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Merchant Words Discount Code And Coupon 40% Off

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Thinking About Using MerchantWords?

If you are considering using MerchantWords, there is an excellent MerchantWords discount available you should be aware of. This FBA platform offers merchants exceptional keyword research features to find the right products to sell on Amazon.

Is MerchantWords Right for Me?

Amazon merchants are consistently searching for the best possible products to sell and the most recent trends. This process is simply a part of the life of every Amazon merchant. Merchants require a wide range of keyword research tools to stand out from the competition. The key to success is finding the products consumers are interested in purchasing.

Although Amazon merchants can use traditional search engines to locate products to sell, the results are negligible at best. Google is great for answering questions, and Amazon shows merchants the products that can be sold. The problem is neither one shows the products potential customers want to buy. This is where MerchantWords becomes so important.

The platform offers merchants a lot more than just relevant search results. It helps merchants become more visible to consumers, offers a good selection of features and helps Amazon sellers become successful. MerchantWords was created by George Lawrence, the founder, CEO and a software engineer. He launched the platform in December of 2012 because he wanted to help merchants determine which products consumers were searching for.

MerchantWords provides estimates for the number of searches consumers performed for every term. This shows merchants which products are in the highest demand, enabling sellers to find the best possible product opportunities. MerchantWords displays different variations of the keyword in addition to an estimation of the search volume. This helps merchants determine which products are worth selling.

Merchants can then figure out the best keywords to include in their listings to ensure they appear in as many related searches as possible. The way each product is described matches the keywords being used for searches. This means the products have a much better chance of being viewed by consumers. The idea is when more people see the products, the merchant’s sales will increase along with their profits.

How to Use Our Merchant Words Discount

Merchants only need about two minutes to claim the discount available through MerchantWords. The merchant just needs to enter the coupon code INFINITEFBA and complete a few steps to receive a discount for 40 percent off.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Our MerchantWords Discount Code

To receive the discount, the merchant simply needs to follow the steps detailed below. The process is fast and easy.

  1. Click on one of our exclusive discount links.
  2. Enter the INFINITEFBA coupon code to receive 40 percent off the yearly plan offered by MerchantWords.
  3. Click Subscribe located right below the coupon code you enter.

Once you’ve entered the “INFINITEFBA” discount code, you’re good to go! The coupon will be applied to the purchase when you check out.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Our Merchant Words Discount

When you click on our Merchant Words discount links, you will be brought to a custom landing page that allows you to choose your subscription plan. There will also be a pre filled coupon code input at the bottom of the page, allowing you to enter in our coupon code. If you dont see the coupon add “INFINITEFBA” to apply the discount.

Step #1 Click on our Merchant Words Discount Link

There are multiple buttons and links on this page. They all lead to the MerchantWords website and create a custom page for our readers to show you the lowest prices possible.

Click any one of these to get started. The site will open in a new window, so you can still follow along here.

Merchant Words Discount Coupon

Step #2 Sign up for a Merchant Words Account

To create a new account with the 3 month 40% discount applied hit subscribe.

Step #3 Click on Next

Enter your email address and create a password, then click next.

Step #4 Enter payment details

After entering your details check the terms and finalize the account. Confirmation will be sent to the email address you used. 

MerchantWords provides a wide range of features created to help merchants in the areas most important for attracting new customers to increase sales. Some of the most popular features are detailed below.

Merchant Words Latest Features

Keyword Tools:

One of the best features offered by MerchanWords is keyword tools. The data provided for customer searches on Amazon is both extensive and accurate. The data is collected from all over the world and made available to merchants. The feature enables merchants to find every conceivable search keyword no matter how unique. Amazon merchants then use this data to increase traffic to their product listings to increase sales.

Keyword Multiplier:

MerchantWords released this feature to enable merchants to generate synonymous keywords. Only a few seconds are necessary to effectively use this tool. The feature is extremely simple to use because all the merchant needs to do to locate a synonym is to type in the keyword. Once the keyword has been entered, all of the results appear right under the input field.

The merchant then reviews the results to determine the most creative ideas to sell more products. This tool is extremely effective, easy to use and very popular among MerchantWords users.

Classic Search:

The classic search feature is extremely useful for every merchant with an understanding of the A9 algorithm. The most interesting part of this tool is the way keywords can be used. A good example is the term tool kit. The feature shows merchants every alternative in existence for a tool kit to reveal the requirements of consumers searching for this product.

Amazon merchants can then come up with new ideas for products based on the most unique and rare search queries used by any consumer searching for this product.

Searches for Specific Terms

Another extremely helpful feature is the ability to search for specific terms on not just Amazon, but MerchantWords and Walmart as well. The merchant can accomplish this with either a page 1 search or a standard search. This is an excellent opportunity to learn what the competition is doing or to find the ideal product to sell in a specific niche category.

