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Unicorn Smasher Amazon Review

Unicorn Smasher Review – Should I Upgrade to Pro?

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Unicorn Smasher works as the chrome extension. This extension has been developed by the AMZ tracker group, which will probably help all the Amazon sellers in terms of product research. It often makes you provide with a wide range of information or data where we have sales estimates plus market analysis along with product metrics. In simple terms, it will help you to learn about all the items on the Amazon platform. The entire collection of data is based on Google Trends and Amazon. This chrome extension mainly works on the search page of the Amazon platform. For using this tool, make sure you already have a product in your mind so you can smoothly perform the whole process without any obstructions. You have to visit Amazon’s main website, search for different keywords, and later on, click at the “Unicorn Smasher” option. This will let you know about various forms of data/information related to every single time.

What is Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is known as the product tool on Amazon for research purposes. It is beneficial for you to search on different keywords by visiting the Amazon platform without any hurdle and stress. You need to keep that specific product in your mind already so you can instantly enter that relate product keyword in the search tool option. It can help you to know about the estimated sales amount and revenue of that particular product which you want to sell. This keyword tool will never help you until and unless you are not clear about the type of product you are looking for.

Unicorn Smasher is a perfect tool for all those people who are new on the Amazon platform or even if they are searching for any product data for the first time. In case if you want some extra or in-depth information about any product, then Unicorn Smasher is not an appropriate option. It will never be able to analyze or track your competitors.

Unicorn Smasher Features:

In the Unicorn Smasher review, the main point of discussion is to learn about its essential features. So right here, we are explaining some primary and main features of Unicorn Smasher.

  • It offers real-time and reliable information based on pricing, product ranking, product reviews, and ratings. It also presents information related to the product estimate sales and much more.
  • It also highlights actual sales estimates along with the revenue that is based on the real data from 10-10,000 different products on the Amazon platform.
  • Its product research dashboard is completely organized. You can easily manage the search for all the products based on the keyword. You can save the product name in your dashboard for future research.
  • It is also integrated with the AMZ tracker, with which it will be giving all the subscribers a golden chance to look for profitable opportunities.
  • It is free to use.
  • The extension has been added with specific inbuilt features, which will make your whole product search task easy to perform.
  • It presents you with a complete overview of information related to the product price, it’s market rating, along with its ranking and customer feedback review. Also, some extra information about the product is advertised on the Amazon platform.
  • It is also helpful to extract as well as correct the revenue and sales projections.
  • Unfortunately, this chrome extension is also accountable to present or visualize any capital or financial information.
Unicorn Smasher Review

Unicorn Smasher Free Vs. Pro Version

There are two main types of versions in Unicorn Smasher, such as paid version and free version. You will be finding the maximum features of this extension in its free version. But the paid version will help you to get the product research information more accurately. Let’s figure out the difference between Unicorn Smasher free version and pro/paid version:


Unicorn Smasher Free Version

  • It is free of cost.
  • It is based on an organized dashboard where it makes your task a lot easy to manage all types of product research information in one place.
  • You can search for various information or filters in a comprehensive manageable manner.
  • You can also export all your search results to CSV and later on save your data.

Unicorn Smasher Pro Paid Version

  • Its lifetime license cost is $49.
  • You can get all sorts of features in the paid version.
  • Hence the paid version will help you to get the product information more accurately.
  • They also offer an opportunity score for every single product.



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Unicorn Smasher Pro

Step by Step Guide To Use Unicorn Smasher

  1. First of all, you have to visit the main website of Unicorn Smasher. The website is designed in a friendly variation. You have to click on the option of Unicorn Smasher, after which another pop-up window will make an appearance. You have to enter your email address and email in it.
  2. As you have entered your email address, you will be straight away directed to yet another window about chrome web store. As it is a paid version, so hold on for a second because they will ask for your credit card information.
  3. Now you have to install the chrome extension of Unicorn Smasher. As soon as you search for the free version, you have to click on the option as “add to chrome.” Now, wait for a few minutes to start the process of installation. As the installation will end, a small logo of Unicorn AMZ will appear on your main window.
  4. To find a specific product from Amazon, you have to, first of all, visit the main website of the Amazon platform.
  5. On the search bar, you have to enter the specific keyword related to the product inside the search box.
  6. Now, as soon as you encounter that the search options of your product are visible, you have to click on the icon of Unicorn Smasher, which is positioned at the top right side corner.
  7. As you will be making your click on the icon option, you can instantly get a piece of complete information related to the product price, its market rating, along with its ranking and customer feedback review.
Unicorn Smasher Extension Chrome

Unicorn Smasher Pricing

Being accurate in information and data collection, most of the users have been looking forward to acquiring the paid version of the Unicorn Smasher. As the paid version is concerned, you can buy it within the cost of $25 to $350. The price will vary depending upon the features included in your included. If you have added fewer features in your package, then definitely, the cost of a paid version will be less. But more features inclusion means higher prices. For buying the paid version, you need to add your email address and name for downloading its Chrome extension.

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Well, this was the end! We are sure after reading out the Unicorn Smasher review details and its features, you will be considering downloading it right now! You can easily manage all your search results inside the dashboard for future use. This is a top recommended keyword research tool that might not be as better as compared to its competitors, but overall it is worth downloading. For using this tool, make sure you already have a product in your mind so you can smoothly perform the whole process without any obstructions. There is no such rocket science that you need to follow for using this chrome extension. You have to visit Amazon’s main website, search for different keywords, and later on, click at the “Unicorn Smasher” option. So are you ready to use it? Check it out here.


Unicorn Smasher works as a product research tool for you for the Amazon platform. This tool is attached to the chrome extension feature, which will help you to display all related information based on the product.

Unicorn Smasher Pro costs between $25 to $350 depending on which features your Amazon FBA software and business requires.

If you would like to know how Unicorn Smasher and Jungle Scout compare you can check out our Unicorn Smasher Vs Jungle Scout post for more details about features and pricing.

Unicorn Smashers estimated sales and revenue data is not as accurate say Jungle Scout or Helium 10 as they have a larger store of historical sales data to use. 

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