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Zonguru Review Amazon Seller Toolset to Scale Your FBA

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What is Zonguru?

ZonGuru consists of a suite of tools created for Amazon merchants. The tools cover email automation, product listings, product research and more. Zonguru offers merchants numerous features including tracking competitor sales volume, order processing, keyword optimization, buyer email automation, sales rank tracking, notification for negative reviews and keyword rank tracking.

Zonguru Review

The ZonGuru review is positive due to the effectiveness of the numerous tools provided. ZonGuru helps merchants improve their customer base with clear and fast communication. Communication is often difficult due to the consistent changing of rules by Amazon. ZonGuru enables bulk requests for customer reviews compliant with Amazon’s TOS. Increasing the number of 5-star reviews also increases the profit of the merchant.

ZonGuru Review

Zonguru Features:

Chrome Extension Tool

The Chrome extension tool is free with a Zonguru subscription. The tool enables merchants to access complete product categories quickly and easily right from the Amazon platform. The process is much easier when the merchant does not need to leave the Amazon platform.

Keyword Listing Optimizer

The feature scans the listing page of the merchant to enable optimization of product titles including numerous variables such as keywords, feature lists and descriptions. The feature determines if the merchant has enough photos and reviews for all products.

Your Orders

The tool makes it much easier for merchants to conduct searches by order, the name of the customer, marketplace and ASIN. The merchant can easily locate exactly what is needed. The response to customers is improved because the merchant goes right to the messaging page through a convenient link.

Business Dashboard

Merchants can analyze their business fast and easy with the business dashboard. The most important metrics for merchants are included. The dashboard offers simple and easy to use widgets. A quick look at the dashboard provides the merchant with everything necessary for a better understanding of their business. The widgets include Profit Breakdown and Business Variation.

The most popular sections of the dashboard include the Best and Worst Products, Sales Breakdown Graph, Currency Drag Down and Recent Reviews. The merchant can also view the Stock and Inventory page for each product.

ZonGuru Niche Rater

Your Products

The worst possible scenario for an Amazon merchant is when the best selling product is out of stock. ZonGuru enables the merchant to stay on track. All the merchant needs to do is enter the shipping and delivery time of the manufacturer and COGS. The merchant can then manage timelines for both reordering and inventory. When a product is running low, ZonGuru sends an inventory alert to ensure reordering is prioritized.

IP Monitor

The IP Monitor provides the merchant with valuable protection from IP theft regarding their pictures of products for sale. The merchant can receive alerts if a photo has been retouched or doctored prior to being used by another merchant or if an identical photo is used.

Sales Spy

Sales Spy is a tool tracking data for all products available for sale on Amazon. The merchant receives insight as to the performance of the product in the market. The data is critical in determining if certain product categories are profitable and a good fit for the Amazon merchant.

Email Automator

The ZonGuru review is excellent for automating numerous tasks to save the merchant valuable time. The Email Automator ensures merchants can remain in contact with their customers. An alert is sent to the customer once the product ships. Another email is sent after the sale to help obtain customer feedback leading to a positive review.

Keyword Rank Tracker

One of the keys to a successful merchant store on Amazon is obtaining ranking information in real-time. The Rank Tracker enables the merchant to view the daily ranking of different products with a variety of keywords for improving ranking. Keywords can be tweaked effortlessly to ensure the words are more effective. The result is an increase in sales.

Negative Feedback

Negative feedback can be positive because it tells the merchant how their customers are perceiving the business. The Negative Feedback tool instantly sends an alert when a rating of three stars or less has been left by a customer. The merchant can immediately contact the customer by navigating to the seller page. The issue can be addressed quickly to enable the merchant to use proactive measures to determine the best possible solution.

Product Monitor

The Product Monitor sends alerts to the merchant regarding products including hijack alerts and new reviews. The tool also has the ability to track the listings of competitors to enable merchants to remain current with everything happening in the marketplace.

Love-Hate Differentiator

One of the original key features of ZonGuru is the Love-Hate Differentiator. The tool creates product lists containing both negative and positive factors. The list is derived from the reviews and opinions provided by the merchant’s customers.

Zonguru Pricing

Merchants have a choice of three different ZonGuru plans dependant on their goals and experience level. The first plan was created for beginners interested in promoting a few items on the Amazon platform. The price of the Product Researcher plan is $49 each month and an additional $35 each year. The lower price is intended for merchants selling a limited quantity of products.

ZonGuru Cost

The Business plan was created for entry-level merchants with a solid brand interested in increasing product sales. The higher price includes more features than the Product Researcher plan such as the dashboard, customer engagement option. starter’s privileges, monitoring metrics and Chrome extension. The price is $99 each month and an additional $65 per year.

ZonGuru has included all available tools in the Plus plan at a much higher cost. The merchant receives access to all of the features including listing optimization, monitoring and metrics, expand, engagement and support and product research. The price is $199 each month and an additional $119 each year.

Zonguru Alternatives

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a sales assistant software for Amazon merchants. The merchant receives help locating products contained in a fairly uncompetitive niche but in high demand at the same time. Jungle Scout examines the products available on Amazon on a daily basis. The merchant receives access to the database interface with a subscription to Jungle Scout.

The merchant can use a wide variety of filters to become aware of products in high demand, towards the top of the low-quality category. Merchants also gain access to a pre-developed business concept enabling the creation of an analog.

Helium 10

Thousand of Amazon merchants all over the world use Helium 10 for numerous features including enhancing search engine optimization, launching products successfully and conducting research for specific products. Helium 10 offers Amazon merchants a wide assortment of tools created for keyword research, product launches, product research, listing optimization, and ongoing maintenance. Infinite FBA has secure the best discount available for our readers.

The tools make it easier for merchants to handle numerous tasks imperative for maintaining a successful and profitable presence on Amazon.


How Do You Use Zonguru?

ZonGurue provides merchants with twelve different tools found in just one suite. The merchant has access to a lot more capabilities than what is available with a single tool. Each tool was created to help the merchant at different steps in their businesses to increase the growth and profitability of the business.

Each tool provides the merchant with the best possible data for making important business decisions. The tools also enable the merchant to automate their business. The merchant is then able to dedicate their time to focusing on specific areas of the business as opposed to spending a lot of time on the manual processes.

How Much Does Zonguru Cost?

Plans are available starting at $49 per month.

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