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DS Amazon Quick View review

DS Amazon Quick View Review

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As you know, Amazon is one of the best places for product research. The eCommerce platform houses one of the most extensive collections of products provided by different sellers. However, visiting all the individual product pages before narrowing down options could be a tiresome task for all Amazon sellers, indeed.

An extension for Google Chrome browser called DS Amazon Quick View claims to make things simpler. But does it always work? Can DS Amazon Quick View help you save much time? We have shared our hands-on experience in the detailed review given below.

What is DS Amazon Quick View?

DS Amazon Quick View is a productivity extension available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It has been designed to help users who are into Amazon product analysis. The Google Chrome extension displays extra information on a specific product without making you visit the Amazon product page.

What is DS Amazon Quick View Extension

Instead, you can hover the cursor over a product on the product search page, and the add-on will show full product details such as ASIN number, the seller details, and the current ranks of the product. Of course, there is room for customization, but it is the core idea behind DS Amazon Quick View.

How Is DS Amazon Quick View Useful?

As you can guess, the DS Amazon Quick View Amazon Chrome extension has been designed for saving time. For example, when you have to research hundreds of Amazon products, you may not have sufficient time to compare and contrast details like ASIN, shipping options, and product rank.

With the help of DS Amazon Quick View, you can skip an entire step and still get excellent results. Some features of DS Amazon Quick View are available only in the premium version, though. You do not have to worry about getting started with the extension and installing it.

You can also see the product image and basic information in the same way.

How to install DS Amazon Quick View?

Conveniently, the DS Amazon Quick View extension is available on Chrome Web Store and the Mozilla Add-ons Platform. It means they have been verified for safety and privacy protection. So, based on the browser that you are using, you can download the DS Amazon Quick View extension from either of these stores.

More importantly, the DS Amazon Quick View productivity tracking extension is free to use. You do not have to worry about any paywalls or annoying pop-ups while installing the add-on. We also noticed that the extension does not ask for unwanted permissions. For instance, it does not ask for full access to browsing activities.

DS Amazon Quick View features

Let us have a quick look at the significant advantages of the DS Amazon Quick View extension. It would be best to keep in mind that the features would vary based on your web browser application.

  • The DS Amazon Quick View extension comes with an intuitive User Interface. As we said earlier, you do not have to worry about the installation procedure. On the Google Chrome browser, it is an install-and-forget situation. Once you have installed the extension, it will activate automatically. The next time you open Amazon, you can hover over the product link to see additional product information.
  • Another impressive part is that you can get authentic information about the product—the extension sources the official product page’s data. By pre-loading the content of products, the extension will save time. For instance, if you want to compare the dimensions of three products on Amazon, you can do it from the search results.
  • We must notice that DS Amazon Quick View does not show any advertisement. Therefore, you can use it without any worries. Furthermore, as we said, the extension does not manipulate data sourced from you, either. In short, you can use the product research helper extension without worries about privacy or data usage.

Premium Version Features: Price History and More

The set of features we have mentioned above are available in the free version itself. However, you can upgrade to the premium version of DS Amazon Quick View if you need additional options. Some of them are:

  • The premium version shows additional information about the product, especially in the shipping and seller aspects. So, for instance, you can have a quick understanding of who is selling the product — all managed by Amazon, third-party Amazon sellers, pricing for FBA sellers, etc. You cannot find this data when using the free version.
  • The extension will also display the price history and Keepa history of the product. If you did not know, Keepa is a service that lets you track the price and availability of Amazon products along with monthly sales data. The ability to get this information by hovering over the search results page will improve your Amazon product research. In the end, the DS Amazon Quick View extension displays everything in an easy-to-understand manner.

These features are available when you purchase the paid version of the DS Amazon Quick View extended version by paying a one-time fee. You can use the paid version on other Amazon domains as well.


Here are the significant pros of the DS Amazon Quick View extension compared to other options.

  • DS Amazon Quick View offers an entirely free version
  • Sources product ASIN and seller information authentically.
  • Simple setup and intuitive User Interface
  • It shows valuable information and product data

Who Can Benefit from This Productivity Extension?

Anyone who wants to compare and research Amazon products will benefit from the DS Amazon Quick View extension. As we have explained, it is a quick way to sort through quality product details. But, more importantly, you can take the maximum advantage from the extension if you have to research a diverse sector.

When you can access essential information like product rankings, interactive Keepa graph, and selling options by hovering over the icon, it is also the best way to analyze sales trends.


Here are some areas where the extension could improve a thing or two.

  • The free version offers limited features and works only on Amazon.com
  • Recently, the developer has been focusing more on the paid version
  • The extension does not provide data export options
  • It is not suitable when you have to deal with a large number of products
  • It does not show price history or additional info
  • No option for comparison with other marketplaces

As you can see, the drawbacks are minor. The upgrade is definitely worth the money you spend.

Alternatives to DS Amazon Quick View

If you think the DS Amazon Quick View extension is not enough, you can consider the following alternatives. Some of these could be premium, but they offer additional features that you may be interested in.

DS Amazon Quick View Alternatives
  • Keepa by Amazon is a free Chrome extension to get started with product research. The extension will help you with in-depth product research as well. The extension converts Amazon search result pages into a table of contents. You can use this table to compare and contrast data like sellers information and sales rank with ease.
  • Helium 10 is a more comprehensive collection of Amazon seller tools. You get access to many tools and data sorting options. Compared to DS Amazon Quick View, it is a better choice to handle bulky data. Like DS Amazon Quick View, it lets you choose between free and premium versions.
  • Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, AMZ Scout, Revseller, Unicorn Smasher are all great alternatives to DS Amazon Quick View.

You can choose one of these alternatives based on the features you need.

How to Do Product Research on Amazon?

There is no single way to do product research on Amazon, you know. You have to employ tactics according to the results and the time of the year. For instance, the deal must have low competition, good profit margin, legal compatibility, and huge demand to get started.

As you move ahead, you should look out for factors like lightweight items and customizable products. Both these will help you add value and earn profits.

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