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Top 10 Jungle Scout Alternative Options in 2023

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With more than 500,000 users worldwide, Jungle Scout is one of the most popular platforms for Amazon sellers. This all-in-one solution was created to help Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) businesses find a new product niche online. But it’s not the only option out there.

Whether you’re an existing Amazon seller or are in the process of setting up your shop, you may be wondering, ‘is Jungle Scout necessary?’ Perhaps you’re looking for free Jungle Scout alternatives or a product research tool with different features.

If so, you’re in the right place. In this review, we’ll be sharing 10 of the best Jungle Scout alternatives for FBA sellers. From Helium 10 to AmazeOwl, these tools can help you identify products to sell, carry out keyword research, and boost your business.

Find out which is best for you below.

Top 10 Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

1) Helium 10

Jungle Scout alternative

Like Jungle Scout, Helium 10 is one of the most popular product research software tools on the market. This tool bills itself as the first all-in-one platform for Amazon sellers when it was initially released under the name Scribbles. It’s currently used by more than 1 million businesses and generates $4 billion in revenue every month.

Wondering ‘which is better, Jungle Scout or Helium 10’? Let’s dive into a summary of the features that make Helium 10 one of the best Jungle Scout alternatives out there.

Product Research

Users of Helium 10 are spoilt for choice when it comes to product research. This software offers not one but three product research tools:

  • Black Box is an Amazon product finder and research tool. Its product database contains more than 450 million items. (Jungle Scout’s contains 475 million).
  • Trendster shows you how Amazon product trends change over time. Enter any ASIN, and you’ll access a visual representation of the data within seconds.
  • X-Ray is a tool that enables you to carry out product research from within the Helium 10 Chrome extension and web app. It estimates potential sales analytics for different products, so you can decide whether to add them to your catalog.

Keyword Research

The strength of its three keyword research tools is what sets Helium 10 apart. These tools offer advanced keyword aggregation and competition analysis to help your business write killer product listings.

  • Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup feature that enables you to analyze competitor’s product listings and create a strategy to outrank them.
  • Magnet is a keyword generator that makes it easy to optimize your listings.
  • Misspellinator finds commonly misspelled words, so you can include them in your product descriptions to boost your rankings.

Listing Optimization

Helium 10’s listing optimization features include a keyword processor, listing optimizer, and keyword index checker. Together, these ensure your listings are visible, packed with high-ranking keywords, and appealing to your customers.


  • Helium 10 offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • There are different payment plans to suit every budget, including a free version (there is no Jungle Scout free plan)
  • Helium 10 coupon codes are some of the highest discounts available for seller tools
  • Some plans contain a comprehensive inventory management feature
  • The Refund Genie automates the FBA reimbursement process
  • There’s a Helium 10 mobile app available
  • An automated email marketing tool, Follow-Up, makes it easy to contact customers
  • A profit calculator tool helps you find profitable niches


  • The free version is limited
  • The Diamond and Elite plans are some of the best FBA platforms on the market, but at $197 and $397 per month, they’re much more expensive than Jungle Scout’s top-tier pricing plan
  • Although there’s a money-back guarantee, there’s no free trial

2) AMZ Scout

Jungle Scout alternative

AMZ Scout is available as a web app and Chrome extension. With around 250,000 users, this product research tool isn’t as widely used as Helium 10 or Jungle Scout. However, with its affordable pricing plans and wealth of educational resources, it’s still one of the top 10 Jungle Scout alternatives.

Below, we’ve created a summary of the features that set this tool apart – as well as the key pros and cons you should know.

Product Database

The AMZ Scout product database contains a whopping 550 million listings. That’s around 50 million more than Jungle Scout and 70 million more than Helium 10.

You can filter the products by 16 parameters, including size, the number of sales, category, and revenue per month. If you want, the tool automatically filters out items with hundreds of product reviews, making it much easier to identify untapped product niches.

Keyword Explorer

The keyword explorer tool is suitable for both current sellers and those in the process of setting up their business. It enables you to find keywords relevant to your existing listings and keywords with a high ranking but low competition. This could help you find a new product niche.

The keyword explorer also includes a keyword tracker and reverse ASIN lookup feature, making it easy to carry out competitor analysis. The AMZ Scout Pro team adds new words daily, including common misspellings.

Product Tracker

The product tracker is a digital vault for your product ideas. When you’re using the Chrome extension, it enables you to bank potential products for later from within Amazon itself. The tool also displays relevant metrics such as market research, seasonal trends, and sales data.


