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PickFu Review Split Testing Amazon

PickFu Review – Remove the Guess Work and Optimize Your Listings

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A business that ignores the opinion of its clients is likely to encounter problems with customer retention. Every forward-looking venture requires strategies to improve its products or services. One of the most effective ways to identify your flaws as a business or developer is to review customer feedback. With the right reviews, it’s easy to correct your weaknesses, become more creative and put customer suggestions into action.

However, not every client is interested in giving feedback. Some just buy a product and don’t come back to express what they think about your product or service. While getting valuable response might seem like an impossible task, there’s a way out. You can use the service of third party websites like pickfu.com to gather insights about your service or product. PickFu gathers insights from US-based respondents on your behalf. This will save you the hassle of waiting for reviews so that you can concentrate on execution.

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What is PickFu?

PickFu is a platform that allows businesses, organizations, and professionals to get instant feedback on their products or services. It matches you with relevant respondents who are able to give unbiased feedback about your marketing copy, product photos, business ideas and more. This platform has been serving thousands of clients worldwide to help them make better business or investment decisions.

Pick Fu Review Features

Besides helping businesses, this platform also helps upcoming and experienced professionals in idea validation. Whether you want your book title or investment idea critiqued, PickFu will do that for you. Some of the professionals who can benefit from this service include:

  • App developers – When developing an app, it’s important to validate user experience before releasing it. PickFu helps you to optimize your user interface and app store creatives before releasing your application. It answers critical questions that developers have concerning the look and functionality of their apps.
  • Authors – In case you are working on a book, it can be challenging to select an ideal book title, cover photo or design. These are some of the aspects that determine how your book sells. PickFu can help in validating your book ideas to create the most sellable piece.
  • E-commerce sellers – How you formulate your product listing on Amazon or other e-commerce sites determines how visible it is. PickFu provides feedback to help you optimize your product listing. This is especially useful for Amazon split testing.
  • Entrepreneurs – As an upcoming entrepreneur, you don’t want to go wrong by investing in ideas that are not likely to work. PickFu allows you to validate your investment ideas, ad creative and logos.

How Does It Work?

PickFu offers a simplified process to its users. You can get valuable feedback in four simple steps:

Step 1: Input your question

You won’t get the right insights if you don’t ask the right questions. There are many options when it comes to asking questions on PickFu. You can opt to use the suggested prompts from the website or create your own questions. The site formulates questions that are specifically tailored to the kind of business or service you offer.

You also decide whether you want open-ended feedback or votes and explanations. The open-ended option allows you to solicit feedback for one product or concept without comparing it to another. The votes and explanation option, on the other hand, helps you to compare two or more products. The audience will select one of the products and provide a written comment describing their decision.

Step 2: Select your target audience

PickFu allows you to mix and match up to 45 different traits. You can customize and save your audience based on the characteristics you want. For instance:

  • Single
  • Author
  • Teenager
  • Pet owner
  • Amazon Prime member

The options are endless. Selecting traits makes it possible to obtain relevant feedback from actual product users.

Step 3: Check out

Once you’ve formulated the questions and selected your target audience, you will be redirected to pay for the service. The payment process is easy and efficient. All you need is to fill your card details and check out. Once this is done, you will start receiving feedback immediately.

Step 4: Get answers immediately

After paying for the service, answers will start coming in immediately. Your poll will be done in as little time as 15 minutes. PickFu partners with third-party providers to reach out to more than 10k US-based respondents. Each response is picked and scrutinized by PickFu’s proprietary algorithms to eliminate low-quality or gibberish answers.

What Can I Expect When Using PickFu?

As explained earlier, PickFu is a service meant to help e-commerce businesses, app developers and self-published authors to get instant feedback. According to the company’s co-founders, John Li and Justin Chen, the idea was born when they were looking for a fast way to get opinions for their other ventures. Here is a look at the pros and cons of using this service.


