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How to Use Helium 10 Walmart

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There’s one reason why Helium 10 decided to create tools for Walmart sellers: it is a fascinating market with lots of prospects.

With well over 100 million different buyers per month, Walmart has only 100,000 third-party sellers. This leaves room for many new entrants who seek to improve their earnings.

About 200 million unique buyers use the site to meet their needs on Amazon. However, Amazon is “saturated” with about 10 million sellers seeking to have a part of this global cheesecake.

Helium 10 believes there is enormous potential in the Walmart marketplace and has created solutions to help new and established sellers.

Helium 10 also believes that there are many exciting opportunities in the Walmart marketplace. Helium 10 tools are already known to help users on the Amazon marketplace achieve more.

Now, Walmart sellers can also take advantage of these fantastic innovations. This expansion is an essential step towards offering users of Helium 10 more options in the online selling business.

If you’re already a seller on Amazon and familiar with Helium 10 tools, you are perfectly positioned to take this exciting new journey. Not only is Walmart a huge market, but it also has fewer sellers.

Fortunately, Walmart only allows sellers already established on other marketplaces, so you should have zero problems integrating. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

You can immediately get registered for free, access great Helium 10 tools for Walmart sellers, and start directly making a profit.

To this end, Helium 10 has expanded most of its popular tools to work with Walmart’s marketplace. The tools include Cerebro, Magnet, X-ray, Profits, and Keyword tracker.

Let’s examine in greater detail what the Helium 10 Walmart plans are.

What is Helium 10 Walmart?

What is Helium 10 Walmart?

As developed by Helium 10 on Amazon, the primary strategy for success is to play in a sector that has meager competition and high profitability.

In other words, a huge market with low competition. That is precisely what Walmart offers.

Helium 10 Walmart are plans designed by Helium 10 for sellers on Amazon who wish to diversify into the Walmart marketplace. Amazon has about 10 million sellers. Walmart has only 100,000. So, there’s a huge market there; however, you look at it.

With the success of Helium 10 software in providing excellent tools for Amazon sellers, Walmart’s plans are an extension of its breakthroughs on Amazon.

With services in Product Research, Keyword Research, Reverse Walmart Product ID Search, Financial Analytics, and Chrome Extension, Helium 10 Walmart provides accurate data on Walmart marketplace and product IDs and access to the ranking keywords for each product. Also, it offers insight into the performance of your listings on Walmart.

Helium 10 Walmart also provides an analysis of revenue and trends per time, allowing you to readily have access to the necessary data to make profitable decisions on how to increase your profit. You will be able to improve your listings dramatically because of access to critical keywords and phrases.

You don’t need to be proficient at Helium 10 software (for Amazon) to use them efficiently on Walmart. The integration covers analytics and profit management and thus involves Xray, Cerebro, Magnet, and Profits.

Once you’re registered to start selling on Walmart, you can begin using Helium 10 software if you already have any of the plans.

The Platinum, Starter and Free Helium 10 plans offer access to Helium 10 Walmart tools. However, the Diamond plan provides complete access to tools for Walmart sellers.


  • It’s an extension of the Amazon marketplace tools, so new tutorials are unnecessary.
  • It provides timely and updated data.
  • It can compare data on Walmart to other marketplaces


  • You need to already be familiar with another marketplace to use it

How to use Helium 10 Walmart

Helium 10 offers popular tools that are useful for sellers on the Walmart marketplace.

If you are already familiar with the workings of Helium 10 on the Amazon marketplace, then you will have no problems using it on

This is because Helium only expanded the functionality of its popular tools for Walmart use.

Five Helium 10 tools are relevant to the Walmart marketplace. They are:

  • X-ray
  • Cerebro
  • Magnet
  • Keyword tracker
  • Profits

Cerebro and Magnet are classified together because they perform similar roles.

Let’s look at how they work and how they can be used at Walmart.


X-ray is a comprehensive product research tool that provides information on how best to list products.

Perhaps you need a tool to know which products are the most profitable without going through hours and hours of research; the updated Chrome extension, which makes it compatible with Walmart, offers access to a catalog of millions of Walmart products and their IDs.

This tool doesn’t just offer extensive data on products on Walmart; it also helps you identify the most profitable ones to make an informed choice. Helium 10 x-ray analyzes the products, giving accurate details of their ratings and a conclusion on how good it is for business.

As you scroll the generated Xray result columns to your right, you’ll discover scores for listings of competitors. This gives you an idea of how you’re faring per time.

So, if you’re about to venture into the Amazon marketplace, you have a tool that can help you start on a solid footing.

Cerebro and Magnet

Keyword analysis and research with Cerebro and Magnet

Cerebro and Magnet are two different tools but with similar functions.

They are both useful for Keyword analysis and research. Keywords are critical for building organic traffic that would boost your page in search results.

While Cerebro allows you to use a product ID to get relevant keywords, Magnet takes it further when you input them into Walmart. The magnet will fine-tune your search for even more relevant keywords.

Just like with Amazon, Walmart sellers rely heavily on keywords. If you’ve selected the right product, how do you find the right keywords to send you to the too immediately? These two Helium 10 tools can answer this critical question.

Set your marketplace to Amazon from the dropdown menu and then perform a reverse keyword search. From the best products found on X-rays, you can research the keywords that helps in widening the search in the tools.

You won’t need to spend time before accessing the appropriate keywords and phrases relevant to the best-selling products on Walmart. Once you get an initial keyword list, go ahead and work on all associated keywords while researching their performances on Walmart.

What Cerebro and Magnet do is to find the appropriate keywords that are related to identified products. All you need is the product ID, and these tools will do the rest.

Keyword tracker

How to use Helium 10 Walmart

The Keyword Tracker tool is used to monitor how specific keywords are performing.

With the ability to offer real-time updates on keywords, you can keep a tab on the keywords relevant to your products so that you know what to change.

Keywords gain or lose relevance with time. You need a tool that can monitor the performance of all your keywords per time and present the results to you in a simple format.

With keyword tracker, you are the first to know about new trends, and you can ride on the wave before your competitors at Walmart get wind of it. Interestingly, you’re also the first to know when a keyword drops in relevance, so you can keep updating them.


In the Walmart marketplace, Profits are used to examine the financial state of the products.

It provides metrics that can be interpreted at a glance, with graphics that make for better understanding. Employing real-time data, the user can see how well the products are doing and what steps need to be taken to improve on failing numbers.

Profits provide you with data like revenue, profit, and sales trends. You can then make decisions that will benefit your business with the data.

Profits don’t just provide data; it does in an easy-to-understand format that every user can easily relate to.

To access this tool, you must connect your Walmart seller account to Helium 10.

Also if its reviews you are looking to get, look no further than Helium 10 seller assistant, the one button request a review tool for Amazon.

How does Helium 10 Walmart stand out from the competition?

Few applications are as comprehensive as Helium 10’s Walmart marketplace tools regarding service delivery and productivity.

Also, you can access most of these tools with any of the Helium 10 plans. Even with the free plan, you can still have limited access to them.

There is no better way to beat the competition for sellers on the Walmart marketplace than using the Helium 10 Walmart tools.

Their ability to provide live, real-time updates and solutions is unmatched. The results would speak for themselves.


It makes perfect sense to think of diversifying into the Walmart marketplace if you are already a seller on Amazon; it makes it even easier because Walmart only allows sellers who already have experience in other markets to register with them.

But the most important reason for selling on Walmart is that it provides a very fertile ground for profit, as it is a massive market but with fewer third-party sellers.

With Helium 10’s tools, you are armed with keys that would allow you to dominate the market in no time.

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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