  • With pricing plans ranging from $0 to $29 per month, it’s a cost-effective Jungle Scout alternative.
  • The PRO Extension allows you to access AMZ Scout features while browsing an Amazon page
  • An Alibaba integration enables you to carry out in-depth product research
  • The FBA Calculator forecasts sales estimates and seller fees
  • The FBA Calculator and Sales Estimator tools are available for free
  • The product database contains more items than Jungle Scout and other alternatives


  • The Starter plan ($37 per month) doesn’t offer much more than the free plan
  • No free trial available for the paid plans
  • AMZ Scout offers a 10-day money-back guarantee, which is shorter than most tools on the market

3) Viral Launch

Jungle Scout alternative

Viral Launch is a software suite for sellers. It’s reputably driven more than $8 billion on Amazon and is one of the most popular alternatives to Jungle Scout – particularly for private label businesses.

The integrated Viral Launch platform contains a range of seller tools. Most users pay for the Pro plan, which costs $99 per month, though there is also a Brand Builder plan available. At $199 per month, this is one of the most expensive Jungle Scout alternatives on this list.

Discover some key Viral Launch features below.

Kinetic PPC

This is a PPC management tool that enables you to track your PPC (pay-per-click) data. Using a keyword research tool, the software identifies opportunity keywords to add to your advertising campaigns.

Competitor Intelligence

If you want to carry out in-depth competitor analysis, the Competitor Intelligence tool is for you. By entering a product ASIN, you can access a list of product data, including sales, price, sponsorship details, indexation, and top-ranking keywords.

Listing Builder

Viral Launch’s Listing Builder tool is integrated with its Keyword Manager and Listing Analyzer. Together, these tools will show how your listings compare to your competitors, track keyword metrics, and identify new keywords to keep your listings optimized for SEO.

Market Intelligence

The Market Intelligence tool is available in both the Viral Launchpad (the platform’s web app) and its Chrome extension. It displays data such as historical sales, product reviews, market trends, and prices. It also forecasts sales estimates and uses a built-in calculator to show the upfront cost and potential profit.

Bear in mind that this tool is only available with a Viral Launch subscription.


  • The FBA/Profit Calculator is available for free
  • Viral Launch provides a great range of free educational resources, including e-books, case studies, and podcasts
  • Viral Launch has some great discounts on offer for new users.
  • Viral Launch has created an integrated listing tool, Listing DoJo, that’s available for free
  • One of the few FBA platforms to offer a PPC tool
  • The product database can track more than 225 million products


  • The cheapest payment plan is $69, which may be prohibitive to some sellers
  • Some features, such as the Competitor Intelligence tool, are only available to US Amazon sellers
  • The advanced features can have a steep learning curve for beginners

4) Seller Labs PRO

Jungle Scout alternative

Seller Labs Product Review Optimization, or Seller Labs PRO for short, aims to help Amazon businesses find new products to sell from within a single, customizable platform.

One of the biggest selling points of Seller Labs PRO is that it supports all international marketplaces. That means this Jungle Scout alternative is suitable for sellers in any marketplace – no additional fees, extra subscriptions, or feature limitations.

So, what features are available? Keep reading to discover the most important tools offered by this adaptable alternative to Jungle Scout.

Ignite: Amazon PPC Advertising

If you want to boost your ad strategy, Ignite is a great tool for you. This premiere PPC software uses AI to scale its offering to your business, whether you’re an established seller with hundreds of products in your catalog or a newbie who’s just starting out.

Ignite will track the data from your advertising PPC campaigns and display it visually. It will also track customer engagement, so you can choose the best time to schedule new ads.

Communication Center

In the digital age, a bad review can have serious implications for your business. The Communication Center ensures you can respond to customer feedback – the good and the bad – in record time, thanks to messaging templates and automated schedules within the feedback genius tool.

Best of all, this feature enables you to communicate with customers in any marketplace. There’s also no limit to the number of emails you can send per month, no matter which pricing plan you’re using.

Notification Center

The platform has an inbuilt Notification Center that was designed to make sure you never miss a sale. Whether your inventory is running low, your Buy Box percentage drops, or someone leaves a negative product review, you will instantly receive a notification so that you can remedy the situation.


