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Helium 10 Seller Assistant

How to Use Helium 10 Seller Assistant

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Everyone knows the importance of reviews and how it helps online business. Before the buyer parts with hard-earned cash, he wants to know if the product does what it claims to do.

So, they head over to the reviews segment, where they can read the opinions of buyers who have used the product.

Customers love great products. If a product is excellent, it will naturally have great reviews. Even if there are genuine complaints, the potential customer can still sift through the other opinions to know whether the product won’t be a waste of money.

One of the greatest secrets of doing well on Amazon is excellent reviews. But not all sellers know how to get them.

That’s why the Helium 10 Seller Assistant was created. It is a tool that can send multiple review requests to customers.

It is different from when a customer simply purchases a product and walks away, just like in a random supermarket. But when they do online, their reviews help guide other customers when trying to make a purchase.

The more reviews, the better for a product, which will make it easier for a potential seller to make a buying decision. So, as a seller, you want to have as many reviews as possible. That’s what Helium 10 Seller Assistant does.

What is Helium 10 Seller Assistant

What is Amazon seller asisstant

In a nutshell, Helium 10 Seller Assistant helps you get reviews. So you want to ask what the importance of reviews is.

Reviews are the backbone of the online selling business. Without reviews, potential customers won’t know how great a product is.

Despite the effort put into the description by the manufacturer or seller, it is the review that interests the customer the most. The opinion of someone who has used the product, more than anything, will influence sales.

That’s why every seller craves reviews. The more the product is reviewed, the greater trust buyers have in it. Buyers would rather buy a product at a higher price if it has lots of great reviews than a cheaper alternative without reviews.

By allowing you to send multiple customer requests for reviews, Helium 10 Seller Assistant helps build your brand profile and increase sales.

You may wonder why you need a unique tool to send requests for reviews when Amazon already does that. When customers make orders, Amazon automatically sends a review request and asks the buyer for feedback by mail and does that for free. Why would you need a Seller Assistant since it also sends requests for reviews?

There’s a simple answer. With Amazon requests, a lot of time is taken as you need to work on each request individually while the Seller Assistant makes multiple requests at once.

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Also, there are terms of service that apply to how you can get reviews. Amazon greatly frowns at getting reviews from the backdoor. Reviews manipulation is seen as a deceptive way of influencing customers. Amazon wants all reviews to be authentic customer feedback. Helium 10 Seller Assistant is designed to manage buyers’ organic generation of reviews.

As a tool that complies with Amazon’s terms of service, you can rest assured that your account is not at risk of being shut down.

Request Reviews

Seller Assistant is the most efficient way of requesting reviews without having to do it for each order. It is a straightforward solution in just one click. It’s a simple, effective way of growing ratings.

Because many customers hardly respond to requests for reviews, it is better to let a tool handle the job for you. If you have to request reviews individually, you may be easily discouraged by low responses.

But Helium 10 Seller Assistant will help you do all the hard work; it is more effective at getting responses. It also deploys a brilliant technique that ensures that requests are only sent to customers without external review requests and can reach all your customers from four days up to the last thirty days.

There is always a marked difference between the number of reviews a person gets when manually requested and when Seller Assistant is used.

From experience, users of the tool will tell you it dramatically improves the rate of reviews. The tool is free, so you get so much more for almost nothing!

Some of the noted benefits of reviews include:

Customer loyalty

When customers see a product with many reviews, they tend to trust it better than others. Those who study customer behavior know that loyalty is not quickly earned. However, with lots of reviews, buyers would not have a problem parting with their money for the product for a long time.

Improved ranking

When there are lots of reviews on a product, it automatically improves how the product ranks when searched on Amazon. It also enhances the brand acceptability of the product. Improved ranking can affect the amount of money spent on advertising.

An advertising campaign is always aimed at increasing sales. But when with improved ranking, the amount spent on advertising would reduce as the product would have a wider reach.

Better sales

Buyers prefer to spend even more on a product with lots of reviews than one without them. The more the reviews, the higher the sales.

Interestingly, many sellers who have understood this logic have used the leverage of reviews to increase their prices and still retain profitability.


  • Free, no charge
  • It can send individual and collective requests
  • It is easy to use


  • Users still can reject the request

How to use Helium 10 Seller Assistant

How to install chrome extension

Not only is it very profitable to use the Helium 10 Seller Assistant, but it is also easy to use.

First, you’ll need to install the chrome extension. You can do this from the Helium 10 homepage.

Once you’ve done that, go ahead to sign in to your Seller Central account. Be sure to confirm at this point that you have activated your Seller Assistant Extension.

To enable the extension, you will have to click two permission boxes: Enable Now and Allow. Once the buttons are clicked, your extension is enabled. With the extension, you can then view your orders.

Go to Manage Orders from the Orders menu in your Seller Central account and send requests for reviews. Remember, you can either send bulk requests or send them to individuals. There is a request button next to all the individual orders.

You can use that to send a review request to specific buyers. But that defeats the entire idea of bulk requests. So, it is not recommended, except you need to send a particular request.

Remember, you can request reviews for orders from four to thirty days. You can’t send review requests after thirty days, so only orders within the last month will be relevant. You can also vary the requests based on a specific range of days.

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You can only request reviews, and you cannot ask for any specific kind of reviews. That means you cannot, for example, ask a customer to supply a positive review of a product.

Not only will that be against the terms of service, but there are also no provisions for such requests on the Helium 10 Seller Assistant.

How does Helium 10 Seller Assistant stand out from the competition?

Honestly, there’s very little competition.

Amazon can send requests for reviews to customers, but it could be time-consuming to follow that pattern. Sending individual requests is not ideal in a world of intelligent technology. Helium 10 has provided opportunities for many innovative ways of making a profit.

In reaching out to customers for reviews, Seller Assistant stands out. Reviews go a long way in determining how profitable a product eventually becomes, so this tool helps the user to make a greater impact with less effort. With just a click, you can do so much work.

If you consider the way this tool simplifies how you can reach bulk buyers, it is in a class of its own.


Users appreciate customer reviews. This is because nothing influences prospective buyers like customer reviews.

Getting some reviews is hard enough. Reaching bulk buyers is a lot of work. By having the means to reach many buyers with just a click, Helium 10 Seller Assistant has opened up a way of making it very easy for sellers to get buyers for a harvest of reviews.

Although there’s no way to know how a customer feels about a product, and positive reviews can’t be sought, you can always be sure of positive feedback if your product is of standard quality.

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The InfiniteFBA team is made up of proud Amazon FBA geeks and e-commerce experts obsessed with finding new ways to boost sales. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Our team of successful sellers provides genuine, accurate and up-to-date reviews of Amazon Seller tools and services.

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