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AmzPromoter Review – Is It Any Good?

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AmzPromoter now known as “Landing Page Promoter” is a landing page generator. It allows sellers to increase their sales and revenue by closely monitoring their marketing processes.

In this AmzPromoter review, we’ll look at landing page features, pros, and cons. You will walk away with an overview of how its tools and whether it’s for you.

What are Landing Pages Used For?

Landing pages are used to market and sell company products. They appear in search engine optimized searches, when a potential customer clicks on an ad, search result, email link, etc.

Once created, they are advertised to prospective customers through different online platforms. These might include email, blogs, or social media. 

Landing pages are sometimes referred to as:

  • Lead capture pages
  • Single property pages
  • Static pages
  • Destination pages

What Do Landing Pages Offer?

AMZPromoter review

A landing page essentially works as a filter. It narrows down your customers to those who are most interested in the products you have to offer before directing them to your Amazon sellers product page.

Many customers who are guided straight to your product page will never actually go through with the purchase. They lose interest instantly and this then impacts your sales, engagement, and organic rankings.

Market and analytic based research has shown that sending external traffic to your Amazon directly doesn’t generate the same amount of traffic as landing page marketing.

Why Do People Use AmzPromoter?

  • To quickly build responsive landing pages optimized to sell your Amazon products in the best way possible and make them rank higher.
  • To funnel traffic from places such as Facebook, Google, and other online sources directly to your landing page.
  • To capture customer emails in exchange for a single-use coupon code.

How Does AmzPromoter Work?

A landing page adds another step to the buying process by using funnel software. This sales funnel system is more likely to engage customers and generate product sales. It is an effective way for you to increase external traffic and push product promotions to boost sales and raise Amazon listings.

If you’re an Amazon seller, AmzPromoter landing pages give you an extra opportunity to inform potential customers about your products before you direct them to your Amazon marketplace product page.

The Amz Process

When customers arrive on an optimized landing page, the hope is that they’ll trade their email address for a discount coupon code. These promo codes are valid for one of your products and encourage potential customers to visit your Amazon page and become loyal buyers.

Coupon distribution (AmzPromoter) is a delivery system for Amazon sellers that incentivizes customers to visit your product pages.

The use of promo code incentives in return for customers’ email addresses does comply with Amazon’s terms of service. By limiting the number of coupons and the number of products they can be used for, the system is well controlled.

Once customer emails have been collected, AmzPromoter’s automated coupon delivery system is kickstarted. An email containing updates and the one-time coupon code is sent out to customers who can then use it to find a product on Amazon that they’d like to purchase.

Who Is AmzPromoter For?

AmzPromoter is a landing page site used by a variety of Amazon sellers. This tends to be businesses but can include individual sellers too. Sellers who aren’t making successful sales through their Amazon page alone should consider using a landing page generator.

If you’re a new seller with a tight budget, another type of page generator might be better for you. However, if you are a dedicated Amazon seller, the AmzPromoter landing pages would work better for you.

An AmzPromotor Amazon landing page works particularly well for those who need features like Facebook custom audiences and targeted Facebook ads.

Filtering & Security

Landing page generators need to have a secure system to make sellers feel safe. The AmzPromoter works with Amazon to provide a solid security system for Amazon sellers looking to boost their engagement using sales funnel landing pages.

Without solid security measures in place, sellers are at risk of fraud and hacking, and buyers could be put in a compromised position.

Amz promoter review posts show that the site has several security measures to help their Amazon sellers. These reduce the risk of fake coupon claims and any other inappropriate actions.

As an Amazon seller, there are many different aspects of security that could go wrong when using landing pages. However, here’s a list of security measures AmzPromoter takes to maintain online safety:

Security Measures:

  • Email list opt-in: Customers wanting a discount must enter their email before coupon codes are provided.
  • Email verification required: Users must verify their email address before they can access coupon codes.
  • Limited number of coupons: One-time coupon codes, limiting them to one per email and IP address, and implementing limits on how many can go out per day.
  • Blocked disposable email addresses: Customers can’t quickly create an email address and then discard it.


AmzPromoter offers three kinds of pricing options:

  • Starter
  • Essential
  • Professional

This is a great way to make subscriptions available to various sellers who require a landing page builder to encourage customers and sales.

Before deciding on which plan to buy, it’s important to consider your target audience:

What is your niche, and how difficult is it to boost engagement?

External traffic won’t grow unless you’re aware of these factors.

If you’re a new seller, your monthly revenue should be 0-5k. For early-stage sellers, a 5-30k monthly revenue is an average, and for professional sellers, 30k+ per month.