  • The Communication Center includes features such as A/B testing, making it a lot more comprehensive than many competitors
  • You can analyze an unlimited number of Amazon marketplaces
  • Notifications are available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Seller Labs PRO offers a 30-day free trial
  • The pricing plans are very adaptable to your business’s needs
  • Chat support is included in every plan
  • There is a Chrome extension available as well as a web app


  • The Seller Labs website doesn’t make it clear which features are available in which plans
  • The monthly plans are considerably more expensive than the annual plans

5) CashCowPro

Jungle Scout alternative

If you’re looking for a Jungle Scout alternative that offers just one pricing plan, CashCowPro could be the best option for you. This leading software solution enables Amazon sellers to carry out product research, track sales analytics, and automate messaging.

Find out more about some of CashCowPro’s key features below:

Keyword Tracking

This keyword tool tracks up to 100 keywords per product, analyzing the number of product searches to help you choose the most competitive keywords for your listings.

Inventory Monitoring

Running out of stock unexpectedly is a nightmare for any Amazon seller. With the Inventory Monitoring tool from CashCowPro, you can track your sales, check SKUs, and even see the date at which you’re likely to run out of stock.

A/B Split Testing Tool

Have you ever listed a product on your seller page, then wondered whether it would perform better if you changed its meta title, product photo, or description? Wonder no more. CashCowPro’s A/B Split Testing tool enables you to set up A/B listings and monitor the success of each variant.


  • There’s only one payment plan available which means nobody misses out on attractive features
  • You can sign up for a free trial
  • CashCowPro updates its sales data every 15-30 minutes
  • The A/B testing feature means you can say goodbye to ‘what if?’
  • Currently, CashCowPro has a great price of $49.97 per month or $497 a year


  • CashCowPro only supports Amazon marketplaces in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, EU, and Japan (though it plans to start supporting the Australian and Indian marketplaces soon)
  • The user interface is a little bland
  • The number of products you can track is capped at 10,000 – however, CashCowPro does allow several sellers to exceed this if necessary

6) Unicorn Smasher

Jungle Scout alternative

Are you wondering, ‘is there a free alternative to Jungle Scout?’ If you’re looking for an Amazon product research tool that won’t eat into your budget, Unicorn Smasher could be the answer.

Developed by the team behind AMZ Tracker, Unicorn Smasher is a free Jungle Scout alternative. It is exclusively available as a Chrome extension, which means you can carry out product research from within the Amazon interface. (There is no web app).

Some of its key features include:

CVS Export Tool

Like Jungle Scout, Unicorn Smasher enables you to export all of your product research data to CVS format. This can be a lot more convenient than storing your data within the Chrome extension itself.

Organized Dashboard

This enables you to visualize all of your sales metrics and business data on the same dashboard. The interface provides a clear summary of each product, including its price, sales estimates and revenue, Amazon rating, rank, and the number of reviews it has received.

Canonical URLs

Unicorn Smasher can analyze whether the canonical URLs of your products are well optimized. If their SEO rating isn’t up to scratch, the tool will help you improve it.

AMZ Tracker Integration

Although this tool is a free Jungle Scout alternative, it’s worth noting that it works best when integrated with AMZ Tracker, a product research tool that costs between $50 and $400 per month.


  • It’s one of the top-rated free alternatives to Jungle Scout
  • The Chrome extension means you can carry out in-browser analysis
  • The dashboard is very user-friendly
  • No steep learning curve for new Amazon sellers


  • It’s only available for Chrome
  • It doesn’t show estimated sales or revenue
  • Some online reviews suggest that its product research data isn’t always 100% accurate
  • To gain more features, you’ll need to pay for Unicorn Smasher Pro

Like Unicorn Smasher, ASINspector operates exclusively as a browser extension. It was released in 2015 and, since then, has been used by more than 50,000 Amazon sellers. Could it be the best choice for you?

7) ASINspector

Read on for a summary of ASINspector’s main features.

AccuSales Data Analysis

This is the platform’s trademarked data analysis engine. It will show you information such as prices, sales per month, and a historical sales rating.

Mobile Scan

Perhaps ASINspector’s most innovative feature is its Mobile Scan tool. Using the scanning feature on their smartphone, sellers can scan the barcode of physical products to receive up-to-date Amazon sales data from ASINspector.

Product Sourcing

The Product Sourcing tool functions rather like the Supplier Database tools that are available from Jungle Scout. It enables Amazon merchants to research the availability of different products from a range of suppliers, which means they can compare prices and stock levels without having to keep clicking off their browser extension.


