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Landing Cube Review

Landing Cube Review

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If you sell on Amazon Marketplace you know that it’s essential to garner high conversion rates. By utilizing third-party links to your products, you can funnel external traffic to your active landing pages.

If you’re looking to improve the look of your landing pages or products, companies like Landing Cube are here to help. This Landing Cube Review will help you discover all the best and various aspects of this third-party page builder. From there, you can determine whether Landing Cube will help you build a loyal customer base.

Ease of Use: 9/10

Stability: 9/10

Customer Service: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Brief Overview

Landing Cube review

If you’re looking for a landing page builder that is simple to use and easy to afford, LandingCube could be for you. Among beginner sellers, the third-party company has 5-star reviews for its ability to increase external traffic to landing pages and help sell Amazon product.

By no means is the product all-inclusive, but LandingCube is a great start to boost your Google Analytics and make you a competitor among Amazon sellers. Without needing a single use promo code, you can start a 30-day trial of Landing Cube and review the app yourself.

If you can relate to any of the points below, consider using the active landing pages creator:

  • You don’t have any digital/website design experience
  • You’re just starting your Amazon business
  • You have lower conversion rates than your competition
  • You use Facebook ad campaigns and Facebook pixel tracking
  • You combine your Amazon product page with Google Analytics and Facebook messenger
  • You use email marketing providers and an email list to send out single use promo codes via messenger

What Are Landing Pages?

If you’re an Amazon product seller who wants to have a variety of traffic sources, you’ll need to rely on more than your product page. The best way to garner unlimited traffic and sell on Amazon FBA is to review external traffic through landing pages.

Using landing pages allows you to utilize tools like Facebook Pixel, Messenger, and Google Analytics. Using these external traffic sources allows you to target and review customers and make more sales. You can create the ideal customer messenger list and see higher conversions.

Landing pages are unique because they focus specifically on selling and the reviews of one product. If you get a landing page tailored to your product, you’ll get the following:

  • More customers
  • Better rankings
  • Higher rates and reviews when you look at conversion tracking

Using the method to gain more sales also helps you generate more leads for your business. Potential customers can opt-in and give you their email address or messenger. With the email addresses in hand you can send out single use promo codes, unlimited coupons, and other types of coupon code.

By focusing on landing pages, you capture emails with the consent of your customers. From there you can send them promotional content and reviews for future products as a messenger.

Benefits of Landing Cube Review

Having high-quality third-party resources to review and utilize, as Amazon sellers, is essential. Without a landing page creation company, you’re left doing all the extra work yourself. You have to craft email marketing campaigns, monitor your reviews and rankings on Amazon, and keep track of conversion tracking, among other things.

While doable, managing all that yourself takes a lot of work. If you want to make a living as a seller without having to be on 24/7, consider looking into and then review resources like LandingCube.

What is Landing Cube?

LandingCube is a landing page creation company. LandingCube works by garnering your Amazon com pages with more external traffic. The external landing pages are developed specifically with your products in mind.

Not only does the company focus on the conversion rate of their Amazon seller clientele, they also capture emails, messenger apps, reviews, offer single use promo codes and unlimited coupons, and improve Amazon listing. With Landingcube in your tool belt, you’re ready to garner a base of customers who love and want your products.

The company website details all the information about what sets LandingCube apart from its competition. The company focuses on helping you rank your products on Amazon, launch the goods for the public consumption, and keep your customers excited to look for and give reviews on future products. You can even see a demo landing page the team crafted to capture emails, messenger apps and sell products on Amazon. All individuals can start a free trial to test out and leave reviews for LandingCube themselves.

But how can you use the products and services that Landing Cube offers?

How Does Landing Cube Work?

LandingCube com functions by giving you a plethora of landing pages or letting you customize your own. When you use the software, you can design entire landing page campaigns that use social media, client reviews, an email list, and direct links to bring external traffic to your Amazon product pages.

Sellers choose a product (or products) that they want to craft landing pages for. From there, they use the LandingCube software to design webpages. The software gives individuals all the tools they need to customize the landing page, including:

  • A countdown timer
  • Messenger FAQ bot
  • A specific coupon code for every customer
  • Templates for reviews
  • Interesting designs to keep buyers actively engaged

The business asks for a monthly subscription fee to give users full access to their content. When you sign up for an account, you gain access to a free 21-day trial. You can look at previous consumer reviews before purchasing. The pricing is divided into three-tier levels depending on what Amazon sellers are looking for.

After payment, customers can download the LandingCube software directly to their business computer. The program makes it simple for both small-scale and large-scale Amazon sellers to create a beautiful landing page and sell their products to more customers.

How Do I Make a Landing Page?

When you want to make a landing page for your Amazon product, all you need is a campaign name and a link to the item. From there, you can toggle the pricing, promo code, shown reviews, and how long the campaign goes.

