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How To Use Helium 10 GEMs

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Helium 10 remains one of the most sought-after software used to increase the profitability of sellers on Amazon.

With several tools designed to keep users on top of the selling game, you stand no better chance of beating the competition.

One of the tools on the Helium 10 platform is the GEMs.

Helium 10 GEMs is a promotional URL generating tool that can direct potential customers to your products page on Amazon. This can easily boost your search ranking and increase profits.

The global marketplace is very competitive, with millions and millions of competing products and sellers.

Without taking steps to distinguish yourself, you may never be able to draw customers to your space, let alone make money from them. Before a customer makes a purchase, the product needs to be visible.

Helium 10 is known for developing tools that make it easier for products to rank higher in searches, leading to greater sales. One tool that makes it easier to attract buyers is the Helium 10 GEMs.

This tool creates two-step URLs for your product pages to drive traffic to Amazon and the pages in particular, and it also helps in the ranking of your product for noted keywords. It helps in listing optimization, inventory management, keyword research, product research, etc.

We’ll be looking at the tool, how it works and how it stands out as a great product. Read on if you desire to maximize the tools available on Helium 10.

What are Helium 10 GEMs?

About Helum GEMs

Your product page is where you make money for so many who desire to make their pages as visible as possible. Any technique that promotes the pages is welcome.

Unfortunately, they don’t know the best way to do it. Even after spending a lot of time and effort marketing their pages, they may still be lost under the rubble.

The Amazon marketplace is incredibly competitive. But you can soar above the competition with the right tools. One of them is the Helium 10 GEMs.

Helium 10 GEMs is a tool that can help you promote your product page(s) by directing buyers to them. It serves as a formidable link between you and your potential customers by creating unique Amazon URLs.

When buyers search for where to buy products, they can navigate from different external sites. You can direct customers to your products or Amazon from such sites as a seller. When you do, you are attracting a potential customer.

Generate different types of URLs

You can use that interest of the customer to improve how specific keywords improve your products’ ranking. This is done by letting the customer go through a search page where a specific keyword associated with your product(s) is located.

Once the customer accesses your page from that site, your product is automatically boosted in search results once any other customers use that keyword to search for products.

So, in essence, the Helium 10 GEMs work basically in two ways.

First, it directs buyers to your products page. This dramatically increases the chances of buyers patronizing you. Secondly, it improves your ranking when buyers search for specific keywords.

So, when customers enter those keywords, there is a higher chance of your page popping up.

For every keyword or phrase, some products are the most patronized. But because of how the algorithm of Amazon is structured, several other factors are considered when suggesting pages to buyers. Helium 10 GEMs use these factors to ensure your page gets a more favorable consideration in ranking pages.

Although seller authority and sales history are essential factors that naturally put more prominent brands at the top of the rankings, other factors, including internal sales, Click-Through-Rate (CTR), and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) sales, are also involved in the ranking of products.

It is these other factors that the Helium 10 GEMs tries to use to your advantage thereby giving your site greater opportunities for sales.

With Helium 10 Gems, you can generate different types of URLs. They include

  • Canonical
  • Add-to-cart
  • Buy together
  • Target search ASIN

Amazon frowns at any activity that may manipulate results and unfairly favor any products.

Still, using these two-step URLs is deployed organically, thereby building traffic from users’ activities and not from any unfair procedures. So there’s no reason to be sanctioned by Amazon for using GEMs to promote your page.


  • It’s free
  • It generates a lot of traffic
  • Very easy to use
  • Has an unlimited potential for reaching customers


  • Regarded by some as an unfair and unsafe way of building traffic

How to use Helium 10 GEMs

Generating URLs

Using the Helium 10 GEMs to boost sales is an excellent step. But how do you do it? Let’s explore.

To use Helium 10 GEMs to promote your business, you should access the Helium 10 software. Once you’re on the site, you’ll find the GEMs URL builder on the drop-down menu of the Resources bar.

Once it is opened, you can then see how the URLs can be created. Before creating them, be sure that the specific market you are targeting is imputed (the US is the default). If you select the wrong market, the URL will simply lead your potential customers to another place entirely.

You can then create a 2-step URL by imputing data into the Brand and Keyword fields and click on the Generate button. The link will now be generated, which can be copied or clicked to view its appropriateness. It should be direct to your product page.

You can create a canonical URL that drives traffic to your product from outside Amazon. Canonical URL directs traffic to your page from other search engines. You’ll have to enter relevant keywords, the ASIN, and the brand to do that. Users outside the Amazon search engine can then be directed to your product page.

You can as well create a 2-step URL with a hidden keyword. You should enter all the appropriate keywords that are relevant to your product as well as the ASIN. Then click on the Generate button.

The Amazon Add to Cart page is also relevant, especially when promoting products. It can influence purchase but is not known to affect the organic ranking of the product.

If you’re offering a particular discount or a free product for any purchase, you may need to enter the number of products. Once the link is generated, customers can qualify for the promotional offer when purchasing. The link takes them directly to where they can shop directly.

Another 2-step URL involves the Buy together option, which consists of the combination of multiple ASINs such that when one product is purchased, buyers can be influenced to buy other products.

These steps can be used on Walmart as well.

Why not get the full Helium 10 suite of tools to take your Amazon business to the next level, check out the current pricing for Helium 10 and start a free trail if you are serious.

How do Helium 10 GEMs stand out from the competition?

Helium 10 GEMs stand out from the competition because it offers a unique way to generate traffic and improve sales.

It also makes it easier for buyers to find pages after entering relevant keywords. It improves the ranking of the products organically and helps the buyers as well.

Bonus: To find out more gems, golden nuggets and insider Amazon selling tips, check out the serious seller podcast.

Some people may see the 2-step URL generation as trends manipulation, which is frowned at by Amazon. But the organic way the users click on it makes it ideal within the norm.

The URL generation is also instant and can be used for any product, regardless of the previous sales volume. It is also a fundamental way of getting the product to trend when users search for relevant keywords. Interestingly, it costs nothing, so users have no excuse not to use this feature.

So, Helium 10 GEMs use promotional URLs to make your Amazon and Walmart selling operations easier. It also makes it more targeted in its approach guaranteeing better results. It’s a very strategic way to move up the ladder.


Helium 10 GEMs are a cheap, easy, and convenient way to improve your product’s ranking on Amazon.

By simply generating promotional URLs that can help you market your Amazon Listings, you can reach an infinite number of people in the cheapest possible way.

If you also do business at Walmart, you can as well rank for keywords using Helium 10 GEMs. You can also generate URLs and link the prospective buyer to your product page on Walmart.

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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