  • Easy setup – It takes a minute or so to set up your poll and start collecting responses.
  • No room for bias – Respondents don’t get to see the final poll results, hence their choice or feedback is not influenced by others. They only get to see the questions that are relevant to their segmentation and answer options.
  • Accurate feedback from your preferred audience- customers can customize their audience based on various factors such as demographics. There are more than 45 traits to choose from.
  • Flexible and affordable packages- Their packages start from $50. The total is calculated based on the number of respondents you want. You are also not required to pay any subscription fee.
  • Fast results- You don’t have to wait for days to get customer response. PickFu makes it possible to receive feedback within minutes.
  • Ideal for businesses and professionals- This service is designed for entrepreneurs who want to get some insights on their products. It’s also designed for authors and developers who want to get validation.
  • Quality answers – All answers are automatically scrutinized through the PickFu algorithm. This helps to remove all gibberish explanations.
  • Flexible questions – Clients are at will to formulate their own questions or select the ones structured for them.
  • Perfect for Amazon split-testing – It is ideal whenever you want to compare two or more listings on Amazon.


  • The minimum number of respondents you can choose is 50 – You don’t have an option of selecting a lower package below $50.
  • You can’t stop a poll once you press start.
PickFu Pricing

Features of PickFu

US-based respondents
PickFu tries to create a community of unbiased respondents by picking people who are eager to assist. You will get valuable information from your target clients.

Multiple target customer segments
This service allows you to select your target audience based on various demographics such as gender, age, income, geography, ethnicity, education and more. There are more than 45 segments, which allows you to mix and match for all-rounded feedback.

Written explanations
Clients don’t only receive poll results indicating vote tallies. They also get explanations from the respondents indicating what they like or don’t like about a certain product. This helps in making informed decisions.

Receive data in minutes
Once you start the poll, respondents are notified immediately. You will start receiving feedback in a matter of minutes.

Different packages
You can select the number of respondents you want starting from 50 going up.

No subscription fee
PickFu allows you to pay for what you order. You don’t have to pay for any monthly or yearly subscriptions to use the service.

Paid respondents
Respondents are paid based on the number of polls they have responded to. This improves the quality of feedback because they are not forced to take part in polls.

Privacy and data safety
All respondents have to sign a non-disclosure agreement before being accepted to respond to polls. In case you are working on a product that is yet to be released, you can rest assured your information is safe.

What’s the Cost of Accessing the Service?

PickFu provides flexible payment plans, with their lowest option going for $50. For $50, you get:

  • Feedback from up to 50 US-based respondents
  • 50 explanations from every person who responds to your poll
  • Private results tailored for you
  • Comparison of 2 different items, for instance, URLs, logo concepts and book covers.
PickFu Amazon FBA

The same pricing criterion is followed when you pay for 100, 200 or 500 respondents. Generally, each respondent costs $1, so if you need 200, you’ll pay $200.

If you need to target a specific audience, you are required to pay an additional $0.40 per respondent. This means for every preference, behavior or characteristic you add, the price will go up by $0.40 per respondent.

Their pricing structure is based on the type of poll you select. There are three types of polls: open-ended, ranked, and head-to-head

You can use PickFu’s price per poll calculator to see how much you will pay for your desired option. The company also offers a 15% discount for the first poll you request on their website.

PickFu offers Professional Membership for clients who are looking to run more than 3 polls in a month. This is an optional membership that aims to help serial users save money. When you subscribe to Professional Membership, you get:

  • Response from up to 500 respondents
  • The option to select up to 4 traits per poll
  • Discounted rate for every response

Although membership is not required, clients who use the service on a regular are advised to select this option. You can also save up to 15% when you decide to use Prepaid Poll Credit.

Is PickFu Worth It?

The answer is a definite yes. PickFu has revolutionized the way professionals and companies get feedback. You will gain thousands of dollars by applying PickFu feedback to your business decisions. It’s also a useful platform for app developers, e-commerce businesses and authors who are looking for validation. This service allows you to get insights from your target clients, which will help you to make the necessary adjustments. You will also learn your target clients’ behavior and preferences within minutes.


PickFu is beyond doubt a useful service for any professional, seller, or developer looking to get validation or opinion on a certain product or service. It is a time-saving and effective way of gathering insights from real clients. We hope our PickFu review has helped you make a decision on whether to invest in one of the best Amazon seller tools available – and we hope you’ve seen the benefit of doing so!

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