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Helium 10 X-Ray Review

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A common headache that most entrepreneurs face is the continuous review of the best ways to launch a new product in the market and make it go viral.

Another is getting the right products to reach the target audience and ensuring that the marketing campaigns are on point; optimized keywords for product listing.

While this may seem an extensive reach, especially with finding the right keywords, Amazon has developed an essential tool, the Helium 10 Xray. 

Before talking about the X-ray component, it’s essential to get a general idea of what Helium 10 is and how it can help businesses. The Helium 10 package is an essential software suite of over 24 components or tools designed for Amazon sellers. 

It comes as an essential research tool offering many advantages, including access to a database containing over 450 million ASINs (more like barcodes for products).

In addition, the Helium 10 package comes with a 30-day-money-back guarantee where you can cancel the order if you feel like it does not meet your requirements. 

The Helium 10 Xray is among the 25 tools offered in the Helium 10 suite. It comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension, working behind the scenes as you go through Amazon products you might want to sell.

Also known as the “Helium 10 X-ray chrome extension,” it is easy to use and mostly comes with relevant features. Some include getting relevant data on product listings like customer reviews, images, and texts. The extension is perfect for giving an overall evaluation of the products tagged at any time. 

One of the best features of the Helium 10 Xray is that every data culled through the extension is pulled from Amazon, hence eliminating the risks of falsified data.

According to what we’ve seen, the tool is essential for identifying niches with a high selling potential (especially those with small competition but high demand). It also goes further to search for essential products within the identified niches. 

Pros of the Helium 10 Xray

The Helium 10 Xray extension comes with incredible offerings to the end-users.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing the Helium Xray 10 tool.

  • It is easy to install and comes with a landing page with instructions on using it. 
  • It is free, especially for new entrepreneurs who want to taste how the Helium 10 package works. 
  • Built-in SEO and marketing tools are present
  • It is accurate since all the data are pulled directly from Amazon. 
  • Excellent customer support and additional resources for a more in-depth understanding of Helium 10 Xray and the entire Helium 10 software suite. 

Cons of the Helium 10 Xray

While the Helium 10 Xray is important, there are certain areas where Amazon can improve on the tool, making it become a powerhouse for marketing. Some of them include:

  • The extension lags annoyingly most times. 
  • While the X-ray is free, it requires other tools in the Helium 10 tool to produce optimal results. Hence, it is expensive. 

Product Research

Benefits of Helium xray tool

The first in-depth feature of the Helium 10 X-ray tool is its expertise in product research.

This feature gives business owners details about a particular niche and the products. Entrepreneurs can channel the information whether they want it to be about their competitor’s product or just about any product on Amazon that falls into the category of interest. 

Part of the benefits of Helium 10 Xray’s product research is that it gives an in-depth understanding of the estimated revenue, sales projections, current price, trends that may affect sales, and analytics for ads. One can access this within minutes, depending on the niche and number of products. 

For instance, you can search for “water-based lubricants” and then click on the Xray extension on chrome.

The tool will gather all the information related to products in the niche, which are lubricants. The Helium 10 Xray does this by searching the market with a fine comb, sourcing for relevant details the seller will need. 

It also further inquires if the products are legal and can be sourced or banned. The pricing, sales, revenue, and trends will also be produced. 

Here’s how the Helium 10 Xray’s Product research feature benefits business owners.

  • A better understanding of the niche market and how to create winning strategies: Information from the product research feature allows the seller to understand the market’s operations, especially customers’ demands and trends that can cause a fluctuation in the market. 
  • It gives the seller direct access to the Amazon database: This particular benefit could be worth more to the customer. For many clients, the fact that you can accurately access one of the world’s largest e-commerce store databases is an incredible advantage. 
  • Removal of doubt and unnecessary mistakes: For new businesses, the rate at which they make mistakes that can cost the firm will be significantly reduced using the product research tool. 

Looking to validate your product research ideas from X-ray, you will find Helium 10 black box tool and its advanced filters super helpful. Use the data to make a more informed decision.

Keyword Research

As much as product research is necessary, not knowing the target keywords to curate an efficient marketing ad may be disastrous.

Research has shown that using the right keywords as part of the strategy is necessary for a specific audience. 

The Helium 10 X-ray’s Keyword research feature has become a somewhat critical need for users. It digs into the market and scans the most popular keywords customers use when searching for products in any niche. There’s no exact technology that can dig into the customer’s mind to get what they are looking for. 

