amazon Seller Central account can be promoted.
  • Jump Send only works in the United States and United Kingdom marketplaces.

Jump Send Deals

Jump Send has an actual deals page where all discounted products are displayed. Thousands of real bargain hunters are attracted to this page, which is a definite plus for sellers promoting discounted products.

Jump Send Pricing

The pricing on Jump Send is through chosen plans. The least expensive plan is $29, or $19 through an annual billing. This particular plan is designed for sellers with 3 or fewer products. The plans go up from there at $59 for 10 products, $99 for 25 products and $199 for 100 products.

Jump Send Deals

Jump Send rebrand to Jungle Scout

As of June 2019, Jump Send was rebranded and is now considered a part of Jungle Scout’s software suite or package called Jungle Scout Launch.

Jump Send remains the part of the service that is in place for customers while seller services are now called “Launch.” The features of the seller section are the same. Anyone familiar with selling on Amazon, or in the midst of going into Amazon sales is likely aware of Jungle Scout.

Jump Send and Launch are just part of other Amazon software tools, and Jump Send happens to be one of the most basic of tools for sellers, and it’s one that has been used by sellers from all over the world.

Further reading: The best Jungle Scout alternatives available for sellers.

Jungle Scout Launch

Jump Send Launch

The Jungle Scout launch is considered the new Jump Send. It is basically a marketing platform for a seller’s goods and services, and it is also a tool for researching products that are sold on Amazon. It’s a useful device for anyone trying to enter the world of Amazon sales and it is considered the top market research tool for Amazon sellers. Some of its major functions are tracing product sales as well as tracking customer reviews and ratings. Also, product performance is evaluated as are the sales of competitors.

Jungle Scout’s web application, Chrome extension, and other related software products are all valuable tools for establishing an Amazon selling account. Check out our full review of Jungle Scout here.

Jump Send does work for Amazon sellers and is well known among the FBA community of Amazon buyers and sellers. The software tools provide a definite benefit for Amazon sellers and the prices are fair and adaptable to almost any small or larger business budget. Jump Send promotions are good for driving traffic to a seller’s products and when a seller has control of the traffic sent their way, the greater the chances of surpassing the competition.

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