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A2X Review

A2X Review – Top Amazon Accounting Must Have Tool?

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Are you an online business owner and seller for Amazon Marketplace? If so, you know Amazon’s accounting procedures can be tedious and time-consuming. Take control of your time and your business’s finances with A2X, the fast-growing cloud software app. A2X’s accounting system compliments online businesses at any stage of growth. With its global network of users, e-commerce experts agree, this tool will be an asset to your online business.

What Is A2X?

A2X acts as the accounting middle man between your business and Amazon Marketplace. The app’s innovative cloud technology creates a personalized accounting system and easily navigates Amazon’s procedures. A2X keeps a thorough, accurate record of your transactions, giving you the time to optimize your experience as an Amazon seller.

A2X Amazon Review

Amazon Marketplace completely changed the game for online retail. The A2X founders recognize that Amazon Marketplace gives online businesses access to a vast community of customers whether they are just starting out or an already established company. They designed the software to be able to meet the needs of businesses in any stage of development.

A2X does the accounting work for you, giving you the time to focus on the needs of your business. Developed by software engineers with years of e-commerce experience, the A2X founders were among the first to work with FBA services in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Japan. Since its launch in 2008, A2X has become a credible resource for e-commerce accountants and online businesses.

What Can I Expect When Using A2X?

When researching new accounting systems for your business, you will want to learn about the features offered by each potential resource. These are the advantages and disadvantages of adding A2X to your business’s accounting system:


  • Compatibility with Accounting Software: A2X posts summarized records of your transactions to your accounting system. The app is compatible with the top accounting software including Quickbooks Online and Desktop as well as Xero.
  • Time-Saving: A2X eliminates any manual data entry and book keeping.The app generates organized invoices or journals for each Amazon settlement. Once this step is complete, A2X posts them to your cloud accounting system.
  • Accuracy: A2X maintains a standard of extreme accuracy. The software will generate your gross margins and gross profitability for each settlement based on your cost per product. You can clearly track how much you are spending and making with each transaction.
  • FBA Inventory Support: A2X tracks your Amazon FBA inventory stock locations each month. FBA refers to a packaging and shipping service offered by Amazon to its sellers. The app also keeps an inventory of the products you shipped to your customers with the times and dates of each delivery.
  • Global Support from A2X: The app offers its users access to a list of accounting firms with experience using its software. This global network includes locations in North America, Canada, The UK, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore.
  • A2X Integrators: The app offers its users integrators. An integrator designs a software system that connects a variety of apps and creates a personalized accounting system for your business.
  • Partnership with Shopify: In addition to its work with Amazon, A2X recently added Shopify to its system. The software helps online business owners to navigate Shopify’s distinct accounting procedures.
  • Positive Reviews: E-commerce accountants and experts consistently give A2X positive reviews. The app received high ratings on Intuit’s Quickbooks App Store, Capterra and Xero Business Community.
  • Free Trial: A2X offers its potential users a free trial before they commit to purchasing the software. You can see for yourself if the product saves you at least an hour per month in reconciling your transactions.


  • Only Shopify and Amazon: The app exclusively provides software compatible with Amazon and Shopify at this time.
  • Higher Price: Services for larger companies come at a higher price point. A2X designs pricing to match the budgets and needs of companies diverse in experience and size. If you own a smaller company, the app provides you with prices and services that best suit your needs.

Features of A2X

Think of A2X as your e-commerce liaison. The software allows you to reconcile your transactions and track your financial growth. A2X offers a system tailored to the intricacies of accounting for both Amazon and Shopify. Users of A2X can forgo completing complicated Amazon spreadsheets and manually importing Shopify orders into their accounting software. These are the features and processes for both companies:

A2X For Amazon

A2X makes Amazon Marketplace accounting easy with a three step system:

  • Step 1: When Amazon posts a new settlement file, the app fetches your latest transactions and crunches the data for you. A2X will then generate a summary of the revenue and expenses.
  • Step 2: This step offers several options in terms of configuration. Once you receive the summaries, You can arrange them by SKU or product type. You can also group your sales together by country. A2X provides you with an Amazon settlement history for at least 6 months depending on your company’s plan.
  • Step 3: A2X posts the summaries to your cloud accounting system. You can control whether the app posts them automatically or at your command. The accounting system even tracks the tax rates that apply to your transactions. Once the settlement payments are processed into your bank account, you can easily reconcile with the postings.

A2X for Shopify

A2X simplifies the Shopify accounting process with a three step system:

Step 1: A2X saves you time by importing all your Shopify transactions into the app’s accounting software for you. These records include sales, refunds, and any added fees.

Step 2: Individual orders can clog your accounting system. A2X helps you avoid this inconvenience by generating summarized statements for each payout. The app then imports your transactions into your accounting software for you.

Step 3: The software’s accounting records are clear and concise so you can easily reconcile your Shopify payments with your bank.

Additional Features

A2X provides all of its users with the following features:

At least 200 orders per month, depending on the plan you choose and the size of your business
Posted summaries of your transactions to your accounting system
Useful email management tools and support for your business
A number of seller accounts and marketplaces, depending on your plan and subscription

What’s the Price of A2X?

A2X offers pricing based on a tiered system. The smaller plans provide all the features described above. As the plans grow in size, the features become more extensive, suiting the needs of a bigger company.

Mini ($19 per month): For beginner businesses and sellers getting started in one market.

Starter ($49 per month): For a company growing in size with sales in more than one market.

Standard ($69 per month): For companies selling products in more than one market and more than one country.

Premium ($139 per month): For companies experiencing a high volume of customers in multiple countries with different currencies.

A2X Pricing Amazon

A2X offers larger companies plans with a number of added resources. Larger companies have a global network of customers and experience a high volume of transactions. It determines the pricing of the larger plans based on the amount of features provided.

  • Premium 20K ($249 per month): Among the many features, businesses receive up to 20,000 orders per month, 5 seller accounts and 10 market places. Businesses also receive FBA inventory locations and onboarding support.
  • Premium 50K ($499 per month): Among the many features, businesses receive up to 50,000 orders per month, 5 seller accounts and 10 market places. Businesses also receive FBA inventory locations and onboarding support.
  • Premium 100K ($799 per month): Among the many features, businesses receive up to 100,000 orders per month, 5 seller accounts and 20 market places. Businesses also receive FBA inventory locations, on boarding support and assistance integrating ERP software to other systems.
  • Premium 1M ($1,999 per month): Among the many features, businesses receive up to 1,000,000 orders per month, 10 seller accounts and 20 market places. Businesses also receive FBA inventory locations, onboarding support and assistance integrating ERP software to other systems.

A2X Alternative Tools for Amazon Sellers

Is A2X Worth It?

The company’s founders have done the work to make this process clearer for today’s online business owners. Running an online business requires you to juggle many jobs at once. If you are looking for an ally in your company’s expansion, A2X is worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

You are not alone in adding A2X as a resource for your business’s financial growth. E-commerce specialists and online business accountants have steadily implemented this app into their accounting systems. Intuit even selected the A2X as a top 10 finalist in its App Showdown.

If you want to take your company to the next level, A2X provides an excellent array of financial resources. The app will simplify your accounting system and help you navigate Amazon and Shopify’s procedures while you focus on expanding your online business.

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