The merchant begins by placing their mouse over any of the search results. When the magnifying icon appears, the merchant places the mouse over the icon. The results are intuitive, and very helpful when the merchant is investigating potential new products. Three different options will appear, and the merchant can click on any of them to make a comparison.

A new browser does not need to be opened to determine the accuracy of the search results. The need to spend time searching for keywords manually has been completely eliminated.

Collections: This is a keyword tool enabling merchants to use their search queries for the creation and storage of different Amazon lists. The merchant will see variations for the keyword appear right under the main search key. This feature offers creative ideas for naming potential products.

Merchant Words:

Merchant Words (1.)offers an exceptional variety of keyword terms for merchants. All of the words provided are related to what the merchant types into the search field.

Listing Advisor:

This is a premium optimization feature enabling merchants to create excellent listings. These listings will help the merchant be noticed prior to their competitors. Listings can be created with a keyword-optimized title, keyword bundle and HTML and text description. MerchantWords includes one free rewrite.

Asin Plus:

The Asin Plus feature provides merchants with ranking keywords using a reversed approach. The supply data is derived right from Amazon to enable the merchant to understand the competition for different niches. No other tool offered by MerchanWords works in the same way.

Filtering and CSV Download:

In many instances, millions of results are revealed by a single search term. Searching through every term individually is extremely difficult. This tool offers filtering options enabling merchants to view the results by either volume or individual categories. Merchants also have the ability to download all of the data to a CSV format. This is extremely helpful for analyzing the data while offline.

Ad Management:

One of the most powerful tools for the advertising needs of Amazon merchants is PPCx. Amazon PPC Ad management software offers merchants keywords with the highest profit potential of every listing of PPC ads. The feature provides a terms database offering the search terms from more than one billion real Amazon shoppers. The team of Amazon experts is based in the United States.

Effective campaigns are customized for the unique business goals of each merchant. The campaign helps ensure the merchant’s advertising is not only successful, but well worth the cost.

MerchantWords Plans – Which Should You Choose

MerchantWords offers a good selection of plans offering access to keyword data from Amazon, CSV downloads and unlimited searches. The data is from a maximum of 11 countries. These countries are:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • India
  • Spain
  • Mexico

The Silver plan is $29 per month. The plan includes:

• Amazon data for one country selected by the merchant
• Maximum of 500 monthly searches
• Seasonal keywords
• Performance metrics for data for the United States and the United Kingdom
• Maximum of 10 keyword collections
• Keyword search volume
• Page one analysis data is available for the United States and the United Kingdom
• Keyword history

The Gold plan is $79 per month. The plan includes:

• Maximum of 100 keyword collections
• Keyword search volume
• Page one analysis data is available for the United States and the United Kingdom
• Keyword history
• Keyword multiplier
• Maximum of 1,000 searches per month
• Seasonal keywords
• Performance metrics for data for the United States and the United Kingdom
• Asin Plus for data for the United States and the United Kingdom
• Amazon data is chosen by the merchant. North America’s choice is between the United States, Mexico and Canada. The choice in Europe is the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany. The choice in Asia is India, Japan and Australia.

The Platinum Plan is $149 per month. The plan includes:

• Global Amazon data
• Unlimited monthly searches
• Seasonal keywords
• Performance metrics for data for the United States and the United Kingdom
• Asin Plus for data for the United States and the United Kingdom
• Maximum of two concurrent monthly users
• Maximum of 1,000 keyword collections
• Keyword search volume
• Page one analysis data is available for the United States and the United Kingdom
• Keyword history
• Keyword multiplier
• Digital shelf dashboard

The Final Word

MerchantWords is an excellent platform for Amazon merchants. The keyword research tool is exceptional, simple to use and covers numerous different markets. The results are both extensive and accurate. Billions of keywords are made available to merchants for product research, PPC and SEO. One of the best features is the ability to download an unlimited quantity of CSV files.

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Merchants can use the CSV files with any other tools or data currently in use. MerchantWords is a good option for any Amazon merchant interested in tools to improve their listings and increase profits. The service and keyword data tools are one of the best currently available on the market. MerchantWords helps Amazon sellers understand the competitiveness of the marketplace. Should you wish to read our more detailed MerchantWords Review please do.

Amazon merchants can create effective advertising campaigns for Amazon in addition to Google ads and social media campaigns. The platform helps increase traffic, offers plans for different price ranges and capabilities and provides customer support 24/7.

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Q&A MerchantWords

Merchant Words costs $79/month on an annual package for the most popular gold plan. We have an exclusive 40% off coupon available. 

Merchant Words is an Amazon tool that can pay for itself in no time. Absolutely worth it if you are starting out. 

MerchantWords offers a free 100% risk free 14-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it you can get your money back. 

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The ultimate resource for all things Amazon FBA. learn the tips and tricks to success as an Amazon seller or retail ads marketer from our team of experts
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