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IO Scout Review

Io Scout Review: Everything You Need to Know

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It’s no secret that Amazon is slowly but surely monopolizing the online market. Almost everyone has purchased something from Amazon at some point in their lives. With the introduction of Prime and the incredible one-day delivery, the number of Amazon users has only increased.

Selling through Amazon is one way to ensure passive income, but coming up with product ideas can be tricky without the right research tool.

Have you thought about what product tracker you’re going to use? Or which sales estimator is best? How about a listing builder?

Selling on Amazon may seem easy at first, but it takes some real time and investment.

IO Scout offers a software solution to help you stand out from the crowd of sellers. It provides users with a variety of intuitive features, including a product tracker and sales estimator, that update in real time to keep you ahead.

In this IO Scout review, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get the best out of IO scout and Amazon alike. 

What is IO Scout Review?

IO Scout Review

IO Scout is a sales software that helps Amazon sellers identify the best product ideas they should invest in. It’s a powerful research tool with numerous helpful features. Whether you’re new to selling on Amazon or a veteran, there’s a lot built into the IO Scout to help you get ahead.

At present, over forty-five thousand Amazon sellers use IO Scout’s services. It might seem initially counterintuitive to use such a popular service to get ahead of your Amazon competition. However, IO Scout uses data-backed algorithms to provide you with the best Amazon products for your specific niche. 

A testament to the efficacy of IO Scout is its continued popularity. Its primary focus is finding the best products for sale with the highest margins and the lowest competition. The intuitive design of IO Scout helps sellers utilize the following features:

-Listing builder

-Sales estimator

-Product finder

-Keyword tracker

You don’t have to engage in hours of research. Let IO Scout do the work. Its product finder benefits from over 200 million items, while its keyword tracker updates hourly to keep you informed. It’s one powerful software.

Tools That IO Scout Offer

Part of what makes IO Scout so effective is its arsenal of tools available to its users. IO Scout provides intuitive features at each of its separate pay levels. You can see more about pricing further down. For now, let’s explore some of IO Scout’s key features.

FBA Calculator

Short for ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’, FBA is an integral part of any Amazon sellers process. FBA is what grants sellers access to the full weight of Amazon, including their next day delivery options and more.

IO Scout understands this importance. The FBA calculator grants FBA sellers immediate access to the total cost of Amazon FBA fees, Net Profit, and Net Margin on any product you are interested in selling. All of this information is provided in an easy-to-read format simply by inputting the product’s unique ASIN code into the IO Scout calculator. This code is otherwise known as the Amazing Standard Identification Number. 

The usefulness of this IO Scout tool for FBA sellers can’t be understated. Scout allows you to minimize risk from one product to the next. This opens you up to greater profits and less loss of revenue over time. It also grants you access to information the average Amazon seller would not have.

Product Finder

The main task for all Amazon sellers is finding products. The IO Scout features a product finder that is loaded with over 200 million Amazon products to choose from. The best part? IO Scout updates its lists daily, so you’re never going to be behind the trends.

It isn’t just the product listings themselves that IO Scout updates, either.; it’s the entire product profile. From estimated net margins to the popularity of listings, the product database offered by IO Scout is extensive. 

An enormous variety of filters also apply, so you can find exactly the product you want to invest in. Some of the filters featured on IO Scout include:

  • Price
  • Rating
  • Rank
  • Reviews
  • Category 
  • Revenue
  • Total number of sellers currently active
  • Previous Sales

To find a particular product and all of the information surrounding it, all you need to do is type in the unique ASIN code associated. You can also opt-in for hourly updates on any particular product. This is especially helpful for those who want to cash in on a popular product but want to wait for the opportune moment. 

Amazon Sales Estimator

Associated with the product listings is the option for a free sales estimate. IO Scout considers a variety of data, much of this featured on the bullet-list above, to provide you with a rough prediction of how a product’s sales may fair. This is especially helpful for getting ahead of the competition, as their estimations include the product’s BSR. 

BSR stands for Best Sellers Rank. It is the unique way Amazon monitors which products are showing the most significant growth and maintaining high sales. The information is updated on an hourly basis. 

This is a helpful feature for two reasons:

  1. It gives you a powerful insight into which Amazon products your competitors are opting to sell. If a particular product is already saturated with sellers, you know not to go near it
  2. It shows Amazon sellers which types of products are most popular at any given time. There are often common threads between BSR. By identifying this thread, you can tailor your own products accordingly

The IO Scout sales estimator additionally provides you with information on product reviews, which have a significant effect on sales. Naturally, positive reviews boost sales. Pay attention to what people are saying before deciding to jump on any product trend.

Product Tracker

As we mentioned before, the IO Scout product finder allows you to bookmark particular items for hourly updates. All of these updates are stored in an ongoing product IO Scout tracker. The product tracker IO utilizes sets it apart from competitors. It actively monitors fluctuations in sales, prices, and reviews.

By keeping an eye on this information over an extended period of time, you can accurately monitor the behavior patterns of any product you want to sell. Is its popularity consistent, or is it burnout? IO Scout has the answers.

The product tracker IO provides is easy to use and intuitive. By identifying these patterns, you can make more informed decisions on future product investments.

Listing Builder

One sure-fire way to keep yourself ahead of your competitors is to make your listings stand out. This especially true if you have decided to sell a highly popular product. If you’re unsure of where to start, IO Scout provides you with yet another tool to ease things along. 

The IO Scout listing builder provides you with an easy way to achieve search engine optimization (SEO) by including specific keywords in your listings. This means more people will view your particular listing as opposed to your competitors. 

It’s incredibly easy to use and allows you to naturally weave the most popular keywords into your listings with little effort. IO Scout also provides hints on how to best optimize your listing, so even an absolute beginner feel undaunted by the process. 

Keyword Scout

Unsure of how to find the best keywords for your listings? Well, IO Scout has you covered there too. Through a variety of user-friendly graphs, the keyword scout presents the keywords that have attracted the most attention over an extended period. You can then use these terms throughout your own listings.

Alternatively, researching keyword popularity on keyword scout is a great way for sellers to start their process. Instead of looking to which items are selling the fastest, look to the popularity of terms on keyword scout. You can then invest in products that meet these keywords, putting you in the strongest possible position for high exposure. 

Overall, we think keyword scout gives you invaluable insight into how the market is moving.

Pricing Plans for IO Scout

IO Scout Review

The pricing for IO Scout is pretty reasonable, especially compared to other Amazon software sellers may use. It arrives in three distinct models, each expanding in capabilities.

One of the best features of the price packages is the accessibility to most of the features. Not much is hidden behind a paywall. The higher price only expands the number of products and keywords you can track at any one time. All other features, aside from the Google Chrome extension option, are available from the lowest price point.

The price packages are as follows:

  • Starter: $14.50 per month, allows you to track up to 25 products and keywords
  • Seller: $32.50 per month, allows you to track up to 45 products and keywords
  • Business: $42.50 per month, allows you to track up to 85 products and keywords

Everything else is fully available to you regardless of the package price. This includes the 200 million product database, the keyword tracker, the sales estimator, the FBA calculator, and the sales analytics.

Final Thoughts

The conclusion of our IO Scout review is clear: this software is a must-have for any Amazon sellers that are serious about what they do. It provides a whole new level of efficiency to your process, allowing you to make informed decisions on some of the most high-yield investments available. 

We hope this IO Scout review told you what you need to know about the software that is changing the way Amazon sales are being made. Now you just decide whether you can afford to work without it!

Tim Carlson
Tim Carlson
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