Upon saving the changes, you can build your landing page. The photos are imported from Amazon but unlike the seller website, you can include videos on your LandingCube external page. With the initial page done, you can add 5-star reviews, information about the product itself, and testimonials from customers who previously bought the item. You can also add in a button that gives users coupon codes in exchange for their email addresses.

In the end, you configure your settings and save everything. From there, you can keep tabs on conversion tracking, Facebook pixel, new reviews, and other aspects of your campaigns.

Through the landing page campaigns, sellers can garner more traffic to their Amazon listing. LandingCube allows you to make more money on Amazon. Plus, you can compile an email list to send customers updates on future products, coupon codes, and other information.


Landing Cube review

Every plan comes with a 21-day free trial. No matter which plan you try out, the LandingCube branding will stay on your landing page until you subscribe. After the initial period, you can either cancel your trial or subscribe to one of the plans.

Individuals can review LandingCube at whatever level they feel comfortable, since the services are divided into three separate levels. All the options come with landing pages, link shorteners, messenger bots, 2-step URLs, reviews, a variety of template designs, fast servers, protection for your inventory, tracking of statistics, 24/7 support, and more!

Landing Cube review

The three plans offered are FBA Beginner, Full-Time Seller, and Large Business.


If you’re getting started as an Amazon vendor, the plan will work for you. With the beginner option, you can have three separate product campaigns. All these landing page links come on a custom domain that you choose. The monthly fee for the plan is 49 dollars a month while the annual plan is 29 dollars per month.

Individual Seller

For those who have been in the Amazon game for a while, you’ll find the individual seller option suitable. You can have up to 10 active campaigns going at once. Instead of one domain, you can utilize up to 5 separate domains. If you choose to pay monthly, you’ll pay 79 dollars per month. Annual payment plans come out to 47 dollars per month.


Do you work in a large company that utilizes Amazon to sell its products? The business option of LandingCube is suited to those who sell in bulk on Amazon. Your campaign options are unlimited and you can have as many domains as you’d like. The monthly fee is 199 dollars per month, while the annual fee is 119 per month.

Features of Landing Cube

LandingCube functions primarily as a landing page creator but also allows you to control other aspects of marketing your products. With the application not only can you design campaigns to get more customers, you can also utilize a plethora of features:

  • adjust the email settings and compile a contact list
  • give customers a new promo code per email for your Amazon product
  • you can track your customer base and create new content to specifically suit them
  • the product features integrate with WordPress
  • Allows you to utilize click to messenger marketing

Each component of landing cube allows users to customize various aspects.

Landing Page Builder

Since all the information about your product is pulled directly from Amazon, you only need to make small edits. Make sure that you like the product images, descriptions, reviews and other aspects of the sales campaign before you launch. The templates allow you to have a base to add features that you like onto.

Email Capture

Each customer who gives you their email will get a unique coupon code that they can use when they want to buy your items. With their email in hand, you will have a higher chance of making more sales. Plus, you can get a feel for the audience interested in your goods. Among other things, you can send out newsletters and update clients about the items they want.

Coupon Code

The process it takes to create and manage a unique code cache for your customers is strenuous and lengthy. Landing Cube automates the process for you.

Email Integration

Whether you use them, LandingCube stores every email you receive and sends them to whatever email marketing tool you desire.

Tracking and Retargeting

LandingCube allows you to track every email, Facebook ad, and ip address that you want. The app will record and review all your sales. From there you can create new campaigns and manage unlimited traffic.

Anti-abuse Settings

You can use LandingCube to limit individuals to one code per email. You can create a daily limit and manipulate other limiting features.


LandingCube hosts all the features on their website without the need for a separate domain.

WordPress Integration

All the sales, traffic, and the Amazon sellers tools from LandingCube are available directly on WordPress.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Creating a Facebook messenger bot feature allows your audience to get answers to the questions that they have.

Pros and Cons

What does the third-party Amazon app have that its competition doesn’t? As a review, we will make sure to go over both the highlights and the drawbacks of the service.


  • You don’t need any coding experience
  • The terms of service are laid out clearly
  • Draws and reviews information directly from your Amazon sellers page
  • Allows you to create sales and funnel traffic to your Amazon account
  • Affordable options for everyone to get what they need
  • Integrated with Facebook messenger, Amazon, and WordPress, among other things


  • You can only use coupons to get more sales
  • Doesn’t have many features that allow it to stand out as the best among the competition

Alternative Landing Page Solutions

There are a few other solutions and landing page builders on the market for Amazon sellers. The best alternatives would be Helium 10 Portals, AMZ Promoter (now landing page promoter), Zon pages and my seller pal.


If you want to bring unlimited traffic to your Amazon page and get more sales, landing cube can help. The review covered all aspects of what makes this app helpful for Amazon vendors. If you want more info, the free 21-day trial allows you to review the application yourself. If you’re just starting out and need to get more clients, you’ll love the features available. However, if you’ve been in the Amazon game for a while, you’ll find some of the best features lacking.

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