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Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast

Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast

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“I’m done with volumes of boring podcasts on how to sell on Amazon”!

We assume you’ve not heard the Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast. It’s not just a readout of boring data and theoretical strategies. It’s an exciting world of opportunities and learning taught by experts!

Sometimes, all you need is to hear from those who have succeeded at what you’re trying to do. It is not enough to access the best tools; there are secrets you can still learn from industry experts and leading sellers.

That’s why Helium 10 created the Serious Sellers Podcast (SSP). The Serious Sellers Podcast is designed to provide real-life solutions to real-life problems from real-life champions in the Amazon selling business.

The Serious Sellers Podcast aims to encourage you in your pursuit by providing you with regular counsel that has worked for successful people and keeps you up to speed with the latest strategies in the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace.

So, are you interested in learning more?

What is Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast?

What is Serious Seller Podcast

Hosted by the dynamic Bradley Sutton, the Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast is a series of talks that expound the deepest secrets of selling successfully on Amazon.

As said earlier, it’s not just a boring talk shop, no. Rather, the host puts together industry experts with exciting stories and secrets that are set to put the spark into your business.

These successful experts have surmounted challenges, taken advantage of secrets available to few sellers, and have become highly successful. Many of them have made tens and tens of millions applying their secrets. No one ever reached the top by just dreaming about it.

On the Serious Sellers Podcast, you hear from the experts in engaging, exciting, and interesting episodes.

From engagement with multimillionaire seller Garry Ray, who made $2.6 million on Arbitrage in one single year, to hear from elite sellers Jake Paulsen and Ryan Ebel, who live and breathe strategic business secrets, to learning from sellers on how to recruit online influencers for a wider reach; the Serious Sellers Podcast covers anything and everything that can boost your sales.

You’re also sure to get the best analysis from experts on the latest developments, new Amazon incentives, and access to top-level secrets. There’s no more excellent reservoir of relevant answers when you have any questions than the SSP by Helium 10.

Then, there’s the rich experience of the Helium 10 developers, who share secrets on how to get the best from the most advanced software developed to enhance your productivity.

Just like its name, it is for serious sellers. So if you are one, or at least you desire to be one, you need to take the Serious Sellers Podcast more seriously.

What is the purpose of the Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast?

What is the purpose of the Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast?

To give you a rough idea of the kind of need Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast addresses, these are the topics of its top three episodes:

  • From 40k a Day to Losing Over $1 Million! – Kevin King Shares a Cautionary Tale
  • From Amazon Posts to Product Inserts: Big Wins for Small Brands
  • Mindset and Lifestyle Strategies to Level Up Your Amazon Selling

As you can see, the podcast addresses pitfalls, a significant cause of concern, secrets for small businesses, and individual responsibilities needed to sustain growth.

Nothing is off-limits on the Serious Sellers Podcast as long as it is necessary to improve sales.

In a market as competitive as Amazon, sellers need all the information they can get. And the SSP sure provides lots of it. The Serious Sellers Podcast aims to provide subscribers with timely and valuable information that is meant to push them above the competition.

Because Amazon evolves daily, sellers need to know the latest information on how best to remain relevant and have timely guidance.

In the world of online selling, there’s so much to learn. Helium 10 believes podcasts are an easy way to learn. The Serious Sellers Podcast provides the opportunity to learn from the best teachers. It places valuable information at your fingertips.

Every week, the team at SSP releases new episodes to enrich your knowledge further. The release time is strategically set on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

This ensures that you have enough time to digest each episode before taking on a new one. There’s always something new to learn from every episode with an ever-dynamic business climate.

The podcast also features lessons on how to make daily profits. Many sellers only wait for the regular bi-weekly earnings. The podcast explores secrets on how to make a steady profit daily. Moreover, you are not only taught how to make but also save money.

We believe one of the most significant pitfalls of online selling marketplaces like Amazon is the rules. Many sellers lose their accounts because they ignorantly flout the rules. Losing such a virtual platform as Amazon could be a huge setback.

But with regular updates on how to keep to the rules and use them to your maximum advantage, the Serious Sellers Podcast is a must for those who wish to keep their accounts for as long as possible.

A typical podcast lasts for about 45 minutes, and it is packed with enough information to keep you interested until the end.

Let’s look at the breakdown of one of the most recent episodes in which host Bradley Sutton and Garry Ray discuss Arbitrage secrets:

Bradley Sutton and Garry Ray

01:50 – Garry’s Backstory And How He Got Started On Amazon

03:15 – What Does Arbitrage On Amazon Mean?

04:00 – Making $2.6 Million In Online Arbitrage Last Year

06:30 – Not Tech Savvy But Still Finding Success

10:00 – Garry’s Criteria For Finding Arbitrage Products

11:45 – How To Manage Inauthentic Claims


14:10 – Liquidation Buys Are Dangerous

16:50 – Building Your Store Like A Mutual Fund

17:30 – One You Got Proof Of Concept, Always Take The Shot

18:50 – Garry’s Student Earned $6 Million Using Arbitrage

21:00 – Tips On How To Get Started In Retail Arbitrage

25:30 – The Beauty Of Arbitrage

27:30 – How To Check If A Category Or Product Is Gated

31:00 – Making Money With Amazon To Amazon Flips

36:30 – What Inspired Gary To Try Private Label?

39:00 – Garry’s Thirty-Second Tips

44:20 – How To Get In Touch With Garry


The transcripts of different episodes are also available and can be read at one’s convenience. As can be seen, the time is well spent, and so much information is packaged into it.

What kind of guests appears there?

The very best of guests who have stories to tell. Those who have surmounted the challenges, and of course, the multimillionaire sellers.

Hosted brilliantly by Bradley Sutton, the most recent guests on the podcast include elite sellers Jake Paulsen and Ryan Ebel; Indian e-commerce expert Meghla Bhardwaj; social media influencer Paul Baron; digital enthusiast Lem Turner, and multimillionaire investor Garry Ray.

Other recent guests have included Shivali Patel, AbdulBasit Rafi, Gina Perez, Adriana Rangel, and a host of other entrepreneurs.

These guests know how to build a prosperous online selling business and have done very well for themselves. The Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast is designed to help listeners become better sellers.

Can Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast help me with my business?

The Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast was designed to provide timely counsel for beginners and established sellers. Regardless of your level in the Amazon selling business, you will become a better seller by following instructions from the resource persons.

You are also sure to receive timely counsel on the latest developments in the Amazon selling business. You are taught pitfalls to avoid as well as best practices to adopt.

There is no magic wand in the podcasts, so you have to put the knowledge to use to get anything out of it.

Looking to get more reviews for your Amazon listing, try Helium 10s seller assistant request a review tool.

Where to listen to Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast

To listen to fresh and previous episodes of the Serious Sellers Podcast, you can do so by subscribing on any of the following platforms:

  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

You can get more information here for updates on how best to listen to Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast.

You can subscribe, listen to previous episodes and get more podcast news on the Helium 10 website.

When you subscribe to the Helium 10 software, you have access to various tools, including weekly podcasts that keep you on top of your game.


Helium 10 has not just provided great tools; they have also provided a platform for experts to share their wealth of experience, nuggets and gems with users.

The Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast is meant to place sellers on the shoulders of giants and provide lessons on how best to keep making money on marketplaces.

You can listen to fresh and old episodes and learn from masters who have impacted selling online. Remember, the podcast treats all kinds of lessons, as long as it involves helping you succeed at your business.

So what are you waiting for? Join the train, and explore endless possibilities from the world of Serious Sellers.

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