  • ASINspector is completely free to download
  • Its Mobile Scan feature makes it easy to find real-world products to sell on Amazon
  • Its automated Idea Generator carries out a product search to suggest new niches for your business
  • Sellers don’t have to leave the Amazon website to check products


  • There’s no free trial available for the standard ASINspector plan
  • The price is $97 a month, which is a little expensive considering there’s no web app

8) AMZBase

Jungle Scout alternative

AMZBase is a free Chrome extension that acts as an all-in-one instant search tool. As well as Amazon, it also allows you to view current and historical sales information for Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay, Google and CamelCamelCamel.

Chrome Plugin

Once you’ve downloaded AMZBase, the tool will stay discreetly at the bottom of your screen. Unlike other product research tools, it allows you to browse Amazon with minimal disruption, giving you complete visibility for your product search queries.

Product Data

AMZBase provides immediate access to information such as product price, rating, ASIN numbers, title descriptions, and historical sales. Simply click on your chosen product, open the extension, and access the data you need.

Because AMZBase enables you to compare this information across other selling platforms and Amazon, you can gain a comprehensive picture of your products’ performance. This makes it easier to carry out competitor analysis to choose the best price for your products.


  • Unlike Jungle Scout, AMZBase is completely free to download
  • It compares information across a range of other e-commerce platforms as well as Amazon
  • The plugin extension is discreet


  • AMZBase is exclusively a product research tool – it doesn’t offer keyword research tools, inventory trackers, etc.

9) MerchantWords

Jungle Scout alternative

MerchantWords is a comprehensive FBA feature with more than 500 million products in its database. This platform contains a wide range of features and tools to help you plan (and launch) new product listings.


Collections is a keyword tool that enables you to create lists of related keywords. When you research different products, this tool will analyze more than 1.5 billion keywords and phrases to show you the best ones for your listings.

Collections can work in tandem with MerchantWords’ Keyword Multiplier, which automatically generates synonymous keywords every time you enter your chosen word or phrase.

Page 1 Products

Page 1 Products is a competitor analysis feature. This will show you the top-ranking products for your chosen search time, including information such as their sales ratings, reviews, and price.

Market Insights

MerchantWords’ Market Insights feature provides competitive analysis to help your listings outrank those of your competitors. As well as helping you source high-quality products, this tool also optimizes your PPC campaigns.

The number of Market Insight reports you can access depends on your price plan. Users on the Silver price plan ($29 per month) can get 50 sent to their email address, while the Gold price plan ($79 per month) entitles you to 100. The Platinum price plan ($149 per month) gives you 10,000 reports, ideal if your business has an extensive product catalog.


  • A huge database of products
  • The cheapest price plan is cheaper than Jungle Scout – Merchant Words discounts available here.
  • MerchantWords can track 1.5 billion keywords
  • Two-month free trials are available for new users


  • There is no browser extension available
  • The Keyword Multiplier is not available to users of the Silver plan

10) AmazeOwl

Jungle Scout alternative

AmazeOwl is one of the most beginner-friendly tools on this list. It’s also got one of the most well-stocked databases, with more than 600 million products in its system. That’s over 100 million more than Jungle Scout.

Read on for a summary of some of AmazeOwl’s key features and tools.

Keyword Research

One of the most important AmazeOwl tools is its keyword research feature. This allows you to search by either product or ASIN number to find opportunity keywords, which are displayed by monthly search volume, click share, and more.

Competitor Tracking

The Competitor Tracking feature enables Amazon sellers to stay ahead of their rivals. Its database monitors alternative listings for your saved products, updating you on any price, description, or image changes that occur.

This makes it much easier for you to optimize your listings and make sure that Amazon customers will choose your business over others.


  • Over 6 million products are in the AmazeOwl database
  • Potential products are ranked using a handy 5-star system, helping you to identify potential niches
  • Very affordable pricing plans, ranging from $0 to $29.99 per month with AmazeOwl discounts available.
  • There’s a free trial available
  • AmazeOwl has lots of educational resources to help you set up your Amazon business
  • 10 days training is included in every plan


  • Users of the free version can track only one niche and monitor three keywords

Final Thoughts – What is the Best Jungle Scout Alternative?

If you’ve been wondering, ‘is Jungle Scout necessary?’, this list shows you there’s plenty of choices out there. Ultimately, the best Amazon product research tools for you will depend on your budget, the size of your business, and your experience level.

That being said, we think there’s a perfect option for you on this top 10 Jungle Scout alternatives list. For established businesses, Jungle Scout is still one of the best tools out there. But we also think Seller Labs PRO and Viral Launch are worthy of a 5-star rating!

What is the Best Free Jungle Scout Alternative?

For Amazon sellers who need a free service, we think AMZBase is the best software to get you started. But with more experience, you may find you need something more advanced.

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