Breakdown of Costs:

Monthly Subscription:

AMZPromoter review

New seller$25/month

Eary stage seller – $49/month

Professional seller – $99/month

Annual Subscription

AMZPromoter review

New seller – $19/month ($228 annually)

Early Stage seller – $37/month ($444 annually)

Professional – $74/month ($888 annually)

All memberships do come with a 14-day free trial and require the use of a credit card. While some sites offer a 30-day free trial instead, many users find that a shorter trial is all that’s required.

Once your free trial is finished, you can sign up for a subscription and quickly create a proper promoter page using tools and features.

Features of AmzPromoter

AmzPromoter has several features that make it stand out above other landing page providers.

First and foremost, it is easy to use due to its range of inbuilt tools, which allow sellers to spend less time advertising. For busy workers, this factor is beneficial. Having an efficient way to market products and track your conversions and analytics will save you time and energy.

Your Amazon business could thrive with the right AmzPromoter tools. A subscription will give you access to the different features:

  • Landing page themes
  • A page builder
  • Automated coupon tools
  • Coupon distribution through Mailchimp aweber activecampaign
  • An analytics dashboard
  • URL builder tool
  • And more!

Below is a more detailed list of just some of the benefits the AmzPromoter offers and why they are excellent features to have access to.

The Benefits

  • Quickly build landing pages using the AmzPromoter webpage generator. This is a relatively easy process and can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • AmzPromoter’s automatic coupon distribution system saves you from having to send out coupon codes manually. With coupon distribution (via amzpromoter), all you have to do is create the seller station’s codes and upload them onto the promoter ready for distribution. 
  • Capture customer email addresses easily and save them for future marketing purposes. With your promoter page, you can secure their emails before directing them to your Amazon product page. This is particularly useful when launching new products. 
  • Analytics & conversion rate tracking allows you to embed your landing pages with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel scripts. This means you can track your data, conversation rate, Amazon listings, and scarcity indicators relatively easily.
  • Amazon MWS integration is an API service that helps sellers to change data on different orders and payments. This can increase selling efficiency, helping your page to appear on search results and rise through Amazon marketplaces AmzPromoter rankings.
  •  Support for Facebook audiences means you can use email addresses for Facebook and Instagram campaigns. You can create an ad compliant footer for similar purposes on your page. These systems widen your marketing audience, and engagement is likely to increase as a result.
  • An AmzPromoter inbuilt URL tool is useful for creating URLs. You can use this tool to create links quickly and boost your seller rankings.

Drawbacks of AmzPromoter

As with any site, AmzPromoter is a landing page generator with some drawbacks.


The main drawback is the pricing. The subscriptions are a fair bit more expensive than other landing page providers, making the software a less accessible tool to certain users.

Customer Support

While there are additional benefits due to the price difference, there are also some flaws. Customer support is only available to subscribers, meaning some users are left without the support they require.

Limited Template Options

Lastly, despite the additional features available, there are limited Amz template options that subscribers can use to develop their sites. This impacts ease of use, especially for those users who aren’t as tech-savvy as others.

AmzPromoter Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative landing page builder for Amz promoter, the top two options would be Helium 10 portals and Landing Cube.

AmzPromoter Reviews and Ratings

Recent posts express several different opinions about AmzPromoter and its functions. Amz promoter has strong reviews across the board, but there are some pitfalls to watch out for.

The review points below break down some of the benefits and pitfalls of Amz landing pages in more detail:

Amz Pros

  • Supports multiple Amazon marketplaces (including FR. ES.)
  • Allows amz page customization using CSS and JS
  • Analytics dashboard and conversion rate tools available
  • Features a URL builder tool
  • Support for Facebook Chatbot campaigns
  • Cheap monthly starter plan
  • Free trial to test out the software

Amz Cons

  • The price is slightly higher than other landing page generators
  • You only get three template options
  • The free trial period is only 14 days
  • Customer support only available to subscribers

Is AmzPromoter Worth It?

Landing pages have been tried and tested by many sellers and professional marketers with much success. Having a system that sends interested parties to a landing page prior to your Amazon listings page is a great marketing tactic because it encourages your target audience to go through your sales funnel.

AmzPromoter landing pages are a key part of Amazon’s marketing and selling process. You are much more likely to achieve success if you set up a landing page and allow it to filter through customer preferences for you.

AmzPromoter makes landing pages easily accessible to users. While it does have more expensive subscription plans than other sites, it has the bonus of more advanced features.

The Verdict

If you’re a new Amz seller and don’t wish to deep dive into an expensive plan, then it would be best to go with another page promoter. However, if you’re really looking to boost your sales and save yourself a lot of time, then this promoter is a wise choice.

AmzPromoter can help you to increase sales by driving traffic to your Amazon product page. Landing pages are the ideal way to start building up external traffic rather than simply relying on regular customers and those who happen to come across your products.

To make sales, you have to drive them. In a busy world where you’re trying to build your business, finding the easiest and most efficient way to build consumer traffic is key and AmzPromoter can help you achieve this. Check out the new rebranded site here.

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