Using the Helium 10 Xray, sellers can easily get access to intricate and hidden keywords for niches. The extension goes as far as digging into previous search results. As long as the keywords related to the niche is in the Amazon database, it will bring it out.

When customers log on to the Amazon website, they try to transform their mind thoughts into words with specific hits. Products that sell well in any category can capture the thoughts of the buyer’s mind. 

A particularly interesting fact about this feature is you can use the filter to bring out results from whatever year you want.

Helium 10 Xray can generate results on keywords and related words on seed words. It gives the seller an idea of the product’s search results from those keywords.

It goes further to add results from the product research discussed earlier. The top 3-4 products from the search results are the dominating ones. They are the main stakeholders in that niche, dictating prices. 

This feature from Helium 10 Xray has become one of the top ideas that make searching for helpful information about a particular market instrumental. 

Product Launching and Marketing

Product research

Product launching is still a well-used strategy in the market today. For product launching, we’re referring to ideas that can be used to accelerate the sales of products on Amazon. 

Like any other idea, there must be some confidential information that has to be analyzed and the strategy built around it before it can be sent into the market.

There’s the use of specific keywords when creating marketing campaigns alongside ads and intensive product research into possible competitors. 

A great way to kickstart a product launch is getting the right keywords, as that could be the only way your potential customers will be able to reach the product. 

Most people go to the Amazon search bar and enter the keywords to get results on similar products. They then choose the first five products that serve as competitors and are closely similar to the product they want to launch. 

However, it is not enough to just enter any keyword that comes to mind into the search bar, and that is where Helium 10 X-ray’s tool comes to assist. After entering the keyword, this tool shows results quickly (certain situations have seen it lag a lot, though).

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the keyword of choice, and the Helium 10 Xray will pull out information on the results. For additional insight, you can take the ASIN from the top 5 products and use Helium 10’s other tool, Cerebro
  • Product research is also beneficial since you can use it to set the price of your product at a value that won’t be disastrous to you or too high for the market. 

Listing Optimization

Part of Helium 10 X-ray’s proficiencies is boosting the listing optimization for your product.

Like anything, enhancing the product’s detail and specifications page to maximize sales is essential for the success of any product in the market. This factor is where Listing Optimization comes in. 

Crucial aspects of the Listing Optimisation include regularly updating the keywords content and the strategic placement either at the front, middle, or the end of the product’s listing. Other aspects of listing optimization are enhancing text, images, and videos. 

As shown known, Helium 10 Xray extension is essential in generating target keyword results for the product’s niche and how to get ideal placement. The tool will bring out the keyword results of the top competitor results, including “hidden gem” keywords that are alien to many Amazon sellers. 

You can then use the Cerebro and even Magnet (other tools from the Helium 10 package) for assistance on how to place the words. 

Asides from these features, other relevant tools you can get out of the Helium 10 Xray extension include

  • ASIN Grabber
  • Profitability calculator
  • Review insights
  • Inventory

Operations and Analytics

With Helium 10 Xray, many sellers can now quickly get answers to their inquiries through the installation of a chrome extension.

To install the Helium 10 Xray extension, search for the extension raw file on the Google search bar, and follow the installation instructions. 

Here’s how to get started with the Helium 10 Xray, 

  • First, log into your Helium 10 account and log on to the Amazon website through Google chrome. 
  • Before searching for anything, it is necessary to manage the settings first. Click on the Helium 10 icon and then the settings button at the bottom of the overlay.
  • In the settings, choose the default options on how you want the results to appear and which of the success scores form you want it to appear in, whether multi or two factors. The two factor success score will inform Xray to increase the number of results shown depending on whether they meet your search conditions. 
  • When done, click on the Save button at the bottom. 

After searching for a product on Amazon, click on the Xray tray to display results. It will display the success score in the right corner of the window. 


For many users, having a single tool to use in getting verified product research, listings, and SEO-optimised keywords is highly impressive.

The Helium 10 Xray tool is a verified accessory for Amazon users who want to have an edge in the Amazon market.

The best thing about this component is it’s a free offer, which gives it an edge over its competitors, meaning you can try it out and see if it fits your profile. 

The Helium 10 Xray chrome extension is powerful, and users will get more than enough value with it. 

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